Blouse: gifted Equipment (different color here) | Leather leggings: gifted Paige Denim | Sneakers: Converse | Clutch: Zara (similar here) 
Obsessed with these two pieces from Equipment + Paige Denim-
they’ve turned out to be quite versatile. 
Wore this out last week to do some Christmas shopping so I had to throw on
my sneakers for comfort…added the sparkly clutch at night for a late din.
I have some fun posts coming up in the next week or so! 
Long over due beauty post, StyleLooks post, Lucky 7 post, “Haul” post,
updated What’s in my bag and more!

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  1. Duke Nuke Emily Comment #1

    love that clutch! thanks for posting link to similar xx

    Moloko & Honey

  2. La Petite Olga Comment #2

    Gorgeous top and the clutch look perfect together!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  3. Megan Solla Comment #3

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! …as always but I really love this!! Happy holidays, doll! Looking forward to all those exciting posts!


  4. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #4

    LOVE this! the blouse is amazing and goes so well with the sneakers!


    Fashion Fractions

  5. HauteMangoGirl Comment #5

    so gorgeous :) the blouse is really a great piece!


  6. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #6

    those leggings with that top are a great combo!

  7. ATIVE Comment #7
  8. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #8

    fabulous casual look!


  9. Naina Comment #9

    That glitter clutch – heaven in a handbag. You look amazing!


  10. Charlene Gondo Comment #10

    i love those sneakers! unpredictable outfit combinations. I never thought to wear my sequin clutch with a pair of sneakers.
    i love your style as always! no wonder you are one of Teen Vogue’s most favourite Blogger.

    Summer Flounce

  11. Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) Comment #11

    love it! the clutch gives it just that extra touch

  12. Annie Comment #12

    Sicerely?You rock it!!!
    I love everything, just perfect perfect.


  13. Joy Comment #13

    I just love the whole look! from the shirt till the sneakers! I Would wear it too! :)

  14. thefavemoments Comment #14

    wow, amazing outfit!!! I love this blouse!!. Xx, Jana.

  15. Despina A Comment #15

    Love your blouse!!

  16. Honorata Comment #16

    Nice comfy outfit!


  17. Marta Merino Comment #17

    Me encanta el look!!!


  18. Bohemian Comment #18

    LOVE your blouse! x

  19. Zweiteiler Comment #19

    I love the blouse! You look great in it!


  20. Marzena Comment #20

    Perfect look ! Really love all of this things !
    But clutch is perfect !
    Big kiss <3


  21. GiGi Reed Comment #21

    Love that top. The colors and the stripes….PERFECTION!


  22. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #22

    That clutch is amazing! I just combine it with everything! XO Rebecca


  23. María Rubio Comment #23

    great outfit!!
    love the blouse 😉


  24. Kimberly Comment #24

    Love that shirt – I’ve been lusting over it since it came out! Nice pairing with the leather leggings, too :)


  25. Camilla Comment #25

    i love that top, and your camera takes such great shots in bad lighting!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  26. Francesca Comment #26

    i’m in love with your clutch!

  27. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #27

    Again, super gorgeous!!
    Love the striped shirt, what an awesome color combination! :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  28. leyla. Comment #28

    love this sporty-chic look and the colors of the equipment blouse are amazing!

  29. onbeauty Comment #29

    This clutch is gorgeous, I am gonna try to do it myself at home, cause is soooooo pretty… Omg, this outfit is practical and nice!!! I really like this whole outfit. What are ur plans for new years eve? Have a nice day! Xx

  30. Laura Comment #30

    Fantastic look! I love the blouse



  31. Collections Comment #31

    Love it. Equipment blouses are my favorite and I’m loving leather leggings as well.

    Fashionable Collections

  32. NegroGato Comment #32

    love your sneakers and leggings…so beautiful<3

  33. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #33

    Very cool outfit. Always love it when you throw the Converse in, you pull them off so well!



  34. thenauticalwheeler Comment #34

    Those leggings are awesome! Great outfit :) From Brooklyn with love ~jen

  35. Diana Comment #35

    i absolutely adore this! the sneakers + glittery clutch make everything perfect!! xo


  36. Carolina* Comment #36

    I really love your style :)

  37. hannah Comment #37

    obsessed with this outfit! i love equipment blouses & those pants are to die for!! xx


  38. SAMANTHA Comment #38

    Love how you downplayed the leather pants with a simple top and the sneakers – but still fabulous with your sequin clutch :) Love your blog!!


  39. ♥ lis ♥ Comment #39

    nice outfit
    loving the stripes

  40. federica R. Comment #40
  41. CessOviedo Comment #41

    That’s one cool shirt! Who’d have thought Converse and sequins could look this chic? love it!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  42. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #42

    love love love how you styled these leather leggings. i just purchased some and they are in the main rotation in my closet currently. thank you for the new inspiration

  43. Karissa Comment #43

    So cute, I love this look! Perfect mix of relaxed and glam.


