Skirt: BCBG | Shirt: Barney’s CO-OP | Jacket: from random shop | Boots: Tila March Paris

Producer/Journalist: Bri Beverly
Photography: 217

Surreal night last night. Spent the evening in a super beautiful & intimate dinner
 at Kelly Wearstler’s ammmmmaaaaazinnnngg home for the launch of 
her ready-to-wear collection. 
No biggie right? :)
One of my dreams has been fullfilled.
Will be sharing a few pics soon!

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  1. L'art Comment #1

    Lucky you to attend such event!

  2. Diane Comment #2

    you look so cute in this! i LOVE that skirt. great color.

  3. briannelee Comment #3

    So cute! Love this look.

  4. BrooklynBlonde Comment #4

    seriously? can you look anymore adorable? no…

  5. Camilla Comment #5

    lucky! and your jacket is so sweet girl

  6. Nikki Comment #6

    Beautiful look! x

  7. SparksandFireworks Comment #7

    You look so cute in that Jacket!!
    xoxo Jess

  8. Julie Khuu Comment #8

    Wahhhhhhhh sooooo jelly! Since interning for her years ago I’ve been DYING to scope out the new joint…can’t wait to see pix Jules! You look so scholastic chic in this ensemble honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. India Comment #9

    great look! Love it!

  10. Karoline Kalvø Comment #10

    LOVE IT. You’re the first I’ve seen to pull of a jacket like that. Now I want one too. BAAADLY. You look divine.

    Karoline Kalvo

  11. Sofia Comment #11

    fabulous love your boots and the skirt…looks like an isabel marant editorial!

  12. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #12

    LOOOOOOOVE it! you look super cute!


    Fashion Fractions

  13. marcella Comment #13

    aaaw, that’s lovely outfit

  14. cuteredbow Comment #14

    Nice baseball jacket and lovely pink skirt !


  15. kathi Comment #15

    I LOVE IT!

  16. thefashionguitar Comment #16

    Cute look with the baseball jacket!

    XO Charlotte

  17. CessOviedo Comment #17

    How exciting! adore the high school look!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  18. Krissy ~ Comment #18

    AMAZING plated skirt!
    Krissy xoxo

  19. Satin And Salt Comment #19

    You were in Kelly Wearstler’s home??? Looking at jewelry??? Ahh so jealous! what was the food like? What did her home look like?

    In other news, I love your outfit once again. I don’t think I ever dislike your styling. Great work.


  20. libby Comment #20

    gorgeous skirt! i love!


  21. Rebecca Comment #21

    Lovely skirt!

  22. Lali Comment #22

    So beautiful.

  23. Kirsten Comment #23

    Oh lovely skirt, lovely outfit and the most amazing pictures. Love it. And hope you had fun on that event!

  24. Maria Comment #24

    this one is really cute ! :)


  25. Jedwabna. Comment #25
  26. Anonymous Comment #26

    Hey Jules,

    The Cardigan from you post chunky Love LOOKS SO GOOD :)


    xo Sophie

  27. pink horrorshow Comment #27

    That’s a great varsity jacket, I’ve been obsessed with them this season!

  28. Marloes Comment #28

    This jacket looks so cool on you! Can’t wait for the photos of the event :)

  29. eleni Comment #29

    beautiful pics :) xx


  30. Nomadic D. Comment #30

    So cute! Like a grown-up modern-day cheerleader.


  31. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #31
  32. Anonymous Comment #32

    Super cute! I would have never thought to put that jacket with a skirt but it works! A+

  33. Peaches Comment #33

    Loving your skirt!

  34. Natalie Suarez Comment #34

    you’re so ADORBS! xx


  35. Eva Comment #35

    Such a wonderful look, doll! Love your boots xoxo


  36. Paula Comment #36

    I love the entire outfit, chic and glamurous but ready to go ^^

  37. Jocelyn Garrity Comment #37

    Absolutely adorable way to rock the Varsity jacket!! Love the red skirt:)

  38. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #38

    Sounds awesome! 😀 I love your outfit!

