Insta-Jules: NYC

Just got back today from NYC from an adventurous weekend in the Big COLD Apple!
Here’s a quick small recap of just a few things I was up to via my Instagram.
Hope you enjoy!
ps: Have to sort through all my photos so hang in there and my regular posting
will continue!

 Thank you all for all your sweet words and everyone who tuned in to watch the Polyvore Live streamed show on Monday! Did you guys see me? You can still watch it here.

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  1. welcome to my jungle Comment #1

    The photos are great. Loving your red shoes!

    – Dani


  2. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #2

    How cool! Enjoy yout rime in NY!



  3. glitzerglitzer Comment #3

    The sneak peak looks very promising, I’m so looking forward to the rest… the more the merrier! I had planned a trip to NY over the next weekend, but had to cancel it, so now I am relying on you to show me how awesome it was. xoxo, Dani from glitzerglitzer.com

  4. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #4

    You look adorable!


  5. Honorata Comment #5

    Can’t wait for more pics!!!


  6. alexsandra g. Comment #6

    Love it! You looked so good in the fashion show :)


  7. Bleinch Comment #7

    Lovely pictures!!!

  8. --- Comment #8

    Pink Shoes are very cute.

  9. Joy Comment #9

    Really cool insta-Jules again! Love it!

  10. Miss Molly Comment #10

    these are lovely instagram snaps Jules, looks like you had a fab trip!


  11. Estherina Comment #11
  12. Megan Solla Comment #12

    awh, you did so well. i think you did the best. you looked like you were having fun and were the most confident, like a natural. there’s just no limit for you. bravo, hun!!

  13. LoveE ♥ Comment #13

    I did see it, it was so cool! And love these pics, looks like you had such a good time :)


  14. Lisa Ann Comment #14

    Great snaps! Make me want to go back to NYC for a little fashion and fun.
    ☮ Lisa Ann


  15. Allison Young Comment #15

    love these photos! you look fabulous.


  16. marimorena Comment #16

    Love the pink shoes!!!!
    Lovely pics!
    I’ve already seen them in Istagram! 😉

  17. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #17

    you looked great on the catwalk! love the NY photos :)


    Fashion Fractions

  18. Fatima Comment #18

    Such beautiful photographs, NY looks absolutely breathtaking! <3

  19. Karolina Baszak Comment #19

    You look amazing <3

  20. Nes Comment #20
  21. Romalos Comment #21

    Estoy enganchadísima a tu blog y a tu estilo!
    No me pierdo ni un solo post!



  22. Marina y Brais Comment #22

    Oh sweeeet!
    love NY so much!

  23. Marta Comment #23

    Oh, I love NYC!

  24. Lottie Comment #24

    How this makes me want to go back to New York–I have so much I need to explore.

    Hope it wasn’t too cold although you seem to deal with the cold by looking effortlessly stylish–while i on the other hand look like a fiver year old who has put on everything they own.

  25. sandra Comment #25

    hola !! acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha gustado mucho ! te sigo desde ya :) ! espero te pases por http://elarmariodemimejoramiga.blogspot.com/ y me des tu opinión !! besitos :)

  26. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #26

    Great instagram shots <3 X


  27. Ida-Jessica Comment #28

    Great post!
    I didn’t know about Polyvore Live so I missed it! But I’m sure you were amazing as usual :-)


  28. Ángeles Madrid Comment #29

    Me encantan las fotos!
    Un beso.


  29. Collections Comment #30

    Yay NYC! You look gorgeous per usual.


  30. TealNotes Comment #31

    i saw you on the polyvore streamed show. you were fabulous :) loved the way your hair was styled for the show as well :) xo

  31. sara l Comment #32

    beautiful shots ! i just love instagram

  32. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #33

    adorable captures!


