1. Showing off this pretty blouse with a messy bun and a backward necklace; gifted blouse from For Love & Lemons (dress here)
2. My pretty suede + fuchsia oxfords that I was telling you guys about 
from Gap (cool ones here, here & here)
3. My fave sequin clutch from Zara + arm candy! (similar spike bracelet here, here & here)
4. Part of my closet with dress form and all!
5. Loving my new dainty heart necklace  from my big sis! 
6. Gettin’ ready with some of my fave products! 
( Benefit’s High Beam for glow/highlight, Marc Jacobs rollerball perfume, loveee!,  
7. Trying on faux fur coats at Free People for my shoot with the Americana at Brand
photography by the amazing Jennifer Young.
8. Adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats!!
9. Cool hanging lights for visual display at the Gap.
10. Decided to take my Grey Ant’s out for a spin with a chunky necklace! (cool ones here)
11. new and oh so comfy Wangs! highly recommend! 
12. Most fave outfit as of late! Equipment blouse + Paige Denim leggings + Converse.
13. Double rays: Sun & Bans.
Several instagram photos from the past several days! 
Make sure to follow me on instagram at @sincerely_Juless for constant randomness + eye candy!
That app is way too addicting!
ps. New Years is tomorrow- ahh! What are you guys wearing? 
Might do a post of what I’m wearing, so stay tuned!

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  1. Honorata Comment #1
  2. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion Comment #2

    Happy New Year Jules!
    I love your Gap Oxford shoes, as well as your sequin clutch :)

  3. Ballerina'sBun Comment #3

    wonderful random pictures ! love your marc by marc jacobs mouse flats :) have a wonderful weekend and an amazing start in the new year ! xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  4. Sarah Comment #4

    Love your photos! Hope you have a fantastic New Year’s!


  5. GiGi Reed Comment #5

    GREAT pics and yes, please post pics of your NYE outfit. We’d all love to see! :)


  6. Joy Comment #6

    I just love to see the insta pics! ove your AW heels

  7. lilly lia Comment #7

    Wow I Love all your pictures! Especially the mouse flats, the zara clutch and the beautiful bracelets and the blouse in the First picture. I think for New Year’s Eve I am going for a red velvet dress, black blazer and golden details. Lilly.

  8. María Rubio Comment #8

    love your oxfords!!

  9. Justalazymorning Comment #9


  10. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #10

    fabulous pieces!


  11. onbeauty Comment #11

    this dress is reaaly really pretty! wow! really nice and you already know my opinion about this sequined zara’s clutch. nice post! have a nice friday!


  12. Melody Comment #12

    I’m wearing a feather-y skirt, but have no idea where I’m going. I’ll be festive where ever it is lol Can’t wait to see what you’re wearing.

    LOVE that backwards necklace, pink oxfords, and clutch!

  13. Lady-Pa Comment #13

    i love those pics!!!



  14. Zweiteiler Comment #14

    Oh wow, I´m in love with this blouse!!!


  15. il était une fois... Comment #15

    LOOVE! that snap of your closet is SO cool!!
    hope you have a fab nye babe! XO

  16. Tidbits of Addiction Comment #16

    Nice pics, love the shirt with the backwards necklace. I still don’t know what I’m wearing. Hoping the outfit will just come to me!


  17. Ana Comment #17

    Bonitas fotografias

    Feliz 2012

  18. Collections Comment #18

    Looking great! Love those mouse flats and hot pink suede flats.


  19. SAMANTHA Comment #19

    I love your instagrams you have such a great eye! I have no idea what I’m wearing yet.. eek! Do a little post so I can get some inspiration 😉


  20. Bespoke Biddie Comment #20

    I’m really thinking I should give instagram a shot now


  21. Laura Comment #21

    Fantastic pictures!!
    That first one is too beautiful :) I could look at these photos for hours :)



  22. Joana Comment #22
  23. Marta Merino Comment #23
  24. indie by heart Comment #24

    Amazing pictures. Especially the first one, i love it. ^^ Cool cloth rack also, I want myself one toooo.. <3

    Indie by Heart

  25. eloiselabetise Comment #25

    Love the first picture! xxx


  26. Vivi Comment #26

    Instagram hasn’t come over to the Android light yet. So, I can’t partake in all of the fun. :o(

    Happy New Years!

  27. The Fashion Cloud Comment #27

    arghhh such inspiration, loving the necklace thanks for sharing



  28. Ally Comment #28

    all fabulous! love seeing people’s instagrams… the little precious moments they capture! Happy New Year!


  29. Carolina Costas Comment #29

    Great pics 😉

    Merry Christmas!!!


  30. CessOviedo Comment #30

    Following you on instragram dear! I’m so in love with the sparkly MJ flats, so adorable!

    Happy New Year!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  31. Sarah Comment #31

    I love your instagram feed, they are all so pretty. The first is my current favorite though. Completely GORGEOUS =)

  32. Nikki | The Ginger Diaries Comment #32

    Gap seriously has teh best stuff :) I adore your pink oxfords! x

  33. Cristiana Nunes Comment #33

    I love the detail on the first picture!

  34. Satin And Salt Comment #34

    Love the Gap! I used to work there as a merchandiser setting up the store and window displays for years! it was so much fun! Also I LOVE high beam too. Been wearing it for years and its simply the best!



