Finally breaking in these beauties that one of my bff’s gave me as a birthday gift!
Love the faded blue tip- swooon.

Update: Many of you asked if these were hard to walk in and the answer is yes-
They’re a lil too high and kinda scary to walk in but I think after wearing them
a lot, you’ll get used to the heel…or not.
I still laa-ve ‘em.

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  1. Lisa Comment #1

    Love the detail in the boots!



  2. Plami Comment #2

    These are gorgeous!



  3. Maryse Comment #3

    très belles bottines !


  4. Czeko Comment #4
  5. Habiba. J Comment #5

    They look amazing and the faded blue is gorgeous. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


  6. Cinja Comment #6

    aww they’re great!

  7. Steffy Comment #7


  8. Lisa Ann Comment #8

    What a nice friend you have!! These boots are so cool. I can’t wait to see them styled.
    ☮ Lisa Ann


  9. M.rolez Comment #9

    Love the boots !!
    so so chic !
    xoxo from spain love

  10. Julie Khuu Comment #10

    Aw she’s a beauty Jules! Love the fade…like last Fall’s Wang bootie in all the caramel chocolate tones…except those suckers were sooooo hard to walk in I put them back at the Barney’s sale before even attempting to make a round…hope these are wayyyy more comfy!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  11. Laura Comment #11

    Fantastic shoes! Love the blue accent :)



  12. Rachel Comment #12

    I adore those!

  13. Noush Comment #13

    Amazing shoes !!

  14. Laura Comment #14

    Awesome shoes!


  15. Gem Comment #15

    Ahhhhh they’re gorgeous!! The blue is amazing :)

    Gem x

  16. VintageDanielle Comment #16

    Oh they look so gorgeous, the blue front tip really makes it. I hope you’ll post a picture of you wearing the fab shoes!

  17. BRAD Comment #17

    It’s all in the details – ♥ these !

    These are gonna’ look amazing on you ☆

  18. Carolina Costas Comment #18
  19. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #19

    stunning pair!


  20. The Fancy Teacup Comment #20

    The gradient effect on those boots are surreal! Such a gem of a birthday present. x


  21. danielle Comment #21

    how the hell do you walk in shoes like these? that’s a talent i just don’t possess. they’re rad.

  22. Leira Zetroc Comment #22

    Wow, I have never seen anything like that blue faded tip! You get get DIY out of these fabulous boots!


  23. The New Look Comment #23

    those are the most beautiful shoes i have ever seen

  24. Jenna Hughes Comment #24

    *Wang you have the best best friend ever! these are gorgeous


  25. DaisyLine Comment #25

    I love love love those shoes! ;)

  26. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #26

    i die for these boots!!!!

    xx A


  27. Honorata Comment #27

    Beautiful present!


  28. Pretty Affair Comment #28

    these are fantastic!! Jules, you never ever dissapoint me :) i am always looking forward to your posts :) xox

  29. Kristen Lam Comment #29

    Your friend GAVE you that?! That is one AMAZING friend. Those shoes are beautiful, perfect amount of ombre touch, then again, Alexander Wang is a pure genius.


  30. london loves Comment #30

    OMG these are just WOW.

    London Last Night

  31. Romalo Comment #31

    Wooow!! great shoes!



  32. MrsLord Comment #32

    I swooned…amazing.


  33. Moloko + Honey Comment #33


    Moloko + Honey

  34. whimsicallittlethings Comment #34

    love these so much, especially the blue tip!!

  35. Marmalade Comment #35

    Very nice boot. The blue tint tip makes these for sure. Gorg xx http://www.mediamarmalade.com

  36. Kait Comment #36

    Those are stellar! I love them. x

  37. WearAbouts Comment #37

    those blue tips are AMAZING. you have a great bff! <3

  38. Grace Comment #38

    I’M swooning! Love the blue tip!!


  39. MARLEY SIMONE Comment #39

    I’ve been watching these for awhile! They are awesome!!!


  40. Ms.Fashionista Comment #40
  41. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #41

    I love these shoes. I have been lusting over these for a while. They look great!

