the Americana at Brand.

( the final ad in Los Angeles magazine- love the cute layout!)
So excited to share this shoot!
Back in December, I had the absolute pleasure of working with one of my most favorite places- the Americana at Brand (which is a complete one-stop shop/dine/entertainment outdoor
shopping mall in Glendale, CA)  The ad campaign which comes out every month features one of their favorite local tastemakers where they spend a whole day at the Americana shopping and eating at their favorite places while sharing what they love most about the Americana! I was lucky- and flattered, to be chosen to be a part of this super fun campaign for the month of January. We visited and shopped at some of my fave stores like Barney’s CO OP, Free People, Madewell, Sephora, H&M and ate a delicious italian sandwhich at Deluca’s while being photographed.
I had such an amazing time spending the whole day at the Americana and getting to know such inspirational team of women behind this project.
The shoot was shot by the super talented and sweet Jennifer Young whose cute blog you can find here.
Definitely planning on working with Jen again since I LOVED her work- hii Jen!
Thank you to the Americana for making me a part of this campaign…and a special thank you to
the lovely Haewan Addis for putting it together, Jennifer for shooting such amazing shots and the genius Cleo Murane for being the creative force behind it and everyone else involved.
Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Anuki Comment #1

    The boots are very very very beautiful!!!


  2. sammi burley (chase.dakota) Comment #2
  3. DaisyLine Comment #3

    this dress on second photo is beautiful! :)

  4. Rachel Phipps Comment #4

    I adore that first dress you looked at!

  5. Michelle's Style File Comment #5

    Looks like so much fun and LOOOOOVE your booties.


  6. Miss Oh' Comment #6

    Your shoes are beautiful,
    love the understated color and buckles ..
    Great pics :)


  7. BlondeMuse Comment #7

    I love your shoes in the first photo. xo

  8. themannikin Comment #8

    super cute photos! congrats on the offer girl! xx

  9. Song Anh Comment #9

    You look so lovely here! What an awesome this shoot this is! Did you also lighten your hair? It looks so pretty and almost has a hint of purple!

  10. ASZIYA Comment #10

    like a real model!!

  11. marimorena Comment #11

    You look great! Beautiful shooting!
    The layout of the article is very nice, everything is very clear and with lots of photographs!

    Love the grey laced boots!

  12. Two Happy Hearts Comment #12

    so much fun!!!
    you look adorable, as always 😉

  13. Be Comment #13

    the shoes are AMAZING! from where are they?


    • Mini Comment #14

      Dolce Vita “Wyatt” 😉

  14. lilly lia Comment #15

    Jules I really want you to know that your Blog definetely is one of my three favourites. You look gorgeous and I love that you tell us so much about your days underneath the amazing pictures :) xx Lilly

  15. GiGi Reed Comment #16

    LOVE your spread in the magazine. You look great, as always. P.S. That anthro skirt looks AMAZING on you! :)

  16. The Fancy Teacup Comment #17

    What a super fun project to be part of! The photography is excellent, and you look lovely and that you had a truly wonderful time. x

  17. pipa Comment #18

    Great post!

  18. Honorata Comment #19

    Good job!Congratulations!!

  19. Naina Comment #20

    Oh my lord you look absolutely AMAZING, and I’m not just saying that. Your hair is perfection, love the ombred look of it… so gorgeous.

  20. Sheree Comment #21

    very cute shoot..congrats!

  21. Hazardous Area Comment #22

    That orange/brown dress rocks!

  22. Style Footprints Comment #23

    oh i lov ethis skirt – such lovely colours.
    Them boots are lovely too. great post :)

  23. Collections Comment #24

    This looks SO awesome and you look absolutely stunning. I love Madewell and who doesn’t love some barneys :)


  24. Vibeke Comment #25

    Fun with shopping-pictures :)

  25. MrsLord Comment #26

    How fun!!! These photos came out amazing too, love it!


