New IN: Headwear + T-Shirts!

 Photography by Emilio Sanchez
Make-Up + Hair by Jadene Munson (my bff!)
Finally!! My second collaboration with the lovely Gabriela Artigas! This time we decided to make a statement piece that can be worn in different ways- the outcome? This amazing braided chain headband that can also be worn as a statement necklace! As someone who loves versatile pieces, I 
love the idea of having this be a duo purpose piece, swoon!
We hope you guys love the piece just as much as our ‘Knot’ ring – which sold out! We will continue to work together and bring you guys pretty, fun pieces that will be long lasting!
We only made a small limited number of pieces so make sure to get yours here.
Also, click more to check out the new t-shirt design in two different color ways-
it’s bold, cool and perfect for spring + summer!
Everything is available on my webstore www.sincerelyjules.bigcartel.com

New heart shaped snake with cool colors! 
Totally wearing this with a black blazer and skinnies!

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  1. VintageDanielle Comment #1

    I always loved headbands and headwear, reminds me of Nicold Richie and the fab ’60s. You really know how to pull it off.

  2. mili Comment #2

    whAoooOuuu Je kiff , les photos sont magniiifiques <3 et les fringues sont geniales !!!

  3. Sarah Comment #3

    gorgeous pieces!


  4. Dana Comment #4

    I’m obsessed with the headband! And I love how it doubles as a necklace. Definitely need to add one of those to my wardrobe :)


  5. glitzerglitzer Comment #5

    I really lilke the headband slash necklace! I for example always get tired of headbands halfway along the day, so this would be perfect to simply switch over to a necklace whenever I feel like it ;)

    xoxo, Dani from glitzerglitzer.com

  6. Ally Comment #6

    Jules, You are PERFECTION girl! I need to get my hands on your headband/necklace ASAP!

    xoxoxoxo Ally

  7. Tina Comment #7
  8. Gabriella Marie Comment #8

    Love this headwear/necklace! What a great idea, versatile accessories are the best.


  9. Domonique Wilson Comment #9

    So beautiful in these shots!


  10. DawnieP Comment #10

    This is so so pretty! I love how versatile it is!


  11. Marmalade Comment #11

    Lovely pictures, really like this dress looks great on you :)


  12. Iwa Ojo Comment #12

    I love the blue snake tee and i think i say this every time but i love your hair


  13. MONI Comment #13

    really really cute



  14. Rocks Paper Metal Comment #14

    Awesome headband/necklace! Love this idea!


  15. Allison Young Comment #15
  16. GRACE Comment #16


    grace <3

  17. Mariely Crowne Comment #17

    Beautifully done!! Love versatile pieces too!!

  18. Britt+Whit Comment #18

    seriously? could you look more gorgeous! love the snake design Jules! so cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  19. Vida Comment #19

    Love the necklace/headband! That black dress is perfect!

  20. Anisa Young Comment #20

    SO CUTE! I love that it can be both a headband and necklace, clever! xx

  21. Perpetuity Comment #21

    I love that it can be worn two ways. What a great idea!

  22. marimorena Comment #22

    Love every item!!! The headband is great and the T-shit very simple and original!!!

  23. Noush Comment #23

    I love it !

  24. xxM Comment #24

    So cute , you are beautiful! For some reason I totally forgot about headbands until these photos! So cute and I love that you can wear it 2 ways!


  25. Marissa Comment #25

    those headbands are cute! and loving the t-shirts. congrats on the new line!


  26. Maja Comment #26

    you look great, I love it!


  27. Minnie and Daisy Comment #27

    Love this kind of dresses/blouses! Can’t get enough of them!! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  28. Tiana Comment #28

    thats SO fabulous :) i love it!

    tiana of l’esthetique

  29. Annissh Comment #29

    Beautiful as always, Jules!!

    Bisou from Portugal

  30. Joana Sá Comment #30

    Oh you look so beautiful!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  31. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #31
  32. FlirtingwithFashion Comment #32

    looks amazing :) love the combination of the white shirt with the bright coloured pants. :)



  33. Diana Comment #33

    i absolutely love both pieces!! you are too cute — and i love the upper arm bangle on you xo


  34. Rachel Comment #34

    it’s a lovely piece and I love that sheer black top!!


  35. Estherina Comment #35
  36. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #36

    you are gorgeous! and love the headband/necklace combo idea, brilliant!

    xx A


  37. Asher Comment #37

    Gorgeous photos! I especially love the top in the first outfit!!

  38. Paper Doll Comment #38

    great pieces! i actually bought that infinity knot ring. LOVE it.

    love kelly


  39. Jess Comment #39

    the headband is gorgeous.

    Check out my latest post on being bullied and bullying…i invite you and everyone else to share your stories. kisses!


  40. Anca Comment #40

    I know the headband is supposed to be the mail point of this posts, I can’t help but notice the dress though! SO amazing!


  41. 6 o'clock Inspiration Comment #41

    Wow great photos!!
    Love the versatility of the necklace/headband sounds like a great item!!
    Also really want that snake tee!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  42. Lovelyladyjb Comment #42

    wow, so cool! I love this idea :)

  43. Cleome Comment #43

    very very pretty x


  44. pipa Comment #44

    Very,very cool…..:-)

  45. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #45

    Love the two of them! Adorable <3 X


  46. Marzena Comment #46

    Amazing look ! Love this dress and your lipstick colour ! kiss x


  47. C A T H Comment #47

    aww love it! black dress is awesome :D
    I really like how you can do quite a few poses with the same outfit and in the same set.
    go Julie!

    Style Hostess

  48. AngieLoves Comment #48
  49. Her Persona Comment #49
  50. Maja Comment #50

    Where did the Converse post go? :D I wasn’t quick enough heh :)

    Jules, it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog sometime.. :)


  51. HayleyMG Comment #51

    gorgeous photographs! really love the tee aswell!

    Hayley xx

  52. v3dana Comment #52

    What color + brand is the lipstik JADENE used on your post where you are wearing the headband?..You look beautiful as always. :)

  53. Collections Comment #53

    This is amazing, I love that headband.


  54. Jolie Jouel Comment #54

    That headband/necklace is genius! Good work!


  55. Lips N Stick Comment #55

    Love your hair!!! You loook so cute!

    Pls follow my blog http://lipsnstick.blogspot.com

  56. Sabine Comment #56

    the black duo piece is adorable!


  57. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #57

    you are amazing jules! you really can do it all
    very impressed

  58. T-Shirt Types Comment #58

    really you are amazing baby…..

    Funny T-shirts

  59. Anonymous Comment #59

    adore your dress! Where is it from love? xx