Longed for You.

Denim shirt: All Saints | Dress: F21 | Wedges: Chinese Laundry | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Basic colors make for a perfect outfit; sometimes keepin’ it simple is the way to go.
Got these suede wedges the day before I left for Vegas and I can’t seem to stop wanting to wear them.
The price was good too; I suggest gettin’ a pair.
I’ve always longed for a denim/chambray shirt but never found the perfect one besides
borrowing my sisters; found this one at All Saints in LV for 50% off; definitely fulfilled my requirements.
p.s Planning on doing a ShowMeGirl post; so let me know the kind of things you will like me
to show you how-to do! Can be hairstyles, make-up, beauty tips, etc.

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  1. Jenny Comment #1

    Demin shirt goes with nearly anything, such a must have in the wardrobe!


  2. Jenny Comment #2

    Demin shirt is a must have because it goes with nearly anything!


  3. Jenny Comment #3

    Demin shirt has always been a wardrobe must have because it goes with nearly anything!


  4. geekypaul Comment #4

    Love all your photos!

  5. Libelle Comment #5
  6. Nikki Comment #6

    This denim shirt is so pretty! I myself like denim shirts with a darkjer wash, they suit me better :) I’ve scored mine two weeks ago on sale (70-freakin’-%!) and I love it!

    Happy wednesday!
    Loves, Nikki

    Blog:The Ginger Diaries

  7. Michelle's Style File Comment #7

    Love, love, love! Right down to your glittery bag!!


  8. Deanna Wagner Comment #8

    i’d love to know how to create beachy waves. your hair is flawless!


  9. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #9

    You look so cute! Such a simple outfit but so chic! love the purse :)

    Fashion Fractions

  10. CessOviedo Comment #10

    Love the new wedges, this outfit is so simple yet great, that bag is so cute! I’d like you to show us your closet, that’d be wonderful!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  11. behind my muse. Comment #11

    amazing. everything suits you! good work! =)

  12. Trend Steps Comment #12

    oooh love this! i feel so inspired 😀

  13. Svenja Comment #13

    How to create a nice outfit for the day

  14. Steph Comment #14

    Love the outfit!



  15. Rachel Comment #15

    Your hair looks so beautiful in these pictures!

  16. Lilaanaa Comment #16

    great shoes

  17. EmerJa Comment #17

    Black+denim, I lile it!

  18. patrycja2407 Comment #18

    shirt <3
    greetings :)

  19. Christina of Profresh Style Comment #19

    I love how simple this is. The chambray shirt is amazing. I as well am on the search for the perfect denim shirt to throw on over everything… however, I’ve yet to find it! My quest continues!


  20. bloomingvogue Comment #20

    Stunning Wedges!

  21. Just a lazy morning Comment #21

    love the wedges!!

  22. Mila Comment #22

    This is so simple and sooo beautiful! Amazing wedges!

  23. Simuša Comment #23

    great jacket! love your hair! :)


  24. annorii Comment #24

    super cute outfit. I love these wedges as well. i received a new pair yesterday and i can’t wait to wear them in a post! xx


  25. Song Anh Comment #25

    You look great in denim! I’ve been on the lookout for a nice denim shirt as well. Hopefully, my mission will end successfully! For your ShowMeGirl post, I’m sure many of us are interested in how you achieve that melting color in your hair. Maybe show us the colors you’ve used and etc.?

    Cup of Fashion

  26. juliette Comment #26


    merci merci merci!

  27. zeste de citron Comment #27

    very cute ! love that :)


  28. il était une fois... Comment #28

    totally with you on finding the best denim shirt!! in love with this one babe!! x x


  29. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #29

    love your style and your hair!


  30. The Fancy Teacup Comment #30

    The chambray blouse is perfect on you! And my eye can’t help being drawn to your Rebecca Minkoff purse, what a beauty!

    ♥, Jamie

  31. s Comment #31

    very nice look… so lovely 😉


  32. Kate Comment #32

    So simple but so gorgeous! I absolutely love this! Your nails just pop against this outfit, and the chambray shirt looks perfect!

