Forward Fashion Project, #2

Clutch: Emily Cho c/o Bib + Tuck | Blouse: gifted d.RA | Sweater: my Beloved | Jeans: gifted Kasil x Taylor Jacobson | Heels: Alexander Wang | Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Finally received my second item for the Forward Fashion Project a couple days ago! Was a little skeptical on how I was going to wear it because it seemed too fancy for what I normally wear, but I was totally up for the challenge…. it’s what I signed up for anyway.
So as you know, I love dressing things down (must be the Cali in me) so I threw on this cool and versatile sweater I picked up earlier this week. The neutral color of the sweater definitely makes a good contrast against the color & print of the clutch, I’m all about the right balance, ya know?
I also did love that the clutch was big enough to fit my camera and ipad- talk about a handy bag!
Keep checking in to see what’s next!
happy thursday!

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  1. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #1

    Woah, that clutch is crazy awesome! You did an A+ job of styling it.

  2. Michelle's Style File Comment #2

    Shoes + bag = amazing! Love this.


  3. Agnes Comment #3


  4. Agnes Comment #4

    Wow. So sparkly!

  5. Ballerina'sBun Comment #5

    Omg what kind of amazing clutch ! Love your look ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  6. L'art Comment #6

    I loooove Emily Cho bags and this one is way too special and beautiful!


  7. Domonique Wilson Comment #7

    This is my kind of style…love it!I’m in need of some killer black heels like those Wangs….fabulous!



  8. Justalazymorning Comment #8

    looove the bag!!

  9. Sher Comment #9

    Cute as pie:)

  10. Val - A Cleaner Closet Comment #10

    Beautiful! I just love the sweater with its cozy shawl collar. Great versatility and it does look amazing with that gorgeous clutch.


  11. Ri(t)ch Styles Comment #11

    Understated yet chic.. Helps in highlighting the clutch!


  12. Laura Comment #12

    I love this look! You look amazing!
    Those heels are fantastic, they totally complete this look!



  13. Style Societe Comment #13
  14. The Must-Have Comment #14

    The whole outfit is great but most of all I love the heels and jeans!

  15. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #15

    LOVE the clutch! it’s such a statement piece and you dressed it down very nicely :)


    Fashion Fractions

  16. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #16

    You look fantastic! The sweater is so snuggly! x


  17. Nathalie's style Comment #17

    Love the clutch and the sweater!

  18. Danisha Comment #18

    amazing clutch!!

  19. D.C Comment #19

    For a long time I look at your hair and think of changing my hair.
    Your hairstyle inspired me to change my hairstyle.
    I’m going to go to the hairdresser and lighten the hair tip.
    What do you think about my intention?

  20. D.C Comment #20

    For a long time I look at your hair and think of changing my hair.
    Your hairstyle inspired me to change my hairstyle.
    I’m going to go to the hairdresser and lighten the hair tip.
    What do you think about my intention?

  21. Honorata Comment #21

    The clutch is amazing!!


  22. Karoline Kalvø Comment #22

    Gorgeous, Jules. What a spectacular bag.

    Kisses from Norwegian model, blogger and student

  23. Eva Comment #23

    Those Wang heels are beautiful! xoxo


  24. marimorena Comment #24

    Great heels!
    The clutch is the biggest I’ve seen! Nice!
    Cute look!

  25. D.C Comment #25

    You are an inspiration to me. I love your style … thank you for this blog.

  26. BrooklynBlonde Comment #26

    Love this, jules! So gorgeous and chic – as always!

  27. themannikin Comment #27

    wow, love this you styled it perfectly!! that bag is incredible. Love how you dressed it own a bit, but kept it classy with heels. Looking forward to the next fashion forward project post! xx

  28. D.C Comment #28

    Your style is amazing. Thank you for this blog… :)

  29. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #29

    Cute outfit!!!
    Love your bag!!!

    Kisses Nana from Brazil!!

  30. pipa Comment #30

    Perfect look!Great heels and clutch!

  31. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #31

    Adorable clutch. it’s stunning actually.
    I especially like the shape – that’s different! :)


    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  32. Laura Comment #32

    You look perfect !


  33. The Fancy Teacup Comment #33

    The clutch is total eye candy. x


  34. Promise Comment #34

    That clutch bag is so beautiful, such a statement piece, looks great with how you’ve styled those casual pieces…x


  35. Sheree Comment #35

    I am IN LOVE with this entire outfit..you are unreal!

  36. Style Footprints Comment #36

    very chic – you worked the bag into your outfit perfectly.


    check out my new post if you get a chance :)

  37. Veronika Comment #37
  38. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #38

    LOVE that clutch. You styled it perfectly.



  39. Habiba. J Comment #39

    That is one stylish clutch, you did a great job and I love how you paired everything neutral. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


  40. Kate livingston Comment #40

    This is the first time I’ve been to your blog, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it. Your sense of style is amazing. I’m looking forward to reading (and seeing!)more. : )

  41. Collections Comment #41

    Gorgeous. Love that sweater.


