Nothing but Suede.

Tank: Ovi | Suede skirt: F21 | Bag: Alexander Wang | Boots: Proenza Schouler | Necklace: Vintage | Watch: Fossil 

Hi guys! It was a crazy week but I’m glad it’s over and SO happy I got my hair back to how I had it too! 
As some of you might have noticed in my Deep End outfit post, my hair was waaaay lighter than
what I had. A lot of you loved it and there were a couple who preferred what I had before
 and I agree, I thought it was tooo light for me and not dark enough at the roots…
So I had it toned down last thursday and I couldn’t be happier; my stylist totally agreed too!
We laughed it off and said to ourselves, “what were we thinkin?.” We both now know
what works for me and my signature look; so much for trying to change things up! 😉

Ps Make sure to shop one of my tees, click here ! New designs arriving VERY soon! Soooo excited!
Stay tuned!

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  1. Trend Steps Comment #1

    Loving this outfit! those boots are amazing 😀

  2. Tess Comment #2
  3. Diamonddigger Comment #3

    i LOVE your hair – it looks absolutely gorgeous!! outfit is great as always – i don’t think you would ever get them wrong! 😉

  4. Not Just A Pretty Dress Comment #4

    I love the top and the boots are simply stunning: perfect colour and perfect style.


  5. Karoline Kalvø Comment #5

    I’m in love with you and your style. A divine beauty. Both the top and the skirt is just perfection.

    Love, always
    Karoline Kalvo

  6. Marloes. Comment #6

    I love your shoes. They are AMAZING!

  7. Laura Comment #7

    Beautiful look!
    I love the color combination and I adore your shoes! :)



  8. ACC Comment #8

    Your hair does look great here. I’m in love with that cut-back top – absolutely beautiful!


  9. Camilla Comment #9

    those are some really insane shoes, I love them. This is like, the perfect outfit :)



  10. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #10
  11. Domonique Comment #11

    In love with the shoes!Your hair looks divine as always :) it’s nice to have a “signature” look!x

  12. The Fashion Mood.com Comment #12
  13. Ballerina'sBun Comment #13

    I love your bag and skirt and your hair looks always great iam so jealous ! Please visit my blog and become a member if you like it :) i already follow you <3 xo and lovely greetings ! Nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  14. MeryMeli Comment #14

    Guaaau! I Love your outfit! the colour of the boots is great!!!! :)


  15. world on high heels Comment #15

    stunning look! love your blouses&bag<3

  16. NinouPeace Comment #16

    You have amazing hair !


  17. Mila Comment #17

    Oh you are sooooo beautiful!
    And the outfit is perfect!

  18. ASH Comment #18

    Super hot! Your skin is flawless. This is a gorgeous outfit on you. Especially love those boots! x

  19. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #19

    You look lovely! And really digging your nail polish colour :)



  20. Sofia Comment #20

    love the tones and colors you mixed with those perfect boots!
    super great look

  21. Rocket Fashionista Comment #21

    Love the outfit, it’s perfect in every single way, the boots, the top with the suede skirt, they look so lovely all together!


  22. london loves Comment #22

    Killer heels! Love the suede!

  23. herecomesthesun Comment #23

    *wolf whistle* at those legs. Lady you’re a babe xx

  24. Bella Donna Comment #24


  25. The Fancy Teacup Comment #25

    Jules, you are such a beautiful babe! I’m liking how your hair turned out. And the colors in your outfit are so striking of autumn, especially those gorgeous sky high boots!

    ♥, Jamie

  26. thefashionguitar Comment #26

    OMG your shoes are so beautiful. Such an unexpected color, so nice

    XO Charlotte

  27. EmerJa Comment #27


  28. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #28

    The hair looks gorgeous and the whole outfit is stunning! Love the boots 😉


    Fashion Fractions

  29. Natalie Leung Comment #29

    wow beautiful earthy tones, and those green boots are stunners!


  30. Sher Comment #30

    love your top and suede skirt:)


  31. moded'amour Comment #31

    Love this! gorgeous boots!


  32. Kate Comment #32

    You pull off ombre hair better than anyone I’ve seen! You look gorg! And this outfit is amazing, the skirt is gorgeous and those boots! Showstopper!

  33. la tiquismiquis Comment #33

    you look stunning! your leather skirt is to die for!

    la tiquismiquis

  34. cuteredbow Comment #34

    The top is gorgeous and i love the suede skirt !


  35. Sheree Comment #35

    In love with that top and those boots are sooo sexy!


  36. The Fashion Cloud Comment #36

    absolutely stunning!
    love the colour combination and the skirt is lovely



  37. Helena Comment #37

    Your hair looks better like this but your outfit is always good. I love your outfit!!!

    Please visit my blog:

  38. Queen.OnSet Comment #38

    yea I love the hair how it looks now. and the shoes, the colour is wonderful!

  39. Rachel Comment #39

    Those boots are absolutely to die for!

  40. Fatima Comment #40

    woow *_*

  41. Just a lazy morning Comment #41

    i looove the colors!

  42. Cara Comment #42

    Absolutely love this outfit, the color of the skirt (can’t believe it’s F21!) the shape of the top, the amazing boots, the stacked bangles…you look beyond stunning!
    xo Cara

  43. Gal Meets Glam Comment #43

    those boots are ahh-mazing! love the hair :)

    xo Julia

  44. Catherine Comment #44

    you look amazing! I love every single detail in this outfit!

  45. Emy Comment #45

    Gorgeous outfit!! The skirt looks amazing on you and I lovee that top!! Have a great week!


