City Girl.

Blazer: BCBG | Leather shorts: Kill City | Tank: F21 | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Heels: Michael Kors

Running around in the city on a hot summer day may not be the best idea to wear leather shorts, but 
honestly who cares? I don’t and I don’t like to follow rules. <3

Btw, my shoot with Japanese magazine Gisele last Friday was soo much fun,
 can’t wait to share the pics!

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  1. augustalolita Comment #1

    love your outfit!! gorgeous shorts and amazing heels <3

  2. Vani Comment #2

    Great top and heels!


  3. Nastassja Comment #3

    very edgy. I love it. And I also love your hair.


  4. Jenny Comment #4

    A blazer always smartens the outfit a lot


  5. Mónica C. Welton Comment #5
  6. hisham Comment #6

    you look amazing.

    honestly, i keep saving every other picture you upload here to my inspiration folder..

  7. Just a lazy morning Comment #7

    So lovely, those shoes are amazing!!

  8. nina oliva Comment #8

    I absolutely love this outfit! so classy and yet interesting! =)

    Nina Oliva

  9. Liana Comment #9

    love this outfit, those shorts are amazing! i’d probably be dying in them though, but hey, as long as they look good right? i love your shoes too, the gold on them is so great! can’t wait to see your photoshoot pics :)

    Blog | Twitter | Shop

  10. SIENA.STYLE Comment #10

    i love your style!!
    I really like your blog and would make me very happy if you could also check mine!
    Kisses from prague
    have a beautiful day!

  11. Jenny Ong Comment #11

    Umm those MK heels are perfection.

  12. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #12

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  13. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #13

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  14. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #14

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  15. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #15

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  16. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #16

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  17. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #17

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  18. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #18

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  19. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #19

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  20. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #20

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  21. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #21

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  22. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #22

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  23. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #23

    GORGEOUS! Love everything about this look! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  24. Marloes. Comment #24

    You always wear the most amazing shoes!

  25. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #25
  26. EmerJa Comment #26

    always perfect, city girl:)

  27. Queen.OnSet Comment #27

    love your hair,as always :) and the shorts, exactly, who cares. it looks good so ppl should get over it if they think its too warm 😀

  28. Steph Comment #28

    Love the outfit!

  29. THE BASICS by Ana Comment #29

    Great looking as always! I love idea of long sleeve blazer with shorts, but for me is not possible with the heat and humidity here.


  30. FashionFlirt Comment #30

    wow I love your leather shorts! Lovely Outfit!
    And I’m very looking forwad to see your photos from the shoot :)

    xoxo from germany, Jasmin


  31. Kate Junior Comment #31

    Whoa, those heels! The gold is really eyecatching! I love a ‘gold dipped’ anything! xx KJunior

  32. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #32

    can’t wait to see the photos from your shooting 😉 you look awesome and you are right about the rules; who cares about them??? love the shoes!


    Fashion Fractions

  33. thefashionguitar Comment #33

    Love the colors and heels

    XO Charlotte

  34. ASH Comment #34

    unbelievable style X

  35. london loves Comment #35

    Amazing look! Fell in love with that blazer! And the Heels!

  36. Lynzy Comment #36

    Loving those leather shorts on you! Such a great transitional piece for fall as well! :)
    xo Lynzy

  37. Krissy ~ Comment #37

    i love those heels!
    Krissy xoxo


  38. Nikki Comment #38

    I adore your blazer! x

  39. Rocket Fashionista Comment #39

    Breaking rules is a good sign ’cause that means you think outside of the box! 😉 LOVE those heels, especially the golden part!


  40. jillian :: cornflake dreams. Comment #40

    love this outfit! such a cute top. xoxo jillian:: don’t miss my fishs eddy dish giveaway!

  41. Meow Telegraph Comment #41

    Love the look! Love the colores! You are hot with your tan legs n gorgeous hair!

  42. Nita -Karoliina Comment #42

    perfect heels.

