Snow White.

Shorts: Helmut Lang (similiar here) | Sweater: Vintage | Heels: Pierre Hardy | Sunglasses: Ray Bans | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Christmas Shopping update:
So, I’m having the worst luck getting all my gifts- spent nearly 6 hours at the mall yesterday and was
completely unsuccessful. Only bought 1 gift! Pretty ridic.
I ended up buying stuff for me- which I hated myself for- but I just couldn’t resist!
Will try and post some of the stuff i’ve bought/acquired the last couple of days..or should I say, I’ll make a “haul” of the things I’ve bought as the the youtuber’s like to call it.
Anyway, round 3 continues today and I hope I get everything checked off my shopping list- nothing
worst than doing last minute shopping- dreaaaaadful.
Wish me luck!
p.s One of my fave sweaters! The circles remind me of snow balls, fun! The closest I’ll ever get to (make believe) snow because I hate the snow/cold. 

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  1. DediLovesFashion Comment #1

    great outfit. I love the sweater.

  2. lilly lia Comment #2

    this outfit looks so great, i love the sweater :) and your header looks lovely, too. xo lilly

  3. welcome to my jungle Comment #3

    The sweater is wonderful. Love it!

    Wish you still good luck with the gifts

    – Dani

    welcome to my jungle

  4. indie by heart Comment #4

    That sweater looks gorgeous. I love. :>

    Nice look ! ^^

    Merry Christmas wishes,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  5. kaye Comment #5

    The boyfriend shorts are my fav here… oh and the asymmetric heels!


  6. Sarah Comment #6

    Love those shoes, and that sweater is so cute!


  7. Czeko Comment #7

    I love your style and blog!Lovely look!
    Kiss from Poland. Follow me:


  8. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #8

    Love the effortless look! x


  9. VANESSA Comment #9

    Love the shoes and the cardigan but where you live is summer??? Here, where i live we can’t go with shorts and a cardigan right now!!!!


  10. pipa Comment #10

    Fantastic look:)))

  11. Cleome Comment #11

    Omg, cutest sweater ever. :) x


  12. nora Comment #12

    Beautiful outfit!

  13. Juu Sommi Comment #13

    How cute it looks =)
    but real snow like here in germany is much better for christmas or? =)
    Oh no shopping at those days horrible to much people to less space good luck
    with love juu

  14. PlaceTrends Comment #14

    Great outfit!!! I adore your sweater 😉
    wish U luck, of course!!!!!

    xx alex


  15. Carolina Costas Comment #15

    Love the sweater :)

    Merry Christmas!!!


  16. Honorata Comment #16

    Funny sweater, really optimistic!!!


  17. Vicky Fernández Comment #17

    That cardigan’s so beautiful… It’s Christmas time itself. Perfect with baggys and sandals!


  18. Camilla Comment #18

    Love the shorts with the shoes, brilliant and unexpected :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  19. cronicasdemiarmario Comment #19


  20. Her Persona Comment #20
  21. Kimberly Comment #21

    How fun is this sweater – love the whole look & so jealous you can still wear shorts (it’s freezing here in NY)!


  22. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #22

    love the sweater
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  23. Nobre Sandra Comment #23

    Aww you look so sweet and innocent in these pics :) Beautiful, as always.

  24. Sheree Comment #24

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that sweater!

  25. Miss Molly Comment #25
  26. Collections Comment #26

    That sweater is absolutely incredible. I love it paired with those shorts.

    Fashionable Collections

  27. london loves Comment #27

    Love the shoes!

    London Last Night

  28. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #28

    The Jacket and the Shoes. Under my christmas tree please 😀 xx

    you’re looking super gorgeous.!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  29. Ally Comment #29

    What an adorable sweater! and love love love those wedges omg!


  30. GiGi Reed Comment #30

    Good luck with your shopping!! Beautiful pics, I love that sweater. White looks great on you!


  31. Lynzy Comment #31

    Those Helmut Lang shorts are all sorts of amazing. Loving the loose fit! :)

    xo Lynzy

  32. The Fancy Teacup Comment #32

    That vintage sweater is absolutely darling. x


  33. eleni Comment #33

    the sweater is amazing!! love it! xx


  34. fumz.x Comment #34

    i love your outfit, especially the cardigan.
    you have such a great style that looks so effortless. x

  35. Lady-Pa Comment #35

    omg i love your shoes!!!!!



  36. hannah Comment #36

    gorgeous! your style is amazing!! xx


  37. Satin And Salt Comment #37

    I hate the snow too, can’t wait to see your “haul”!



  38. Magnolina Comment #38

    That sweater is to die for!!!!!!!!

