Into Pleats.

Dress: c/o Hallelu | Plaid shirt: F21 | Military Jacket: c/o Volcom | Wedges: Chinese Laundry | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

This dress seemed a lil’ too fancy for me so I had to throw on a plaid shirt + military jacket to make
it a little more grunge-y chic, a lil’ more “me.”

*warning: I’ve been wearing these wedges NON-STOP, so excuse the overload of wear in any future outfit posts, just a heads up! :)

Got many questions/comments/emails on my eyebrows; will try and answer some
questions and do a post of what I use!

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  1. GEEKitty Comment #1

    you really love the pale green! well it suits you well :)

  2. cookie Comment #2

    I LOVE this outfit!!!


  3. Babe Jane Comment #3

    you look so pretty! :)

  4. So-So Good Comment #4

    I love that dress, you look so gorgeous in it! Very nice how you downplayed the glam with the flannel and the jacket.

  5. Daniela Comment #5

    I love your style. And I love your blog.
    Last week I opened a blog and I put yours in my blogroll!! :)

  6. Nicole Comment #6

    Great combination! Love your outfit!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  7. Leya Comment #7

    you look amazing! gorgeous dress 😀

  8. Stephanie Comment #8

    you are so pretty!

  9. Zweiteiler Comment #9

    I love this combination of tough square and the dainty pleats!


  10. Friend in Fashion Comment #10

    WOW – this dress is stunning on you!

    Love the pleats :)

    Friend in Fashion

  11. Joy Comment #11

    Indeed, these wedges look amazing! I also would wear them 24/7!

  12. the Rocket Fashionista Comment #12

    Love the outfit, you look stunning!


  13. Camilla Comment #13

    I love the dress, and your legs are so long and gorgeous! jealous much :)

    x Camilla

    LOVE dress giveaway on my blog!


  14. DediLovesFashion Comment #14

    You look stunning. I love your dress.

  15. FashionMugging Comment #15

    oh, i love your blog jules. Perfect wedges, similar to those from steve madden.
    i invite you on http://fashionmugging.blogspot.com !

  16. Brittany Matthews Comment #16

    this outfit is adorable!

    Join my lovely GIVEAWAY!

  17. Fantasy Candy Comment #17


  18. Annachiara Savio Comment #18

    you’re beautifull always !!!!!!!! 😀

  19. Borjana Comment #19

    And you look absolutely amazing!The military jacket was a perfect choice!Love the dress;)

  20. Ag Pe Comment #20

    Great dress. Just perfect for sunny says od August. Love it.

  21. Laura Comment #21

    Gorgeous look, as always :)
    I’m in love with your shoes!



  22. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #22

    Adorable! Feminine yet edgy!


  23. Carina Comment #23

    Love the pleats! & how you layered everything.. Gorgeous :)

  24. Laiqah Comment #24

    So gorgeous!
    I love how you mixed it up!


  25. vasso Comment #25

    interesting combination!!very beautiful!!!

    kissez from greece!

  26. FashionFlirt Comment #26

    I really love how you’ve combined the dress with a cool shirt and the parka! Looks great! xxx Jasmin


  27. Song Anh Comment #27

    You know you wear the military jacket the best! I think the first time I came across your blog, the first item I saw you in was a military jacket so it’s almost a signature look from you, for me. Love that you paired a strong look with that flouncy dress! Great mix!

    Cup of Fashion

  28. Alena, Comment #28

    Love the dress and the shoes! You´re so cute.
    Kisses from: http://www.nuncadejaredequererte.blogspot.com

  29. anne Comment #29

    cute outfit

  30. The Fancy Teacup Comment #30

    Pretty girl in such a pretty pleated dress! And I have the same Volcom utility jacket, adore how you styled it!

    ♥, Jamie

  31. Rachel Comment #31

    Oh, that dress is absolutely incredible!

  32. hisham Comment #32

    woooow, this is just perfect! i want to wear the entire outfit, plus your tan :-*

  33. Kate Junior Comment #33

    Wow, never knew plaid, white pleats and khaki went so well together! Need this outfit in my life! xx

  34. Michelle's Style File Comment #34

    LOVE how you’ve grunge-y’d this dress.


  35. amalie Comment #35

    gorgeous outfit! i love your pleated dress!

  36. Collections Comment #36

    I love this outfit. All the layering is great and I absolutely love that dress!

    Fashionable Collections

  37. Julie. Comment #37

    I’m in love with this outfit !!! I adore the mix of styles !!!! You look amazing. Julie from

  38. briannelee Comment #38

    I love the dress! So pretty!

  39. denise Comment #39

    why are you soooooo cuteee!!! love this outfit :)

  40. Michele Comment #40

    OMG Love that dress! And the military jacket makes a nice combo. <3 Michele newleafforfashion.blogspot

  41. Sheree Comment #41

    Love the dress “dressed down” !

  42. ACC Comment #42

    I adore how you’re wearing this sweet little dress. Layering it with two “grunge-y” pieces is brilliant. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog – your style is amazing!

