Cool Mix.

 Dress: Edun || Blazer: BCBG (similar here) || Bag: Alexander Wang || Sneakers: Converse || Necklace: gifted Albeit
Ideal outfit for a long, busy day for many reasons:
1. Its easy and effortless
2. Comfortable to move around in especially with the sneaks
3. Print mixing makes for a good look
4. This tote literally is the best thing ever- literally FITS EVERYTHING!
(post to come for What’s in my bag)
5. Lastly, I feel pretty damn good in it.
have a fun filled weeked.

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  1. Jennifer Comment #1

    what an incredible blazer x

  2. Plami Comment #2

    You look gorgoeus!


  3. Asher Comment #3

    gorgeous!! Love the colors together :)

  4. Britt+Whit Comment #4

    lovely as always Jules!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. J. Comment #5

    very artistic! :) love it.

  6. BETABOOMblog Comment #6

    Tu chaqueta es divina!!!! Me encanto el outfit!!!


  7. Daisy Comment #7

    the leopard print and that green dress is amazing! beautiful photos!

  8. Dominika Comment #8

    great dress, and converse <3 i love !!!! come here to my blog

  9. welcome to my jungle Comment #9

    Stunning dress. Love it together with the leopard blazer!!!


  10. Jessica/Léa Comment #10

    lovely outfit Jules! and nice blog (;
    Love from France xx

  11. Noush Comment #11

    I love the dress !

  12. Genevieve Comment #12

    I’m a huge fan of your blog! And I am absolutely loving this outfit! :)


  13. Sandra Comment #13

    Wow, I can’t discribe how wonderful you matched all things togheter <3

  14. Kaśq. Comment #14

    you look fantastic :) love your blazer

  15. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #15

    That blazer is to die for!

  16. Andrea Clare Comment #16

    Love the hardware on the bag

  17. GiGi Reed Comment #17

    I need that blazer. You look fabulous, as always! :)

  18. Jenna Hughes Comment #18

    i love the Edun dress! it reminds me of a waterfall in the forest with plants growing from underneath. the metal caps on the edges of the purse are really different and give an unstructured purse structure!

  19. Camilla Comment #19

    that bag is gorgeous!
    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  20. Comment #20

    Too cool for school, Jules.


  21. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #21

    i love your latest looks with converse and this one is not exception :)


    Fashion Fractions

  22. mariel janina Comment #22

    I love this outfit, it’s like every item you’re wearing was created to be worn with each other :) so great and stylish :)

  23. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #23

    Beautiful coat!!!
    Love your photos!!

    Kisses Nana from Brazil..

  24. ASZIYA Comment #24

    want these blazer!!!

  25. The Fancy Teacup Comment #25

    So adding that tote to my wishlist! Loving the myriad of prints. Happy Friday, girl. x

  26. One Stylish Day at a Time Comment #26

    Love that bag- can’t wait to see what is inside!

  27. Meda Comment #27

    I love the last reason. If you feel good in it then wear it! Love this outfit on you!


  28. Romalo Comment #28

    Like this casual but chic outfit!! it fits you perfectly!!


  29. Valerie Comment #29

    Gorgeous dress! i love that you paired it w/ converse sneakers :)

  30. Carolina Costas Comment #30

    Love the blazer and the outfit. You’re beautiful!!


  31. luvvleighb Comment #31

    I love how the shoes casual up the outfit! But it’s still so cute and trendy!!!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  32. Natalie Suarez Comment #32

    so adorable!! love it! xx

  33. Marija L Comment #33

    Loove how you dress up and then put sneakers on! It’s great inspiration for school/college girls(like me) to dress stylish yet comfortable. Love

  34. FormBlog Comment #34

    Absolutely love these photos! You should also check this out:

    thanks so much!

  35. Rachel Jung Comment #35

    I like the dress! <3

  36. 3Wildxx Comment #36

    Love this outfit and the bag is amazing!!!

    Please follow xoxox

  37. GRACE Comment #37

    girrrrl, i LOVE your style~


  38. Nee Comment #38

    i love your outfits! love how you wear sneakers and it just looks great with everything:)

  39.  Ms. Allee Comment #39

    Absolutely adore your blazer!*


  40. Cleome Comment #40

    super cute jacket and bag! love the entire outfit.


  41. Coralie Comment #41

    I totally love the dress and the bag!!!

    Taste of Coconut

  42. Jen S. Comment #42

    cute look! Love the sneakers with the dress.


  43. Collections Comment #43

    What an awesome blazer and bag!


  44. April Comment #44

    definitely a great outfit! loving the prints you mixed!


  45. BRUNETTE BRAID Comment #45

    WOW!!that blazer is amazing! 😀

  46. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #46

    loving your arm candy and that tote is too cool!
    have a great weekend

  47. Suuu Comment #47

    love your look! So amazing!

  48. Catita Comment #48

    love it! especially your “Arm party”!

  49. Sheree Comment #49

    you say cool mix, I say awesome mix..LOVE!

  50. Rocío Comment #50

    Really amazing look!

