Made for Walkin’.

 Denim shirt: All Saints (similar here & cool one here) // Skirt: Vintage (cool one here) // Tank: Vintage // Boots: Vintage // Bag: All Saints // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Pulled out my all-time fave boots; oldies but goodies.
They always look good with everything- distressed and all.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Bohemian Comment #1

    Love this outfit, especially the boots! x

  2. Kas and Blue Comment #2

    Love it!! Great boots!!



  3. Giedre Comment #3

    so cool!!


  4. Kim Loraine. Comment #4

    you look so grat! love your style!! <3

  5. Natali Comment #5

    I like your boots and skirt a lot!


  6. Rachel Comment #6

    I LOVE those boots, what an incredible vintage find!

  7. Marmalade Comment #7

    I love you’ve worn this shirt. I have a denim shirt too which i’ve been wearing with burgundy skinnies. BUT, that looks amazing with that lace style skirt and cowboy boots. really like it x

    UK Style Blogger

  8. Laura Comment #8

    You’re perfect!


  9. Coralie Comment #9

    Totally love this outfit!! :) The skirt and the shoes are so beautiful!

    Taste of Coconut

  10. Kaśq. Comment #10

    you look awsome 😉 !

  11. Maja Comment #11

    it’s insane how amazing you look!! love it love it :)


  12. vasso Comment #12

    i like your urban style!!


  13. Zweiteiler Comment #13

    A beautiful outfit! I love the skirt and your boots!


  14. Domonique Wilson Comment #14

    This is such a nice laid back look!I adore those vintage boots!


  15. Vasilieva Comment #15

    loving the boots, these look perfect with the skirt and absolutely awesome


  16. Ballerina'sBun Comment #16

    Oh i reakly like your boots ! Love this look ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  17. elaine Comment #17

    I love this outfit especially those boots!


  18. Lua Comment #18
  19. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #19

    Love the combo of denim and lace! XO Rebecca


  20. pipa Comment #20

    Nice look!

  21. kaye Comment #21

    What a gorgeous shirt! And your boots are a great find!!!


  22. indie by heart Comment #22

    Your boots are perfect. Why can’t I find any like those, they’re really lovely.. Also adore your skirt – so cute!

    Indie by Heart

  23. Nikki Comment #23

    LOVE this:) Xx

  24. Eva Comment #24

    I would kill for your skin! You are gorgeous. (:


  25. Ida-Jessica Comment #25

    Amazing outfit, greatest so far if you ask me :-)
    Love every piece xx

  26. La Petite Olga Comment #26

    lovely boots they look really comfy!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  27. Марина Comment #27

    Хорошее сочетание, мне нравится!

  28. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #28

    What a great look!
    Nice rock attitude! Love that you’re wearing flat shoes so often,looks so cool! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  29. Miss Molly Comment #29

    such a cute look and i am loving your boots!


  30. Estherina Comment #30

    You look stunning as always. Great skirt!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  31. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #31

    Love the denim shirt paired with the lace shorts! X


  32. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #32

    These booties are so lovely Jules! and I’m also madly in love with that black lace skirt!! xo Nikki

  33. Justalazymorning Comment #33

    love the skirt!

  34. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #34

    Vintage boots, very smart…already worn in so easier to walk in :) Love this outfit, as always.



  35. Ola Comment #35

    looking great. as always;)

  36. Lisa Ann Comment #36

    Wow! I have not seen a pair of vintage boots that cool in a while. What a great find. And mixed with All Saints, you cannot go wrong.

    ☮ Lisa Ann


  37. FashionFlirt Comment #37

    Love this outfit! Looks simply perfect!


    kisses, Jasmin

  38. The Fancy Teacup Comment #38

    Denim and lace looks so chic on you, Jules. x


  39. Honorata Comment #39

    Love that look, especially denim and lace in sooo relaxed combination!


  40. Her Persona Comment #40
  41. eloiselabetise Comment #41

    Gorgeous outfit! Your skirt and your shirt are so amazing! xxx


  42. Hippie Fruit Comment #42

    Adore this look… those boots !!

  43. Resty Comment #43
  44. INPDAP prestiti Comment #44

    Your style is very interesting, I love the skirt. Happy Tuesday!
    roby cessione del quinto

  45. Destiny Comment #45

    Great! Fashion must go on 😉

  46. Lottie Comment #46

    Loving the skirt and denim shirt combo–this is always a good friend of mine in the summer.

  47. Noush Comment #47

    I love this look :)

  48. Hannah Comment #48

    That skirt’s amazing! And those shoes.. heaven!


