September 2011


VS Angel.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the Victoria Secret Tea Party with VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson to check out her new line of perfume and bras called Gorgeous’ . 
It was the prettiest tea party I’ve ever been to with an intimate group of 5 other bloggers and Lindsay;
 we chatted about fashion, blogging, her career as an Angel and her favorite things she loves doing. 
Had so much fun meeting her (soooooooooo sweet and down-to-earth) and snackin’ on the delicious
pastries! We then headed to the Grove to finish the evening shopping at the Victoria Secret store!
I picked up a few items that I had been meaning to get; never really realized what big of a difference a good bra can make. 
P.s Woke up feeling a little sick today, so hopefully I can get back into my groove tomorrow.


Wrist Bling.

Top to bottom bracelets: DIY, UO, Vintage, gift from Aimee , AE, F21, street vendor, Fossil, f21

ahh yeah, there it is. the wrist lookin’ all fancy. sigh.
one of my favorite things about accessorizing has to be to stackin’ up my wrist with all sorts of goodies.
 For the most part, this is how my wrist looks like on a regular basis; won’t ever turn down a good friendship bracelet with rhinestones for anything.

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off to the Victoria Secret event!