City Girl.

 Leather jacket: Asos | Skirt: Jenni Kayne | Button-Up blouse: H&M | Sneakers: Converse | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Watch: c/o Fossil
These sparkly converse have been my best purchase all month; seriously been wearing them almost everyday. They’re so trés chic! 
I’ve gotten a ton of emails regarding where you guys can purchase them, 
so you can find them here

ps- Also, check out my feature/interview with Teen Vogue, here! Thanks Casey!
Happy Monday, xo.

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  1. L'art Comment #1

    Beautiful combo! Love your unique bag and pop of bold color in this outfit :)

  2. Sara Comment #2

    your style is so effortless i love it! i love your outfit!


  3. VANESSA Comment #3

    Love the outfit because you made it so casual and chic at the same time with the sneakers!


  4. Alicia Comment #4

    You look gorgeous Jules!!

  5. Between Heels Comment #5
  6. pipa Comment #6

    Great jacket!

  7. ACC Comment #7

    Those kicks seriously are amazing. Your post is proof that they can be styled in such a smart, chic way! And I love the effect of that sheer blouse over the bright skirt – gorgeous.


  8. Miss Oh' Comment #8

    That first picture is amazing!
    A touch of neon is just never wrong 😉



  9. The little world of fashion Comment #9

    I love your perfecto Jules!

  10. Te Vistes Luego Existes Comment #10

    I relly love your look!!It´s very-very inspiring!! Congrats!!



  11. Promise Comment #11
  12. Noush Comment #12

    I love the skirt !
    Congratulations for your interview with Teen Vogue

  13. Angelika Comment #13

    omg! I love your hair! :)

  14. Sparks In Spring Comment #14

    The quilted detail on your jacket is love!

  15. The Fancy Teacup Comment #15

    Studs, sparkles, neon…so rocker chic. Love it!


  16. Cleome Comment #16

    Love the outfit and the bag is to die for. I love how you styled it down with those converse.


  17. Mary Comment #17

    You look just adorable!

  18. GiGi Reed Comment #18

    Gah, you look amazing (as always). I absolutely love this ensemble!


  19. Coralie Comment #19

    Waw, nice shirt and bag! :)


  20. Karen :) Comment #20

    I love your nails!!! what color is that? xoxo

  21. Sheree Comment #21

    This is outfit is sooooo awesome!

  22. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #22

    your hair is gorge, cool skirt
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  23. Bohemian Comment #23

    Love it!


  24. Aleen Comment #24

    That green is just divine.. and the sheer black over it is a killer! Love the outfit and the blog! New fan x

    Lousine Adelia

  25. Cinja Comment #25

    great outfit! loving your interview, too :)

  26. Tori Comment #26

    Super cute! I love how the see through blouse looks over the skirt, it really brings out the green color :)


  27. Honorata Comment #27

    Cool outfit and really interesting interview!


  28. Katya Comment #28

    love your legs♥

  29. cronicasdemiarmario Comment #29

    Love this mix of styles!

  30. kaye Comment #30

    I love how you have played with the neon under the sheer black. Original! What a nice idea xx


  31. Collections Comment #31

    Love this outfit that bag is awesome.

    Fashionable Collections

  32. briannelee Comment #32

    Amazing bag and jacket!

  33. Meaghan Mae Comment #33

    Love the mesh top with the pattern. It’s such a neat “surprise that it goes up on the sides and is not one length all the way around, definitely makes a statement.
    And yes, great shoes!

  34. Daisy Comment #34

    loving the contrast with the sheer black over the neon yellow :)

  35. Cara Comment #35

    More green, and I am loving it! The sheer top over the skirt is perfect-you look stunnig in the city!
    xo Cara

  36. Annachiara Savio Comment #36

    wooonderfull 😀 always 😀

  37. Under the Fluorescents Comment #37

    i love the bright green and yellow with your skin tone! so flattering! congrats on the teen vogue feature, you totally deserve it!!