  49. Natalie Suarez Comment #49

    adorbzzyyy! i love your shoes!!! miss you :)



  50. EsteribyEnii Comment #50

    I love your skirt and your shoes! for me they are the best part of this attire! oh and the aviator lens… they rock

  51. Llanos Comment #51

    Me gusta la combinacion de denim con la fald, muy guapa

  52. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #52

    adorable boots!


  53. A TRENDY LIFE Comment #53

    I love your denim shirt! I have two and I really used them with lots of combinationes!

    a trendy life

  54. WearAbouts Comment #54

    loooove that skirt! the broken in boots look fab with that ensemble! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  55. Tina Comment #55
  56. Emily Comment #56

    Those boots are amazing!! <3


  57. Yuliya ♥ Comment #57

    Ce look est trop canon ♥

  58. barefoot duchess Comment #58

    loved this outfit!

  59. Iwa Ojo Comment #59

    I love how you mix girly pieces with very relaxed shoes,top…
    This is a true boy meets girl style.
    oh i’m in love with your hair!

  60. nataliya Comment #60

    so cute!!! love those boots!!!


  61. VintageDanielle Comment #61

    You always look so put together! I LOVE your shoes :)

  62. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #62

    love your skirt!


  63. Fashion Monstre Comment #63

    i’d die for those booties

  64. glitzerglitzer Comment #64

    This is one of my favourite outfits! love how you mixed the fabrics today, the top looks like it’s very silky, right? and mixed with the shorts and the jeans shirt – perfect! Oh, and by the way: Where did you get those shoes? They go very well with the rest :)
    xoxo Dani of glitzerglitzer.com

  65. Julia Comment #65

    You look so gorgeous. I’m obsessed with those vintage boots!

    xo Julia

  66. Lali Comment #66

    You, beautiful girl!

  67. Marzena Comment #67

    You’re perfect for me ! I really love your every outfit ! This skirt is so cute ! kiss x


  68. Asher Comment #68

    You look stunning :)

  69. Sarah Mira Comment #69

    I love everything about this outfit, in fact I want to recreate this look sometime soon. You look so cute in the lace skirt and boots, feminine but still edgy!!

  70. Sabine Comment #70

    Every time you post something new I am amazed by your style!


  71. Jenna Hughes Comment #71

    love that skirt and the denim shirt together! effortless cool


  72. LV Comment #72
  73. My small steps in life Comment #73

    The skirt and the shoes are amazing. Pretty pretty!

  74. Jess Comment #74

    great outfit! kisses.


  75. Camilla Comment #75

    Vintage boots always look so worn, thats how boots should look :) I love these

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  76. la tiquismiquis Comment #76

    oohh wonderful! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  77. Olivia Comment #77

    i’m really loving the combo of girly and casual pieces. the skirt is so cute, and i love how you dressed it down with the denim top and boots.
    no wonder those are your favorite boots! they’re fabulous!!! i just love your style all around :)

    xx Olivia

  78. Vane. Comment #78

    I love yous style..
    Follow me please..vane86bece.blogspot.com
    Very kissseeeesssssss

  79. Vane. Comment #79

    Thanks you!!

  80. Vane. Comment #80

    I love your style..
    Follow me please vane86bece.blogspot.com
    Verryyyy kkkiiiisssseee

  81. Dana Patricia Comment #81

    Holy perfection.

  82. Carrie Comment #82

    I just love your relaxed looks. And they always still look so girly.

    Style in the City

  83. M. Comment #83

    so… i just found you and you are unbelievably cool. definitely going to be trying to recreate this soon. : )

  84. Roseanne Comment #84

    love the lacy skirt and the worn out look of your boots!x

  85. Christina Caradona Comment #85

    next time you come to NY i will steal these boots…

  86. GRACE Comment #86

    such a casual, chic look! love how you put it all together~


  87. Prêt-à-Penser Comment #87

    I love the black dress + denim shirt ! Actually it’s exactly what I’m wearing now :)


  88. modern Suburbanites Comment #88

    so gorgeous! love those boots!


  89. Violet Comment #89

    these boots are awesome!


  90. Jolie Jouel Comment #90

    I LOVE your boots. Wish they weren’t vintage so I could snag a pair! Where is your cute necklace from?


  91. Steffy Comment #91

    so much for the casuality!

  92. romans-122.com Comment #92

    I love that you paired it all with the worn out boots. Best part! xx

  93. Jacy Comment #93

    obsessed with this look!! so stylish but so effortless.



  94. Daisy-Mai Comment #94

    happy pancake day. this outfit is awesome

  95. Plami Comment #95

    Stunning as always!



  96. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #96

    so cute love the boots. stylish and comfy!

    xx A


  97. Ms.Fashionista Comment #97

    LOVE your denim shirt! I’ve been looking for a good one lately and haven’t found one.



