in between gaps.

V-neck + Skirt: Gap | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag: c/o Pour la Victoire | Glasses: c/o Warby Parker ‘Thatcher’ (prescription)
My new Warby Parker glasses came in last week and was extremely excited to finally have
prescription glasses that were cool enough to wear the whole day and not just when I’m driving or 
watching tv/movies. I was a little disappointed when the eye doctor requested that I wear
my glasses everyday, all day otherwise my eyesight will get worse! Like really? 
So per his request, I’ve been wearing them everyday, all day. It feels a bit weird and I’m still trying to 
get used to it but I love my new specs that I don’t think I’ll mind from now on…
so just a heads up, I might be wearing glasses on my posts from now on (depending how I feel
of course).
Happy Wednesday!
Ps. I have zumba class tonight and I highly recommend it for anyone that doesn’t like to exercise but
likes to dance to take this class!You get the best of both! It’s such a workout!

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  1. welcome to my jungle Comment #1

    wow – i do LOVE every single piece of your outfit. So unique! And you look extremely pretty with your glasses!!

    – Dani

    welcome to my jungle

  2. Charlie, Feminine Bravery Comment #2

    Beautiful yet simple and sexy outfit! The glasses look great on you! :)

  3. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #3

    I LOVE your glasses :) The whole outfit is super cute and I’m so glad you recommended Zumba to all of your readers! Such a fun and hard workout!


    Fashion Fractions

  4. Lady Nuria Comment #4

    So Lady!
    i love it!

  5. Phie Buechek Comment #5

    You are so beautiful!!

  6. Flapjack Melody Comment #6

    The glasses really suit you – they look amazing..!

    Love the colours you’re wearing too. That red is divine.



  7. d. Comment #7

    I love this!
    Especially shoes and bag!


  8. BlondeMuse Comment #8

    cute sweater

  9. fashion-it Comment #9

    Those heels are amazing!


  10. Belinda Comment #10

    Love love love
    Check out youngmuse.me

  11. Violet Comment #11

    you will get used to the wearing them all the time. They will soon became a part of your personality trust me. i have mine and i feel weird without them look. you look lovely in them by the way.

    i like this mix of colors in your outfit. they dont exactly go but they make sense at the same time lol

  12. Vicky Fernández Comment #12

    Glasses look great on you!!! And how do you get that a basic t-shirt looks so great? It’s like magic for me!


  13. la tiquismiquis Comment #13

    why are u complaining? the glasses look wonderful! :))))

    la tiquismiquis

  14. MONI Comment #14

    love ur wedges!!!



  15. jennifer young Comment #15

    That shirt looks phenomenal on you, Jules! Love the new specs too! :)

  16. ACC Comment #16

    Gorgeous, and great choice of frames. I love the touch of interest that these glasses add to such a sweet and feminine outfit. Def. inspired to update my glasses and take them out more often!


  17. Noush Comment #17

    I love the top, the color is amazing !!! Great look :)

  18. Kika★ Comment #18

    You look very nice with your glasses:)!
    see my blog:http://followingmyownstar.blogspot.com/

  19. Dora Comment #19

    Just awesome!!


  20. Reptilia Comment #20

    That glasses look perfect on you!
    Love your look, your shoes are amazing!



  21. raQuel* Comment #21

    muy bonita =D

  22. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #22

    Absolutely stunning!! XO Rebecca


  23. Ash Louise Comment #23

    Um… could you get any pretty!? Seriously!

  24. panna e caffè Comment #24

    hot!!! this outfit is hot babe!

    xoxo from france

  25. Fashion Infatuation Comment #25

    Hi :)
    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m having a GIVEAWAY on my blog, which you can find here:
    I would love it if you entered it!
    Maria from Fashion Infatuation

  26. pipa Comment #26

    Wow,perfect outfit!

  27. Jenny Cindy Comment #27

    This is so pretty. Love the simple elegance yet the red makes this outfit a total show stopper. Saved in my inspiration folder ;).

  28. ~Jeimy~ Comment #28

    these colors look great on you I love this look



  29. Carolina Costas Comment #29

    The glasses looks great on you :) Lovely outfit and beautiful bag!!!



  30. Zorian Comment #30

    Beautiful lighting in the photos. Love the glasses.

  31. Vicki Comment #31

    yay embrace your fab new glasses! i wear my glasses all the time and love them! have a few pairs to mix it up a bit. they are a great accessory! :) x

  32. Aga Comment #32

    Love your bag!

  33. Sheree Comment #33

    Awesome outfit and I love the specs!
    I have to go to your zumba class ’cause when I went I hardly broke a sweat! It is fun though.

  34. Annie Comment #34

    Love the glasses…I just got my Warby Parkers a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing them either :) They look great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  35. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #35

    These picutres are adorable! Especially the first one is wonderful, you really rock the glasses and the business outfit!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  36. Coralie Comment #36

    Totally love this outfit! Your t shirt and your heels are wonderful and i love the bag! :)


  37. Cinja Comment #37

    omg you look so amazing, business chic and still fashion forward.love!