  39. Cara Comment #39

    Wow, you look absolutely stunning in this simple sweater & cut off combo…the added touches of your sunnies and heels are just the right things-you pull off efforletlessly chic beautifully!
    Good luck on the rest of your shopping,
    xo Cara

  40. Mayra Comment #40

    lindisimo!! estas preciosa con este look..=) besitos..

  41. Marzena Comment #41

    Fantastic look! Really love it ! Simple but amazing !

    LOVE your blog !

    Big kiss from:


  42. Annachiara Savio Comment #42


  43. Dena TsaL Comment #43

    THis sweater is gorgeous!!
    Lovely outfit darling!
    Dena from Style LimeLight

  44. Sd Comment #44

    love the wedges!


  45. Under the Fluorescents Comment #45

    love that bag and those shoes!


  46. takeachicpill Comment #46

    lovely outfit and such a cozy sweater!


  47. Ksu Comment #47

    Love the shoes! Good Luck :)

  48. Lary Mello Comment #48

    you look great! =)



  49. mode'n marie Comment #49

    Love this sweater !
    The snow color is beautiful !


  50. Cindy Comment #50

    it’s so hard to resist shopping for yourself when there are so many good sales right now. i always sneak in a few “gifts” from me to me when i holiday shop.

  51. Keisha Ervin Comment #51
  52. geri hirsch Comment #52

    you rick such a MEAN denim short. ROAR!

  53. stylewithbenefits Comment #53

    GORG, J! Those heels are amaze! Yep, heading to the mall after work to buy last min. gifts. Argh! Hope you enjoy the holidays and see you in 2012!

    xx, becs

  54. Cátia Couto Comment #54

    The sweater is so cute! It totally reminded me of snow balls too when I saw it ^^


  55. polkadotsandpracticality Comment #55

    Really cute outfit! Better luck shopping today! :)


  56. THE HF BLOG Comment #56

    love the outfit. excellent choice!
    following your blog now!

    follow me: http://the-hf-blog.blogspot.com/

  57. Vasilieva Comment #57

    wow, that sweater rocks, absolutely love it


  58. Dylana Suarez Comment #58

    Girl you look so amazing!



  59. Annissh Comment #59

    o.m.g. your sweater :O

    Bisou honey

  60. Emma ♡ Comment #60
  61. Christy U lam Comment #61

    Nice outfit, you look gorgeous !!! Love your sense of style.


  62. ♥ lis ♥ Comment #62

    your heels are cute!

  63. ♥Run With Fashion♥ Comment #63

    I LOOOVE YOUR WEDGES!!! SOO NIIICE! I love your skin tone ♥
    Love your bag too. :)

    ohhh, lol, @ last minute shopping, hope you do get your shopping list done. :)

    Happy Holidays!!!


  64. Neijah Lanae Comment #64

    Love the polka dots!



  65. Charlene Gondo Comment #65

    i love the cardi! and i love u too! You’re one of my fav blogger ;D

    Summer Flounce

  66. Coralie Comment #66

    Love the sweater and the wedges!


  67. Zweiteiler Comment #67

    I a little jealous…also wanna wear summerly outrfits on december! The snowed shirt is really beautiful.


  68. Ballerina'sBun Comment #68

    wow what a beautiful sweater ! xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  69. Vivi Comment #69

    Your sweater is beautiful! I will absolutely faint if I ever find a sweater like that in a vintage store. What a find!

  70. Catalina Comment #70

    I love love love love love this outfit!!!!!

    Visit my blog!! http://blog.catiuscas.es

  71. Trish Comment #71

    Gorgeous sweater! LOVE it!

    I feel your pain on the Christmas shopping. Spent the last 3 days shopping non-stop and still have more to buy! Oy Vey!


  72. aleXandra Comment #72

    Great outfit, you look beautiful :)


  73. Zia Glance Comment #73

    love it!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog.


  74. Jennifer Comment #74

    oh that sweater is so cute! i hope you’ve managed to get all your christmas shopping done xxx

  75. FancyIcon Comment #75

    this white sweater!!!omg!!!!!


  76. Lisa Comment #76

    Happy Holidays to you! I love that white oversized cardigan inspiring one to DIY maybe when it gets colder in Australia!

    Check out my blog at:



  77. BRUNETTE BRAID Comment #77

    I really love those shoes!

  78. Miss Oh' Comment #78

    Those heels still dazzle me every time I see them,
    real works of art ..



  79. Sara Comment #79

    love the feminine shoes with cutoffs!


  80. seekingstyleblog Comment #80

    That’s such a cute sweater! I’m the worst at buying gifts too haha


  81. erwicker Comment #81

    Great outfit!!! I adore your sweater 😉

    white cardigan