One Sided.

Blouse: gifted Hallelu | Shorts: gifted ByCorpus | Denim jacket: Vintage Levi’s

Oh summer! How I love you! 
So a few years back, I wasn’t much of a summer girl…I much preferred fall or spring because
I felt like it was much easier to get dressed in. Summer always had me worrying about being 
all sweaty, my makeup getting all oily or constantly wearing 
shorts (not that that’s a bad thing!) but my legs would get too tanned.
The last couple of years though I’ve been enjoying the summer quite a lot; it’s even
 become one of my fave seasons now. 
The summer in Cali has especially been winning my heart over with its’ gorgeous blue skies, 
light breezes to keep you cool, 
palm trees that make out a rad backdrop and the perfect warm temperatures. 
Summer days like these call for:
pretty one sided blouses, 
floppy hats, 
different color sunglasses, 
wearing sandals,
short shorts, 
bright lipstick colors, 
cold lemonades,
the beach,
windows rolled down and singing out loud,
picking up pretty flowers,
water balloon fights,
dying your hair lighter,
Ok you get the point! 
I love me some summer at the moment…. what do you love?

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  1. internodiciotto Comment #1

    here in rome summer is quite tooo hot. It often happens to me that i just want a colder day to stay cool!:D

  2. s Comment #2

    loooove too… nice top, I love it 😉

    Vote Style: Hanneli MUSTAPARTA x Elena PERMINOVA

  3. SIENA.STYLE Comment #3

    i love your pictures!!!

  4. shu84 Comment #4

    amazing photo:) love your hair style:)


  5. Lali Comment #5

    I really like this outfit!Good choice!

  6. Nicole Comment #6

    Cute post!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  7. milana2078 Comment #7

    I love summer! You – Gorgeous! Your beautiful hair is ideal for color shorts!


  8. Meanz (Koi Story) Comment #8

    I love the top and shorts! You look absolutely darling 😀

  9. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #9

    I’m still a girl you used to be a few years ago… It is 100 degrees where I live now and I’m pretty sure I’ll die of heat soon :) Also, it is really hard to dress for work in this weather! Don’t like summer very much right now :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. Marloes. Comment #10

    Those shorts are amazing! I also really like summer, but here in Holland we only get rain at the moment. So, I’d love a sunny summer :)

  11. Jenny Ong Comment #11

    You are soo cute Jules! You embody summer, haha x

  12. Alaina Comment #12

    You pretty much summed it up! 😉
    Love your hair color and cut!


  13. Serena Comment #13

    Hey! Love your blog! It’s awesome! Check out my blog: butterfliesrosesandme.blogspot.com


    Serena xoxo

  14. Jackie Comment #14

    This is a really cute post Ju =)

    You couldn’t have said it better! I live in Hawaii but I would LOVE to spend my summers in Cali!

  15. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #15

    I love everything about summer..

    dresses… shorts.. icecream.. everything!



  16. cuteredbow Comment #16
  17. Kaśq. Comment #17

    great blouse<3

  18. patrycja2407 Comment #18

    I like so much these colors:)

  19. Laiqah Comment #19

    LOVE this outfit on you!
    I can’t wait for Summer… So I can enjoy all the things you mentioned :)
    Its Winter here in South Africa but Summer is around the corner!

  20. The Fashion Writress Comment #20

    Gorgeous ^_^ I would wear it just like this!
    The beach is my best friend, together with the sun and I could stick to your list without missing anything else :)

    Enjoy ur summer, I wish the weather was here just as perfect :) xx

  21. amalie Comment #21

    cute top! i loooove summer xx

  22. Queen.OnSet Comment #22

    LOVE that pic!

  23. Emmi Comment #23

    the top is so cool!

  24. Something to remember Comment #24

    those shorts are very nice

  25. Just a lazy morning Comment #25

    sooo cute!

  26. Nikki Comment #26

    This top is fabulous! love the colors ^^ x

  27. The Fancy Teacup Comment #27

    I used to be more fond of the autumn and spring, too. But summer has grown on me! You look so pretty in the rust hues! Very summer perfect.

    ♥, Jamie

  28. Leya Comment #28

    such a lovely picture :)

  29. Emy Comment #29

    I love your outfit!! Awesome shorts!! I can’t wait to do all those things you love at the moment because Holland is rainy and dreary but soon I’ll be loving some sunshine in the Caribbean:)


  30. jillian :: cornflake dreams. Comment #30

    i LOVE being able to rid my bike and wearing summer dresses :) summer is my favorite season hands down :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  31. briannelee Comment #31

    Really like your blouse!