  38. Look of Style Comment #38

    Great outfit!!!

  39. itsmesassi Comment #39
  40. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #40

    Love the Warby folks :)



  41. Steffys Pros and Cons Comment #41

    i love the bag and shoes!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  42. Ballerina'sBun Comment #42

    Wow you look amazing :) love those elegant styles ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  43. Nomadic D. Comment #43

    Your new glasses are super cute! I usually wear contacts, but recently got myself soe new glasses too, and it’s so fun to be ble to wear them and still feel like I look good! Also love your v-neck, kind of cnt believe it’s from the gap!


  44. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #44

    LOVE your new glasses doll, you look so chic! That bag is making me drool….

    XoXO-Kelli K

  45. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #45

    adore the bag! love multi-tones!


  46. Anonymous Comment #46

    The glasses look great!

  47. Hélène Comment #47

    Crazy bag ! Love it ! <3

  48. thefashionguitar Comment #48

    Such a gorgeous bag!

    XO Charlotte

  49. Marina y Brais Comment #49

    OH :O you are very elegant and vey beautiful.

  50. Martyna. Comment #50

    Soo good outfit <3

  51. Pinky Hinojosa Photography Comment #51

    Absolutely LOVE those prescription glasses. Need to get myself a pair 8)

  52. Rebecca - A Daily Something Comment #52

    Love the color combo…And your shoes are fantastic. Sometimes I wish I had to wear glasses; they look so fun!

  53. Laurie Comment #53

    I just bought that same sweater from the gap! Love the outfit!


  54. RAYNE Comment #54

    Love your glasses! & on the Zumba thing, totally agree–I have it for Wii and it is suuch a workout! When you’re done you really feel the same soreness as you would lifting weights.


  55. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #55

    Your new glasses look great!

  56. Jay Comment #56

    simple and chic :)


  57. Bog-Bog Comment #57

    Love the colour of the shirt!

  58. jas Comment #58

    i like the glasses on you! and lovveee the bag


  59. Katy @ Sugar and Chiffon Comment #59

    I love this outfit! The bag is very unique, and the orange v-neck keeps the whole outfit very fresh. And the glasses look great!

  60.  Ms. Allee Comment #60

    Absolutely love this outfit doll!*
    Love the pop of color and your bag is amazing!*
    Your glasses look fabulous!*


  61. Mayra Comment #61


  62. CessOviedo Comment #62

    You look so cute with your glasses! I have to wear them all the time too, and they sometimes make it to the blog, love those wedges!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  63. the actor's diet Comment #63

    love the glasses (and shoes!)

  64. Ksu Comment #64

    How amazing you look! One of my fav bloggers! xx K

  65. Monica Comment #65

    Love this outfit and especially the new glasses. Don’t worry about having to wear them more often. I think this happens to all of us who run sites or blogs. You look fabulous with or without specs!!

  66. Satin And Salt Comment #66

    Your doctor is right… your eyesight will get so bad! I wish I would have worn mine more often I cant see at all now without glasses and if I want to drive I have to wear contacts! However, you are reminding me to get new frames and perhaps some more stylish ones at that!


  67. April Comment #67

    love the glasses! They look great on you! I’d want to wear them everyday!:)


  68. cronicasdemiarmario Comment #68

    Very nice blouse!

  69. Kelsea S. Comment #69

    You have a great outfit! I’ve been wearing glasses for a long time. I gotta say yours are very stylish!

  70. Leanna Comment #70


  71. Anonymous Comment #71

    I love this outfit. It’s classicaly chic without trying to over-accessorize it. The glasses and pendant accent everything wonderfully with a touch of pizazz with the bracelet. I love the simplistic nature of this but it’s so effortless. You could have taken so much time to over analyze this outfit, but it’s just so adorbs! And you’re always stunning in everything you put together. Gooohrgeous!!! :)

  72. ginswardrobe Comment #72

    I love those sandals!!! The color is such a weird color but matches with everything!! Nice glasses

  73. xJOLE Comment #73

    The colour of your shirt really makes your skin glow!


  74. Camilla Comment #74

    Those glasses look beautiful on you Jules! and the orange is so stunning

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  75. Anonymous Comment #75

    hi, when you tag your items with “c/o” do you mean that they were given to you gratis?

  76. Carolyn Comment #76

    you look cute in your glasses!

  77. Zia Glance Comment #77

    love the outfit! you look gorgeous in this orange-red colour!

  78. Sia Comment #78

    I love this outfit, I wish it was warm enough in the UK for us to wear skirts without tights, lol XOXO

  79. Nikki Comment #79

    So beautiful! x

  80. Vanessa Comment #80

    Your glasses are hot and I love this outfit.

