A couple of my favorite current things that I was so lucky to get over the weekend:
1. Fresh colorful bundle of flowers from the local farmer’s market in L.A.
i love having fresh flowers around the house especially in my room; keeps the rooms looking
pretty while smelling like spring!
2. A gift box of eight delicious Vanilla Macarons from Ladurée that made it’s way all the way from NYC…Lucky me! Thank you Olga!
i’ve been a huge fan of macarons and although they’re pricey, i still try to indulge every time 
i go to bottega louie- vanilla + mocha are my top faves.
What’s are some of your current fave things? why?
p.s trying to experiment more with my posts/photos…I’ve always loved writing on photos so I thought i’d start doing that on some of mine, let me know if you guys are digging it or not?
Send suggestions too!

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  1. Miss Molly Comment #1

    i didnt even know there was a laduree in NYC. definitely digging the writing on the photos!



  2. Glamour-cheap Comment #2

    Hummm les macarons!

  3. Ms.S Comment #3

    I also love the smell of flowers in my room and vanilla.. :-) I know it’s so girly.

    I think writing on photos is cute. I like it. sometimes I do that too, to some of my photos :-)


  4. Ballerina'sBun Comment #4

    Mhh macaroons ! Fresh flowes and treats make my day !xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  5. Carolina Costas Comment #5
  6. VALERIE WANG Comment #6

    omg i’m soooooo jealous!!!u got macarons from laduree!!!!aww enjoy them!



  7. MONI Comment #7

    caramel macarronns yummm


  8. Val - A Cleaner Closet Comment #8

    Laduree macarons are some of my favorite things in the world – they’re definitely a worthwhile indulgence! The writing on your photos looks great!


  9. Jennifer Comment #9

    those flowers are so pretty! x

  10. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #10

    so sweet post!


  11. Rachel Comment #11

    Those vanilla macaroons look amazing, I have not been to Laudree in ages, lucky you for getting them all the way from NYC!

  12. Despina T. Comment #12

    oh i love macaroons :) beautiful photos.

  13. Kristel Louisa Comment #13

    Those macaroons are tempting! Love the lovely packaging.

    en la moda

  14. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #14

    The macaroons looks yummy! X


  15. pipa Comment #15

    Beautiful flowers:)

  16. Her Persona Comment #16
  17. Lottie Comment #17

    I love fresh flowers too–they make me smile every time I see them.

    And macarons are amazing although my husband doesn’t like them which is a shame–but it it means more for me, which is kind of a win win.

  18. La Petite Olga Comment #18

    Macarons and flowers perfect things to be happy!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  19. wesaidyesandmovedaway Comment #19

    they look delish!!i gotta try next time i go to nyc!
    and yes,keep writing!

  20. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #20

    Fresh flowers always make life seem that little touch more amazing :)



  21. Oh Sunnie Day Comment #21

    Those macarons look delish!!



  22. Ksu Comment #22

    I am obsessed with fresh flowers around the house! Love these pics and I like the writing on it. U have an amazing ideas, very creative mind and excellent sense of style! Thank you for sharing!
    xx K

  23. Mini Comment #23

    I like that you write on photos!


  24. Pamela Garland Comment #24

    i like it!! gives a special very you touch on every photo. just to keep things different from time to time.

  25. Nelli Comment #25

    I really like the writing on your photos.
    Cute pictures. Love your blog

  26. Bola (Lilac Dreams) Comment #26

    I am currently loving blogging (since I just started). It’s a fun, new way to express myself.

    I am currently also enjoying going for more walks now that the Canadian winter is hopefully over and the sun is finally making an appearance again.

    I like the writing on the pics.

    Check out my blog at:

  27. Andrea Clare Comment #27

    i love the packaging of the macaroon! So pretty!


  28. Cara Comment #28

    I am loving the writing, you are good at adding them so that they don’t take away from the photo but add interest…I’m digging it!
    xo Cara

  29. Alice Comment #29

    beautiful photos:) i really love your blog and your style is so inspiring i would love to see your apartment (obsessed with interior design;P)

  30. Marina y Brais Comment #30

    so sweet!

  31. VintageDanielle Comment #31

    I’m seeing macaroons everywehere but have not tried one yet. Right now, I’m into banana peanut butter shakes, not straightening my hair, and my riding black boots :)

  32. Lisa Ann Karst Comment #32

    I’ve been busy in photoshop some myself. I’m teaching myself how to make a gif. I think adding notes to your photos gives them a little extra sometimes. Plus, if I am in a hurry, and I only have time to browse the photos there is still some context to them.

    I’ve been blogging for sometime now, do you any suggestion on gaining exposure? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me on my blog. Thanks.

    ☮ Lisa Ann


  33. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #33

    That bouquet of flowers looks SO pretty! xo Nikki

  34. Sheel Comment #34

    Hi Jules,
    I love your blog and visit it every morning w my cup of joe!