  26. Carolina Costas Comment #27

    Wow…congrats!!! Love the pictures and the skirt, you’re so pretty 😉


  27. Marmalade Comment #28

    amazing shoes and skirt. Love them both xx

  28. Oana Comment #29

    the boots are absolutely lovely where are they from if you don’t mind me asking?

  29. Meagan Comment #30

    omg i want your skirt!!!! so cute! where from??!?!?
    xox Meagan

  30. Bravoe Runway Comment #31

    What an amazing experience, getting photographed while doing your favorite things…shopping and dining :) Enjoy your new purchases and I love your skirt!

  31. Kate Comment #32

    Oh my gosh, those booties are GORGEOUS! Who/what are they? The whole ad looks amazing!

  32. Ivânia Santos Comment #33

    Fantastic!!!! Lovely first pic <333


  33. luvvleighb Comment #34

    How fun! I love Madewell! I am so excited we now have on in our mall!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  34. Jelisaveta Djukanovic Comment #35

    Beautiful photos and beautiful blog! Can you pls tell me which camera do you use? :)

  35. Oana Comment #36

    where are those boots from?

  36. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #37

    Oh, the article turned out cute!
    You look super cute in the first pic! What better could a girl do than go shopping? :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  37. Under the Fluorescents Comment #38

    the shoot turned out so well! i love that camel dress you held up, Madewell?

  38. Satin And Salt Comment #39

    I love how many amazing opportunities come your way! That’s so great!


  39. Grace Comment #40

    love this! I love the americana (was there like everyday the past weekend) as I was raised in that hood. It looks like you had a lot of fun with the shoot :)

  40. devil's in the detail. Comment #41

    that skirt is absolutely gorgeous – especially paired with the colour of that jumper

  41. walking dot photography Comment #42

    So fun! :) Also, btw, I’m kinda-sorta-really lusting after your shoes!

  42. SAMANTHA Comment #43

    wait I’m so excited to see this congrats!! that’s awesome.

  43. Camille Beaudet Comment #44

    this is so cool. i would love to do that.


  44. Laura Comment #45

    You look beautiful


  45. Andrea Clare Comment #46

    I want the skirt you are wearing in the shots! So pretty and classy!

  46. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #47

    congrats, love the ad and your skirt!


  47. MICHELLE Comment #48

    Fantastic shots! You look great!

  48. Cinja Comment #49

    wow really cool! it turned out really nice, congrats

  49. Ana Degenaar Comment #50

    So amazing!

  50. Amandine.M Comment #51

    I love it! you look gorgeous!

  51.  Ms. Allee Comment #52

    Love your skirt!*
    The pictures came out great!*


  52. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #53

    that first picture is mesmerizing! you are such a beauty Jules, and deserve all the attention you are getting for your amazing blog

  53. Prim and Pimp Comment #54

    great outfit! where is the skirt from…I am obsessed with it


  54. Coralie Comment #55

    Love your shoes and the camel dress! :)

  55. EJC Comment #56

    i love the Americana. I used to work there so its like home to me. You look amazing!

    Follow me at

    I’m a local girl


  56. evanescent Comment #57

    love that you get to go shopping so much, i’m very jealous!

  57. ... Comment #58

    Jules, the pictures are from LA or San Francisco?? the weather looks so nice!

  58. Ballerina'sBun Comment #59

    Wow super cute photographs ! You look so beautiful ! Xx nadine

  59. Ylenia {Ambitieuse} Comment #60

    wow you look gorgeous, and that skirt is amazing!

  60. charity victoria Comment #61

    are you telling me that you got paid to shop and eat? dream job! 😉

    you look gorgeous as always, very fun outfit. xoxo

  61. Sarah Swell Jewelry Comment #62

    What a great feature! Looking lovely as always!

  62. Sm!Le Comment #63

    you look great!! And the shopping is always the best thing which the girls want to do

  63. toopoorforcouture Comment #64

    you look lovely!! quite the model!

  64. toopoorforcouture Comment #65

    You look lovely! quite the model!

  65. Allison Young Comment #66

    Awesome photos and I love the Americana. It is a great place to walk around!

