Style Looks: Shorts

(All images from Polyvore -Fave site btw!)
Time for some fresh new Style Looks! Had been meaning to work on new Style Looks but couldn’t decide what to focus on. Since it’s burnin’ hot here in the 
west coast, I figured I’d style up 3 different shorts in 3 different ways. We all need
some summer styling inspiration right?
Pick your fave and tell me where you would wear that outfit to!

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  1. Alicia Comment #1

    3 great outfits, my favorite is the 3th one! Would wear it for a summer drink with the girls :)
    Have a lovely weekend Jules!

  2. Anika Comment #2

    I love the 2nd look :)

  3. Nicole Comment #3

    My favourite is the third outfit! It’s is perfect for a dinner at the beach!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. Sonya Harris Comment #4

    This is such a great post! You’re so talented. I’d wear ‘summer sunshine in a heartbeat. X

  5. Deanna Wagner Comment #5

    i pick #3! i can totally see myself wearing that to a blogger event lol.


  6. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #6

    lovely looks! i heart the summer summersunshine look! xo ilsedaniellemartina.blogspot.com

  7. I ♥ Fashion Comment #7

    This shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti are magic!

  8. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #8

    Love these looks! Especially the second one.

  9. Zweiteiler Comment #9

    all looks are great! I would pick the second look, because I like the combination of leopard and denim!…and would it wear everywhere! For the evening I would chose the third look! It´s amazing with those heels!


  10. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #10

    #1 is my favorite. I would wear it for the shopping trip, coffee with my girlfriends, or for a romantic beach walk :)

    Happy Friday!

    Fashion Fractions

  11. Miranda / Summertime Den Comment #11

    The first look is perfect!

  12. Cylia Comment #12

    all of them my favorite.. if I really had to choose.. the second one.. just because denim is my fav!

  13. Just a lazy morning Comment #13


  14. Rachelle from The Blue Room Comment #14

    love this post! That necklace in the first collection is really similar to the Karen Walker Tusk necklace which she does in Gold and Silver (which I have) – you should check out her stuff. xx

  15. Stylison Comment #15

    I will choose the second outfit cause it gives a fresh look, it will make you stand out from the crowd.


  16. Trend Steps Comment #16

    loving all these looks!! 😀

  17. Mode in Italy Comment #17

    I love the look number 1, 2 and.. 3 😉
    They are 3 fantastic outfit!!!

  18. Ms. Allee Comment #18

    Well the last one is my favorite but I love the 2 other shorts too!*


  19. Jenny Ong Comment #19

    I looveee these kinds of posts from you! xx

  20. Cinja Comment #20


  21. Sheila Comment #21

    yesss it’s getting to that point in summer where i feel like i’m wearing different versions of the same outfit each day. Thanks for the inspiration i love all 3

  22. Iwa Afolabi Ojo Comment #22

    Im so in love with these looks
    love the Stella McCartney shorts


  23. Lace and Tulle Comment #23

    Love this! I love your blog! you’ve got a new follower!

  24. Collections Comment #24

    Love these looks. Specifically looks one and two!

    Fashionable Collections

  25. kamila Comment #25

    My fave is the second one. I love this boyish crush with the collar and with those balenciaga sandals it’s the most wearable for me as well, during the day during the nigh it doesn’t matter. But I must say that all of them are perfectly styled. K.

  26. Milce Comment #26

    Fantastic looks. Love every single one. You have great style :)


  27. Naghmeh Comment #27

    I love the second and the third outfit. I ‘d wear the second one just for a casual day out and the third one for going out for dinner or something like that.
    ps. Thank you for checking out my blog and following, it means alot to me. I’m following your GORGEOUS blog back :) xx

  28. Nomadic D. Comment #28

    Those dries sunnies are gorgeous!


  29. candidshelly Comment #29

    Style look #3 please! 😀
    It seems perfect for a walk about Queen St.East, Toronto and a lovely evening. Ever been?

  30. Diana Comment #30

    its so hard to choose! love the third one though — the yellow shorts are too cute :) id wear it anywhere! great job girly xo


  31. jillian :: cornflake dreams. Comment #31

    loving those leopard shorts! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  32. Julie Khuu Comment #32

    All super cute looks that I could totally see you rocking down the streets of Melrose babe…I love the cool gal look best…hard to resist the spots when leopard is my all time favorite color!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend sweets! TGIF!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  33. freed mode Comment #33

    i love this 3 style very chic.

  34. Lexi Comment #34

    i choose #2 and I would wear it to an outside festival, like the OC fair! It would be perfect to walk around in nice flat shoes (:

    lovely looks!