    My fav part of summer is being able to take walks at night while its still light out and warm :)

    Enter my Stella & Dot giveaway!

  32. knockedupfabulous Comment #32

    That shirt is so FUN! It completely looks like it was made for you! Right now I am loving summer too because I’m off work (I teach), but I really want August to be here already…I’m due to deliver next month!

  33. Brooke Comment #33

    Oh how I wish I had that problem, my legs getting too tanned! I need me some fake tanner to do that! *lol


  34. Loli Pillo Comment #34

    you’re so pretty, no matter what you put on, it fits you perfectly


  35. amber Comment #35

    summer is for sure one of my fave seasons! i love lazy days by the pool and trips to the beach :)

    p.s. and i love your blouse!!

  36. MAGDArling Comment #36

    fabulous shorts and hair dear!<3


  37. Liz Quach Comment #37

    I love summer and my pups. There’s nothing better than laying out on a sunny beach with two lazy dogs by your side. NOTHING!


  38. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #38

    Cute blouse, love the colors :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  39. mary louise Comment #39

    so true! summer has its challenges with fashion, but that list is a perfect summation of all the necessities!


  40. SAMANTHA Comment #40

    haha so true, especially the popsicles :) I love this comfy and cool outfit!


  41. Natalie Suarez Comment #41

    pretty! love this :)


  42. CessOviedo Comment #42

    Floppy hats and the beach, all I want right now, hope you have an awesome summer!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  43. Laura Comment #43

    I was exactly the same! I was in love with fall and spring but hated summer – I’m coming around to summer now too… I finally started wearing shorts and skirts and now I love it! I love your summer days list although I wish I lived near a beach *sigh*

  44. Bianca Comment #44

    i’ll always be a fall baby! the east coast is just humid hell! plus fall is my birthday season! and fall fashion, new beginnings its like a new year…….but summer does bring relaxation!

  45. Rae Comment #45

    Love your outfit but I’m already sick of summer here in Florida. Too damn hot! Your ideas are all great for suumer.


  46. Gal Meets Glam Comment #46

    I agree! By the way your outfit is the perfect summer outfit. You look lovely as always!

    xo Julia

  47. Leah Comment #47

    me too! It’s my favourite, along with this outfit of yours!

    xo L.

  48. Christine Comment #48

    I’m just not a big fan of summer when it’s super hudmid outside and you cant even lift a arm LOL! I love your top :)


  49. Cinematic Fashion Comment #49

    sweet look :) and love the composition of the pic
    Cinematic Fashion

  50. Liana Comment #50

    aw i love this outfit, that top is so cute! i used to hate summer too because of the heat, but i’m appreciating the beach and the rivers a lot more! i love packing a picnic and some beer and just lounging on the beach all day with a good book…which is what i plan on doing later today! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  51. sweetmouse24 Comment #51

    You look as beautiful as always!

    I enjoy reading/watching your blog after an exhausting day at work.



  52. Haylie Comment #52

    i love the print on your top! very fun and geometric :)


  53. Annachiara Savio Comment #53

    I always follow you and i totally LOVE all your posts!!!! much love 😀

  54. Betsy Comment #54
  55. EatSleepDenim Comment #55

    So pretty! I love the colors!


  56. Sheryl Comment #56

    I am totally with you. I used to dislike summer just because I know that I get tanned really easily which don’t need at all. For some reason, this year I am just loving it.
    I am learning to love colors and styles I never knew i’d like.

    Great top..love the colors. The one shoulder top is very flattering on you.


    ** thanks for the twitter follow babe! :)


  57. aliceeliza Comment #57

    I love this outfit, and your lovely nail colour! xoxo

  58. Mode_de_rue Comment #58

    Im a southern Ca girl as well and I couldn’t have described summer love better! Bike rides to the beach for happy hour to watch the sunset are amongst my favs. Have you checked out the Venice Ale House yet. Organic food, amazing beer selection, good vibes! The even have Vegan Options

  59. Lauren Comment #59

    I know this summer in cali has been turning into one of my fav summers also!! The weather is beeeeauuutifull!
    I love those copper shorts and that top!! Always lookin cute Julsey!!

  60. Mae Lu Comment #60

    Summer has my heart, well, summer in other regions other than the Great Lakes Region has my heart.

    It’s pretty gross here. But I do love going out on the lake and having fun that we can’t do 6 months out of the year when it’s too cold.

    Gorgeous top, Jules.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  61. Ewelina Taul Comment #61


  62. free de lulu Comment #62

    so cute style this short a good and the top,topissime.