  42. Sarah Comment #42

    love your style
    where did you buy the sweater??? is there a online shop or something? greetings from germany

  43. RASPBERRY JAM Comment #43
  44. MrsLord Comment #44

    I don’t know which I love more, the sweater or the bag… but you are right 100% it’s the perfect balance :)

    Happy Thursday!

  45. The Gambrel Family Comment #45

    I love that clutch, and you can rock a pair of heels!

  46. jas Comment #46

    great clutch! and loving the shoes. i should have bought them! argh


  47. Angela Comment #47

    Great bag, gorgeous hair :)


  48. Under the Fluorescents Comment #48

    that clutch is awesome! i love it and those pants you are rocking


  49. RAYNE Comment #49
  50. Marloes Comment #50

    The clutch is amazing! Love it!

  51. Diana Comment #51

    that bag is seriously gorgeous! i love how it pops against your outfit! xo


  52. Lisa Griffin Comment #52

    i didn’t realize the bag was so big to fit all of that, what a fun color too!

    in dramatic fashion

  53. LC Comment #53

    i love the sweater!


  54. Nastja Comment #54

    OMG… I absolutely love the shoes!!


  55. Estefanía Comment #55

    I love your style! I follow you!

    Visit my blog: http://ettiennela.blogspot.com

    kisses :*

  56. Camilla Comment #56

    that bag is amazing! such a beautiful color

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  57. Cara Comment #57

    wow wow wow, you look absolutely stunning! Between that fabulous clutch and those gorgeous Wang heels, I just can’t get enough of this outfit! Lovely from head to toe
    xo Cara

  58. One Stylish Day at a Time Comment #58

    Love the clutch. It’s a show stopper!

  59. Asher Comment #59

    I’m absolutely in love with those heels & that clutch!! They’re amazing!

  60. Shannon Comment #60

    I love the shape of this sweater, and that is a really cool clutch.


  61. Andrea Clare Comment #61

    I think I drooled a little bit when i saw that bag!


  62. Marmalade Comment #62

    amazing clutch bag looks incredible colours xx http://www.mediamarmalade.com

  63. Coralie Comment #63

    Love your clutch and your heels :)


  64. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #64

    beautiful clutch!


  65. Zweiteiler Comment #65

    an awesome outfit! I love this clutch.


  66. Ashley Rae Comment #66

    Effortless. Love this, Jules! And that sweater is asking me to climb in. Looks amazingly cozy.


  67. Roseanne Comment #67

    thats an amazingggggggggggggggggggggg clutch.you wore it really well.Its not meant to be combined with something to flashy.

  68. WearAbouts Comment #68
  69. VANESSA Comment #69

    Beautiful clutch! love the color!!!!


  70. KatiCleo Comment #70

    This clutch is just gorgeous. It’s a statement by itself! Vivid red with lively silver! Just waiting to be loved!

  71. hannah Comment #71

    love the sweater. where can you purchase my beloved?

  72. Carolina Costas Comment #72

    I looooove the clutch :)



  73. Fashion On Duty Comment #73

    this sweater is amazing!!


  74. everYOURS everMINE Comment #74

    that clutch is AWEEEEEEEEEEESOME :D!
    nice choise ;)!


  75. fashion meets art Comment #75

    amazing look! i’m so in love with your hair!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  76. Seeking Style Comment #76

    I love that bag! The color and shape are amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  77. tiki_rose Comment #77

    how adorable are you? love this <3

  78. Peonie Comment #78

    Fabulous! You found the perfect balance to keep the clutch from being overwhelming! That sweater is just so cozy looking!

    <3 P

    Cupcaking Around!

  79. GRACE Comment #79

    love your style! this whole 10 items, 10 bloggers challenge seems like so much fun~


  80. Jenny Ong Comment #80

    You look SO good in the jeans! xo

  81. Lene Comment #81

    Where is that light colored sweater from? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a loooong time now! I LOVE it :D:D:D

  82. Ms.Fashionista Comment #82

    LOVE Emily Cho bags!




  83. SAMANTHA Comment #83

    this clutch is absolutely beautiful! love this outfit!


  84. HayleyMG Comment #84

    i love your clutch! its beautiful! :)

    Hayley xx

  85. David Diaz Comment #85

    The bag is gorgeous! 😀


  86. BABEL Comment #86

    cool outfit


  87. Brandi Comment #87

    I love that sweater. The clutch is super fun! Love your style!!


  88. Satin And Salt Comment #88

    You know… when I first looked at these photos I thought “that bag is so HER.” just goes to show that you are able to style any item and make it completely “you.”



  89. Love Cardelia Comment #89

    I love this entire outfit. Esp the clutch..


  90. Swapnil Comment #90

    Love everything about this outfit esp you shoes!


  91. Mallory Comment #91

    that bag looks amazing against those neutrals :)


  92. eross Comment #92

    Where did you get your my Beloved jacket??? Love it!

  93. eross Comment #93

    Where did you get your my Beloved jacket?? Love it!! Want it!!

  94. Leira Zetroc Comment #94

    Wow, what a snazzy big clutch! I like how the way it folds over at the top sort of mimics the folds of your cardigan. Very relaxed-chic!