  43. CessOviedo Comment #43

    Great way to tone down the dress, jacket and plaid shirt totally take it from delicate to everyday wear!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  44. Camille Comment #44

    J’aime tes longs cheveux 😀 !!!!!!!!


  45. Mia Comment #45

    The dress is so gorgeous =)
    an unusual way to use it but that fits so good.

    Visit my blog if you want and follow me if you liked 😉

  46. Sheila Comment #46

    i never would have thought of pairing pleats with plaid, but it looks amazing. those shoes are pretty great too

  47. il était une fois... Comment #47

    you always get it right gurrl!! a dressy dress made so simply casual with a plaid shirt and military jacket – LOVE!!! xxx


  48. Lisa Comment #48

    Wow I love the whole look.

  49. J'Anns Boutique Comment #49

    I want that dress asap. Love it!

  50. zeste de citron Comment #50

    perfect <3 love your outfit !


  51. Jillian Comment #51

    ughh love! i want that outfit:)

  52. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #52

    You look insanely cute in this outfit! Love how you dressed down the dress 😉


    Fashion Fractions

  53. FashionableAwkward Comment #53

    I love the layering in your outfit! The different fabrics work so well together!

  54. SAMANTHA Comment #54

    I loveee how you down-played the pleats… so good. awesome styling!


  55. Steph Comment #55

    Love the outfit!! Super cool!



  56. keltie Comment #56

    i love this outfit, it’s something i would wear…if i had those clothes!

  57. 401 Comment #57

    Ahh that dress is so gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing it on their website lately.

  58. Lace and Tulle Comment #58

    Love this look! I would wear them all the time too!!!

  59. PiruletadeGato Comment #59

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!


  60. federica R. Comment #60
  61. Leah Comment #61

    Love how you underplayed this dress with the plaid shirt and army jacket! It’s genius, and looks fab on you.

    xo L.

  62. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #62

    Love this dress BOO!! You always looks so beautiful!! Kiah

  63. Krissy ~ Comment #63

    your hair looks amazing Julie!
    love the dress, love how you matched all the items together! ^^
    Krissy xoxo


  64. Wynn Comment #64

    Plaid with a fancy dress? Pure genius!!! xox


  65. Anonymous Comment #65
  66. Liana Comment #66

    awesome look! that dress is so pretty but i totally love how you dressed it down with the plaid shirt and jacket, definitely makes it more wearable for the daytime! and i think i was one of the people who asked about your eyebrows, so im excited for your post! :)

    Blog | Twitter | Shop

  67. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #67

    Gorgeous! Love the outfit and the layering :) Must get myself one of the F21 plaid shirts!



  68. Cristiana Nunes Comment #68

    The dress is beautifully stunning!!

  69. Raspberry Jam Comment #69
  70. HayleyWilletts Comment #70

    LOVE this outfit. Perfect! x

  71. Mrs C Comment #71

    Oh my goodness!! I am in LOVE with this dress! So fun and I love you you dressed it down. The perfect LWD for summer!

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  72. Betsy Comment #72

    Oh my god! I love everything about this outfit! It is flawless!


  73. Christine Comment #73

    that pleated dress is so cute *_* even with or without the layers the look is so great!


  74. {molly beth} Comment #74

    I just pinned this look. ADORABLE.


  75. Naomi Marie Comment #75

    Absolutely love the way you have styled the dress down! You shouldn’t apologise for wearing the wedges so often, they are fierce. Super outfit. :)

  76. Mónika Comment #76

    Ideal me encanta la combinacion q has hecho.

  77. Tucker Comment #77

    i looooove this! you have incredible style. i want to be like you (:

  78. Sara B Comment #79

    Yeah this is amazing

  79. CC Comment #80

    I love the dress and the bag. You look really great here! And very pretty makeup too, I love the soft natural look.

  80. Sandra Comment #81

    Love the dress! Stunning look! :)

    Stop by:

  81. Taylor Comment #82

    I love your look, it is something I would throw on in a minute!!!!

    Just stumbled onto your blog today and love it!


  82. Ms. Allee Comment #83

    What a sweet dress,Love it!*


  83. Lizzie Comment #84

    Ahh I love the grunge-y-ness that the plaid and jacket added! Such a great and unique pairing…


  84. Carol Comment #85

    I Love your style & your hair color!!! Great Blog :)

  85. Nadine Comment #86

    oh this dress is soo beautiful <3 xo Nadine, ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  86. Sarah Comment #87

    Luuuuuv how you’ve paired a feminine dress with edgier pieces with this look – genius! :)


  87. Ramona Comment #88

    Wow! I love this mix and match!
    You look amazing!

    xoxo Ra

  88. Lauren Comment #89

    This is a great look and a perfect way to transition a summer dress for other seasons too!

  89. Marissa at Style Cusp Comment #90

    SO obsessed with this whole look.


  90. Anonymous Comment #91

    That dress is so cute! But its not on their website!! Is it still available?

  91. David Diaz Comment #92

    This outfit is amazing! I love it! & You are werqing it! 😀

    Have a Good Day!