  51. Lary Mello Comment #51

    you look amazing! LOVE all your mixes! =)

  52. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #52

    ummmmm I think I need that blazer to complete my life. The print is perfect.

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  53. JOANA Comment #53

    Love your bag! You’re so pretty :)

  54. Casey Adams Comment #54

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee the way how you dress up !
    If you’d like we should follow each other! :)

  55. Urban Nester Comment #55

    That blazer is amazing! I love the mix of prints and casual/dressy you’ve got goin on today :] I’m mixing prints today in my post as well!


  56. Annie Comment #56

    Perfect coat and combination!!

  57. FanceeeNanceee Comment #57

    Love the mix of clothes! I would’ve never pulled this off LOL

  58. 6 o'clock Inspiration Comment #58

    cute outfit!
    love the printed blazer so great!!
    also the dress with the sneakers so girly but chill!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  59. Judy Comment #59

    This dress is beautiful! It looks like a watercolor painting. And the tuxedo blazer adds a great silhouette to it all.


  60. ADJ Comment #60


  61. Lindsey A. Turner Comment #61

    Well, you look pretty darn good in it! I love the effortlessness and how nothing exactly “goes” together but it works!

    Lindsey Turner

  62. Tori Comment #62

    Such a cute outfit! I love that you wore it with converse, totally gives it a chill vibe!

  63. Satin And Salt Comment #63

    i wanna snatch that blazer off of you! But I won’t… because I could never style it as well.


  64. EJC Comment #64

    Everything about this is perfect. Youre making me want to cut bangs? Check out my pictures and let me know if itll match!


  65. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #65

    Great outfit! Just perfect! X

  66. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #66

    lovely dress!


  67. minnja Comment #67

    wow, amazing outfit 😉


  68. SAMANTHA Comment #68

    awesome outfit i love this mix – and the tote looks perfect those tips are too cool.

  69. Sheel Comment #69

    I just love your relaxed, easy-going and effortless style! I am a new blogger based in San Diego, and your style reminds me of what I see around my neighborhood! Love, love, love it!

    PS. feel free to check out my new hobby!

  70. Lindsey N. Comment #70

    Oh I Love that Blazer! I also love that you paired sneakers with this-brilliant!

    Lindsey Soup

  71. Laiqah Comment #71

    Perfection Julie! Love your blazer!
    Have a good weekend!

  72. Honorata Comment #72

    you look perefct, nice bag!!!

  73. thestyleflux Comment #73

    Cool and awesome combo indeed!


  74. min Comment #74

    i LOVE the a wang bag!

  75. Allison Young Comment #75

    i love the metal edges of the bag!

  76. Candice Comment #76

    Love this look! So gorgeous x

  77. Fashionable j Comment #77

    Gorgeous as always<3
    love the way you mix & match clothes<3

  78. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #78

    I wish I could be as super gorgeous & stylish as you. love your outfit! xx

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  79. Domonique Wilson Comment #79

    That Wang bag is perfection!Loving that blazer too!


  80. Laura Comment #80

    Fantastic blazer!! Always love how you combine your outfits (like now with the leopard blazer and the converse sneakers), very inspirational!


  81. Marzena Comment #81

    Love this perfect blazer ! kiss x

  82. internodiciotto Comment #82

    stunning combis like always! that dress is amazing!

  83. Catarina Comment #83

    You look so amazing, I love this dress :) xx

  84. Nastja Comment #84

    This is so lovely:)You really look beautiful!


  85. Inés Comment #85
  86. Yohanasant Comment #86

    Me encanta el blazer! mua

  87. Naina Comment #87

    That bag is my favorite bit … so simple yet so chic. Looking gorgeous as always, what else what we expect from the lovely Jules.

  88. Eliz Comment #88

    gosh, outfit love! :)


  89. Dena Comment #89

    I just love it!gorgeous bag!

  90. Ri(t)ch Styles Comment #90

    WOW! U really influence me to think of new combinations!!!


  91. figandthewasp Comment #91

    Love it – esp the dress. Fashionable and comfortable at the same time… are you kidding me??!! 😉

    x the wasp

  92. StyleAntagonist Comment #92

    Hi Jules,

    i am new to your blog.. i noticed that you have a very youthful feature.. love your look..

    Rebecca @

  93. Prairie Princess Comment #93

    this outfit is adorable! i love love love it


  94. eleni Comment #94

    lovely! xx

  95. A, Comment #95

    i love You. Truly, J.! Great set and my favortie bag

  96. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #96
  97. jas Comment #97

    great outfit. the dress and jacket look great together

  98. Cara Comment #98

    Love this outfit, so effortlessly cool as you do so well! Love the mixed prints and of course drooling over that Wang bag…you look beautiful!
    Happy weekend,
    xo Cara

  99. PlaceTrends Comment #99

    Great outfit!!! Beautiful dress 😉

    xx alex

    I’m keen on your blog!! Follow each other??

  100. Blush and Flats Comment #100

    yeah, it’s cool <3

  101. chu eva Comment #101

    your blazer!! love

  102. Beatrycze Comment #102

    Beauty bag.

