November 2011



Wanted to wish you all a lovely Thanksgivin’ day.
Thank you for your continued love/support for my blog,
means the world.

p.s Look!! I’m SMILING and SHOWING teeth… 
This photo is for the few of you that kept leaving me comments regarding why 
I don’t smile in my photos. 
No crooked teeth ‘anonymous’, so stop the wondering!


Refinery29 + Neiman Marcus.

 shopping the shoe department and swooning over the Loub’s.
 Trying out pretty lipstick colors at the cosmetic department before I finally decide on the perfect bordeaux lip shade!
Was totally diggin’ this Stella McCartney clutch- perfect for my chic-grungy looks!
 Photos via Refinery29 by Justin Coit

I teamed up with Refinery29 in Los Angeles a few weeks back for a fun shopping date at
Neiman Marcus. Not only was it exciting to shop for some of my must-have items on my wishlist but 
it was also exciting because they now accept Visa + Mastercard– ooooooooh yes! 
(My wallet will definitely kill me for it though, oh well!)
Definitely the perfect shopping date, for sure.
 Check out the rest of the feature + photos at Refinery29, HERE.
Big thanks to Kate Mulling + Taylor Barringer from Refinery29 +
photographer Justin Coit for such an amazing shoot!