Refinery29 + Neiman Marcus.

 shopping the shoe department and swooning over the Loub’s.
 Trying out pretty lipstick colors at the cosmetic department before I finally decide on the perfect bordeaux lip shade!
Was totally diggin’ this Stella McCartney clutch- perfect for my chic-grungy looks!
 Photos via Refinery29 by Justin Coit

I teamed up with Refinery29 in Los Angeles a few weeks back for a fun shopping date at
Neiman Marcus. Not only was it exciting to shop for some of my must-have items on my wishlist but 
it was also exciting because they now accept Visa + Mastercard– ooooooooh yes! 
(My wallet will definitely kill me for it though, oh well!)
Definitely the perfect shopping date, for sure.
 Check out the rest of the feature + photos at Refinery29, HERE.
Big thanks to Kate Mulling + Taylor Barringer from Refinery29 +
photographer Justin Coit for such an amazing shoot!

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  1. Ballerina'sBun Comment #1

    I love the stella mccartney clutch ! So beautiful ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  2. Anonymous Comment #2

    How come you NEVER show your teeth when you smile? Do you have crooked teeth? Just show them! True smiles make for a genuine person.

  3. welcome to my jungle Comment #3

    Wow – you look so pretty!

    – Dani


  4. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #4

    sounds like a fun shopping date :) awesome photos and amazing clutch!


    Fashion Fractions

  5. la tiquismiquis Comment #5

    looks like a lot of fun, jules! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  6. Marloes Comment #6

    Love the second pic! And the clutch is stunning.

  7. Miss Molly Comment #7
  8. SAMANTHA Comment #8

    looks like a fabulous time! I love your hairrr.


  9. Vicky Fernández Comment #9

    I love the bordeaux suede pumps!!! They’re amazing!!! Is it possible to buy online???


  10. V. Comment #10

    Great photos and totally agree with Refinery29 article about you :)


  11. Vasilieva Comment #11

    gorgeous photos, loved that clutch and the shoes are amazing


  12. Calista Comment #12

    I love the pics.. you are so gorgeous! xoxo

  13. Marina y Brais Comment #13

    I love this shoes♥

  14. Grace Comment #14

    That lipstick is the perfect shade for you! And the news about Visa + Mastercard is definitely dangerous haha

    Grace x
    i’d rather buy shoes…

  15. Carolina Costas Comment #15

    Great pics, the clutch is beautiful :)



  16. Melissa Comment #16

    gorgeous as always.
    that clutch is killer.
    love reading your blog everyday!

    Mel x

  17. Anonymous Comment #17

    Great shoes!

  18.  Ms. Allee Comment #18

    LOVE the clutch doll!*


  19. Nathalie Comment #19

    oh wow!
    that looks like paradise 😀


    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  20. Lady Nuria Comment #20

    very beautiful in these pics!
    love the clucht

  21. Lindsey Doolittle Comment #21

    I’m obsessed with that Stella McCartney clutch!!! You look gorgeous, as always.


  22. Smashinbeauty Makeup Blog Comment #22

    What amazing pics. 😀
    Smashinbeauty Makeup Blog

  23. mimi Comment #23

    oooooo look at those shoes. it’s like a drug addict in a crack store. amazing!
    mademoiselle mimi

  24. Camille Beaudet Comment #24

    great lip color



  25. Marzena Comment #25

    This photos are amazing ! Really , you’re so pretty !
    Following you !!


  26. Nikki Comment #26

    Sounds like you had an exciting day/night! I love that stella clutch :) you must save up for it! x

  27. Devon Rachel Comment #27

    Love the bag! Looks like you had a blast! Gorgeous as always.

    Xo, Devon

  28. April Lyn Comment #28

    I love the Stella Mcartney clutch, so amazingly perfect! That shade of red looks great!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  29. Camilla Comment #29

    I love the outfit in the first photo. All black, very chic. You have a great sense of style. So good to see your posts.

    I have a brazilian blog. Stop by sometime.


  30. Ashley Comment #30

    Beautiful photos, I had a chance to see them on Refinery29 too! I really like the color of your lip shade too.


  31. thefashionguitar Comment #31

    Nice clutch!

    XO Charlotte

  32. briannelee Comment #32

    So fun. Love that clutch!

  33. Peonie Comment #33

    What a lucky opportunity! :) That lipstick is gorgeous on you!

  34. Marina Peral Comment #34


  35. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #35

    congrats! beautiful picks!


  36. Ms.Fashionista Comment #36

    Love the pics! Seems like such a fun occasion.



  37. Cinja Comment #37

    cute shots! love the one with the lipstick haha

  38. İzmir İstanbul Arası Comment #38
  39. DESIGNBOOK Comment #39
  40. Mariana Comment #40

    What’s the lip color you are wearing? It’s lovely!

  41. xJOLE Comment #41

    Love the tweed look of the Stella McCartney bag!


  42. A Nerdy New Yorker Comment #42

    Looove the clutch and great pics! ^^

  43. Fashion to Go Comment #43

    Look at all those shoes! Love that clutch :) Looks very versatile.

  44. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #44

    fun! love that red lipstick on you!

    love kelly


  45. Nana Steinbach Comment #45

    Beautiful Lipstick!!!
    kisses Nana from Brazil..


  46. Shannon Comment #46

    What a fun day of shopping. The Stella McCartney bag is gorgeous!


  47. Victoria Comment #47

    geez, how are you so adorable! Your blog makes me want to call you for a shopping date!

    xoxo Victoria

  48. MeganRose. Comment #48

    yes, thats why we love you 😉 hehe amazing work, love! you are seriously on fire!

  49. DESIGNBOOK Comment #49
  50. federica R. Comment #50
  51. Christin Comment #51

    nice accessories

  52. Daisy Comment #52
  53. Resty Comment #53

    You look divine in the pictures;)

    Check out my blog people!


  54. Trapiello Comment #54

    I love the clutch!!!

  55. Ria Comment #55

    I’m so excited that they accept Visa + Mastercard now. You look beautiful as usual and I love that clutch.

  56. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #56

    That shade of lipstick is to die for! Can you let us in on the secret of who it is and what color it is? :)



  57. Lilla and Gii Comment #57
  58. Ann Almeron Comment #58

    you are love. i super love your blog!