  103. ONELOVEONEDNA Comment #103
  104. Steffy Comment #104

    I’m in love with your girly and chic but casual looks. Love the dress-sneaker-combination. Great look as usual!

  105. Marmalade Comment #105

    i love this outfit for a couple of reasons, firstly its just genuinely a lush dress and looks cute with the sneakers and blazer. Secondly I love it because its given me inspiration as to how to wear my leopard print blazer. I really find it difficult to style and never know whether it’d look good with anything other than a plain top etc. This has given me some great ideas :) xx

  106. Hira Comment #106

    This outfit is dope! Looks great!

  107. Hippie Fruit Comment #107

    Great mix !!!

  108. Stephanie Comment #108

    Definitely a cool mix! Love it!

  109. MrsLord Comment #109

    Not too many people can pull this look off but you nailed it and look amazing!


  110. Regina Comment #110

    This outfit is perfection!

  111. The fashion diary blog Comment #111

    love this look, I need that blazer & bag<3

  112. Véro Comment #112

    WOW! You really have a nice blog. Your pictures are well done and the style impeccable. I just came here following improbable links and I’m happy to found you.
    Your banner is very graphic, simple and aesthetic, beautiful!


  113. Jessie Comment #113

    im trying to save up for that lovely bag. i found it in stores and it is so soft!

  114. Theri Comment #114

    what an amazing blog! love it! It is very inspiring! follow you now!

    check out my blog too and follow me if you like it:)

    hugs and kisses, theri from:

  115. KeyKey Comment #115

    OMG! Ilove Your look! You are my Goddess!!! Your blazer is perfect!!!

  116. Muneica Comment #116

    I absolutely adore this look !!! and the snickerrrsss, can u tell us which converse are these ?? XoxO

  117. Muneica Comment #117

    I absolutely adore these snickers and how they fit the look, perfect !! can u tell us which converse are there ?? thank uu xoxox

  118. Liza Moreene Comment #118

    OMG i looove ur dress, it’s in my favourite colour! i love ur blog and i neeeed that dress!
    xxx liza

  119. Ms.Fashionista Comment #119
  120. Look of Style Comment #120

    great look:)

  121. Laura Comment #121

    Perfect honey! Nice photos


  122. gottaloveitshea Comment #122

    love this laid back, yet chic outfit! you always look amazing!!


  123. Vasilieva Comment #123

    that mix is cool indeed, loving the leopard and the wang bag

  124. Nes Comment #124

    this outfit looks sooo cool:) i love the bag:)

  125. HayleyMG Comment #125

    i absolutely adore that jacket! i need to get myself one like that…gorgeous outfit and you look great in it :)

    Hayley xx

  126. Lisa Comment #126

    Love the leopard print, so cool and with your little chuck taylor’s such a unique look! LOVE it!

    Big Love,

  127. The trendy frog Comment #127

    nice combination¡¡¡ awesome blog

    kisses from spain

  128. Dylana Suarez Comment #128

    This is too amazing girl!


  129. Macarons and McQueen Comment #129

    I love your style and your blog! The Leopard is always a nice touch.


  130. themannikin Comment #130

    always so casual chic! love your style :) check out my site for a GIVEAWAY! 3 prizes to be won :)

  131. Michelle Lee Comment #131
  132. DelbaMé Comment #132

    I must say after scowering your blog, i love your style. I love that you can take all of your looks from day to night with ease and class! Great dress, and love the connies.

  133. Lissy Comment #133

    ok this has decided it – I need more leopard print in my life!!

  134. Geisslein Comment #134

    This is soooo cute! I like! sunny greetings from germany – geisslein

  135. Geisslein Comment #135

    This is soooo cute – love it! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  136. Evi Comment #136

    This is a cool mix INDEED!!! love your outfit 😉

    Evi xoxo

  137. Hazardous Area Comment #137

    The blazer is fantastic!

  138. Her Persona Comment #138

    such a great look, love the mix of prints

  139. Keisha Ervin Comment #139
  140. Silvia Comment #140
  141. Zorian Comment #141

    Love the outfit. Love the styling. Great photos.

  142. blue roses Comment #142

    adore the alexander wang bag; so versatile and yet so elegant!

  143. modern Suburbanites Comment #143

    gorgeous! i love this look!

  144. Arielle Noa Comment #144

    <3 you mama!!!!! love the whole

  145. xJOLE Comment #145

    Love the subtle print on the dress! The blazer is a great complement.

  146. anitaparis Comment #146

    I just discovered your blog! You’re apsolutly gorgeous! And I adore that awesome bag of yours!

    I’ll be writing in english also very soon and about fashion;) check it out


  147. Tidbits of Addiction Comment #147

    cute dress and love your bracelets!

  148. Roseanne Comment #148

    love your blazer!

  149. Leah R. Comment #149

    such a gorgeus outfit! and lovely blog! <3

  150. Jess Comment #150

    amazing outfit. love the blazer! xx

  151. macrolancer Comment #151


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