Downtown Lovin’.

 Jacket: Zara (cool ones here and here // Leather tee: gifted Joie // Dress worn as skirt: Jil Stuart // Heels: Pierre Hardy // Bag: gifted ASOS // Shades: Ray Ban
I wore this dress to my college (F.I.D.M) graduation two years ago and sadly it’s 
been hanging in my closet collecting dust ever since.
As much as I’ve tried to wear it to events, I always put it back in the hanger because it just doesn’t feel like the “appropriate” time to wear it. Although you can’t see the full dress because I wore my leather tee over it, the detailing on the upper body is so pretty (i’ll show you guys the full dress on a different occasion). To make it more simple and wearable, I layered it with the leather tee + motorcycle jacket- this way it’s more daytime appropriate! 
*Challenge yourself to pull out one of your fancy dresses and layer it to dress it down
 and make it more suitable for the day! 
Happy weekend!


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  1. Kaśq. Comment #1

    beautiful, I love your bag!

  2. Hilal Comment #2

    lovely outfit. the leather jacket is gorgeous!


  3. sonia Comment #3

    Ha ha … i think i`ll be the first to comment today :-) just want to say that i never saw a post of yours where i thought… hummmm i don`t like…. i think you are absolutly stunning, always beautiful!!!!

  4. Miss Molly Comment #4

    really love this look Jules, you wear those shoes so well too


  5. Lust and Lipgloss ♥ Comment #5

    I love the dress and your blog! :)


  6. Noush Comment #6

    I love your dress !

  7. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #7

    Absolutely beautiful & stunning heels..! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  8. Sher Comment #8

    Oh I wanna see the whole dress!!! Seriously cute heels too:)

  9. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #9

    great pictures, as usual! love it!


  10. Su. Comment #10

    Love your look! and super cute bag!

  11. Laura Comment #11

    Love this look! That jacket is fantastic!



  12. eloiselabetise Comment #12

    Your jacket, your shoes and your bag are amazing! xxx


  13. Marmalade Comment #13

    amazing bag. Love it, what a fab gift x


  14. Ángeles Madrid Comment #14

    Un look genial!
    Un besito.


  15. Honorata Comment #15

    Great outfit!!!Love the white jacket and leather tee!


  16. Ecem Akar Comment #16

    nice look loved it.

  17. casper+pearl Comment #17

    ah I love your blog so much!
    so glad i just found it! your hair is amazing.

  18. Nikki Comment #18

    Beautiful outfit, love the bag!! Xx

  19. pipa Comment #19


  20. Shantal Mode Comment #20

    Me chifla tu estilo, y tu pelo ni que decir.

    Un besote, Shantal Mode.

  21. Morgane Melo Comment #21

    Sorry for my English, I’m French, and it’s known, French are not the best in English :)
    I love this look, here it’s still cold and this outfit makes me feel like a spring!
    Your blog is so great, I discovered some time ago and I will return soon!

  22. Laura Comment #22

    You look awesome !!!


  23. Dominique B. Comment #23

    So pretty! Love the bag! xx

    The Niknok Style

  24. Resty Comment #24

    Very nice look indeed:)


  25. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #25

    You look lovely as always :) I adore that leather blouson! so chic! xo Nikki

  26. Blond Muffin Comment #26

    so stylish dress

  27. C A T H Comment #27

    really liking your leopard tote Jules! this is such a modern and fresh outfit look for the day. I would really love to see the details of the upper part of the dress :) I think the idea of you dressing it down with the leather jacket and a few candy arm colours is great. at least, the dress is not getting all dusty 😀 (and it becomes part of a look that inspires many readers too)

    Style Hostess

  28. Kimberly Comment #28

    This is such a great idea – definitely will give it a try…thanks for the inspiration!


  29. Carolina Costas Comment #29
  30. Collections Comment #30

    Gorgeous. I love that jacket.


  31. WearAbouts Comment #31
  32. Domonique Wilson Comment #32

    Love the thought of dressing down a really formal dress, I think I’ll take your challenge on :) this outfit is just perfection!


  33. Natalie Suarez Comment #33



  34. Oh Sunnie Day Comment #34

    I love your dress! It’s so chic!!



  35. CessOviedo Comment #35

    I’m glad your dress got a day out, it’s really pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  36. Hannah Comment #36

    I love the animal print on your tote!


  37. Tina Comment #37
  38. Tiana Comment #38

    that jacket. so beautiful.
    tiana of l’esthetique

  39. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #39

    lovely heels!


  40. Cleome Comment #40

    those shoes are so cute. x you look amazing.