  39. sowmy Comment #39

    love the college jacket

    xoxo sowmy

  40. VANESSA Comment #40

    I don’t know how toy do it, but i always love your shoes!!!! Great look!!!!


  41. Cara Comment #41

    Love this jacket paired with the girly red skirt, perfect combo!
    Can’t believe you got to have a dinner at Kelly Wearstler’s, she is one of my all-time faves…looking forward to the photos!
    xo Cara

  42. Carolyn Comment #42

    was never so sure about the letterman jacket coming back but you make it look so cute!

  43. Camii Palta Comment #43

    I like varsity jackets
    you look cool!
    love your skirt!

  44. Nathalie Comment #44

    You look fabulous!
    I adore the combination of the color-poppin’ red skirt and the cool collegue jacket.

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  45. Francesca Felix Comment #45

    adorable!! I am totally lusting over your skirt

  46. AMELIA ALVAREZ Comment #46

    Sounds like a fun event. Looking forward to the pics!


  47. NICOLA Comment #47

    hey Jules! I just did a blog post about you! please check it out!

  48. eloiselabetise Comment #48

    Gorgeous outfit! Your skirt and your jacket are amazing! xxx


  49. Ksu Comment #49

    Happy for you :) Looking good as usual :)

  50. Carmen Comment #50

    So cute, especially with the skirt!

    Carmen Ri.

  51. RAYNE Comment #51
  52. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #52

    Sounds like fun! Love this outfit, it is so all american and fun :)

  53. Steffys Pros and Cons Comment #53

    such a great jacket and i love the pleated skirt!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  54. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #54

    omigosh i’m so jealous you got to go to kelly wearstler’s event! was it as awesome as i’m picturing it in my mind?

    side note: that outfit is so cute! love the varsity jacket and colors. and the boots are amazing



  55. Clara Turbay Comment #55

    i like so much what you post. feel free to check out mine and follow me if you really like.


  56. Katie Comment #56

    ahh i love this look!

    instead of an elephant

  57. Lindy Maddox Comment #57

    you look absolutely AMAZING! I love everything about this outfit!

  58. jas Comment #58

    cute! love the colour of that skirt

  59. stylish with a budget Comment #59

    the jacket looks very nice on you.
    usually jacket like that are too boxy but yours is very slim fit. great buy.

  60. Jen S. Comment #60

    What an amazing opportunity!!!!! Can’t wait to see the pics..


  61. Sophie Loloi Comment #61
  62. Vanessa Comment #62

    I like how you paired the Varsity jacket with the pleated skirt. Very preppy, but Not really. Good look. xoxo

  63. Laura @ ascotfriday Comment #63

    i die. what an amazing experience. can’t wait to see your pictures.

  64. Vida Comment #64

    Wow these pics are amazing, and you are so lucky!

  65. decimal shoes Comment #65

    love the jacket 😀
    I definitely will following you if you follow me 😀
    Decimal Shoes

  66. il était une fois... Comment #66

    that jacket is bangin’! you look super adorbs babe! i want me one!
    ps. SO jel of you LA ladies all y’all tweets were killing me last night…the night looked and sounded beyond amaze! xxx


  67. Victoria Comment #67

    This outfit is so cute! I love your throwback varsity jacket. So creative that you paired it with a pleaded skirt.

    Killer shoes too.



  68. Julia Comment #68

    wow! so amazing :) Jules, you look absolutely beautiful in these pics! I love that skirt

    xo Julia

  69. Lu ♥ Comment #69

    Love your skirt!

    Lu ♥

  70. freed mode Comment #70

    love you vest and this skirt good color you are beautiful.

  71. Anonymous Comment #71

    You look great!

  72. Anonymous Comment #72


  73. Spanglish Chic Comment #73

    Love the jacket!