  98. Silvia Comment #98
  99.  Ms. Allee Comment #99

    Love this laid back look doll!*
    Love the boots!*


  100. Verity and Rose Comment #100

    so adorbs! love your style! <3


  101. cecylia.com Comment #101

    I love your boots- the scuffed toes make them really loved!!

  102. Ally Comment #102

    This outfit totally inspires me for an outfit tomorrow :) It’s getting even warmer here in Massachusetts and I can’t help but want to break out all of my spring and summer options!


  103. Elle Comment #103

    Love the outfit!! :) It’s really cute.
    Love your blog and would really liked it if you checked out my blog… dwbehappy.blogspot.com!

  104. Rocks Paper Metal Comment #104

    Is that a pyrite pendant necklace?
    Love the accessorizing on this one!


  105. BeachHair Comment #105

    Where can i find Vintage clothes? I look EVERYWHERE but no one has anything.

  106. FASHIONFED Comment #106

    I love your entire outfit! A bit rugged but I love how you girl it up with the lace skirt :)

    Please check out my blog!

  107. Bespoke Biddie Comment #107

    I really love the effortless cool that this outfit exerts


  108. Heather Comment #108

    I love it all, especially those shoes!


  109. Rosie Comment #109

    love the skirt! I’v been looking for a white & black pair just like it!
    Im gonna have to go destroy all the vintage stores around me now and hope I get lucky to find such a fab one like yours!


  110. Angela Comment #110

    You’re brilliant :)


  111. Mey Feng Comment #111

    You always look lovely. Love the shorts <3

    Kisses from Venezuela


  112. Myrna Comment #112

    I LOVVVVEEE those boots. Your style is so great and inspirational. :) love it.



  113. jennyjk Comment #113

    OMG i love those boots, they look sooo vintage and it totally completes the ruggedness of your outfit. what a classic denim.


  114. Unknown Comment #114

    Oh love the boots and that denim shirt! It’s perfect! Cute outfit :)

    Bridgid x

  115. Jen of MadeByGirl Comment #115
  116. A Comment #116

    those boots look amazing!!
    they pair really well with your casual outfit :)
    i definitely need to get some distressed brown leather boots too.

    loving this look! <3


  117. Giedre Comment #117

    awesome outfit!


  118. C A T H Comment #118

    If I said that Ray Ban aviators are one of the “hot-list” items to get for any season, it’s never wrong! those shades add a great touch of coolness to the whole denim-inspired outfit xoxo

    love the fringe cutting of the skirt btw

    Style Hostess

  119. ZHENYA ZHURAVLYOVA Comment #119

    wow!cute boots!

    -fashion illustrator-

  120. Valentine Comment #120

    Always so stylish, even when wearing a very simple outfit 😉
    Love you!


  121. lavidacollage Comment #121

    me encanta tu estilo

  122. Mónica C. Welton Comment #122

    really amazing!


  123. Elin Kling Comment #123

    LOVE your shorts!!!!

  124. Style Servings Comment #124

    Beeeauutiful! Love the lace shorts!


  125. Collections Comment #125

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the skirt and boots.


  126. j. almodovar Comment #126

    LOVE the boots! and the rest of the outfit…. =)

  127. j. almodovar Comment #127

    LOVE the boots!! and the rest of the outfit… =)

  128. IwalkTheLine Comment #128

    Very nice !!

  129. Initials GB Comment #129

    Beautiful ! xx

  130. Gypsy Luster Comment #130

    I love this outfit! you have such a talent for putting different styles together…thanks for sharing!



  131. flyycoast2coast Comment #131

    love everything about this outfit Jules. FLYY.

  132. Bola (Lilac Dreams) Comment #132

    Love the chambray dress and boots! I agree that vintage and worn-in items feel so much more comfy. There is just something more special about them. Love the look!


  133. Bola (Lilac Dreams) Comment #133

    Love the worn out books and vintage items. Very city chic!


  134. Kalyon Alexis Comment #134

    I love this look and your blog. Keep up the great work!

  135. the dreamer Comment #135

    Wow, those boots are just amazing! What a vintage find.

    The Dreamer x

  136. esther Comment #136

    Your boots are to.die.for. My heart sank a bit when I saw that they’re vintage.
    You look wonderful!

  137. Alice Comment #137

    i have really similar boots but they are from polish brand called reserved:P


  138. Beatrycze Comment #138

    Great outfit.

  139. Ria Michelle Comment #139

    My heart totally breaks that that skirt is vintage. Wahhh.

  140. Seeking Style Comment #140

    Totally in love with this!

    xo Jennifer


  141. geri hirsch Comment #141

    i LOVE those boots!

  142. Den Comment #142

    You look great! that a chic outfit!
    Come and see my blog!
    I’m following you now, do the same!