  63. Michelle of Chellbellz Comment #63

    My summer sucks so far haha. I lost my job, and I was supposed to be rocking a Bikini at least thats what i told myself! I hope that i can make something out of it before it’s over though.

  64. Almost Pretty Comment #64

    I love this style, the colors are beautiful!

  65. Mónica C. Welton Comment #65

    i love summer too!!
    I love life, cinema….
    I love your shit!
    i love a lot.


  66. Nomadic D. Comment #66

    Love this outfit, that one shoulder-ed top is so perfect and summery! Cracks me up that you used to worry that your legs would get too tan in the summer, mine are so white they’re transparent and never tan at all! Which is kind of why I don’t like wearing shorts. But, like you, I’m embracing summer this year, and I think I’m going to be living in loose tanks like T by Alexander Wang tanks:


    maxi dresses:


    and bright fuchsia lipstick:


    Yup. Kind of loving summer this year, in spite of day after day in the upper 90s here in Madrid!

  67. Travel Light Comment #67

    love the beach :)
    You look so lovely!

  68. KARA Comment #68

    “i heart you.


  69. La Petite Olga Comment #69

    I’m totally a summer girl!! Love it when it’s hot!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  70. taylor Comment #70

    congrats on the new gig, jules! can’t think of anyone more deserving than you.

  71. Michelleesque Comment #71

    Oh I love everything about your top! :)

  72. Katia Comment #72

    Beautiful photo :) I lovee summer! I don’t want it to end

  73. Linh @ La-La Linh Comment #73

    I love your hair – that’s I love! Of course I love ALL of your outfits but gosh you are just stunning and beautiful and I wish I could pull off bangs like you!

  74. Goguma Comment #74

    Your hair looks so perfectly placed..


  75. kristina@beancakes ❤ Comment #75

    you look too cute!! i love eating light salads and refreshing pops in the summer!
    xx ~ kristina

  76. Dylana Suarez Comment #76

    I’m starting to love summer more and more, too!



  77. Neijah Lanae Comment #77

    This is adorable!

  78. B a la Moda Comment #78

    You know, Autumn ands Winter and my favs still. Maybe in a future I change my mind like you did. :))

    B* a la Moda

  79. Ivy Comment #79

    I’m always diggin your style. Love the colors you put together. I wish I could live in Cali weather. Texas is always so hot! :(


  80. Michelle Lee Comment #80

    i was going to wear one sided dress too!
    but was too humid :(
    love your look!


  81. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #81

    Great summer outfit and colours :)



  82. Lary Mello Comment #82

    AAAAH!! you look amazing!!!!
    loved it!



  83. DNA (designers+artists) Comment #83

    I love that you are possible the only one in L.A. not complaining about Carmageddon :)


  84. Pearl Comment #84

    all thee above 😉


  85. Cristiana Nunes Comment #85

    The best thing about summer is that u can go casual and chic, in one very simple way. This look is easy and the colours are sweet. Love the shorts!

  86. Marina Julià Comment #86

    You really inspire myself… But It’s cold here in Buenos Aires!!

  87. Lio Comment #87

    nice color! 😉

  88. toopoorforcouture Comment #88

    Your bangs are shorter! It looks cute!


  89. Mrs. C Comment #89

    Late nights, bbqs, monitor, sunshine, dresses and more! Happy weekend!

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  90. Allie Comment #90

    Love the top and the color of those shorts! & I can completely relate about loving the fall weather and not being a fan of summer. Now I love it!
    xx Allie

  91. Audrey Leighton Comment #91

    wow, i love this!

  92. Lindsay Comment #92

    i love your one sided top! totally agree with your list of fun summer things :) hmm what I am I loving at them moment? frozen yogurt and NYC. but i can’t wait to visit cali in august and experience the summer there <3


  93. Linda Comment #93

    Summer is my favorite season! You have an amazing sense of style! (:


  94. Zornitsa Comment #94

    I love wearing light dresses and chunky jewelry!


  95. Natalie Delaine Comment #95

    love this outfit! and your hair! our ombre is almost the exact same color. keep up the awesome posts!


  96. Un Duex Trois Comment #96

    Love! Such a lovely beach vibe. <3



  97. follow your own way Comment #97

    so cute!

  98. Sofia Comment #98

    me? i love your outfit and your blog!!!!!

  99. Stella Comment #99

    oooh i love your shorts and that awesome one shoulder top


  100. Glory Comment #100

    This year summer kind of sucks in Oregon.
    It’s too cold…
    But hey, I still lovee spending time with friends and fam!
    Gorgeous top btw!


  101. Manon Comment #101

    This look is perfect. I like so much. I’m fan <3