Pop of Orange.

Blouse: Alexa Chung for Madewell | Jeans: Current/Elliot | Heels: Jil Sander | Bag: Balenciaga | Flower: J.Crew

I’ve been so obsessed with this adorable neon orange flower-ish pin I picked up at J.Crew on
 sale for like for $6.
I just pin it and go; makes my blouses, denim jackets or canvas tote bags look extra cute! I got
a few other colors and I’ve been wearing them quite a lot. Definitely makes a pretty statement
with the nice pop of color for this hot summer! 

Gotta run! Gonna go shopping for a dining table and kitchen accessories with my parents! 

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  1. Jenny Comment #1

    Love the colour pop!

    Jenny xx


  2. Bella Donna Comment #2

    you look gorgeous

  3. Nicole Comment #3


    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. cuteredbow Comment #4

    Love your blouse ! Your shoes are great too !


  5. Camilla Comment #5

    that flower is super cute Jules :)

    x Camilla


  6. christine Comment #6

    I love your shoes.


  7. Michelle's Style File Comment #7

    Love the flower and those jeans are sensational on you.


  8. fashion.gossipmk Comment #8

    Smokin hot!! I love it!!
    Xoxo, K.

  9. Just a lazy morning Comment #9

    Love the blouse and the touch of orange is pretty amazing!

  10. SIENA.STYLE Comment #10
  11. allthatshewants Comment #11

    that colours looks sooo great on you!

  12. Steph Comment #12

    I Love it!! The outfit is gorgeous as always!!



  13. london loves Comment #13

    Nice idea (although I hate orange) but it looks very nice on you!

  14. shu84 Comment #14
  15. Ewa Comment #15

    I love your style! xoxo


  16. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #16

    Lookin’ gorgeous…and LOVE those shoes!



  17. Lu Comment #17
  18. I Shopped 'Till I Dropped Comment #18
  19. s Comment #19

    loooooooove your shoes!!! Orange touch is so nice 😉

    Couture Street: Model MONIKA « JAC » JAGACIAK

  20. Krissy ~ Comment #20

    your hair <3
    love your shoes!!
    Krissy xoxo


  21. Bog-Bog Comment #21

    Great outfit, i love the deatils, especially the shoes!

  22. The Fashion Writress Comment #22

    Ur right, gives indeed the cute extra pop! I love your Current Elliot denim and most of all, I’m in love with you Jil Sander wedges! I can only find the patent version but I really would love to find these some day :))


  23. Trend Steps Comment #23

    That outfit is so cute! loving it 😀 Great shoes btw :)

  24. Song Anh Comment #24

    Those jeans look great on you! Haha literally, “A pop of orange”! I guess I was expecting an orange top or something but this is really cute! I haven’t seen many people who try to incorporate a broach, pendent or flower to there outfit. You’re going to bring that trend back! 😉

    Cup of Fashion

  25. http://www.victorypug.com Comment #25

    Wow those shoes are amazing!!!

  26. The Fancy Teacup Comment #26

    The orange pin is such a cute look! And totally enamored with your stacks of bracelets and the Balenciaga clutch! Very pretty, girl!

    ♥, Jamie

  27. Natalie Leung Comment #27

    beautiful beautiful outfit, loving the orange bracelet and flower!


  28. sweetmouse24 Comment #28

    I love that flower! I have several of them in different colors, make an outfit much more interesting!

    You look lovely as always!


  29. Autumnfound Comment #29

    lovely,lovely outfit.and your hair is so gorgeous.

  30. Lady-Pa Comment #30

    you look awesome
    love the heels


  31. taylor Comment #31

    amazing shoes!

  32. Duty of Style Comment #32

    Lovely!!! Great bag and shoes!!! <3

    Visit my blog http://www.dutyofstyle.blogspot.com

  33. PiruletadeGato Comment #33

    Wow, the shoes are absolutely amazing!


  34. Nikki Comment #34

    I love interior/furniture shopping! although the kitchen is my least favorite room to shop for :) I do LOVE this flower brooch! x

  35. briannelee Comment #35

    I love your jeans!

  36. indie.electronic.alternative. Comment #36

    cute as shit. happy to see you pairing it with neutrals and not color blocking. so over that trend. this is way more current. hooray for pops of color!

  37. Yaiza V Miu Comment #37

    Very cool colors with the color of your skin!



