Miu Miu.

Dress: Rubber Ducky

Last night I attended the Miu Miu party with my girl Aimee and her lovely sister Dani! 
We had soooo much fun and were a little stars struck from seeing a few celeb beauties!
We were dancing, speaking in british accent and being silly alllll night!
Definitely a night to remember!

Dani and I were teaching Aimee how to talk in slang; she had no idea what me and Dani were
talking about at times so we had to fill her in. So cute!

ps- keep getting asked about my small pendant necklace; My mom gave it to me and she
got it from her thrift store!

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  1. franca maisha Comment #1

    aahw y’all look lovely! :)) looks like an amazing night!


  2. Krissy ~ Comment #2

    aww you guys looks so cute, and so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. EmerJa Comment #3

    Beautiful girls:)

  4. patrycja2407 Comment #4

    You look amazing!!:)
    Beautiful dress

  5. Autumnfound Comment #5

    what a gorgeous dress!!!and you seem to be so wonderful and down to earth and just lovely.x

  6. rebelrousher Comment #6

    Very pretty dress Jules! You look like you had lots of fun :)


  7. We Are The Crowd Comment #7

    looks like you had a lovely time! i love the print on the dress, espeically with the studded bracelet :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  8. El Comment #8

    You girls are so beautiful!!! :)



  9. Lu Comment #9

    Beatifull dress.

  10. Britt+Whit Comment #10

    ahh 2 of our favorite bloggers! Love it! You guys looks so cute! Jules I am loving your dress and the fact that its “Rubber Ducky”

    love from San Francisco,

  11. jillian Comment #11

    cute dress and love that polish. i need deets.

  12. Jillian Comment #12

    awh two of my fav. bloggers!

  13. SandrHa OrtHer Comment #13

    i love it!!!

  14. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #14

    Such lovely pictures, hope you had a good time! (Of course you did, haha)



  15. Mafalda Franco Comment #15

    Your nailpolish is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!:) What’s the brand and color?

    Love your blog & your style:)

  16. Ms. Allee Comment #16

    Love your dress!*


  17. Just a lazy morning Comment #17

    sounds great!lovely pics!

  18. shu84 Comment #18
  19. paper doll theory Comment #19

    pretty!! love that dress on you!



  20. Michele Comment #20

    I absolutely love your dress! That belt is awesome too! Love it. <3 Michele newleafforfashion.blogspot

  21. Lauren Comment #21

    Amazing dress Jules!! I am so happy you had fun! Sounds sooo dope!! xo

  22. CessOviedo Comment #22

    Omg! that must have been awesome, I saw earlier pictures of some celebs who attended, you both looked spectacular!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  23. Friend in Fashion Comment #23

    Gorgeous girls!

    Looks like fun :)

    Friend in Fashion

  24. BreezeyBee Comment #24

    i love your dress and nail polish!

    check out my blog and follow if you like :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  25. Lady-Pa Comment #25

    you look so so good
    just found your blog, will following you



  26. Ballerina'sBun Comment #26

    wow it looks like you had so much fun :) and you look amazing, as always. and your outfit absolutely perfect for such an event. <3
    Lovely greetings from germany,berlin.<3
    xo Nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  27. SAMANTHA Comment #27

    ooh so lucky looks like so much fun! I love aimee! great post


  28. Deanna Wagner Comment #28

    i looove that dress on you. it’s complements your skin tone flawlessly!


  29. Stephanie Comment #29

    looks like fun!

  30. La Petite Olga Comment #30

    Sounds like a really great time!! And you both look adorable!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  31. Nicole Comment #31

    Great post!
    Beautiful photos!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  32. Cinja Comment #32

    such a beautiful dress! sounds like a fun night 😉

  33. Trend Steps Comment #33

    aaaaw how cute pictures, you guys look so cute. haha, that’s cute how tou taught aimee slang!

  34. s Comment #34

    very nice pics…. you shine ;D

    Couture Street: Model MONIKA « JAC » JAGACIAK

  35. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #35

    Looks like you had some fun :) Love the dress and the necklace looks super cute :)

    Fashion Fractions

  36. la tiquismiquis Comment #36

    did you see some celebs? :))))

  37. briannelee Comment #37

    Beautiful dress!

  38. Collections Comment #38

    You ladies look great!

    Fashionable Collections

  39. KimChicSisters Comment #39
  40. Fashion Monstre Comment #40

    such pretty pretty girls! i love how you all compliment each other’s looks

  41. Kristen Comment #41

    So lucky, and you look beautiful!

    xO Kristen

  42. Allie Comment #42

    Love the dress! That must have been a fun party!
    xx Allie

  43. Stella Comment #43

    love your dress! you and aimee look so beautiful in your pictures
    looks like you had fun!


  44. The Key To Chic Comment #44

    You ladies look beautiful, and it sounds like an amazing party. I’ve gotta go watch the short film, it sounds creepy yet intriguing.

  45. Christine Comment #45

    such cute pics! all three of you girls are dressed amazing!


  46. Maycie Tsuchiya Comment #46

    Oh what a darling dress! Hahaha. British accents are always fun to imitate. It sounds so cool!

  47. FashionFlirt Comment #47

    You are one of my favourite bloggers at the moment! Would die for this dress ^^. Just started my new blog:


    xxx, from germany, Alena

  48. toopoorforcouture Comment #48
  49. Angelina Comment #49

    The dress is so amazing!

  50. Anonymous Comment #50

    jules, i love your blog it’s so great and i love aimee’s top, it looks very leyendecker-y and very nice and summery, keep up the good posts!

  51. thefashionguitar Comment #51

    You look gorgeous babe!!

    XO Charlotte