  35. Cara Comment #35

    Love them all, but Summer Sunshine is my favorite, those amazing heels just put it over the top! I would wear it on a date…or out with the girls…anywhere, I love it!
    xo Cara

  36. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #36

    Love these! I always have such a hard time wearing shorts in any sort of chic way, thanks for the ideas!

  37. little miss mode Comment #37

    I really like the Marni top and Pamela Love necklace in the flower child look, but summer sunshine look is definitely the outfit that suits me as a whole the most. I love how fresh it feels- and every piece is beautiful in itself. I would wear this to lunch with the girls or to class for sure :) Thanks for creating these looks, there’s a little for everyone!

  38. Lauren Comment #38

    obsessed with the first one! I would wear that in a heartbeat!! Lovely looks jules!



  39. Brittany Matthews Comment #39

    all of these outfits are so adorable!

    Join my GIVEAWAY!

  40. SAMANTHA Comment #40

    these photos got cut off but i can already see that they are the coolest looks, you’ve got great style!


  41. Haylie Comment #41

    i abseloutely love shorts, especially right now 😀 the looks you put together are perfect! 😀


  42. gabrielle Comment #42

    ooh i love the cool girl look. i would wear it to work bc it’s like a fashion shoe there and chambray is a must in my office. i’s also put on some bright coral lipstick and wear a high bun!


  43. Christine Comment #43

    all 3 looks are inspirational great style looks :) My fave is the 3 look and I would wear it to a dinner party/date or even work :)


  44. RAYNE Comment #44

    Love look 2 & 3! Denim & leopard were made for each other :)


  45. myAestheticStyle Comment #45

    I LOVE style look 3!!!! And the shoes that are in style look 1…thanks for the inspiration


  46. Michele Comment #46

    I love the 1st one!! I like the material of the cropped top. <3 Michele newleafforfashion.blogspot

  47. Vicki Comment #47

    I love the cool gal outfit and would wear it shopping and for sushi with my bf. :) x

  48. Anonymous Comment #48

    We like Look 3 the most! Veeery good :)

  49. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #49

    Thanks so much for sharing these! Summer Sunshine is my fav :)



  50. Amandagrace Comment #50

    oh gosh.
    definitely numero 3! love those shorts.
    and the overall look of a girly put together-ness with a casual ease is soo what i come to your site for.
    thanks for all the great ideas.

  51. Betsy Comment #51

    i loooooove the first outfit!


  52. all we have is now Comment #52

    I’d wear the first to a first date!

  53. Ivy Comment #53

    I love all 3 outfits. I would totally wear the 3rd outfit to a Sunday brunch with the girls.


  54. Vanessa Comment #54

    Hey Jules!
    Gorgeous outfits! They would definitly fit you very well!

    I love your blog and your outfits!
    Thank you for your good ideas, too 😉



  55. Follow Your Own Way Comment #55

    the third outfit is perfect! comfy, cute and fun.

  56. Dylana Suarez Comment #56

    These are all such amazing looks girl!



  57. Sara Comment #57

    Great choices :)


  58. Allie Comment #58

    I can’t pick a favorite! They’re all so great, but I do know that I love those leopard shorts!
    xx Allie

  59. kristina@beancakes ❤ Comment #59

    i love how you styled these looks! such a cute way to display everything!!
    xo ~ kristina

  60. abataba Comment #60

    Love these outfits!! :)

  61. Bre Comment #61

    Those floral shorts are so cute. It’s not burning hot here or actually even warm yet but even still they would look cute with tights I’m sure. All three outfits I would wear in a heart beat!

  62. Katherine Comment #62

    I love the last one! And I’d wear it to the beach boardwalk :)

  63. Aquí Comment #63

    love the last look! So simple!

  64. Lie Comment #64

    The second is my favourite. But all of them look pretty cool. xx

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  65. Lovelyladyjb Comment #65

    Love them all! :) New follower!

  66. Chanyn Cheree Comment #66

    Love this blog post! Great job!


  67. toopoorforcouture Comment #67

    nice! very good inspiration! Thanks!

  68. Adele Comment #68

    i LURVE the 3 looks. <3


  69. bybestyle Comment #69

    love all the looks! xoxoxo
    follow me


  70. Cristiana Nunes Comment #70

    I just love that second look!!

  71. Valeria Comment #71

    outfit number 3 is really cute :]

  72. Jane.Lam Comment #72
  73. MAF Comment #73

    I love all of these! You are a true inspiration to me! I don’t have a blog YET but will definitely start planning it. I would love to work in the fashion world although I am currently focusing on business. I would love to learn more from you!