  38. Diana Dol Comment #38

    love love love this outfit of yours.

  39. the funky fashionista Comment #39

    I love your sparkly Converse! I want them! I love that you can pair them with more dressy pieces of clothing put they still give off a casual vibe.


  40. FancyIcon Comment #40

    like always!!! all of ur outfit amazing!!!!!!aaa!!! we love ur style so much!!!

    ppllease visit http://www.fancyicon.blogspot.com it will be so nice of u :)

  41. fumz.x Comment #41

    i love your outfit , you have such a great sense of style xoxo

  42. Mayra Comment #42


  43. Karissa Comment #43

    Love the skirt and blouse! So cute as always.


  44. Catherine Comment #44

    I love the neon green with the black sheer overlay. Also, congrats on your Teen Vogue feature!

  45. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #45

    fun neon color! fabulous look!


  46. Esther Comment #46

    Love the bag!!

    Esther xx


  47. Nathalie Comment #47

    I would like to wear a skirt when I see those really nice pictures but it’s snowing here in Switzerland… :/

  48. Nora Comment #48
  49. Whitney Comment #49

    i love the collar of the sheer top! it goes really well with the jacket and i love that you paired it with comfortable tennis shoes.


  50. Blush and Flats Comment #50

    amazin look <3

  51. Monica Comment #51

    I need to get a pair of sparkly Converse sneakers. They’re gorgeous. I like the green on the outfit, it reminds me of Christmas!


  52. MEagainstheworld Comment #52

    Love your hair. I think I’m gonna copy you haha.

  53. Emily Comment #53

    Ok, I’ve never been a sneakers girl but these sparkly Converse might convert me….


  54. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #54

    That shirt is AMAZING! Have a lovely week! XO Rebecca


  55. angela.matina Comment #55

    beautiful outfit! and congrats on the teen vogue interview!! so awesome. xx


  56. Raissa Comment #56

    I really love it when there’s a look like this. The sparkly converse makes it so different yet cool and sponteneous. The whole upper part kind of calls for a skyhigh heels but i like that you ‘break’ it with the converse. Really really awesome.

    Also, the pop of color that the skit gives it’s really nice.

    Take care, dear!

  57. Look of Style Comment #57

    Great look:)

  58. danni Comment #58

    love the outfit – I so wish i could wear bare legs right now!

    xo danni


  59. SADBBLOG Comment #59

    Love that sheer black blouse! So pretty!! xo


  60. ATIVE Comment #60
  61. Justalazymorning Comment #61


  62. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #62

    Wow, what a wonderful look!
    Gorgeous color palette and the combination with simple sneekers makes it even more stunning! xx

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  63. SugarTeeth Comment #63

    Those nails! Do share!

  64. Ally Comment #64

    What a cool shirt! Love the pop of color with the ROCKING converse and leather jacket!

    The Glitterati invite you to come enter our giveaway :)

  65. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #65
  66. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #66
  67. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #67
  68. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #68
  69. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #69
  70. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #70
  71. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #71
  72. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #72
  73. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #73
  74. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #74
  75. Ivana & Anamarija Comment #75
  76. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #76

    This is an awesome look! I love the way the sheer top looks with your skirt.

  77. mybloodisburning Comment #77


  78. Lola Comment #78

    love everything about this

    Style by Lola Jaro

  79. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #79

    I love your hair. Did you do it yourself? What is your regimen?

  80. Alba Comment #80

    How can you always look so amazing? :)


  81. Bespoke Biddie Comment #81

    what a lovely pop of color


  82. Sarah Comment #82

    LOVE the shoes. I need those in my life!


  83. Satin And Salt Comment #83

    I love this, you seriously look utterly sexy! And also like you aren’t even trying! Best combination right there.


    Love following you! Would love for you to check me out over here:


  84. InForTheStyle Comment #84
  85. Ms.Fashionista Comment #85

    You are so chic! LOVE the bag.