  46. Ana Mijich Comment #46

    Love this outfit! Your tank is from Ovi? Where can I purchase that? Phenomenal shoes. Love your blog….x

  47. Sarah Swell Jewelry Comment #47

    Love this fresh, ready for autumn color-combo. Glad you’re happy to be back to your signature look. If it ain’t broke….

  48. BreezeyBee Comment #48

    great outfit. i love the suede skirt!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  49. CessOviedo Comment #49

    it’s great that you have a great relationship with your stylist, great ally! love your green boots!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  50. federica R. Comment #50
  51. Lauren Comment #51

    you look amazing jules! Love the skirt and boots and that little top is just perfect! xoxo


  52. Kaśq. Comment #52

    great photos, amazing outfit <3

  53. freed mode Comment #53

    good style and love your shoes and this bag.

  54. lisette Comment #54

    does the forever 21 skirt run true to size?

  55. Daisy Dicchi Comment #55

    love your jewellery… 😉

    Daisy from TheMandarineGirl.com

  56. Marie a la Mode Comment #56

    This is such a cute outfit! I’m loving those Proenza booties. And your hair looks great : )

  57. this free bird Comment #57

    oh em gee girl–i am digging this one head to toe for sure. those boots are killer!! hair looks great, too. you’re stylist is on top of his/her game.


  58. Esma ♥ Comment #58


    My ♥ Passion

  59. A Refinaria Comment #59

    crazy green boots, I love them! and you are right, the hair looks much better this way, but it’s always good to try new things, just to be sure :)

  60. briannelee Comment #60

    LOVE this outfit! Love the boots, blouse, and necklace :)

  61. Lisa Fergus Comment #61

    GUSH GUSH GUSH!!!! LOVE the color pallet, love this look! Just beautiful!


  62. FashionableAwkward Comment #62

    Love this! The boots are amazing and so is the suede!

  63. Style Hippie Comment #63

    Stunning!! I absolutely love everything about that outfit! Gorgous. (:


  64. Catita Comment #64

    I agree your hair looks better this way and I insanely love that skirt!

  65. Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST Comment #65


  66. Vani Comment #66

    Amazing outfit! You have a great style!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for following. I’m following your too.


  67. geekypaul Comment #67

    You look lovely and the photos are great!

  68. Nikki Comment #68

    I LOVE that bag, Jules! x

  69. Nikki Ashley Comment #69

    Love your personal style, especially that suede skirt.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Followed back!


  70. Krissy ~ Comment #70

    amazing top jules, love the cut of it!
    Krissy xoxo


  71. stilettolover91 Comment #71
  72. Jen Comment #72

    You look gorgeous! Love the suede skirt and the jewels.


  73. Mónica C. Welton Comment #73

    omg i love your boots!


  74. Marissa Joy Comment #74

    Fabulous suede skirt- so cool with the green booties!


  75. Ria Comment #75

    Love that skirt, I may have to pop into a Forever and check it out. The tank is perfection, love that cut. Ahhhhhhhh those boots are scream worthy of course they’re Proenza’s. So jealz.

  76. Leslie Christen | LifeStyling Comment #76

    boots, hair, accessories, LOVE



  77. RAYNE Comment #77

    Amazing boots, you look gorgeous!


  78. guildedsecret. Comment #78

    ABSOLUTELY beautiful… love the interesting cut/lines in your outfit. btw, your hair looks great either way!

    with love,

  79. milie. Comment #79

    you’re so pretty! i’m so jealous of your hair

  80. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #80

    love the colors together! esp the boots and skirt.



  81. Katie Comment #81

    sexayy, woman! love this!

  82. Lyssa Comment #82

    love how the colors came together!


  83. Jackie Comment #83

    Everything is bad ass from head to toe Jules! Ahh I kill for your body and hair!!

  84. Jenny Ong Comment #84

    Can’t believe the skirt is F21!!

  85. Julie Khuu Comment #86

    HOT TAMALE you look ridiculously hot here J! Those sexy tanned legs finished off with the friggin’ most badass booties! Love this entire palette…your hair looks SICK babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  86. Low Comment #87

    I love your beautiful mop of hair in ANY way! It´s just awesome!
    The tank you´re wearing is gorgeous! I love it!!
    Love from Spain!


  87. Dawn Comment #88

    I love the old hair and the new. Your hair always look great. This outfit is on fire. I love the suede skirt. The boots are amazing. I die for great pairs of shoes and you have plenty.


  88. Sandra Comment #89

    Jules! Firstly, i thank you for leaving a comment at my blog! That means a lot for me :)

    And secondly, i can’t describe how i love this outfit, it looks so good on you! I would like to have such strong personal style! And the color palette, amazing! I would like to know you better, it would be so awesome and inspiratiional :) If you’d love that too, just send me a little letter to kitasandra@gmail.com, or you can leave a coment in my blog http://kurmanoraktai.blogspot.com/. I woud be so excited to receive some styling tips from you :)



  89. Stella Comment #90

    oooh i love this outfit! that suede skirt is to die for!!


  90. Cindy Comment #91

    i love this outfit, the cut of the shirt from the back is so special.

  91. David Diaz Comment #92

    Alexander Wang bag = AMAZING! Proenza Schouler Shoes = GORGEOUS! LOVE your style! 😀

    Have a Good Day!



  92. kristina@beancakes ❤ Comment #93

    those boots are killer!
    xo ~ kristina

  93. Basilia Comment #94

    Jules you are a gem! This is a stunner of a stylish outfit.
    You make me wish for warmer weather, how I’d love a singlet and skirt combo right now!
    xxo Baz from little-ladylove.blogspot.com

  94. Cristiana Nunes Comment #95

    Another amazing outfit!!

  95. hanna cecilia cousins Comment #96

    I love the cut of that tank top, its super cute! Im so happy i found your blog, I’m definetly going to follow it!