  38. Jen S. Comment #38

    I love the simple pop of orange! I used to have a pin like that too but it fell apart…. :(


  39. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #39

    Love the orange paired with that blouse, how cute :)

    XoOX-Kelli K

  40. Closet Cravings Comment #40

    I’m so lovin’ the pretty pop of neon orange with your pin. The Jil Sander shoes are killer too. =)

    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  41. Kate Comment #41

    Amazing what a simple flower can do! It adds so much to this outfit! LOVE the pop of orange!

  42. Collections Comment #42

    You look great in this. The pin definitely pops out against the shirt. Love current elliott jeans as well!

    Fashionable Collections

  43. Cristiana Nunes Comment #43

    Casual and sweet pop of colour! Love the shirt!

  44. Liz Quach Comment #44

    Love the shoes and the clutch. The wash and fit of the jeans is perfect for you!


  45. Twins Comment #45

    Your hair rocks!!
    we love ur outfit, ur shirt is nice :)



  46. Diana Comment #46

    this look is so summery! i love your shoes!!! xo


  47. Natalie Suarez Comment #47

    so gorgeous! love the little shoes! miss u babesss :)



  48. Lisa Fergus Comment #48

    Love the pop of color, love the layers of bracelets! Great outfit!


  49. rebelrousher Comment #49

    I love your outfit, so cute! And the orange is a nice touch :)


  50. Cara Comment #50

    Gorgeous, love the flowy top and those heels! The flower ads a perfect touch of color
    xo Cara

  51. RAYNE Comment #51

    This a really cool simple look, love the flower pin!


  52. Raspberry Jam Comment #52
  53. SAMANTHA Comment #53

    you look so pretty! the orange flower pin is such a great touch. and i love the shoes!


  54. Lauren Comment #54

    These photos are beautiful! Lovin the blouse and jeans! xoxo


  55. Nita -Karoliina Comment #55

    nice pair of jeans!

  56. Linh @ La-La Linh Comment #56

    I can’t believe what a small piece of accessory can do for your outfit! It adds a nice pop of color and I love it! Going to J. Crew’s site right now! :) I hope it comes in purple or turquoise too!

  57. gracie Comment #57

    In love with your shoes!

    xo gracie


  58. BreezeyBee Comment #58

    i too love the colour pop and the accesorries

    BreezeyBee Blog

  59. Nanica Comment #59

    I Love your style :) great shoes :)

  60. Queen.OnSet Comment #60

    looooove it!!!! :)))

  61. Ballerina'sBun Comment #61

    your outfit is so adorable <3 i love it :) and youurr hair is so amazing, as always !
    lovely greetings from Nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  62. world on high heels Comment #62

    wow. perfect look! love the heels.
    follow you :)

  63. Salina Jean Comment #63

    What a lovely color on you!

  64. Kristen Comment #64

    Perfect pop of orange!

  65. Michelleesque Comment #65

    I love that pop of color and your bracelet!

  66. Angela Comment #66

    I Love it!

    You look stunning!

    Best wishes from Germany

  67. aliceeliza Comment #67

    AMAZING shoes. Want want want! xoxo

  68. herecomesthesun Comment #68

    Love the orange! It’s one of my favourite colours at the moment!

  69. Cinja Comment #69

    great look again! loving the details

  70. Ms.Fashionista Comment #70

    Those jeans are gorg and fit u like a glove!



  71. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #71

    You look absolutely gorgeous! That flower made all the difference :)


    Fashion Fractions

  72. María Rubio Comment #72

    looove this outfit <3

  73. HayleyWilletts Comment #73

    Wow, those Jil Sander shoes are amazing. x

  74. Basilia Comment #74

    Jules those heels r perfection!

    xxo Baz little-ladylove.blogspot.com

  75. Becky Comment #75

    great look! i’m about to add a fabulous blouse in this exact shade of orange to my shop! you can pull off any color…jealousss!


  76. Stella Comment #76

    definitely love your outfit, killer hills! and such a cute bright pop of color!


  77. paper doll theory Comment #77

    the flower is the perfect touch to that outfit! w/o it would seem incomplete. also i’m becoming obsessed with your hair! i wish i could do the full bangs but it’s just too hot and humid where i live. hope you found some lovely items on your kitchen shopping trip!