  66. FJ Comment #67

    I’m jealous you know.

  67. Ms.Fashionista Comment #68

    So cute!! Madewell is the best! Can’t wait to see what you got 😉



  68. Chatelaine Leigh Comment #69

    Amaze balls. Congrats to you on all of your endeavors! I would love to spend a day in your heels, however I do vow to be a hot fashion blogger like you one day soon. You look fab as per usual!

  69. Hannah Comment #70

    Congrats girl! You deserve it!

  70. Marie Comment #71

    Love the dress of the second picture ^^

  71. Sarah Comment #72

    Love those booties! Who are they by?!
    xo Sarah

  72. AiRene A. Comment #73

    are you wearing a dress or a skirt? otherwise I love the pattern and color! and it also matches with your sweater blouse top!

    Style Ko by airene

  73. Catalina Comment #74

    I love love love love all the photos on this post!! Actually I love your blog <3


    Visit my blog!!

    Visit my blog!!

  74. leyla. Comment #75

    every girl’s dream, isn’t it?! i’ve recently discovered jen’s blog and i just love her photography.

  75. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #76

    congrats!! this is awesome, such a cute shoot!

    xx A

  76. comfysopha Comment #77

    Where did you get your sweater? It’s adorable!

  77. Joana Comment #78

    You look great! ♥
    Giveaway – LOVE dress

  78. David Diaz Comment #79

    These photos are amazing!


  79. Kerri Comment #80

    I absolutely love your blog, you have great style! Where is the orange dress shown above from??

  80. Kerri Comment #81

    I absolutely love your blog, you have great style! Where is the orange dress shown above from??

  81. Sandra D. Comment #82

    You look so beautiful! Great post! Congrats! :-)

    Sandra D.

  82. Peonie Comment #83

    You are so blessed to get so many opportunities to do fun things like this related to fashion! It’s my dream to do what you do one day! Love the taupe shoes!


    Cupcaking Around!

  83. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #84

    This is such a great post! Love your skirt

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  84. Dylana Suarez Comment #85

    Giiiiiiiiiiirl this is freaking awesome! I am so proud of you!


  85. Genie Comment #86

    That first dress you’re holding is amazing! I really like the color of the green sweater as well, a very unique hue.


  86. Song of Style Comment #87

    look at that booty in the first pic…
    love you <3

  87. Her Persona Comment #88
  88. Suzanne Comment #89

    This shoot is cute! I love love love your skirt

  89. Be Comment #90

    so, anyone knows from where are those boots? ;P

  90. 3Wildxx Comment #91

    Your hair is amazinggggggggggg!!!


  91. Laetitia Comment #92

    You look great in those pics!

  92. Comment #93

    Love these images! You look like you’re having a ball!


  93. Katrina Comment #94

    that is really awesome! you look lovely

    xo katrina

  94. Carolina Krews Comment #95

    your blog is amazing! love it!



  95. Shannon Comment #96

    I really love the shoes in the first picture and these are such great photos!

  96. Seeking Style Comment #97

    That’s so cool! I love going to the Americana! :)

    xo Jennifer

  97. Jennifer Young Comment #98

    You’re amazing! So glad we got to meet and work together–really looking forward to seeing you again soon!
    Thanks for linking me, love!

  98. CaraLucile Comment #99

    love the first photo!!you look great :)

  99. Comment #100

    Where where where is that ahmazing skirt from? Dying for the colors! Kudos on the collab w Americana! Glendale feels so far from Weho maybe I should check it out. Anyway you look gorg & do tell where you get your haircut? Idk is it me or are good stylists a bit hard to come by in L.A.?

  100. Julie Comment #101

    ooooh, that dress you are holding is beautiful! love the colour and the pleats!

  101. Jacy Comment #102

    obsesssssedddd with those suede booties!! major. and also with that pleated dress – so gorgeous.


  102. Ali Comment #103

    i was lucky enough to go here in january last year! its a great shopping atmosphere!