  35. Dianne Comment #35

    Love your closet photo! Happy New Year! :)

    another day to wander

  36. angela.matina Comment #36

    each of the pictures are so cool – i love the dainty heart necklace, your gap shoes, the wang shoes…. everything. xx happy new year!

  37. April Lyn Comment #37

    I love your IG, that app is so addicting!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  38. SomeKindOfStyle Comment #38

    what great images .. ha, we got almost the same closet! love your set piece underneath! will ring in the New Year more quiet this time around …

    Have a great one … all best wishes, sweets! x

  39. Under the Fluorescents Comment #39

    i couldn’t find something i didn’t love from this photos but I especially fell for the low drop back with lace trim at the neck…. absolutely stunning


  40. Daisy Comment #40

    i’m always a fan of all your instagram photos! :) & have a wonderful New Year!

  41. Cara Comment #41

    Adore that first photo!! So gorgeous-and those Alexander Wang heels!
    xo Cara

  42. Amy Comment #42

    Thanks for sharing, loving all the shoes!

  43. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #43

    The pic of your closet! Looks so lovely! like in a vintage shop! :)

    I’ll be wearing a lbd. classy :)


    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  44. silvia in venice Comment #44

    nice photos I love the blouse in the first photo!

  45. Vivi K Comment #45

    I LOVE these photos! instagram is such a fun way to capture little moments in life :)

  46. Makena Comment #46

    I love the photos!! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites.

    Moments of Eternity

  47. miyoko01 Comment #47

    love your necklace! and those leather leggings!!! any affordable version that you recommend???

  48. Keisha Ervin Comment #48

    I love the blouse and sequin clutch.


  49. Natalie Suarez Comment #49

    i wuvs you jules. you look HOT! xx


  50. adanieva Comment #50

    Nice pics!! Very happy new year!!

  51. LoveE ♥ Comment #51

    Those photos were all so cool, and I love (the part shown) of your wardrobe – totally jealous!


  52. Prim and Polished Comment #52

    So many beautiful pics jiules, you’re one of my favorite bloggers for sure! Have a Happy new years eve and all the best for u in 2012!!kisses


  53. Styleclouds Comment #53

    Love the photos! All f them! And I totally agree that instagram is addictive! :-)
    Have a fabulous new years eve! xo, Christina


  54. Evi Comment #54

    Great post!!! Love these photos!! 😉

    Evi xoxo


  55. Jules Comment #55
  56. The little world of fashion Comment #56

    The first picture is my fav’

  57. Chelsea D Comment #57

    Cute photos! I always like taking a peek at what cosmetic products others use! Happy New Year :)


  58. evanescent Comment #58

    probably the best collection of instagram photos out! lovesss.


  59. Montse Gaviño Comment #59

    I just started this amazign blog that is gonna change the way you style your self!
    I would love if you check it out :)

    Happy New Year!
    Hope you have an amazing 2012


  60. Rocker Chic Comment #60

    I am loving the flats and clutch. You’re really gorgeous.

  61. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #61

    Love these pictures…happy new years :)



  62. Vicky Fernández Comment #62

    I love your blog, your style and your pics… I hope you keep on blogging next 2012!



  63. Lisa Comment #63

    Love! Your photos are great – it’s NY Day here in Australia and it’s already a great start to the year.

    Have a great time tonight! HNY.



  64. Ría Comment #64

    I love all the photos. Your new necklace is perfect.
    Happy New Year.


  65. Lola Comment #65

    cute photos =)

    Style by Lola Jaro

  66. Ms.Fashionista Comment #66

    The gap oxfords are amaze!



  67. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #67

    those mouse flats are awesome!

  68. Christine Yun Comment #68

    Super cool photos. Love the one with your closet.


  69. apieceoftruffle Comment #69

    im envious of your “part of the closet”! Have a happy new year! <3 i wore a red shirt. believed to bring luck. hahahah , more of like a family belief.


  70. Quinn Kelley Comment #70

    i love everything, especially the heart necklace! where is it from/who makes it? the link doesn’t go to the same necklace. thanks and happy new year :)

  71. little moon lover Comment #71

    cool pics!
    your closset’s amazing! and I’m loving the first top as well.. happy 2012!

  72. the dreamer Comment #72

    I love your closet pic! I’m envious of your store-like layout.

    The Dreamer x

  73. Ms Jelena Comment #73

    I’m loving the blouse and necklace in first photo and the mouse flats are so cute!!! xx

  74. Camille Beaudet Comment #74

    such cool photos



  75. takeachicpill Comment #75

    love the backless blouse and the bun is so chic!


  76. Neijah Lanae Comment #76

    Your Insta-Jules posts are always amazing!



  77. karkova Comment #77
  78. Mux Comment #78

    Happy new year! Really love the dainty heart necklace! Where is it from? Thanks!

  79. Lindsay Comment #79

    Love the fuchsia oxfords! I just bought a pair of woven loafers that color from Chinese Laundry!! They really make an outfit pop!

  80. VICTORIA Comment #80

    Lovely pictures! and the oxford shoes!! i’m in love

  81. Style Footprints Comment #81

    I’m in love with the the blouse in number 1 and the faux fur coat in number 7. Gorgeous!


  82. Lauren Comment #82

    Talk about closet envy, I want all of these things! ahhh so jealous, especially the marc jacobs sparkle mouse shoes!

  83. Jacy Comment #83

    the top and sequined clutch are bananas! LOVE! your style is inspiring :)