  43. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #43

    Love this outfit! So chic and perfect for the summer-fall transition!

  44. Sheree Comment #44

    Great shorts and shoes!

  45. franca maisha Comment #45

    gorgeous.. love the blazer! :)


  46. briannelee Comment #46

    Love those shoes!

  47. Natalie Suarez Comment #47

    LOVE! u look so chic! :)



  48. Nomadic D. Comment #48

    Love this. You look amazing.


  49. Ballerina'sBun Comment #49

    I felt in love with you michael kors heels <3 these are awesome! Xo nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  50. Liz Quach Comment #50

    I really wish I had your collection of shoes. :[


  51. Lisa Fergus Comment #51

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! And those shoes are divine!


  52. rebelrousher Comment #52

    I love this outfit, particularly your shorts :)


  53. Borjana Comment #53

    I adore your heels!

  54. Gal Meets Glam Comment #54

    those michael kors heels are amazing!

    xo Julia

  55. Raspberry Jam Comment #55
  56. Galia Comment #56

    lovely your look,lovely your style,lovely your clothes…alway I visit you… fantastic blog!!!
    kissessssssss muak muak :O)


  57. MICHELLE Comment #57

    Love your necklaces! And that coat is the perfect fit. Super cute, my dear.

  58. Nana MoonDancer Comment #58

    I love that blazer!!!

  59. kcomekarolina Comment #59

    sooooooo cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  60. Kirsty Comment #60

    love this <3

  61. Janelle Andrea Comment #61

    I absolutely love this outfit, Jules! I have an interview coming up, and you just gave me total inspiration for what to wear. Well maybe not the shorts :)

  62. Sheila Comment #62
  63. Style Hippie Comment #63

    This outfit is stunning. I want every part of it (: The shoes and the blazer are especially gorgous!


  64. Kristel Louisa Comment #64

    I always love your style. You look simply chic!

    en la moda


  65. Rachel Comment #65

    I love that top – its lovely!

  66. Francesca Felix Comment #66

    oh you look so cute!!! the look is adorable. loving the heels of those shoes also, perfect touch


  67. Andrea Comment #67

    So flattered you liked my post, because I love this! Your top and heels are my favourite. I have something for chunky heels. Excited to see more…

  68. cuteredbow Comment #68

    Love your tank ! Your shoes are gorgeous !


  69. Camilla Comment #69

    the shorts and jacket look so cute together!

    xo Camilla


  70. Domicella Comment #70

    Hi,U look so chic, I love the leather pants:)and u are so pretty girl. best wishes xoxo

  71. Sash Comment #71

    LOve Love Love! Over all A+ on this outfit. I love the leather shorts..to die for!

  72. Jackie H. Comment #72

    I always LOVE your necklace combos. It never fails to amaze me.


  73. Lary Mello Comment #73

    as always amazing!



  74. Low Comment #74

    Love that boyfriend blazer with shorts! Perfect style!!! And the sandals are great too!!



    You are so cute and those shoes are fucking rad! x

  76. Eve Comment #76

    Hi Jules,

    You are not kidding when you say you are the creative type. My daughter, Lauren, suggested I follow your blog and am I happy that I found your site….I get such amazing style ideas from you even though I’m over 50!! Trust me, I wouldn’t want to scare anyone by wearing the short skirts that you can do with such panache!! You are sooo adorable and chic at the same time- with to die for legs!!!(Old person envy goin’ on here!!!chuckle ;)……

    Wishing you continued success on your blog and fashion adventures…keep up your extremely talented work.


    aka Lauren D.’s mom!

  77. miss mary Comment #77

    loving the look, leather shorts are my favorite!


  78. Marissa Joy Comment #78

    Amazing blazer and heels! Thanks for your comment and follow- you have a fabulous blog!


  79. David Diaz Comment #79

    I’m in love with your hair! Totally gorgeous! 😀

    Have a Good Day!