  33. modern Suburbanites Comment #34
  34. one girl, one blog Comment #35
  35. VintageDanielle Comment #36

    Inspiring photos! You look like a natural born New Yorker :)

  36. Anca Comment #37

    Beautiful pictures, I feel like they totally captured the feel of NYC. Can’t wait to see more 😀

    Coralista’s Blog

  37. Laura Comment #38

    Nice post girl !!! Love it


  38. Noush Comment #39

    I love NY

  39. Lisa Comment #40

    Can we trade lives for a day please? It’s nice to look at this and think I might end up there one day.


  40. Sheel Comment #41

    The polyvore fashion show was great! You looked like a natural on that catwalk. :) Makes me wanna re-visit NYC…too bad I’m all the way in sunny San Diego. (wait…I really shouldn’t complain, it’s gorgeous here.)


  41. Kelli Comment #42

    I love your hot pink shoes! Looks like you had an incredible time.


  42. Cara Comment #43

    great shots, love the one of you ladies hailing a cab!

    Well done in the fashion show, it was so fun to see so many familiar faces killing it down the runway!

    xo Cara

  43. Leira Zetroc Comment #44

    This all looks so fun! NY must have been soo much different for you…I still can’t get over how amazing your turquoise fur coat and magenta shoes look together!

    Oh my gosh, I totally agree with your statement:

    “Experimenting with brands that generally aren’t associated with the style you wear most is an incredible way to challenge yourself, test your comfort zone, and push the limits of your creative vision.”


  44. AmyArisse. Comment #45

    I like your style!
    great pictures.


    xx amy.

  45. STYLE LATTE Comment #46

    just saw you on polyvore! you were amazing!
    i also love your insta jules :)


  46. ax_ELLE Comment #47

    I loved those pink shoes, saw them on Twitter. ♥-Axelle


  47. Tara India Comment #48

    Those photos are beautiful and inspiring. Making me want to go to the Big Apple now.. xox


  48. Zweiteiler Comment #49

    amazing impressions! I love the photo you´re hailing cabs.


  49. Karoline Kalvø Comment #50

    Love the photos of your trip. I want to go to NY too. Looks like a dream!

    Kisses from Norwegian model, blogger and student

  50. Raquel Comment #51

    Yay! Julie I STILL LOVE reading your blog! Miss ya!! Btw I’ve been addicted to this website called Pinterest and I see your pictures a lot. Girl! Rock it like it’s hot!

  51. Ms.Fashionista Comment #52

    LOVED watching you on the runway! These Instagram pics are spectacular.



  52. Mónica C. Welton Comment #53
  53. ~Jeimy~ Comment #54

    awww love all the pictures cant wait to see the other ones soon!!

  54. Kelly Comment #55

    hey watched the polyvore when it was streaming live and definitely rooted for you!! you did a great job!


  55. Ballerina'sBun Comment #56

    Oh wow wonderful snapshots and a super insight in your time in big apple ! Love it and hope that you had a great time there ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  56. QT Comment #57


  57. Louise Comment #58

    So jealous! Looks amazing X


  58. katecrackpot Comment #59

    I LOVE all of your impressions and I wish you would post more often! :}

  59. Swapnil Comment #60

    Loving how your presenting your insta photos!


  60. MzElena23 Comment #61

    You did great!

  61. Princess White Comment #62

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah love the pink shoes and anything leopard print gives me chill bumps……


  62. type.write Comment #63

    Love this post, and those macaroons which are phenomenal!


  63. Mecca James- Williams Comment #64

    Those pink shoes are amazing, PLEASE let me know them are from…

    love always,

  64. patty and lo Comment #65

    Love the pics of NYC! Saw the polyvore shoot – you looked amazing!

  65. patty and lo Comment #66

    Love the pics of NYC! Saw the polyvore shoot – you looked amazing!

  66. Laura J Comment #67

    Love your coat mixed with the mustard scarf! The colors and textures are amazing together. I really am dying to get a dramatic fur coat but cute ones are actually quite difficult to find!
    Those look like Laduree macaroons!Jealy!Great shots!

  67. Aida Comment #68

    amazing pics – totally captivated by your blog and will follow it. would love if you visited mine and followed if you liked it!

    wish you lots of success

    have a nice weekend!