Neon Bright.

Jacket: Martin + Osa | Sweatshirt: GAP | Sequin shorts: gifted Hallelu | Heels: Jil Sander | Bracelets: Top: from mexico, vintage and F21
I can definitely go from wearing basics to throwing on my fancy sequins shorts to freshen up my
mood + look for a whole new day.
You just have to do that sometimes, you know? Keeps things interesting…
and I love me some interesting.

Countdown for halloween continues and I have yet to decided what I’ll be…

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  1. Laiqah Comment #1

    And you’re so gorgeous!

  2. milana2078 Comment #2

    Neon and glitter – 2 acute fashion trends together! Brava! Fantastically bold and stunning union! Pastel-colored jacket balances this explosive mix! Beauty!

  3. Anonymous Comment #3

    Omg!! Wow! You look so amazing & pretty! From your hair, to ur makeup and your whole outfit! These shots are by far my favorite of yours!!! I want to copy this whole look! More please! Your biggest fan, Nicole P. Xo

  4. Kristel Louisa Comment #4

    You look so fresh and gorgeous in yellow! Stunning outfit. You look really amazing.

    en la moda

  5. Maria Abajo Comment #5

    Just: Wow, amazing…

  6. Jackie Comment #6

    WOW You look so stunning in these, I might have to get me some sequin shorts now cause they just look so good on you :)

    Have a good week Jules!


  7. Sheryl Comment #7

    This is by far my fav look!! I love your hair in this post. Gosh…You look stunning!!

    I am doing a Jeffrey Campbell giveaway on my blog and I’d love for you to enter.


  8. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #8

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  9. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #9

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  10. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #10

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  11. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #11

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  12. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #12

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  13. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #13

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  14. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #14

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  15. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #15

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  16. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #16

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  17. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #17

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  18. Raspberry & Rouge Comment #18

    AMAZING short! LOOOOOOVE it!! XO Rebecca

  19. kaye Comment #19

    Wow, this outfit is stunning. The yellow and sequins is lovely :)

  20. cuteredbow Comment #20

    Love your shorts, neon top and shoes !!! Beautiful !

  21. A TRENDY LIFE Comment #21

    Love your shorts! You look georgeous!

  22. Kiki Comment #22

    You look amazing! Love your style!


  23. Eva Comment #23

    I love these photos! The sequin shorts are amazing. Looking beautiful, girl xoxo

  24. Paula Comment #24

    Over the top! the sequin shorts j’adore!^^

  25. Cori Comment #25

    Love the pop of color :)

  26. Miss Molly Comment #26

    absolutely wild about this look! you pull it off amazingly!

  27. marblava Comment #27

    I like very much this mix!

  28. Francesca Comment #28

    love your outfit! 😀 and you extra pretty in those pictures 😀

  29. Kim Comment #29

    You are so gorgeous woman! And you also wear beaauutiful clothes :)

  30. Hipy bags Comment #30

    I like this outfit!!! so pretty!!!

  31. The Fancy Teacup Comment #31

    The fluorescent yellow with the dazzling shorts is such a super pretty look on you, Jules! x

  32. Rachelle from The Blue Room Comment #32

    AMAZING – love this look so much. Is perfect with your relaxed hair and soft make-up. Lovely as usual!

  33. Audrey Comment #33

    Love this combination! very stylish!


  34. Casla Twins Comment #34

    stunning!! nice colours and good combination :)

  35. Penny Pincher Fashion Comment #35

    I love how your hair is styled here – you look so beautiful! And that jacket is perfect…how I miss Martin + Osa!

  36. heavenrain Comment #36

    Jules, what’s on your nails? Btw, favourite post so far, you rock, you really do…

  37. sammi burley (chase.dakota) Comment #37

    you should be chun li from street fighter!!

  38. Comment #38

    You look dressed up but casual cool. And those shoes are amazing. My creativity is running low for Halloween as well…


  39. Shanelé Comment #40

    Looovee this. The color combo..The sequin shorts…those bracelets! All great!


  40. Jazzy E (hivenn) Comment #41

    Love the sequins! x hivenn

  41. Natalie Suarez Comment #42

    you look beautiful! LOVE IT xx


  42. I'm Mel Comment #43

    hottie! i dig your shorts. xx

  43. Melody Comment #44

    Looveee those shorts!!

  44. Marina y Brais Comment #45

    I lovit.

  45. Collections Comment #46

    You look gorgeous. Love the sequins with the neon and those bracelets are great.

    Shabby Apple Giveaway

  46. Kelly Rae Comment #47

    Love Love Love those shoes!

