Romantic Ballerina

Perfect combination of sweet + tough; a good pair of studded converse makes all the difference.
Sneakers: DIY Converse | Skirt: Leyendecker c/o Dietch PR | tee: random 

Pranced around in this super gorgeous tulle skirt by LA based brand, Leyendecker! 
 Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew instantly I would pair it with some studded
 sneakers and a tee- ya know for a more fun, quirky look.

Halloween is around the corner and I have yet to decide what I’ll be dressing up as, any cool
ideas guys? Help me!

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  1. InForTheStyle Comment #1

    Ahhh! I am SO jeallous for your shoes! Great pictures!


  2. Sandra Comment #2

    You look like a modren princess :)

  3. Song Anh Comment #3

    That skirt is adorable! I love that you paired it with a tee and converses. Gives it a bit of a twist and something unexpected! As for halloween ideas, since you are showing images of you in a tulle skirt, all I can think of is ballerinas. I’ll have to get back to you on an idea :)

    Cup of Fashion

  4. Marloes Comment #4

    Ohh I LOVE the combination of the sneakers and the skirt. So different. Amazing!

  5. L'art Comment #5

    Love that skirt! Very gypsy and it’s cool how your DIY Converse look like.

  6. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #6

    Beautiful skirt doll, love how you styled it with the studded sneakers & a simple tee 😉

    XoXO-Kelli K

  7. Camilla Comment #7

    that skirt is so pretty

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  8. Kirsty Comment #8

    i love this, you look so cute! x x

  9. Nomadic D. Comment #9

    Yes! I love the chuckies with the tulle! Great combination, and probably the only way to wear that skirt around town during the day…


  10. Mode_de_rue Comment #10

    Love this look. It goes perfectly with the converse

  11. BeSugarandSpice Comment #11

    ES un look muy bonito.

  12. The Fancy Teacup Comment #12

    You look like a fairy tale in that darling tulle skirt! (And your studded converse are fab!)

    ♥, Jamie

  13. Cara Comment #13

    Gorgeous, always love the unexpected combos…that skirt is beautiful!
    xo Cara

  14. Gorete Sousa Comment #14

    Great Pics!!!



  15. Ballerina'sBun Comment #15

    chucks and a fancy skirt is such a cool combination ! love your look ! xx nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  16. Lindsay LeBoyer Comment #16

    i absolutely love the combo! very creative :)


  17. Plami Comment #17

    You look lovely!

    Check out my giveaway!


  18. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #18

    adorable. what a fun outfit! i like your styling :)



  19. fashion tree Comment #19

    oh how i loooove your outfit!


  20. cuteredbow Comment #20

    Lovely ! Love your skirt !


  21. Victoria Comment #21

    Love this combination. It reminds me those 80s films.




  22. sharon lei Comment #22

    Jules, only you could pull off such a fun look. 😉 So pretty, cute, sweet, playful, and quirky. LOVES IT ALL!!! 😀

    How are you, Jules? I’m sure you’ve been hella busy… hope you’re having fun!! Kisses from Maui.

    xx Love & Aloha

  23. DediLovesFashion Comment #23

    I love the black and white photos. =)

  24. Anna Comment #24

    haha, such a cute combination of Converse and your fluffy skirt =)


  25. Misha Comment #25

    I seriously have to stud myself some shoes now! Love the Converse!

  26. Monday to Friday Comment #26

    so original!!! i love your blog!

    xoxo from Spain!

  27. Catherine Comment #27

    Wow, that skirt is stunning. I agree, the converse add an unexpected edge to it. So lovely!

  28. Paulinha Comment #28

    Lovely look!!!

    Hey you are here… http://atouchofpepper.blogspot.com/

    my blog!!!


  29. K.M. Comment #29

    so cute …love the shoes ♥

  30. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #30

    You look amazing BOO! I love your skirt and your “Chucks” are sick! Kiah

  31. akiko Comment #31

    So lovely! I love you matched with studded shoes.. Oh and love your hair style.. So chic:) -akiko


  32. Arielle Noa Comment #32

    you are so gorgeous!!!! love the whole look, so chic, you can totally pull it off. love you x

  33. Cinja Comment #33

    soooo sweet! those photos are amazing

  34. marblava Comment #34

    Gorgeous!!!! I love the look!!


  35. Julie Comment #35

    Love this tomboy-girly look – the skirt is awesome!


