Think Pink.

Dress: f21 | Boots: GAP | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Shades: MBMJ | Bracelets: vintage, ae, Jcrew 

This was my second day in NYC; I was on my way to a quick stop at a local deli in Soho for some lunch before I headed to an event.  It happened to be so hot this day that all you really wanted to wear was something really light because the humid hot weather was unbearable; hence this super light printed
dress- it was perfect. I picked up these booties earlier that day because I couldn’t bear to walk in my heels anymore so I made a quick stop at the gap and spotted these which were such a deal and oh-so-fly! Definitely will be in heavy rotation for the fall which by the way I’m so excited about, aren’t you?
Now that I’ve experienced my first nyfw,  I’ll definitely go a lot more prepared next time in regards to my 
footwear choices (like having an extra pair of flats in my bag is def a must), band-aid’s and other minor things. 
Anyway, will be posting regular outfits next week since my nyc outfit photos were super quick and not that many photos per outfit. That’s what happens when you’re in nyc, everything is just so fast paced.
see you on my next post!

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  1. Low Comment #1

    The booties are awesome! Super cool!
    And I love your outfit! So comfy & stylish!



  2. Paula Comment #2

    Love the dress, so beautiful ^^


  3. Queen.OnSet Comment #3

    love the print!! =)

  4. MeRuborizo ♥ Comment #4
  5. Tanii Comment #5

    This outfit looks super-cute!I’m in Love with dress!xx Tanja

  6. Plami Comment #6

    Your purse is so beautiful!



  7. Anjuli Ramos Busot Comment #7

    Great purchase! I’m dying for fall as well. It looks that you had a lot of fun at NY, it was amazing for me; the streetstyle, the shows, the events, the people, the shopping, what a great week!
    BTW that dress is gorgeous!

    I’m your new follower!

    ♥ from Garment Traveling

  8. cuteredbow Comment #8

    Love your bag and dress !


  9. DediLovesFashion Comment #9

    This is perfection. I totally love the dress.

  10. Sheila Comment #10

    i love it! can i steal your close please? congrats on the E! interview btw you looked stunning

  11. Gorete Sousa Comment #11



  12. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #12

    cute shoes & dress!


  13. out of order Comment #13

    you look fab, and I looove those boots!


  14. Carolina Bernardo Comment #14

    Nice outfit, but I particularly like the dress pattern =)

  15. Camille Beaudet Comment #15

    Great dress!!



  16. Eva Comment #16

    the shoes are amazing! Can’t wait for some outfit xoxo


  17. Blush and Flats Comment #17

    great look !

  18. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #18

    Beautiful purse!!!
    kisses Nana Steinbach from Brazil..


  19. london loves Comment #19

    Love that bag!

    London Last Night

  20. thefashionguitar Comment #20

    Ohhh I LOVE the boots! I’m going to GAP, that’s for sure!

    XO Charlotte

  21. Nikki Comment #21

    love your boots and bag! x

  22. Anna Comment #22

    no way, i can’t believe that is a F21 dress… that store really can surprise me!!! you look fabulous! you manage to pull of short boots better than anyone i’ve ever seen!!


  23. Mila Comment #23

    I think I am in love with this simple outfit!

  24. Krissy ~ Comment #24

    lovelyy dress!
    Krissy xoxo

  25. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #25

    Those shoes are great. I’ve just moved to NYC and am having the same foot trouble/pain :)



  26. Gina Michele Comment #26

    Love those boots! Comfortable shoes are a NYC must!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  27. Diana Comment #27

    love this dress and LOVE these boots!!! i can’t believe they’re gap — so perfect :) thank you for visiting my blog!! i’m so happy you stopped by :) hope you’ll visit again soon xo


  28. panna e caffè Comment #28

    nice dress beauty, and these ankle boots are just amazing!! I think that having an extra pair of flats on your bag (in my car for me) is a must and not only in case of FW! 😉

    xoxo from france

  29. Camilla Comment #29

    i love the boots <3

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  30. eleni Comment #30

    love this dress!


  31. Carolyn Comment #31

    the light pink on the boots is a cute touch. gap surprises me a lot with how cute some of their pieces are!

  32. Natasha Comment #32

    Those shoes look absolutely delicious.

  33. weasel Comment #33

    Incredible boots

  34. Tina Comment #34

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months (but have been too shy to comment) and I have to say you find the best things from Forever 21! Love the dress, the bracelet stack, and most of all your hair.


  35. Cathy Comment #35

    LOVE that dress! The boots are GREAT too!

  36. The Gloria Record Comment #36

    Youre so cute! Love the dress

  37. toopoorforcouture Comment #37

    really liking the print on the dress!


  38. toopoorforcouture Comment #38

    really lovin the print on the dress!