  78. Christine Comment #78

    i love how transform a flower pin into such a great accessory! :)


  79. Nana MoonDancer Comment #79

    those heels are amazing!!!

  80. LRB Comment #80

    Love how a $6 accessory can jazz up an entire outfit. Great color.


  81. sowmy Comment #81

    nice shoes, are they comfortable to wear?


  82. LA Comment #82

    You look really cute here.
    Great blog, found tons of great ideas!


  83. Lio Comment #83

    I love your style, such an inspiration :)
    you are one of my favorites blog,
    xoxo from France

  84. Not Just A Pretty Dress Comment #84

    I love the pin and how these details can make an outfit unique!

    It’s the first time I visit your blog anf it’s really nice…and your hair looks amazing!


  85. GR&D Comment #85

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  86. GR&D Comment #86

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  87. GR&D Comment #87

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  88. GR&D Comment #88

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  89. GR&D Comment #89

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  90. GR&D Comment #90

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  91. GR&D Comment #91

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  92. GR&D Comment #92

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  93. GR&D Comment #93

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  94. GR&D Comment #94

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  95. GR&D Comment #95

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  96. GR&D Comment #96

    Tell us about your bracelets please?? I LOVE the stack!

  97. Jacquelyn Comment #97

    LOVE your shoes & love the color of that flower with your skin & that shirt <3

    xo Jackie

  98. Rosa Rot Comment #98

    wonderful blouse <3


  99. Louisa Comment #99

    Love this look!

  100. Maycie Tsuchiya Comment #100

    I love this! Just the right amount of sophistication and coolness. Really cute!

  101. Lary Mello Comment #101

    as always you look amazing! =D



  102. Canvas of Alli Comment #102

    I love those shoes! Absolutely amazing!!! :)


  103. Lea Comment #103

    Your hair just looks so amazing! ALWAYS!!!


  104. Dolly Daydream Comment #104
  105. Anh Comment #105

    Gorgeous!!! I love the pop of orange against the neutral shirt! Hope you have a lovely weekend! <3

  106. Ria Comment #106

    It’s a great fresh feel for anything you pin it on. I dig it.

  107. Anonymous Comment #107

    i’d like to know where you got your ombre hair done. thanks!

  108. Germaine Comment #108

    This is gorgeous as always, love the blouse!!

  109. sharon lei Comment #109

    OH fun, furniture shopping!

    I am loving neon as well. Just made a bunch of clutches all lined with neons. :) What a great little find @ J.Crew. They always have great stuff.

    Hope you’re doing fabulously, Jules. Happy Weekend-ing. Muah.

    xx Love & Aloha

  110. Bouteina Comment #110

    Perfect outfit ! i love the orange flower touch so cute ♥

  111. lo.li.ta. Comment #111

    I fall in love with you ! <3
    I put your blog in the most visited, before I start, I hope you do not mind?? :)

  112. federica R. Comment #112
  113. LV Comment #113

    I love your pop of orange!


  114. fashionatlas Comment #114

    Youre right that little pop of colour really adds that little something extra to your outfit xx

  115. The.Red.See Comment #115

    Love it!

  116. Miśka Comment #116

    You look great always! I like your blog so much :) Come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me! :)

  117. kristina@beancakes ❤ Comment #117

    you look stunning ;0 i love your shoes, blouse, jeans and flower!!
    xo ~ kristina

  118. Dylana Suarez Comment #118

    This is like way too cute! Love it girl! Miss ya!



  119. Cindy Valencia Comment #119

    I love your outfit! you very stylish!

  120. Emily Comment #120

    I love adding unexpected colors to my outfits too. It’s funny that you put this post up b/c I just did one called Orange Pop on my blog. Your look is lovely.

    Emily http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com

  121. Anonymous Comment #121

    I´m from Spain. Me gusta mucho tu blog! Eres guapísima

  122. Anonymous Comment #122

    Those are the perfect jeans! What style are they?

  123. Emmett Katherine Comment #123

    I love his outfit, so simple yet chic :) the orange flower just pulls it all together!

  124. eL Ellz Comment #124

    I ADORE THEM!!!!

  125. eL Ellz Comment #125


  126. madzia Comment #126

    interesting shoes:)

  127. easteuropeanstyle Comment #127

    i love your pourse!kiss from italy!i love your blog!http://greatstylesonthestreets.blogspot.com/