Starbucks Run.

Dress: H&M | Jacket: c/o Volcom | Shoes: Keds | Clutch: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Fossil
A quick run to Starbucks on a gloomy day always seems to brighten up my day since I get cold easily.
 My vanilla latte with whip cream always does the trick of keeping me warm, plus for some
reason it’s such a “cool accessory” to be carrying around with your clutch.
ps. love wearing sneakers on days where heels seem dreadful, especially ones without shoe laces!
Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Maitou Comment #1

    Beautiful pics & I love the clutch ! XOXO

  2. sharon lei Comment #2

    I’d have to agree.. starbuck cups = cool accessory. :) Fab as always, Jules. Muah!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Carolina Costas Comment #3

    Love the outfit, so casual and cute!Love Starbucks too jajjaaja


  4. Plami Comment #4

    You look gorgeous!


  5. Ally Comment #5

    mmmm…. love your wrist swag!! And love the midi length dress with the sneakers!

  6. Te Vistes Luego Existes Comment #6

    I love your dress and of course the clutch!!



  7. Gogo Garantzioti Comment #7

    i love looove this outfit!

  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    Love the muted colors, that jacket is amazing!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  9. welcome to my jungle Comment #9

    Beautiful pictures as always! Need a parka like yours!


  10. Nathalie Comment #10

    oh my gosh.
    Even with sneakers you look stunning! xx

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  11. federica R. Comment #11
  12. Jennifer Comment #12

    haha starbucks, the best accessory! love the length of that dress. x

  13. Satin And Salt Comment #13

    You are making my crave coffee. I think I bike ride to the nearest cafe will do, too bad my “boking clothes” arent nearly as cute as your “coffee clothes”


  14. Comment #14

    You look stunning! And the shoes make the outfit. Love it.


  15. Joy. // Comment #15

    That cup of Starbuck coffee looks so perfect with your outfit! What a match!

  16. ACC Comment #16

    I love everything about this outfit, especially that dress – comfy but decidedly not frumpy, and versatile! Def. agree with you on the Starbucks happiness factor too, as much as I sometimes hate to admit it.

  17. Camille Beaudet Comment #17

    loving these shots


  18. marblava Comment #18

    Amazing!! Love the outfit!

  19. Ksu Comment #19

    So chic and effortless! xx

  20. Natalie Suarez Comment #20

    SUPER CUTE!! love it :)


  21. Shannon Comment #21

    Such a chic, casual outfit. Love your blog!

  22. Queen.OnSet Comment #22

    LOVE the first picture!! & vanilla latte is also my fav. *_* it doesn´t get any better than that!

  23. Anonymous Comment #23

    Give a green tea frappuccino a try, whenever it’s not too cold. It always refreshes and invigorates me! Ps: Love your simple yet chic outfit!

  24. Styleclouds Comment #24

    You look fantastic! I love your jacket! xo, Christina

  25. ginswardrobe Comment #25

    I love the jacket!! and that fossil watch!! I hope the days get better!! Please follow me at

  26. Habiba. J Comment #26

    Thanks so much for commenting on my post Jules. You don’t know how much that means to me that you liked my blog. I also love the idea of using starbucks latte as an accessory, it just looks chic for some reason.

  27. patrycja2407 Comment #27

    perfect connection, I love it!
    Dress + sneakers <3

  28. Isabel G. Comment #28

    One more time, perfect! I love your accessories!


  29. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #29

    casually chic! love it!


  30. SAMANTHA Comment #30

    love the sneakers and your watch!

  31. charity @ c'est la belle vie Comment #31

    the purple sneakers are the perfect touch of color to your outfit! I love a peppermint latte with whipped cream, so yummy. xoxo

  32. La Tienda de Isabel Comment #32

    ¡¡Genial ese look desenfadado!!
    Besos desde Estella.

  33. miss vintage vixen. Comment #33

    I love your jacket (and its color)! Your Keds are so cute!

  34. ~Jeimy~ Comment #34

    gorgeous honey great look loving all the accesories



  35. xJOLE Comment #35

    Love the midi dress with flats! Not sure how tall you are, but you can certainly pull it off!

  36. jas Comment #36
  37. Mayra Comment #37


  38. tiffles Comment #38

    Really like the laid back feel of this outfit. Some days heels arent that appealing so I completely get the sneaker urge.

  39. RAYNE Comment #39

    Love the smokey look of these photos.


  40. Angie Comment #40

    Love the casual look and feel of this. Craving some Starbucks now!


  41. ADJ Comment #41

    Ok, the dress is FANTASTIC! and the arm candy ain’t half bad…

  42. Anonymous Comment #42

    Did you get that dress from H&M recently? Been looking for a dress than length there forever!!! THANK YOU!!!

  43. kelly @ paper doll theory Comment #43

    these pictures are lovely! and starbucks coffee is almost always a go-to for me on days when im feeling not so lovely.

    p.s. digging the arm party :)

    love kelly
    click here to enter our giveaway!

  44. elspeth angharad Comment #44

    I love your dress, you look so lovely!

  45. Jay Comment #45

    Love this! :)

  46. The little world of fashion Comment #46

    Cool jacket!

  47. Christie Comment #47

    I’ve said it once and I will say it again, you have the BEST hair!!!!!!!! x

  48. Sofia Comment #48

    i adoreee your sneackers
    you are beautiful !