  92. woreout Comment #93

    On it’s own this dress is stunning but I think I love it even more paired with the flannel and military jacket. Love how you made this piece and look your own.

  93. Kirin Comment #94

    gorgeous! love the way you added your own special touch to a simple white dress!

  94. Nedwin Zehnder Comment #95

    great outfit! love your ombre hair!


  95. Cindy Comment #96

    One of my new favorite outfits! Perfect balance of fancy and casual.


  96. Chatelaine Leigh Comment #97

    Plaid shirt + military jacket = genius!

  97. Karoline Kalvø Comment #98

    I’m speechless. WOW!

    Love, always
    Karoline Kalvo

  98. Lary Mello Comment #99

    I love this mix!!!
    Look totally you! =D


  99. EmerJa Comment #100

    SOOOO nice! i love the mix of the sweet pleats with the grunge style of the shirt and the parka:)


  100. Trend Steps Comment #101

    Love this look! you look so cute 😀

  101. Deanna Wagner Comment #102

    i love this outfit! one of my favorites. definitely going to save it on my desktop for inspiration.
    thank you so much for commenting on my little blog! i’m a little star struck!


  102. Gal Meets Glam Comment #103

    I love that dress, it’s so darling how you paired it with the military jacket!

    xo Julia

  103. Kaśq. Comment #104

    you have amazing hair, and I have to said it one more time ! ;D

  104. Valeria Comment #105

    You have gorgeous hair women!

    and I can definitely see why you’d wear those shoes, they’re beautiful as well.

  105. Cindy Comment #106

    i love this. the perfect way to dress down and i think the plaid shirt is a great pop of colour.

  106. celeste Comment #107

    i love how you always put your own spin to different numbers, like this dress. looks incredible.

  107. Ashleigh Nicole Comment #108

    you look amazing!

    xo Ashleigh


  108. Helena Comment #109

    Jules! one of my favorites from you! I love this!

  109. Virginie's Cinema Comment #110


    Virginie ♥

  110. Anne {beautybitten.com} Comment #111

    I really like how you added the plaid shirt. It oddly works really well with the pleated dress. Those wedges are sooo cute though. I’m guessing they’re super comfortable too if you’ve been wearing them. Are those wedges still available?

  111. Pranali & Kinney Comment #112

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  112. Pranali & Kinney Comment #113

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  113. Pranali & Kinney Comment #114

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  114. Pranali & Kinney Comment #115

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  115. Pranali & Kinney Comment #116

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  116. Pranali & Kinney Comment #117

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  117. Pranali & Kinney Comment #118

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  118. Pranali & Kinney Comment #119

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  119. Pranali & Kinney Comment #120

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  120. Pranali & Kinney Comment #121

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  121. Pranali & Kinney Comment #122

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  122. Pranali & Kinney Comment #123

    Ahhh this outfit is totally awesome! Love your blog!

  123. Francesca Felix Comment #124

    well you definitely pulled it off!! the grungy/chic look. Love this outfit!! and im inlove with your hair. It is just so beautiful! thanks for your amazing comment :) it made my day :)

  124. fille aux cheveux de lin Comment #125

    it’s just a perfect combination, love the mix of styles in this outfit!



  125. Brunette Blogging Comment #126

    I’m totally in LOVE with this outfit! Couldn’t be any more perfect.

  126. Manon Comment #127

    Nice style. 😀

  127. Daisy-Mai Comment #128

    i am totatlly in love with this whole outfit, its amazing, the way you have put it all together it sweet!

    cute blog.


  128. KimChicSisters Comment #129
  129. Matea Comment #130

    oh my, this is beyond perfect! xx


  130. Liz Quach Comment #131

    Love, love, LOVE this pleated dress! You dressed it down perfectly with the cargo and plaid!


  131. Salina Jean Comment #132

    Great dress!

  132. weasel Comment #133

    This jacket is awesome, you look fantastic!

  133. Stephanie Comment #134

    I love this look on you!!!! The girly delicate dress pairs perfectly with the military jacket and I love the idea of adding a plaid button-up to the mix. Will definitely by test driving that one!


  134. madzia Comment #135

    very nice set:)

  135. soletthemeatcake Comment #136

    love everything about this outfit! xx

  136. Adrianna Traxler Comment #137

    best combination of pieces I’ve seen ever!! I will definitely be trying out this look!

    Xo Adri

  137. Emma Comment #138

    Perfect, love it!!! :)

    xo Emma


  138. Meanz (Koi Story) Comment #139

    I absolutely adore this dress! :)

  139. Sianna Comment #140

    I just saw that your look was featured in thsi site:

    And I thought I should let you know =)

  140. The Fashion Cloud Comment #141

    absolutely stunning outfit! I really wish i was wearing this right now



  141. Priscilla Comment #142

    I’m in love. Where can I find this exact jacket?!?

  142. Adele Comment #143

    awwwe, i really love your hair. <3


  143. Rothco Military Comment #144

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  144. plaid skirts for women Comment #145

    Great combination! Love your outfit!

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