  33. Krissy ~ Comment #33

    love this simple outfit! i need a denim shirt like yours! and i love your shoes!
    Krissy xoxo


  34. Raffles Bizarre Comment #34

    Aw looking gorgeous, I love this outfit!

  35. briannelee Comment #35

    Great bag!

  36. Sheree Comment #36

    Love this …love the necklace!

  37. Ms.Fashionista Comment #37

    I love your chambray shirt and bag!



  38. chelseaBLUSH Comment #38

    Love the silver necklace. So streamlined and still delicate. Where did you acquire such a lovely little thing?

  39. The little world of fashion Comment #39

    So cool, just discover your blog 😉

  40. Lene Sofie Comment #40

    A very very nice outfit! 😀

    My Fashion Inspiration

  41. Closet Cravings Comment #41

    Love a great denim/chambray shirt. Your All Saints one is definitely fabu. =)
    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  42. Nomadic D. Comment #42

    You look super cute, as usual. Love the denim shirt on you, and those baby pink nails too.


  43. BreezeyBee Comment #43

    ur hair looks lovely, i love it.
    great outfit!

    BreezeyBree Blog

  44. Liz Quach Comment #44

    I love the bubbly POOF! of your dress! It’s so cute!


  45. Gal Meets Glam Comment #45

    love this! and your bag is amazing

    xo Julia

  46. Frannie Pantz Comment #46

    I love the chambray top and the black. Great look!

  47. Bianca Comment #47

    love chambray forever!!!!


  48. Christine Comment #48

    great find for the denim top! i love how simple and chic your outfits are :)


  49. Michelleesque Comment #49

    I love love your shoes! :)

  50. Camilla Comment #50

    Those shoes do look perfect

    x Camilla

    check out my giveaway :)


  51. Cristiana Nunes Comment #51

    Fab shoes and bag! Love this outfit!

  52. Anonymous Comment #52

    what nailpolish are you wearing in this??

  53. little miss mode Comment #53

    Huge huge fan of the shoes and the necklace. Thanks for sharing, I love it!

  54. RAYNE Comment #54

    Love this look, very simple and comfortable.


  55. Anonymous Comment #55

    i would love to know how to choose right lipstick color for tanner skins, please!
    love your suede wedges <3

  56. Lucíe Comment #56

    Love the bag and the sandals!


  57. lupe22m Comment #57

    love the outfit!

    daily routine of your hair tutorial would be awesome!!<3

    lupe..from cali..=)


  58. aliceeliza Comment #58

    I just LOVE your hair! always gorgeous xoxo

  59. Nita -Karoliina Comment #59


  60. Britt+Whit Comment #60

    I need a Denim shirt in my life! so cute!


    love from San Francisco,

  61. moded'amour Comment #61


  62. SERENA Comment #62

    I’ve been looking for a good denim top as well. Its funny, because I just found mine too. On sunday, at sears of all places, in their UK Style by French Connection line. I love they way you styled this, simplistically beautiful!

  63. Carol Comment #63

    Lovely wedges!!

  64. emc Comment #64

    love this casual outfit! your shoes are so cute!


  65. Ashleigh Nicole Comment #65

    that first pic is gorgeous! love that bag!

    xo Ashleigh


  66. Yin Pang Comment #66

    Your entire look together is so cute, everything you wear looks amazing on you. Lovelovelove it.

  67. ObsessivelyStylin Comment #67

    Jules! I have been following your blog from the beginning and I have to say, You always keep me impressed. Just saw your cover of Foam and, although I am a complete stranger to you, I am so proud! Much love, M.

  68. Paulinha Comment #68

    You are very beautiful, I love your clothes and love the look that you create with them…


    kisses from Brasil

  69. pinkandplum Comment #69

    I love denim and black together- great look!

  70. Whitney Comment #70

    simple yet inspiring; and i’m in love with your shoes!


  71. michelle poe Comment #71

    wow you are gorgeous!!! i am loving this outfit. simple but still awesome at the same time. is your hair naturally this wavy? if it isn’t, could you maybe do a tutorial on how to wave it like how it was on here? by the way, what color did you dye your hair? it’s beautiful! haha :)

  72. cuteredbow Comment #72

    Love the denim shirt and your bag ! You look so pretty !