  42. Collections Comment #42

    Love those shoes! I had been eyeing them myself but I could never walk in them.


  43. Dominique B. Comment #43

    Those shoes are divine! xx

    The Niknok Style

  44. Lola Comment #44

    love them in blue

    Style by Lola Jaro

  45. Ballerina'sBun Comment #45

    love your new boots ! they look stunning ! xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  46. Sandra D. Comment #46
  47. Peonie Comment #47

    Oh goodness! I want!

    One question: How comfortable are they?

    <3 P

    Cupcaking Around!

  48. CessOviedo Comment #48

    On hell of a gift! Your bff sure knows you!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  49. Alyson Comment #49

    Eeeeeek, such a gorgeous pair of shoes! LOVE the pop of blue in the toe!


  50. vanillachic Comment #50
  51. Evelyn Nelson Comment #51

    WHAT these look like they were dipped in blue steel. <3


  52. sharon lei Comment #52

    we’re shoe twins! except i have them in the gray fleece. does that make us fraternal twins, then? tee hee!

    i know this is long over due, but hau’oli la hanau, miss jules!! (happy birthday in hawaiian). by the looks of things, you’ve been busy and lookin’ fab while doing your thang.

    hope your week is going well!! kisses from hawaii.

    xx Love & Aloha

  53. Debby Comment #53

    I love the touch of blue!
    xoxo Debby

  54. SAMANTHA Comment #54

    umm AMAZING! wear them well :)


  55. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #55

    They are fantastic!!! XO Rebecca


  56. Lauren Comment #56

    oh loving the faded blue tip!
    Amazing boots!

  57. Imogen Chloe Comment #57

    omg wow, these shoes are pure perfection!
    Imogen x

  58. Domonique Wilson Comment #58

    Uber swoon…..hottest shoes I’ve seen in a while!



  59. pipa Comment #59


  60. HayleyMG Comment #60

    They look so comfy and casual! The kind of shoes that can make you look really good without trying too hard :)

    Hayley xx

  61. Prof. Dr. Skinny Bitch Comment #61
  62. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #62

    The boots is to die for! X


  63. Kookie B. Comment #63

    Hi, Jules! This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog. I’m a regular reader though.

    Just wanted to share that I also got myself the same pair of Constance boots (but I’m still waiting for the package to arrive). How are shoes when worn? I’ve read some reviews that the boots are really uncomfortable to wear but I was wondering if you had a different (more pleasing) experience with them? :)


  64. Michelle of Chellbellz Comment #64

    I love those, I’ve been eyeing them for so long! I couldn’t walk in them though but I love the amber color Ombre ones they have out too! THose are really fun! Can’t wait to see you style them! So happy I can finally comment on here. The firewall at work (shhh) wouldn’t let me.

  65. Kenzie Leigh Comment #65


  66. Marzena Comment #66

    God, God, God, God ! This shoes are awesome ! Love them so much ! Kiss x


  67. Jerrica Comment #67

    OOo So cool, what a friend!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  68. jas Comment #68
  69. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #69

    those boots are AMAZING. love.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  70. Marija_L Comment #70

    WoW they look so great!

  71. weasel Comment #71

    Wow, perfect!

  72. Nicole Comment #72

    those shoes are to die for, very nice friend you have there! The blue tips are such a beautiful pop of colour.

  73. Ilanka Verhoeven Comment #73


  74. Bravoe Runway Comment #74

    Those are gorgeous! You have an awesome and generous bff enjoy :)

  75. David Diaz Comment #75

    Gorgeous Heels!


  76. less.than.3.aidan Comment #76

    I def almost choked when I saw these shoes and no one was here to save me…. but it was well worth it seeing these shoes!!!


  77. Maria Comment #77

    I have Zara copies of these – I only wear them for photos unfortunately. Uncomfy as hell. The details of these are superb!

  78. Carol Comment #78

    love these shoes, big beauties ♥ great taste honey

  79. hermes bag outlet Comment #79

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