  86. marblava Comment #86

    I really love this jacket!! Gorgeous!!


  87. Camilla Comment #87

    that skirt is awesome

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  88. little moon lover Comment #88

    love the look!
    neon is the best color shade ever.. cool style!

  89. jas Comment #89
  90. char Comment #90

    i love how you rocked your converse! great outfit as always :)

  91. Sandra D. Comment #91


    Sandra D.

  92. RAYNE Comment #92

    Love how you dressed the skirt down w/ the sneakers! Cute.


  93. seekingstyleblog Comment #93

    You look great, as always! Sometimes, nothing beats a good pair of converse!


  94. Annissh Comment #94

    What a pretty blog. Give me your skirt 😛

    Kisses from Portugal


    With love,

  95. hannah Comment #95

    love this! this outfit combination is so rad! xx


  96. cryskay Comment #96

    the definition of casually chic! why didnt anyone think of glittered converses sooner?! glitter makes everything all the more fabulous. happy holidays jules! xx

  97. Sophia Elizabeth Comment #97

    Pure gorgeousness!


    Style by Sophia

  98. xJOLE Comment #98

    Love the high collar on the blouse.. very sexy in a subtle way.


  99. Kelly Comment #99

    jules…this outfit. simply. perfect.


  100. MyPersonalFind Comment #100

    hi Jules, love your style very chic sportive and not over the edge like many bloggers do.Happy to see that you always wear what u’ve got in different ways too. Love Love…

    hope you pass by my blog,cheers

  101. I'm Just Me Comment #101

    love the jacket & bag!! cute look!!
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  102. Alina Comment #102

    so pretty!

  103. Jules Comment #103

    The jacket and bag are superb!

  104. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #104

    Love how the sheer top makes the print on the skirt jump out like that! Too cool.



  105. Stephanie Comment #105

    absolutely in love with this look!

  106. Prêt-à-Penser Comment #106

    I ADORE your shirt! it’s beautiful great style


  107. Megan Joy Comment #107

    Stylish sneakers are a “must” for enjoying city life.

    tweet @_MeganJoy

  108. Vanessa Comment #108

    Cute bag and skirt.

  109. Novi Comment #109

    love it!

  110. Diana Comment #110

    i really love how the pattern on your skirt is enhanced with that sheer blouse — such a cool effect!!! you look gorgeous in this look and congrats on the feature :) xo


  111. Life's a shoe Comment #111

    your purse is so gorgeous

  112. mingxiao Comment #112

    what a nice look!!never thought the transparent shirt could wear like this! amazing.I gonna give a try!


  113. Ballerina'sBun Comment #113

    wow beautiful look and this skirt is amazing! really cool studded bag ! xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  114. Cortnie Elizabeth Comment #114

    Ok…so I was just introduced to your blog over at Sheryl’s Walk In Wonderland…and I must say that your style is pretty AMAZING. A new follower for sure :)


    Stop by some time!

  115. nunu Comment #115

    I absolutely love the leather jacket, very chic and stylish.


  116. HarrietG Comment #116

    love this style!!! :)


  117. Adrianna Traxler Comment #117

    Your like the only chick who can pull off converse sneakers with such an edgy chic look! i love it!

  118. B1 & B2 Comment #118

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  119. B1 & B2 Comment #119

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  120. B1 & B2 Comment #120

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  121. B1 & B2 Comment #121

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  122. B1 & B2 Comment #122

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  123. B1 & B2 Comment #123

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  124. B1 & B2 Comment #124

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  125. B1 & B2 Comment #125

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  126. B1 & B2 Comment #126

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  127. B1 & B2 Comment #127

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  128. B1 & B2 Comment #128

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The sneakers are amazing & the studs on the bag complete this outfit!

    Gorgeous xx

  129. prince puja Comment #129

    You work the sneaker/skirt combo so well, I love it!