  39. jas Comment #39

    great shoes! love the colours on your dress


  40. Vanessa Comment #40

    Those boots look super comfy. Can’t believe you found them at the GAP.

  41. SAMANTHA Comment #41

    Amazing boots and I love your tunic!!!


  42. kristina@beancakes ★ Comment #42

    that dress is fab!!
    xx ~ ks

  43. Nikki Comment #43

    Gorgeous outfit!! and those booties are amazing!:)

  44. introspektion Comment #44

    i just love your hair!
    what’s the secret about the colour? :)

  45. Nicole Comment #45

    great boots!

  46. Jenny Ong Comment #46

    My feet were killing me! I made sure to bring bandaids + flats… nevverrr gonna forget them lol

  47. Emmi Comment #47

    lovely dress!

  48. miikax3 Comment #48

    amazing dress <3


  49. K.M. Comment #49

    such a nice outfit love it ♥

  50. Rosa Pel Comment #50

    i love your style!

  51. Lockey and Cami Comment #51

    Bandaid brand blister stick to prevent blisters is a must! And if all else fails the bandaid brand blister specific bandaids are a lifesaver! I’m addicted! PS love your blog and definitely love NYC!

  52. medine amory. Comment #52

    The boots are a great find! They look really comfortable, too. And you look lovely. :)

  53. Naina Comment #53

    Love the print of the dress! And yes, the first thing about wandering New York are flats. One and only rule


  54. Michelle Lee Comment #54

    your style is always so inspirational to me and it means a lot now that you are also my blog’s follower
    thanks a lot it means a lot to me!
    let me know if you visit Korea sometimes! :)


  55. Nathalie Comment #55

    adorable bag. and such a wonderful outfit.!
    perfect colorpalette.!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  56. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #56

    Wow! That dress is so pretty 😀
    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  57. Flashes of Style Comment #57

    Loveee it, Jules! Especially those delicious boots :)




  58. madzia Comment #58

    great bag:)

  59. Ballerina'sBun Comment #59

    You look so pretty ! Love the boots <3 xx nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  60. Lucy Laucht Comment #60

    Flats in the bag are a NYC MUST! love these boots lady x

  61. tooshka babe Comment #61

    a total boho chic, and looks comfy too :)

    i love your half-highlights-in-the-hair thingy..



  62. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #62

    Love the dress and the boots are amazing :)

    Fashion Fractions

  63. Natalie Suarez Comment #63

    gorgeous!! love it :)



  64. Ariel Comment #64

    Love the shoes I’ve never really paid attention to gap for shoes but those are actually cute!! you look great btw love!!

  65. She Wears, She Shares Comment #65

    Love the print Jules!

    I finally scored that spiky bracelet at F21. Thanks for the tip!



  66. fashion tree Comment #66

    Jules, you always look amazing!

    Love your outfit!


  67. Mélanie Comment #67

    Ce blog est toujours aussi intéressant! Les photos et les looks sont superbes!
    (pour les amoureuses de vintage : http://fripesketchup.wordpress.com/)

  68. Ms.Fashionista Comment #68

    Most gorgeous shoes ever! The whole outfit is lovely.



  69. Aga Comment #69

    Love your bag!!!!!

  70. vasso Comment #70

    nice boots and cute dress!!the neon yellow bracelet where u get it???


  71. India Comment #71

    you look amazing!

  72. Cristiana Nunes Comment #72

    Love the black bag with the colourful pattern!

  73. stylemailbox Comment #73

    those booties are super cute! nice outfit chica :-)

    follow me at


  74. FashionFlirt Comment #74

    wow this dress is stunning! x


  75. Cmnestares_92 Comment #75

    I really love the dress, that color definitely goes perfect with you!

  76. Alina Comment #76

    cute! and love the bag and boots :)

    again, love that you mix highs and lows and make it all look great!


  77. Rocío Comment #77

    Love the look! The shoes are amazing! I follow you :)

  78. Bailey Hospodor Comment #78

    Amazing colors, love the bag!


  79. Nastassja Comment #79

    Gorgeous! You, and the shoes!


  80. Vani Comment #80

    I looooove the boots! Just perfect!


  81. lesremarquables Comment #81

    obsessed with those boots!!! heading over to gap.com as we speak! you look beautiful love!

  82. Sandra Comment #82

    raaaarw, those boots!!! Stunning, Jules, as allways :)

    Visit my blog – http://kurmanoraktai.blogspot.com/

  83. nicola lynde. Comment #83

    Those gap booties are to-die and I bet they’re super comfy to-boot. Oh the pun…

  84. Ksu Comment #84

    Ohh, love these boots!!!! Gotta check them out :)

    Greetings from NYC

  85. Novi Comment #85

    thanks for your lovely comment!
    I like the shoes. I want it one if I can


  86. ttrujillo Comment #86

    Those boots are from the Gap! What a great find. Love the colors too.