  73. ShoesForDessert Comment #73

    Girl crush, seriously. You’re just too perfect!

  74. Haylie Comment #74

    i seriously love your hair! :)


  75. annorii Comment #75

    i really love these wedges so much.. i got a new pair wearing in my latest blogpost as well.. i think you might like them too but i am not sure hehe but just thought of you when i wore them xx

  76. Lary Mello Comment #76

    you look amazing!
    as always! *.*

    I’d love to see make-up and hairstyles! =D


  77. SAMANTHA Comment #77

    love this simple outfit, the top and wedges are awesome.. great buys!


  78. Ginger girl Comment #78

    Very nice outfit! I like the combination of the denim shirt with the black dress!


  79. Ballerina'sBun Comment #79

    your new wedges are amazing ! love them :O ! you look so pretty, as always..lovely greetings from Nadine,ballerinasbun.blogspot.com xoxo

  80. Lisa Fergus Comment #80
  81. Lauren Comment #81

    I love the denim shirt jules! I am lusting over that bag!!! Come by the bloggy I am having a giveaway!! xoxo



  82. Ale. Comment #82

    You’ve got such a fantastic blog! This look is so simple and pretty!


  83. Ms.S Comment #83

    the wedges does look comfy!!


  84. QueenVII Comment #84

    i love chinese laundry and i love those wedges! also, i too have been searching for the perfect denim or chambray top. yours looks great!

  85. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #85

    Cuteeee bag!!


  86. Olive B Comment #86

    great look!!! absolutely love it. where’s your necklace (the longer one) from?

  87. Anonymous Comment #87

    Jules, first of all i LOVE your blog:)
    You’re doing a great job! Reading your posts makes me happy because they’re always that positive and charming:)
    For the ShowMeGirl post i would suggest that you show how you do your everyday-makeup or hair. Would be great!

    A Fan from Germany

  88. Daisy Dicchi Comment #88

    cute outfitt… 😉


  89. Amanda Comment #89

    I would love for you to show the different ways you style your bangs. I am always looking for a different way to wear mine!

  90. kcomekarolina Comment #90


    xoxo from rome

  91. Maycie Tsuchiya Comment #91

    Accessories would be cool!

  92. Jessica Comment #92

    great outfit! and I love your hair!!!


  93. prettystellar Comment #93

    i love love love this outfit! so cute! and you missy are adorable!

  94. Helena Comment #94

    love this, Jules and can you hair be any more perfect? I think not! Would love a post on how you style it on a regular basis! (like in this post!)

  95. Anonymous Comment #95

    you are workin this denim shirt!!

    Rach NZ


  96. Brittany Matthews Comment #96

    those shoes are so cute!

    Join my lovely GIVEAWAY!

  97. Lace and Tulle Comment #97

    I love the wedges so much!! I love you dyed color ends too!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on Lace and Tulle : )

  98. Glory Comment #98
  99. Nix Comment #99

    Amazing outfit!! :)


  100. madzia Comment #100


  101. kat @ paper doll theory Comment #101

    simple and quite lovely. i absolutely love it. what color is your nail polish?


  102. Rosa Rot Comment #102

    I would kill for those shoes!!

  103. Anonymous Comment #103

    I checked the Rebecca Minkoff website for that bag, but it’s not there! LOVE, LOVE LOVE THAT BAG!

  104. Allie Comment #104

    I’m in love with denim shirts! I have one and I wear it all the time!
    xx Allie

  105. FashionFlirt Comment #105

    I love this outfit! xxx Jasmin


  106. Bouquet Comment #106

    IS perfect this post, I like you’re work :)

    congratulations ! http://stylebohochic.blogspot.com/

  107. Diamonddigger Comment #107

    you have an AMAZING style!!

  108. guildedsecret. Comment #108

    in lust with your 90s style platforms! terrific buy! :)

    with love,

  109. David Diaz Comment #109

    This outfit is so cute! LOVES IT! 😀

    Have a Good Day!