  49. Phie Buechek Comment #49

    I love that outfit.. Especially because it is without heels and still look great!

  50. TrousersShoesandSkirts Comment #50

    Oh I love th

  51. TrousersShoesandSkirts Comment #51

    Oh I love this look! Cool pics btw :)

  52. Bang and Buck Comment #52

    um, flawless!


    Bang & Buck

  53. Neijah Lanae Comment #53

    I’ve been wanted a dress like this for the longest! Looks so cozy and cute!


  54. Nastassja Comment #54

    Wow, the shoes are so unpredictable and fun!
    Casual chic!

  55. Vicky Fernández Comment #55



  56. Esther Comment #56

    Love this look, so simple yet well put together. I love your bracelets as well, I bet you’ve had them ages but if you have any clues as to where they are from/or similar I’d really appreciate it!


  57. Imogen Chloe Comment #57

    such a cute casual outfit, still with gorgeous accessories, you are soooo chic! Love it

    Imogen x

  58. Aqeelah Harron Comment #58

    obsessed with your watch!

  59. Resty Comment #59

    Gorgeous outfit;)

    Check out my blog people!


  60. Marzena Comment #60

    You’re so pretty ! I love this outfit !
    Incredibly good dress ! Follow you !
    Kisses xoxo

  61. K.M. Comment #61

    cute ♥

  62. Matina Comment #62

    i love the accessories, the jacket and the hair! you look so comfy and cute. xx

  63. CessOviedo Comment #63

    Whether is for starbucks or for an event you always look so fab!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  64. Annie Comment #64

    You look great…love the dress & sneaks. And Starbucks IS a great accessory :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  65. Daisy Comment #65

    love the casual cool look!

  66. Amuna Comment #66

    Beautiful jewelry :)

  67. thefashionguitar Comment #67

    Nice and comfy, not what we would expect to see on you, but it’s great!

    XO Charlotte

  68. Ella - dottoddot Comment #68

    I love that dress! Always handy with such casual rainy days.

  69. Nikki Comment #69

    I am in love with starbucks too! And anything with whipcream can make my day instantly better :) Great outfit! x

  70. Leah Comment #70

    Love the no laces burgundy shoes!

    xo L.

  71. animal-way Comment #71
  72. Isabel G. Comment #72

    Love everything about this look!


  73. Mónica C. Welton Comment #73
  74. janie Comment #74

    What’s the name of your fossil watch? i love it!

  75. janie Comment #75

    what’s the name of your fossil watch? i love it!

  76. Anna Comment #76

    love love love this look – love seeing you in casual, flats to make me realise you are indeed human! heehe! gorgeous combo of black and khaki, is that a recent H&M dress?

  77. janie Comment #77

    what’s the name of your fossil watch? i love it!

  78. janie Comment #78

    what’s the name of your fossil watch? i love it!

  79. Ivy Comment #79

    Great minds think alike. I too had a Starbucks run update Monday. I may have to try your drink sometime.


  80. Emilee Ryser Comment #80

    I love this comfy dress look

  81. vanillachic Comment #81

    love that dress! does it have sleeves? its such a great length and so uncommon.

  82. Oti Comment #82

    Jules…. Looove your style!!!!!! I am a big fan :) muy bonita!!

    I hope you follow me I am a new blogger, wish me luck :)

  83. Peonie Comment #83

    It amazes me how incredibly chic you look even when just grabbing coffee. <3

  84. conmibolsoacuestas Comment #84

    I love your pics and style! nice to meet you!

    big kiss

  85. pipa Comment #85

    You look fantastic…Beautiful dress.

  86. Allison Young Comment #86

    i love this outfit and your keds look so comfy.

  87. La Clé de Bilbao Comment #87

    i love starbucks and your style is perfect!!!

  88. Chelsea @ Maritime Shopaholic Comment #88

    I heart starbucks and I love your clutch too! It’s nice to see a cute, fully accessorized outfit with a pair of flats once and a while :)

  89. Melina-Lajolie Comment #89

    so pretty, love your personal style note!!
    go on like this :)

  90. compradora anonima Comment #90

    Great look, love your hair

  91. Anonymous Comment #91

    I do love how you look effortlessly beautiful in the simplest of outfits. if I was to wear that I would not look as cool! amazing. xxx

  92. seekingstyleblog Comment #92

    i love the length of that dress on you!

  93. Delmy Comment #93

    Looove this! Right up my alley. Keds look adorable on you.

  94. The Egg Comment #94

    you look adorable!! love the laid back look~

    xoxo the egg out west.

  95. Joana Sá Comment #95

    You’re absolutely gorgeous, love this outfit! Your shoes are so cool, LOVE follow you

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  96. Jenny Comment #96

    Love the outfit! :)

  97. Ansu Comment #97

    You look stunning!

  98. Meri Comment #98

    your hair is just amazing!


  99. Laura Comment #99

    great look, great photos! xx

  100. marina Comment #100

    love the jacket!! Awesome

  101. sev Comment #101

    i’m a big fan of this jacket +this dress, great combo !

  102. Miss Oh' Comment #102

    Understated awesome,
    love the length of your dress!


  103. Ria Comment #103

    I’d love that Volcom Jacket.

  104. Lola Comment #104

    So effortlessly cool…

  105. TarracoStyle Comment #105

    Hi, i like your dress, i would like knowing if this line´s dress is divided or what? Thanks a lot.