  44. Kate Comment #44

    Gorgeous outfit! Lovelovelove the leather leggings!

  45. Leotie Lovely Comment #45

    I just adore your style, casual and dressy all at once! xx

  46. silvia in venice Comment #46

    nice outfit, the shirt is fantastic! I love your style and your blog


  47. Under the Fluorescents Comment #47

    i heart everything about this look! the colored stripes, glitter-ful clutch and liquid leggings


  48. Emma, Ella! Comment #48

    One of my favorite looks from you, totally cute and casual. Love the blouse!!! :)

    xo Emma

  49. cleo Comment #49

    amazing shirt…gorgeous!

  50. angela.matina Comment #50

    those pants are amazing! they would look good with so many things. excited for your new posts to come. x

  51. Caitlin Comment #51

    Equipment makes the best shirts. Love the pattern on this one!!


  52. celeste Comment #52

    SUPER cute top! it goes amazing with that clutch! this outfit is just so cool.


  53. LeiraZetroc Comment #53

    Ah…so fun and comfy looking 😉


  54. Annie Comment #54

    Love this look. The sparkly clutch and that blouse look really great with those shoes!

    The Other Side of Gray

  55. Mary Comment #55

    Awesome clutch!

  56. mode'n marie Comment #56

    Love your blouse !


  57. Katherine Colmenares Comment #57

    Hello. My name’s Katherine, I’m from Perú. I like it! Your blog is very nice! I want to do a post with your style, respect for copyright.

  58. Lisa Comment #58

    Love the glittery / sequins bag! The outfit is so cute, casual elegance!



  59. LoveE ♥ Comment #59

    I’ve been looking for that Zara clutch EVERYWHERE! Everyone in the blogosphere seems to have scooped one up – totally jealous! But you look great :)


  60. seekingstyleblog Comment #60
  61. snab_babyy Comment #61

    This is why I love you, I JUST bought some leather leggings but had no idea how to pair it up, now I have some inspiration! thankyou :)

  62. Julie Hardee Comment #62

    I love that you wear comfortable shoes. Thank you. :)

  63. Nora Comment #63
  64. Ms.Fashionista Comment #64

    Ah so pretty! That top is so cute and the color is really lovely on you.



  65. Laura Comment #65

    love, love,love!!

  66. Ria Michelle Comment #66

    I love how this shirt looks like a tee.

  67. Sandra D. Comment #67

    You look adorable! I love how you paired the clutch with the leather and the stripes! Perfect!

    Sandra D.

  68. Natalie Suarez Comment #68

    ADORBSS. i have those pants too and i’m obsessed. YOU’RE HOT! can’t wait to see you this week! xx


  69. Josephine Comment #69

    you look fab! love the outfit!



  70. stilettolover91 Comment #70
  71. Shannon Comment #71

    Love the sequins and the simplicity of this look that you added some sparkle to! Are these your sparkle Converse? I love those!


  72. Flapjack Melody Comment #72

    Love that clutch.




  73. Annachiara Savio Comment #73


  74. soffisinglesstyle Comment #74
  75. Valerie Comment #75

    Massive crush on your outfit!!! you made my day!

  76. Roxy Love Fashion! Comment #76

    I <3 this outfit :)

  77. vanda Comment #77

    LOVE IT!!!!♥ love stripes!!!!!♥

  78. Justalazymorning Comment #78

    love love the zara’s clutch!

  79. Roseanne Comment #79

    Love the blouse,lgging snd the clutch!You make simplicity look so amazing!

  80. Ally Comment #80

    you look so great! I love these pieces too… and I have been obsessed with that Zara clutch foreverrrrr


  81. Dionne Comment #81
  82. Ana Costa e Silva Comment #82

    So beatiful… great look!!!


  83. Brighton Comment #83

    you are one luckyyyy girl to get that equipment blouse gifted!!! I’m so jealous :) I love it


  84. jas Comment #84

    cute outfit! that top is gorgeous on you


  85. Tidbits of Addiction Comment #85

    great combination of stripes and leather leggings.


  86. polkadotsandpracticality Comment #86

    love the outfit! it’s beautiful! :)


  87. LaMonda Comment #87

    nice outfit. your are very beautiful

  88. FancyIcon Comment #88

    totally like always amazing!!!!! :)


  89. Kayla Comment #89
  90. Stephanie Comment #90

    Love this combo! You mix and match so well!

  91. FJ Comment #91

    wow just saw this same blouse today athttp://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/2012/01/stripestripestripe.html
    I”m getting me one too.

  92. prince puja Comment #92

    Such a cute, chill look! I love the texture of the leggings and the top together. <3