  74. la tiquismiquis Comment #74

    lucky girl! living in califormia means sun sun sun. i am already getting cold :)))

    la tiquismiquis

  75. augustalolita Comment #75

    you look so beautiful!! love the last photo <3

  76. Crónicas de mi armario Comment #76

    Jules, your looks are always amazing!


  77. Clochet Comment #77

    Congrats!! you’re so lucky…can’t wait to see the pics.
    xx, Clochet.


  78. Libelle Comment #78

    you look so lovely on this pictures :)
    you were there with aimee, right? 😉


  79. Tanya WALL officiel Comment #79

    Great blog , love your style , so pretty and very cute !

  80. hello, Friday Comment #80

    AWww! Sounds so much fun! Post some photos, please. xoxo


  81. Jessie Comment #81

    love this look! love the skirt…need to get me one!


  82. Misha Comment #82

    Yes but where are the pictures from this amazing evening?

  83. Christing Comment #83

    sounds like such an amazing dinner!! love the varsity jacket… really need to get one!


  84. Vicki Comment #84

    ooh cant wait to see photos!! :) xx

  85. CHAXIRAXI Comment #85

    La falda es preciosa y me gusta que la hayas combinado en plan informar con esa chaqueta. Me gusta mucho el look para el día a día. Besotes guapa.

  86. Joy Comment #86

    Fantastic boots :)

  87. Collections Comment #87

    Omg this outfit is AMAZING. Love those boots.

    Belt Giveaway

  88. kristina@beancakes ★ Comment #88

    such a cute look ~ you can totally pull it off!!

  89. little baunilha Comment #89

    So beautiful*-* I love your outfit

  90. Sarah Comment #90

    Congratulations that is pretty amazing =) You look amazing in this skirt. I love how you dressed it down with the jacket.

  91. The.Red.See Comment #91

    Great look! Love your skirt, the color is amazing.

  92. ASH Comment #92

    so amazing. your skin is so perfect.

  93. Borjana Comment #93

    The best today!Amazing how the jacket gave a twist to that gorgeous skirt!Saving to my inspiration folder!

  94. Mia Rivel Comment #94

    I love that skirt


  95. J. Choudhury Comment #95

    I hope I can be glad to see my dreams a reality. You are amazingly creative and being able to finally meet the one you always looked up makes it surreal. I love your pleated skirt and boots.


    J.Choudhury x

  96. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #96

    Cutie patootie!



  97. Camille Beaudet Comment #97

    love this look.



  98. Jay Comment #98

    This is too cute! love it :)


  99. Sandra Comment #99

    You look very girly and cute!!

    Enter my first jewelry giveaway ever!! :)

  100. Shoes We Want Comment #100

    Ahhh LOVE the jacket! I’ve been searching for a varsity jacket. Where is this ‘random shop’? Really like the white sleeves. So cute.

    xx – SWW

  101. fashion tree Comment #101

    oh jules, how i love your outfit!
    got an varsity pullover last week..have to buy an colourful skirt now :)

    check out my blog!


  102. Diana Chow Comment #102

    This is the perfect combination of sporty and girly :) I just picked up a navy blue and mustard yellow varsity jacket yesterday at Target… still thinking of how I should style it!


  103. Goguma Comment #103

    This look is obscenely hot..


  104. bucketoflove Comment #104

    your hair looks great!!! i love your skirt…super cute :)

  105. bucketoflove Comment #105

    your hair looks great!! i think your skirt is way cute :)

  106. Kristel Louisa Comment #106

    Totally love your varsity jacket. AWESOME.

    en la moda


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  108. the actor's diet Comment #108

    i’m so not a sports person but i love sports clothes!

  109. Melina-Lajolie Comment #109

    hey lovely :)
    cute outfit, love your skirt – you have a great sense of style :)
    would you like to follow each other ?
    melina from melina-lajolie.bogspot.com

  110. Jas Comment #110

    came across your blog today and absolutely love your look!


  111. Cristiana Nunes Comment #111

    I love it, really inspiring!

  112. Ria Comment #112

    So crazy cool. Love the jacket as well.