  47. Meaghan Mae Comment #48

    Your shoes are freakin’ awesomely amazing!!! Cute look!
    Check out my latest post and reference to your blog and fabulous hair. :)

  48. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #49

    Adore the look! Totally love the sequin shorts! x

  49. *fashioncrasher Comment #50

    love the bright yellow sweatshirt! xoxo

  50. stilettolover91 Comment #51

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! Love the whole look!!!!!

  51. Justalazymorning Comment #52

    Super gorgeous!

  52. Makena Comment #53

    I am in love with those shirts! They look so fun yet comfortable! Beautiful outfit and photos. You’re gorgeous!

  53. K.M. Comment #54

    you look like whitney port ♥
    love esp. the secound picture and of course your outfit..these shoes are amazing ♥

  54. CessOviedo Comment #55

    Stunning! These pictures came out perfect, they are magazine ad material, love the loud shirt and sequins!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  55. Germaine Comment #56

    Love this! It’s so effortless!

  56. Cara Comment #57

    absolutely stunning combination, love the neon with the sparkles and then the camel coat to calm the whole look down-you look gorgeous in these shots!
    xo Cara

  57. Ashley Comment #58

    Those shoes are absolute perfection!

  58. delia Comment #59
  59. Queen.OnSet Comment #60

    i love the shorts. could also be worn for partying . nice :)

  60. shoppingtosaving Comment #61

    Jules – you look amazing!!!! I love it all esp your hair.

  61. Frannie Pantz Comment #62

    Jules, I seriously read your blog everyday and I love your style, but this might be one of my faves. Seriously. I love the neon and the sequins. And I love that you added a neutral jacket to ground it out. Well done!

  62. Marloes Comment #63

    Your hair looks so beautiful! Love the bright top on you. Such an awesome color.

  63. RAYNE Comment #64

    Beautiful bracelets! Love this look.



    Love your every post! <3

  65. Camilla Comment #66

    I just cant get over how lovely the shoes are :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  66. little baunilha Comment #67

    beautiful! *-*

  67. Danielle Comment #68

    I love the outfit, it looks amazing on you! I also think your hair and eye brows look great!

  68. Noora Katariina Comment #69

    Love your outfit <3 How can someone even have so many amazingly beautiful shoes?

  69. Jenny Ong Comment #70

    How is it that you have bangs one post and then none the next?? Teach me your ways :)

  70. Ida Comment #71
  71. Raspberry Jam Comment #72
  72. Julie Khuu Comment #73

    Hello GORGEOUS!!! Sexy, sultry, confident…you’re friggin’ killin’ it today Jules! Love the departure from the full bangs…shows off that flawless visage you lucky duck ;D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  73. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #74

    you did your hair differently this time. still beautiful but i loved the bangs on you. really cute outfit btw! i love the pop of neon.


  74. ÇıtıPıtı-Fashion Comment #75

    Love these shorts!
    Great Blog :-)
    xoxo Helin

  75. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #76

    Beautiful Look!! Loved!!!

  76. internodiciotto Comment #77

    Love all that colors together!

  77. heylila Comment #78

    oooh lovely! I love the combination of neon yellow and sequin! really stylish!



  78. Christina Comment #79

    The second and last photo is … I mean. I’m speechless. Everytime I click my way into your blog, I’m blown away. You are the most stunning woman/girl I’ve ever seen.

  79. Matilda Svensson Comment #80

    wow these pictures are really pretty!

  80. La Petite Olga Comment #81

    Love the neon t-shirt paired with the sequins!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  81. Anonymous Comment #82

    you’re perfect! greetings from Poland:)

  82. thefashionguitar Comment #83

    Very pretty and love the bracelet-stack!

    XO Charlotte

  83. David Diaz Comment #84

    Your photos are beautiful! 😀

    Have a Good Day!


  84. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #85

    wow Jules! Your hair looks amazing here :)


    Fashion Fractions

  85. Jennifer Comment #86

    ohh i love those shoes so much x

  86. Citrusandorange Comment #87

    Oh Jules………. ❤

  87. Rosie Comment #88

    your hair and skin look amazing in these pics!!! I could kick myself for not buying that gap neon top!

  88. VANESSA Comment #89

    You are so cute in this post, i like it!!!! beautiful skirt and shoes!!!!

  89. amalie Comment #90

    you are so pretty!! hurts my eyes. jeez. xx

  90. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #91

    chic layering! fabulous heels!


  91. Anonymous Comment #92

    You have some of the most amazing style sense :) Annnd you are absolutely gorgeous.. Don’t get me wrong, but you look SOOO much prettier with your bangs out of your face!


  92. EL ELLZ Comment #93


  93. Angie Comment #94

    Oh my you look so gorgeous!! Definitely I love your style. In the second picture you look like Rumi Neely haha

  94. Anonymous Comment #95

    i can’t get over how beautiful you look in these photos. your hair looks just as gorgeous with your bangs styled to the side. amazingg.

