Party Details.

A few of my fave detail shots from my birthday party!
1. The tassel garland was a total DIY by my sister and I- despite being so time consuming and elaborate, it turned out so pretty!
The keep calm signage was a total complement to the garland!
2. These adorable photo props were made by my sister and bf! They’re so crafty!
3. My older sister put together this beautiful floral arrangement (plus a few others) as decor for the pastry/food table!
4. We had my fave!- Macaroons from none other than Bottega Louie.
5. Closer shot of the tassel garland that I’m excited to hang in my room now.
A huge, special thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for hosting such a pretty party for me and  for their hard work and time, as well as my older sister and her husband for being a big help in contributing with the food/decorations and their time and last but not least, my lovely bf, for helping in anything that we needed and making the cute photo props! Thank you guys, meant the world! Love you all to pieces.

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  1. Justalazymorning Comment #1

    amazing! sounds like you had a great party!!
    love your style girl, i follow you also on Instagram:)

  2. Honorata Comment #2

    Beautiful details!


  3. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #3

    everything looks so pretty! i bet you had an amazing bday party :)


    Fashion Fractions

  4. Miss Molly Comment #4

    it looks incredible. hope to see more pics soon!


  5. MONI Comment #5

    ooohhhh macarronssss and the flowersss lov these



  6. Fashion Tidbits Comment #6

    Happy belated birthday!xoxo

  7. ~Jeimy~ Comment #7

    awww everything looks great honey hope you had a wonderful birthday party



  8. Her Persona Comment #8
  9. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #9

    lovely details!


  10. Marta Merino Comment #10
  11. Ylenia {Ambitieuse} Comment #11

    I love it! seems like the decoration was lovely, happy birthday!

  12. Bang and Buck Comment #12

    amazing photos!! loving the garland. very spesh!


    Bang & Buck

  13. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #13

    Loving the decorations. Happy birthday! xx

  14. Domonique Wilson Comment #14

    Everything is so adorable…they done a fabulous job!I’m in love with that banner, hope yu had fun :)



  15. ♥Run With Fashion♥ Comment #15

    I looove the keep calm and party on sign!! SOOO AWESOME!! Love the tassel garland as well, so pretty!
    I also loove the photo props, HOW FUN!! :D! A very cute idea :)
    Love the pictures, enjoyed them and those macaroons look soo good!



  16. kaye Comment #16

    The photo props are just awesome. Hope you had a good night!!


  17. Raffles Bizarre Comment #17

    That garland is amazing!!


  18. Kate Comment #18

    Wow! The details are gorgeous! They should seriously consider becoming party planners! The banner and the garland are amazing!

  19. Brooke Shemwell Comment #19

    Love the tassles! So glam.

  20. blue october Comment #20

    gorgeous! xx

  21. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #21

    So sweet! Looks like a lovely party :)



  22. FAshiOnistA ErA Comment #22

    veryyy pretty!!!

  23. Ally Comment #23

    I love these tassel strands.. they seem to be the new IT thing! and those photo props are adorable and such a great idea! Hope you had an amazing birthday :)


  24. Brooke Shemwell Comment #24

    Can you give any tips on how to make the tassels? Love those!

  25. Natalie W Comment #25

    In love with those photo props!!

  26. Chloë Eve Comment #26

    The tassel on your wall are so much fun! Cute decorations.


  27. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #27

    These are so pretty! I love the garland! x

  28. Blush and Flats Comment #28

    love the tassel girland !

  29. DiamondsInMyCoffee Comment #29

    Gorgeous! I would love love to know how you guys made the tassel garland.

    Oh and Louie macarons are the best! Although have you ever tried ‘Lettes?? Very delicious as well.


  30. Sophie Loloi Comment #30
  31. David Diaz Comment #31

    So jealous of those Macaroons! :p


  32. leyla. Comment #32

    such a creative and crafty family! love every single thing. hope you had an amazing bday :)

  33. SAMANTHA Comment #33

    seriously you know how to party! this all looks fantastic, glad it was a great night! xo


  34. Leira Zetroc Comment #34
  35. Ballerina'sBun Comment #35

    Adorable party details ! Hope you had fun ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  36. Collections Comment #36

    such great party decorations and it’s even more amazing that your family made them!


  37. marblava Comment #37

    Amazing!! Beautiful party!


  38. hollypop Comment #38

    Gorgeous tassels! I love the props on a stick too.. adorable! The effort your fam put in to your birthday is so lovely. Oh and Happy(belated) Birthday!

  39. index Comment #39
  40. john Comment #40

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  42. florist Comment #42

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