Ok first off let me start by saying that I want new sunglasses.. the above sunglasses I took are 
of Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 
collection and I can’t seem to get them out of my head ever since.
 I love them but I’m definitely the type of person that I need to try on sunglasses
 and not buy them just offline so I’ve been holding off on them until I try them on. 
 I find it difficult to always find sunglasses that frame my face shape but the ones that usually complement my face are big, oversize 
ones, a la Olsen twins. I’ve been dying to get a pair of round sunglasses but they
 just aren’t that suiting for me, whomp!
Also, been in love with those Karen Walker’s Helter Skelter  + Deep Freeze sunnies, #swoon.
My large aviator Ray Ban’s will have to do for now ’till I find the next pair….
Let me know which sunglasses are you lusting over? I need recommendations!
P.S. My next post will be answering questions about my hair/stylist, so stay tuned!
Update on hair: I got it retouched and she freshened up the lighter ends (which now
come up higher) on me yesterday,
 but it’s a little too light for my liking and not dark enough at the top/roots 
so I’m going back in next week for her to tone it down. beauty takes time, ah!

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  1. Miranda / Summertime Den Comment #1

    The glitter ones are amazing!

  2. emc Comment #2

    i need (not really just want) new sunglasses too! i’ve been looking at the karen walker “number one” glasses for months. i don’t know why i can’t commit…


  3. CessOviedo Comment #3

    Omg! These are jaw droppers I love them, the eye cat shape and designs are pretty, on my wish list the round Prada’s!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #4

    Wooow great post! ehehhe :)


  5. ggshoe Comment #5

    Gorgeous miumiu sunnies!

  6. Kitsune-kun Comment #6

    those glasses are adorable! I’m the same way, the huge audrey hepburn type ones look way better on me than anything else. I kind of want a pair that has oversized lenses but really delicate thin brass frames. we’ll see.

  7. littleclassyrose Comment #7

    haha I really understand those problems with sunglasses. I have got the same! -.- It’s hard for me to find the right frame for my face also. The only one which I think suits me is the rayban wayfarer. 😀 But I really think those Olsen Twins ones are sooo… pretty!


  8. Trend Steps Comment #8

    Oh I love sunglasses! Can’t wait for your next post. I adore your hair!!

  9. Sheila Comment #9

    the sunnies are great and im excited to see your hair!

  10. Anonymous Comment #10

    oii! i want a sunglasses like you want , because my face is a litle bit fat and i cant find a perfect sunglasses for them! :(

  11. bybestyle Comment #11

    lovely photos! i follow your blog, follow my blog on


  12. em and liz Comment #12

    i’m DYINGGG for a thierry lasry pair – namely the ‘sexxxy’ or ‘hooky’ styles. the acetate he uses is gorgeous! i also love the new balenciaga oversize round edge frames in navy :)

    – emily

  13. Basilia Comment #13

    Yep, I’m the same! I tried on a few different pairs from Miu miu and Karen walker last night. Miu miu was no good on my face but I’m loving the KW Perfect Day and the Cat eye vintage. They have the perfect angular shape plus a good amount of olsens ‘oversized’ look.

    xoxo Baz from little lady love

  14. Xoxo ☺ Comment #14

    Right now the glasses I am liking are Tom Ford and Mar Jacobs one. Can’t wait to see your hair! xo

  15. Anonymous Comment #15

    I recommend you try out some Michael Kors or Tom Ford sunglasses.
    By the way, I’m currently obsessed with your blog!!.. Xo.

  16. Anonymous Comment #16

    I just have to say this-

    I thought in your last post you wrote that you wanted your hair lighter on your ends??? Just saying, as a stylist, it’s VERY annoying/frustrating when people say they want one thing, change their minds after you’ve spent your time, energy, product, and artistic skill and passion on them, and then don’t like it but expect YOU to fix it (for free!). Even when you were just giving them what they asked for! I was really hoping you weren’t one of those clients Jules! I hope you’re really, really nice to her for re-touching it for you and tip well! Give that girl some credit. *end rant* Sorry guys.

  17. the Rocket Fashionista Comment #17

    Love ALL of those sunnies!


  18. Lindsey N. Comment #18

    I love sunglasses-although I always buy cheap pairs because I break them way too often to spend a lot of money on them!

    The Bombshell Manifesto

  19. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #19

    Those are some really cute sunnies! I love the sparkly one :)

    <3 Sharmaine

  20. Brittany Matthews Comment #20

    omg those sunglasses are adorable! i want them all!

    Join my lovely GIVEAWAY!

  21. amalie Comment #21

    ohh i want new sunglasses too! cat-eye ones especially x

  22. SAMANTHA Comment #22

    wahhh love the glitter!!