  95. Ashleigh Nicole Comment #96

    So gorgeous you are!

    xo Ashleigh

  96. grace Comment #97

    i love the color of the sweater! and you look especially lovely in these photos :)


  97. briannelee Comment #98

    I love the sequin shorts and how you paired them with the bright top!

  98. Sandra D. Comment #99

    This is so great! I love how you paired the sequined shorts with the bright yellow top! You look gorgeous!

    Sandra D.

  99. Jas Comment #100

    awesome shoes and shorts!

  100. leyla. Comment #101

    you look so different with the side swept bangs, but equally adorable! gap is one of my favorite places to shop. love all the basics, but every now and then they come out with some unexpected pieces.

  101. Hannah Comment #102

    Such a fantastic outfit that you pull off wonderfully. Love the sequins!


  102. stylish with a budget Comment #103

    this look is lovely!!

  103. Ale. Comment #104

    It’s such a great look! Love the shorts, heels, bracelets, everything!

    That hairstyle also suits you perfectly, I figured you looked a bit different but wasn’t sure on what it was exactly!


  104. Vanessa Comment #105

    Great pictures. xoxo

  105. feiy Comment #106

    loving your new hair style, the legs, the skin, the style… you’re gorgeous and I just love being your fan!

  106. Anonymous Comment #107

    You look amazing!

  107. Color Standards Comment #108

    great yellow top!

  108. Anonymous Comment #109

    I like these pictures! You look really gorgeous here! :)

  109. Fabrizio Lombardo Comment #110

    you are beautiful! :) good blog!
    visit my lifestyle blog!

  110. Diana Chow Comment #111

    Love the bright yellow + black sequin combo! And your hair looks so amazing in that last photo.

  111. Moni Comment #112
  112. l'blog c'est moi Comment #113

    your best pics ever. u look so damn sexy girl!

  113. Imogen Chloe Comment #114

    absolutely stunning, this could be out of a magazine! I love the combo of the bright neon with the charcoal dark sequins, works perfectly!
    Imogen x

  114. Ginger Tea Comment #115

    Love your skin! Awesome pics!

  115. Valeria Comment #116


  116. Resty Comment #117

    Love the combo.The yellow and the sequin;)

  117. Chelsea @ Maritime Shopaholic Comment #118

    I’m not sure if I could pull off a neon yellow, but it looks great with your skin tone! When I spotted those sequin shorts, I thought those were an excellent constrasting choice to the khaki jacket!

  118. Ashley Murphy Comment #119

    Those shoes are amazing, the cut out is too perfect. Also loving how you mixed neon with sequins {one of my personal fave}. Your style is great, effortless chic.


  119. Derrar Comment #120

    i LOVE this neon jumper really amazing color for this season xxxxx

  120. moded'amour Comment #121


  121. Rocío Comment #122

    Amazing look! So beutiful :)

  122. Judith Anna Comment #123

    You rock this look!! I love the yellow and the bling and the heels and the eyeliner and and and…
    Follow back? Bisou Anna from Amsterdam

  123. grace h Comment #124

    love this look


  124. dred Comment #125

    love the pop of color on this one!

  125. eloiselabetise Comment #126

    Stunning outfit and photos! Your short, your jacket and your shoes are all absoutely amazing! xxx

  126. Nikki Comment #127

    my goodness, those glitter shorts! x

  127. Qué Acierto! Comment #128

    what amazing and lovely outfit. I love the rocky touch

  128. GiaFanatic! Comment #129

    Love your style! I have this pair of sequins short for a long time, but only wore it when I go out at night. You showed me that it can also be great during the day time. Nice!

  129. Kristina Comment #130

    I love the yellow and black together.
    Slow Strut, Rouge Lips – Not Just a Fashion Blog

  130. velvet avenue Comment #131

    ok, now, how should I say this …


  131. Jules Comment #132

    You look absolutely gorgeous in these shots. I love those sequins shorts so much. This outfit is right up my alley!

    Shoes and Jules

  132. Despina A Comment #133

    Amazing style.your hair like this are perfect!loved ur shoes!

  133. Cindy Comment #134

    You look like a movie star in these photos. I love how unique and amazing this outfit is!


  134. Place Trends Comment #135

    Love your look!!! and bracelets 😉

    xx alex

  135. Maria Comment #136

    awesome outfit! love the combination of neon with sequins and that sweater is to die for ♥

  136. Helen Comment #137

    Jules you are beautiful, but wihout bangs!! take off, your face is great!! ( and the make up to die for) Beijos from Brasil!!!