  81. Kay Comment #81

    Love your t-shirt!! Next post in your Zumba outfit?! :-) I always find it so hard to find a nice fashionably sport outfit, so some inspiration of a true fashionista would be great! 😉 X

  82. Leah Comment #82

    Loving the specs on you! The sweater is perfect for you as well.

    xo L.

  83. Esther Comment #83

    I would love to look like this right now, if it wasn’t so darn cold. Great style as always!

    Esther xxox


  84. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #84

    love this look! and that bag!! to die for! you look amazing.

    love kelly


  85. Vasilieva Comment #85

    that sweater is stunning, loving the wedges too and the way everything works together so nicely


  86. Hannah Comment #86

    loving the nerd chic look on you!


  87. Dawn Comment #87

    Super beautiful and so chic. I love the color of your shirt with the grey shoes. I never thought of that color combo before. I’ll have to try it myself one day. Gorgeous pictures.


  88. briannelee Comment #88

    I love the color of that top. Looks great on you!

  89. Ivy Comment #89

    What a cute and simple outfit. Love the glasses on you!


  90. leyla. Comment #90

    oh, i’m wearing warby parker as well and couldn’t be more happy and excited that i’ve finally found the perfect glasses! love yours too and the pop of orange looks lovely on you!

  91. Ms.Amide Comment #91

    love this look. so simple yet so classic.


  92. Florence and Alexander Comment #92

    I love this outfit! Love the punchy orange :)



  93. Tonya Comment #93

    You are just so pretty! I love the bright orange top especially with all of the black and neutral accessories, so chic. Great look as always :)


  94. SADBBLOG Comment #94

    Jules, you are stupid pretty! (I mean that in a good way!) Love this outfit, very chic!


  95. Colleen / Inspired to Share Comment #95

    omg those heels are amazing!!

  96. Stanique Comment #96

    I love this look! especially the bag!

    Practically Coffee

  97. Matina Comment #97

    the glasses look awesome on you! you seriously have the best style. the colours in your outfit is great, and i love the shoes as well. xx


  98. Kelly Comment #98

    love this pop of color!

  99. Anonymous Comment #99

    What’s the name of your heels? They look like the Grettta ones but they aren’t those.

  100. Layidua Comment #100

    I love those glasses! I think it is a wonderful company.

  101. PITA Comment #101

    This is effortlessly chic, love it :)


  102. K.M. Comment #102

    love all of your shoes ♥

  103. Chloeee Comment #103

    Tweed trenchcoat, I would love to play with it!!

    Chloe H

  104. Monica Comment #104

    The glasses look good on you, I don’t think I could pull of such thick rimmed glasses. Those Steve Madden heels are to die for.


  105. Imogen Chloe Comment #105

    IN love with this outfit, it’s pure perfection!
    Imogen x


  106. Emy Comment #106

    I completely know what you mean!! I finally got a nice pair as well that now I don’t mind wearing them at all. I still have to get used to outfitposts with them though, you’re pulling it off nicely!! I absolutely love your style, you come up weekly on my inspiration posts. I’d love it if you checked it out.
    Much love from Holland!


  107. Anh Comment #107

    Love this – so beautiful! <3

  108. Liesbeth (candyandtreats) Comment #108

    You look gorgeous as usual! I think glasses suit you well, wouldn’t mind wearing them myself :)

  109. Mona Sultan Comment #109

    I Love this RED! And this BAG! And those SHOES!

  110. FancyIcon Comment #110

    tshirt and shoes!!!!im totally in love…i wanted to find that kind of colour of shirt and now i know where to look :)


  111. nuria@elegantgownsny Comment #111

    The glasses look really sexy and chic on you.
    I also love the orange blouse against the grey wall, beautiful and very artistic. The shoes are to die for, you can wear them with almost anything.

  112. yvo Comment #112

    i love youyr outfit!

  113. Tori Comment #113

    Gorgeous! What a cool bag!


  114. Tammy Trujillo Comment #114

    L.O.V.E those glasses. I need some new ones and Im going to see if I can somehow order those to get my prescription in. Awesome. xo

  115. Anonymous Comment #115

    wear the glasses everyday, they look good on you :), the shoes are nice 2

  116. takeachicpill Comment #116

    love the bag and heels! and don’t worry, the glasses look awesome on you!:)


  117. seekingstyleblog Comment #117

    You look great in your new glasses! You won’t even realize you have them on after a while.

  118. Miss Sare Jae Comment #118

    Wow…i Love everything about this post! The slouchy sweater, the knee length pencil, and those SHOES!!! I want this and i want to be your friend so i can borrow it 😉
    Sarah Jacobs


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  120. Dani Comment #120

    This is such an old post, but I JUST came across it, and I am totally in love with those Steve Madden shoes. I realize they aren’t in stores anymore, but I’m hoping to find them SOMEWHERE, lost on the web. :) Could you please tell me what the name of them is? Thank you so much!

  121. UGGS On Sale Comment #121

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