  23. christine donee Comment #23

    I just bought some new ray bans… ahhh I love new sunglasses.

  24. Liz Quach Comment #24

    I want, I want, I WANNNTTT!!


  25. Diana Comment #25

    these sunnies are gorgeous! i love the sparkles :) looking forward to your beauty secrets and of course seeing your new hair!!!

    visit me and join my juicy couture giveaway!!



  26. his/her Comment #26

    I’ve had numerous numbers of sunnies in the past -all quite reasonably cheap brands such as Le Specs but I recently got a pair of Karen Walker (number ones) and they make such a difference. I definitely recommend Karen Walker. I was contemplating between them and the Deep freeze model. Also you should look up Graz sunglasses- their line with Ellery is amazing! xo

  27. Lainey Comment #27

    So gorgeous. I love the tortoise shell ones. So stunning.

  28. FashionFlirt Comment #28

    Those sunglasses are too cool :)


    xoxo Jasmin

  29. Travel Light Comment #29

    i loooove the red ones :)


    Travel Light

  30. Nomadic D. Comment #30
  31. Low Comment #31

    Love the glitter sunglasses!!!!


  32. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #32

    I just posted my picture of my new short haircut…my hair unfortunately took longer to ruin than to get cut off :)



  33. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #33

    oooh! nice glasses! like them


  34. Collections Comment #34

    ooo those sunglasses are gorgeous.

    Fashionable Collections

  35. thefashionguitar Comment #35


    XO Charlotte

  36. Wynn Comment #36

    I’d love to see a pair of cat sunnies on you. I think they’d be charming! xoxo


  37. David Diaz Comment #37

    I checked out the Miu Miu Sunglass collection before and I fell in love can’t wait to get a pair lol. Love ya! 😀

    Have a Good Day!



  38. moniquay Comment #38

    i have the same problem with sunglasses!

    i just purchased these retro

    DVF sunglasses but they may be similar to your aviators

    but i am loving House of Harlow’s sunglasses
    these are a pretty good Round sunglasses because they are also oversized! :)

    and i’m also loving these HoH jordana ones as a more fun oversized version of the tradition wayfayer

  39. Mallory Comment #39

    Putting my vote in for the Karen Walkers, they are too beautiful


  40. Anonymous Comment #40

    I would suggest you try Michael Kors or Tom Ford sunglasses.
    By the way, I am currently obsessed with your blog!!.. Xo.

  41. monique Comment #41

    Hey, thanks for informing me about Karen Walker, her stuff is so cool. BTW – i love you blog articles thanks for the review on the sunglasses

  42. Daphne Comment #42

    Can’t wait to see your hair love! About the glasses, I am lusting over a pair of Prada minimal baroque ones, they’re round ones but they’re beautifully ‘Olsen Oversized’ so they might work for you. Love these Miu Miu’s as well!!

    Good luck with the sunnies hunt 😀

    xxx Daphne

  43. Nicole Comment #43

    I love sunnies, but I think it is not easy to find the perfect ones!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  44. Not Just A Pretty Dress Comment #44

    My current obsessions are Celine and Oliver Goldsmith. Love them. Cannot wait to go to London to buy a pair of Manhattan. A couple of months ago I wrote a post about it, hope you’ll enjoy it: http://notjustaprettydress.blogspot.com/2011/06/and-i-also-celine.html

  45. Limitless Fashion Comment #45

    I’m dying for a rayban clubmaster!

    those miu miu’s are divine, love the tortoise<3


  46. Ninja Comment #46

    Love sunglasses. I don’t NEED any more, but I always want that extra pair. And those are gorgeous! :)
    You have such an impeccable sense of style.

    xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

  47. Irene's Closet Comment #47

    Love those sunnies! :)


  48. Nina Kobalia Comment #48

    Great Blog!

    Check out mine pls and read about my meeting with Roberto Cavalli, DsQuared and trip to Cannes :)
    Thank you for your support!


  49. Sarah Pugliese Comment #49

    I was just introduced to your blog… and I have fallen. hard. Your style is fabulous! Can’t wait to learn more about your hair/coloring, as I am in the market for a new-do… Looking forward to it!

  50. Carol Comment #50

    Last thursday I went to the hair stylist…. I took my i pad a showed him your picture. It looks very good !
    I think I’m not the only one who loves your hair color 😀

    I really like your blog!
    Take care,
    Carol ( http://www.femalelounge.com )

  51. Lio Comment #51

    i love all that sunglasses :)
    xx from France

  52. Lauren Comment #52

    I am obsessed with ILLESTEVA!


  53. 415 CityGirl Comment #53

    Fendi Spring or summer 2011 Sunglasses!!!