  41. Annie Comment #41

    such a easy and comfy looking outfit. that bag is simply adorable and everything works really well together.
    X, Annie

  42. Alice Comment #42

    this is a great idea to wear fancy dress for the day and i love your cheetah bag


  43. Alyson Comment #43

    Looks stunning, I love the simple palette of black white and grey. I also love how you mix leather and leather, looks great!


  44. Asher Comment #44

    Love, love, LOVE this look!

  45. RaspberryBlonde Comment #45

    great outfit!

  46. VintageDanielle Comment #46

    You never dissapoint. I love reading your blog in the morning because your photos gives me some inspiration as to what should I wear for the day :)

  47. Coralie Comment #47

    The bag and the shoes are soooo beautiful! :)

    Taste of Coconut

  48. Sabine Comment #48

    Layering often comes in so handy! Great combination!


  49. Carrie Comment #49

    I’ve been doing that a lot lately! Actually, you’ve kinda been my inspiration. Ok you have been. Layering more girly pieces with a more casual piece is what I’ve been doing a lot lately.

    Style in the City

  50. M. Comment #50

    what a good idea. i have some bedazzled prom dresses that i’m breaking out this week.

    jk… they’re not bedazzled, but I will try this!

  51. GRACE Comment #51

    love your jacket & wedges. super chic look~


  52. Ballerina'sBun Comment #52

    Omg i love the bag ! Is it still available at asos? By the way you look amazing ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  53. White Girl Wizdom Comment #53

    I love your look(s) – in general. You are a cutie pie! The more posts the better!

    check my blizzy blog if you get a chance…

    I’ve linked to you, hopefully that is cool. Cheers!

  54. ROS.E. Comment #54

    Your style is always so inspiring to me!
    you are gorgeous!
    xxx Ros.e.


  55. SAMANTHA Comment #55

    those shoes are so sick.


  56. Lisa Ann Comment #56

    I went to FIDM too! I think a graduated two years ago as well. HA HA. LIfe is such a blur.

    Disappointed that we never met,
    Lisa Ann


  57. KeyKey Comment #57

    You are so amazing! <3!!!

  58. Lary Mello Comment #58

    loved your dress and bag!
    you look amazing!!!

  59. Jess Comment #59
  60. Viv Comment #60

    so classic cool, you wear everything so effortlessly!


  61. pink horrorshow Comment #61

    Oof, those shoes! LOVE.

  62. Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy Comment #62

    Dear Jules,
    I LOVE your style. You are my favourite!

  63. Marina y Brais Comment #63

    oh my god,love the jacket!
    and the bag are very special.
    x x x x

  64. indie by heart Comment #64

    Great look! Love the bag ^^

    – Indie by Heart

  65. Taylor Comment #65

    gorgeous outfit! love the skirt!

  66. Rocks Paper Metal Comment #66

    Seriously love all your bracelets. Makes the outfit feel fun and layed back.


  67. A Comment #67

    you look great!
    from what i can see of your dress, it looks pretty cool!
    i love how you added a white leather jacket over the black and gray….looks very interesting

    those are some awesome sandals you’re rocking there!

    challenge accepted!! 😀

    have a great weekend!


  68. DawnieP Comment #68

    This is a fabulous look. I love those shoes and your bracelet, total fashion jealousy happening here! lol


  69. FASHIONFED Comment #69

    I love the challenge! I have dresses that I just don’t know how to wear again and this was really helpful, thanks!

    please check it out!

  70. Rachel Comment #70

    Wow, that’s awesome that you went to FIDM. I first discovered that school as a freshman high school student in WI and vowed to go there one day. Sadly it didn’t work out. What did you major in?


  71. umi Comment #71

    your layering is always great and inspired me.


  72. bogoosha Comment #72

    Your style is just amazing! i am soooo impressed! BIG WOW!!!

  73. romans-122.com Comment #73

    Love this Zara jacket! I looove when they go on sale for like 20 bucks. Those are the best.

  74. Shamini Comment #74

    gorgeous heels !

  75. Marzena Comment #75

    Love this look ! You’re perfect ! kiss x


  76. Lottie Comment #76

    I did this on Friday–have a red silk floaty dress and layered a black jumper over the top and a trench and it was perps perfect daytime attire and it had the added perk of making feel a bit like a ballerina all day. I love the leather tee–need one of those in my wardrobe!

  77. lilyc. Comment #77

    i have such a girl crush on you! I love your style and your photos are so inspiring—I always look forward to your posts.



  78. conmibolsoacuestas Comment #78

    I love your blog