  36. Erica Comment #36

    This is precious!!! Love it


  37. RAYNE Comment #37

    These are such cool photos, lovely outfit :)


  38. thefashionguitar Comment #38

    The sneakers DIY is insanely cool!!

    The skirt… what can I say, lovely. Perfect with the random tee and Converse

    XO Charlotte

  39. Carolyn Comment #39

    in love with tulle. i bought a tulle skirt recently from bcbg and am thinking of using that in a halloween costume too..

  40. internodiciotto Comment #40

    you look amazing, i loooove this studded sneakers with that skirt!

  41. weasel Comment #41

    I love how these sneakers look with this romantic skirt

  42. Julia Comment #42

    I LOVE that skirt! You so rocked it with the sneakers and T. Love it! I always have the hardest time deciding what do be for halloween lol

    xo Julia

  43. Mónica C. Welton Comment #43

    Love this! You’re truly amazing!


  44. snab_babyy Comment #44

    what i would give to have a skirt like that!
    you’ve inspired me to look for a pair of studded converse thank you! 😀


  45. cryskay Comment #45

    seriously, you can do no wrong! xx

  46. danni Comment #46

    love the contrast of the ruffles and the converse – oh and the black and white photography is perfection!

    xo danni


  47. jas Comment #47

    i love a good tutu. and it looks awesome paired with cons – very cool!


  48. Linka Comment #48

    That skirt is enchanting! I love it!

  49. kotsubu Comment #49

    It is very lovely to coordinate the skirt of tulle to the sneaker! !

  50. Diana Comment #50

    this outfit is awesome!! perfect to every detail — i wouldn’t change a thing :) xo


  51. Quetta' Comment #51

    Very nice as usual. Wish I could have fully saw the skirt:)
    You are truly beautiful and creative.

  52. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #52

    Totally obsessing over this outfit! Looks so pretty, so comfy, so adorable :) It might be one of my favs of yours!



  53. Sarah Comment #53

    You look gorgeous! What an amazing skirt, its so cool dressed down with the sneakers.

  54. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #54

    love the mixture of the frilly skirt and studded chucks!

    x A


  55. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #55

    love the mix of the frilly skirt and studded chucks!

    xx A


  56. Ms.S Comment #56

    you look like a rock-girly-princess


  57. CessOviedo Comment #57

    Like a little punk princess, Love the contrast! I’m going to be Penelope Cruz in her Pirate’s of the Caribbean role, you could be anything you want you are gorge!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  58. Neijah Lanae Comment #58

    Amazing outfit jules! Love the sneakers and that beautiful skirt!



  59. Ale. Comment #59

    It’s such an adorable look! The Converse definitely add a nice touch!


  60. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #60

    LOVE this look! pairing romantic pieces with converse is so much fun!


    Fashion Fractions

  61. Anonymous Comment #61

    You look fantastic!

  62. Cylia Comment #62


  63. Anonymous Comment #63

    You look fantastic!

  64. Borjana Comment #64

    The best I’ve seen in a while!The skirt is made in heaven!!And I adore how you styled it with studded converse!

  65. Nikki Comment #65

    Gorgeous skirt, and it goes so well with your shoes!:)

  66. Collections Comment #66

    ummm this outfit is AWESOME.

    Sam Edelman LEOPARD Giveaway

  67. adri-wasman Comment #67

    Loveit .

  68. Crónicas de mi armario Comment #68

    Great! I like the converse touch!


  69. nanooosh Comment #69

    Very cute ! love it all !



  70. HarrietG Comment #70

    love those shoes!!!!


  71. Isabel G. Comment #71

    I’m in love with the skirt!! It’s só cool cool the combination of the skirt with the converse shoes!


  72. Fashion Dynamite Comment #72

    I wish that someone would represent the Lanvin fall campaign for Halloween. My husband refuses to do this with me…boo!


  73. Lauren Comment #73

    I love the diy studded converse sneakers. Look great teamed with your skirt. Fab styling hun. Halloween is not too far away, my costume idea for you is pocahontas. You would look great! xx

  74. VANESSA Comment #74

    love the shoes and the skirt!!!!!

  75. Ashley Madekwe Comment #75

    This is gonna be my first american halloween! SO EXCITED!

    You look gorge! xo

  76. Leah Comment #76
  77. Coco Neutino Comment #77

    I think you’d make a great white/black swan for Halloween. That way you get to go ballerina and still look scary-sexy too. Fab blog. :) Coco x, tracesofmagic.blogspot.com

  78. MARGRETHE FL Comment #78

    I’m so in love with this outfit.

    Love from Norway.