  80. Clara Comment #80

    I love your shoes!!

  81. Courtney Comment #81

    I love this outfit.
    Love your hair, too, by the way. I’d be so scared to lighten my ends like that. It is so gorgeous though.
    Cutest shoes…!!!!

    I Can Be Many Things

  82. DNA (designers+artists) Comment #82

    Love your shoes and the contrast between the light tweed blazer and the striped top.


  83. KimChicSisters Comment #83
  84. Stella Comment #84

    i love this outfit of you! it’s soo chic


  85. Neijah Lanae Comment #85

    In love with those shoes!



  86. Bang and Buck Comment #86

    killer heels. keeeeeeler.


    Bang & Buck

  87. Elle Comment #87

    Nice heels!!!

    xx Elle from http://talonsetbonbons.blogspot.com/

  88. Rudie Comment #88

    I like those heels. I love the gold, it really makes the shoes stand out!


  89. rental mobil Comment #89

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  90. priskillan Comment #90

    i legitimately just scrolled through your blog with a flabbergasted expression. you.. are beyond gorgeous and your taste in fashion is awesome! goodness gracious, did i mention youre gorgeous? hahah i love your hair.

  91. Collections Comment #91

    Love this outfit. The shirt and shoes are great.

    Fashionable Collections

  92. Alejandra ♥ Arismendi Comment #92

    I love love ur outfit


  93. Olivia Comment #93

    You look amazing, as always. Can’t wait for our date at the Americana


  94. karo Comment #94


  95. Elien Comment #95

    I love this, all the colours go so well together, and you look gorgeous as ever!

    xo, Elien

  96. berciana Comment #96

    amazing outfit!!!simply perfect and sweet!!!
    kisses from Spain!!

  97. Anonymous Comment #97

    I LOVE those shoes! Are they still available?

  98. cintia Comment #98

    you are so gorgeous and i love your shoes!!! xoxo

  99. the girl named Stu Comment #99

    just added your blog on my site’s favorites. check out your link on http://thegirlnamedstu.blogspot.com :) hope you’ll have a great week, love your outfit here, especially the shorts!

    xoxo, Stu

  100. Amatista Comment #100

    Omg you are so gorgeous I love this outfit!


  101. Dylana Suarez Comment #101

    Ooooh, so pretty!



  102. leonie Comment #102

    That’s a hot outfit put together….u so remind me of Ozzie stylist Christine .C



  103. silver jewelry Comment #103

    sincerely , i do like your style

  104. Lila Comment #104

    You’re sooo stunning. Those heels are amazing!

    Check out my blog!

  105. Josh Comment #105

    Must. Have. Michael. Kors. Heels. Love!

    You look amazing in that outfit. Agreed, who cares about the rules of leather on hot days.. :)

  106. [n][i][c][o][l][e] Comment #106

    love your blazer and the shirt! they go so well together!

    Nicole x


  107. Cristiana Nunes Comment #107

    Ok, I’m stunned. LOVE IT!!

  108. fashion perimeter Comment #108

    my favorite outfit of you! so cute! :)

  109. Laurie-Anne Comment #109
  110. Christine Yun Comment #110

    I wore leather shorts in 90 degree weather the other day too, only to regret it throughout the day. Great outfit though, love the gold trim on the MK heels.


  111. Girlonamission Comment #111

    I think you are one of those people who are just born with an excellent eye for style and fashion and also know how to translate it to themselves. I really love your outfits! Effortlessly cool and laidback, but you still keep some glamour in it!
    Keep up the good work!


  112. Agota Comment #112

    you look amazing!!!

  113. Romina C. Comment #113

    You have such a nice outfit, I love the shorts and your hair color. Great blog, if you have time please check out mine



  114. Bailsbee Comment #114

    Where can I get a pair of those heels! I can’t find them anywhere and they are AMAZING.

  115. moco Comment #115
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  127. Mesin Fotocopy Comment #127

    The image is broken. Fix it girl!