  95. Kelly Comment #95
  96. Dawn Comment #96

    Lovely. Just lovely. I want that clutch. This is pure perfection.


  97. di-em Comment #97

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. di-em Comment #98

    where exactly is the sweater from?

    amazing blog!

  99. Francesca Comment #99

    gorgeous! i am in love with your clutch and your sweater! :)

  100. lindsaylazar Comment #100

    I LOVE this outfit. Where is that sweater from? I think I need it…

  101. lindsaylazar Comment #101

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. jennyjk Comment #102

    i seriously think i almost fell out of my chair when i saw that bag.. thats the only thing i saw! its soooo gorgeous. i’m such a big hobo bag girl, did u ever have a problem of switching to small clutches?? how do i carry all my stuff??!!! :)


  103. Genie Comment #103

    I love how much the outfit and the clutch play off of each other! Like you said balance is key, but they really do complement one another in the best way.



  104. I'm Just Me Comment #104

    love the clutch chic look!!!
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  105. Plami Comment #105

    gorgeous look!



  106. D.C Comment #106

    Your style is amazing !!

  107. Elena Comment #107

    Wow i love your sweater and clutch!!!! Really nice style dear :)

    Take a look at my page:
    The Spotted Cherry Pie I will be really grateful :)

    Have a nice day!

  108. Alba Comment #108

    That clucth is soooo great!! :)


  109. Rocío Comment #109

    Love the look! So beutiful and chic!

  110. FashionFlirt Comment #110

    This outfit is absolutely amazing! And your bag is so unique! :)

    Check out our new post:


    xoxo, Jasmin

  111. Sarah Comment #111

    That clutch is AMAZING!!!

  112. Joana Sá Comment #112

    Hi dear
    I’ve nominated you on kreativ blogger award on my blog

    And the rules are:

    1. Link back the person that gave you this award;
    2. Answer the questions;
    3. Award 10 other blogers;
    4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  113. KATE Comment #113

    you look incredible!all the time, how you do that?!;D

  114. xJOLE Comment #114

    That clutch is ginormous! Amazing colour and print, though.


  115. Neijah Comment #115

    That bag. Those shoes. I love it all!



  116. theautumnissue.com Comment #116

    Love that clutch, the folded lines go well especially well with the drapey / folded edges of the sweater.


  117. www.myhautecloset.com Comment #117

    How about you take the new Celine for a spin in exchange for putting together some looks from my closet? Luvin’ this look. Effortless, yet still chic and wearable.


  118. Adie Andrews Comment #118

    Your bag is incredible amazing shape and amazing print. You just inspired me with this.
    Greets list your flat for 2012 Olympics

  119. Valentina Marzullo Comment #119

    really love this look! that clutch is amazing!<3

    I follow u right now, come to visit my blog ill be waiting for u :)


  120. AngieLoves Comment #120
  121. Sarah Comment #121

    where is the sweater from??? many people asked this but you do not answer :(

  122. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #122

    STUNNING clutch! So well combined! XO Rebecca


  123. Low Comment #123

    That clutch is a dream!! I love it so much! 

    XOXO from Spain!


  124. Lisa Comment #124

    You look great, and I want that clutch it’s just stunning! My life is currently all about WANTING!!!!



  125. luvvleighb Comment #125

    I am sooo loving that purse!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  126. LondonILoveYourLook Comment #126

    dope outfit. head to toe!!

  127. marina miouprincess Comment #127

    love the entire outfit! the clutch and heels are fabulous!

  128. Maria do Mar Comment #128

    Hi Jules! I completely love your blog, and your style. You are beautiful, and the way you combine your clothes fascinates me :) I used some of your photos in my blog, saying that by the way you dress, it could be me, since I identify me with it :) (http://1500-miles.blogspot.com/2012/01/de-como-podia-ser-eu.html) hope you don’t mind … If you do, let me know, and I immediately delete it. Thank you, Maria do Mar *

  129. umi Comment #129

    love the outfit!clutch’s color and shape is great!


  130. Brighton Comment #130

    ahhh that clutch is to die for! I love it!!! Random, but I love your smile in your photos – it’s so cute :)


  131. Alyson Comment #131

    WOW this clutch is amaaaaaazing. I swear, you can never look bad. You always look GORGEOUS! I love the jacket as well, the waterfall type detail of the jacket flows so beautifully.


  132. Lo Comment #132
  133. PODSZEWKA Comment #133

    so sexyyyyy<3

  134. cassie Comment #134

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. cassie Comment #135

    I love your sweater! Where is it from?

  136. Eve Comment #136

    super clutch

  137. MS Comment #137

    Hi Jules–
    Just discovered your post because of a little thing called Pinterest. haha All of your outfits are so major! Not to mention your ombre hair–love it. Thanks for providing me with such style inspiration!
    xoxo, Megan

    PS–Where on earth can I get that amazing jacket?


  138. Carol Comment #138

    perfect clutch, so your style! Love it, you look amazing dear

  139. local carpet cleaning service California Comment #139

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    You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

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