    Right now I am loving air diffusers (you know, the little bottles of scented oil with those sticks in it), they just make any room smell amazing. I keep on in my bathroom and in my bedroom. Idea: I may have to blog about that!

    Another thing I am in love with is anything lace. I am looking into making a lace scarf.

    Check me out at:

  35. Stephanie Pulos Comment #35

    Diggin the experiment! Love the texts


  36. AmyArisse. Comment #36

    Those macarons are the most delicious I’ve ever seen!


    xx Amy.

  37. Jess Comment #37

    a single Calla Lily in my mercury candlestick holder turned vase…and oatmeal cranberry walnut cookies. :-) writing on pictures is so much fun.

    check out my laid back Oscar Sunday and Melrose flea market finds. xx


  38. GRACE Comment #38

    writing on your photos is such a great way to share your thoughts or your story with all of us. it’s such a wonderful idea~


  39. The Gambrel Family Comment #39

    love the writing on the photos!

    A few of my favorite things right now:
    fun nail polish

  40. WearAbouts Comment #40

    vanilla macarons are so delish. those look like top qaulity! :)
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  41. Amy Comment #41

    My current favorites also include fresh flowers form the Farmers’ Market! I buy mine on Fridays in downtown where I work, and then in Brentwood on Sundays after my run. There’s no better way to cheer up one’s mood (or room) than fresh flowers!

    I am also in love with crop pants this season. It’s still a bit chilly in LA, but I can’t wait to start wearing them when it warms up – I’ve been stocking them this month and am excited to finally have some color in my closet!

    That and Zee Avi’s new cd pretty much sums my “love it!” list.


  42. Kwin Khieng Comment #42

    beautiful. i love the idea of strolling to a nearby farmers market and picking up a fresh of bouquet. pretty things can brighten any room. text on pic is pretty dope as well.

  43. Lialottta Comment #43

    ooooh macarons <3

  44. Lela Comment #44

    Laduree wins my blogging heart every time. Le sigh. <3

    (I’d love if you checked out my fashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)

  45. The Vintage Scene Comment #45

    They look more like advertisements from the actual company than from your creative point of view. A photo without words allows your reader to conceptualize. These photographs have become more commercial and less about art.

  46. everYOURS everMINE Comment #46

    I’ve never ate macarons!!!! Can you believe it?¿! I’ll be in Paris in a couple of weeks, should I visit ladurée?¿ 😀

  47. DawnieP Comment #47

    yum! my favourite things are probably new stationery and new coffee flavours. nyom!



  48. amalie Comment #48

    mm, so nice x

  49. Ms.Fashionista Comment #49

    mmmm those macarons look amaze!



  50. Collections Comment #50

    Those macaroons look good. I’ve never had them and I live in NYC!


  51. Regina Comment #51

    Lovely photos those flowers are gorge!


  52. Avi Comment #52

    Roses. I love roses in my room ;3 and also my ipod. It is my life, i need to hear music always.


  53. all we have is now Comment #53

    I quite like the typographic approach here, it gives the whole post a more personal touch.
    I look up to Shini’s blog (Park+Cube) for advanced graphics, she uses the coolest effects!xx

  54. alliecroza Comment #54

    I am loving it! I also love wiring on the photos. How are you doing it? Looks like it could be by hand? Do you have a writing tablet? Please fill me in!

  55. Macarons and McQueen Comment #55

    I love the macarons from LaDuree! I literally go there every weekend!


  56. Kristen Lam Comment #56

    I just had my first Laduree macarons the other day, and I got a whole bunch of flavors. The rose water one was especially NOMZ.


  57. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #57

    awww..Macarons are amazing!
    And everybody loves flowers! Such simple but beautiful things to lighten up the day 😀

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  58. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #58

    Beautiful photos!!!

    Kisses Nana from Brazil..

  59. Dressed4Success Comment #59

    OHHH!! Nice pic!*
    Hi girl,

    I follow you in instagram, LOVE your style!! Follow me like me to you!;)



    Clodet Illustrations


  60. delia Comment #60

    I love picking up Lucky each month and pretty mini dresses with cute sandals. I’m definitely a spring/summer girl :)


    Ps. Yes love the writing on photos.

  61. Kristina Comment #61

    mmh, yeeees, macarons are incredible!! laduree is a must visit when in Paris, love it there!!!

  62. very highbrow Comment #62

    you gotta love that laduree packaging.

  63. Coffee and Cigarettes Comment #63

    Love your blog!
    Maybe you can do like one hour, a picture, in order to show us your life. Some pictures of things that surronded you. Or 24h in your life.
    Well I would like it!


  64. Stella Comment #64

    I love the new writing on the posts! What program do you use to do that?

  65. Shamini Comment #65

    yummy macarons !!