NYC Cab.

Dippin’ in a cab with my boo Aimee as we headed to the Bloglovin’ awards after-party!
Always loved those cab ride photos especially in NYC… it’s a necessary shot.
(Just like if you visit LA, you have to take photos on a street full of palm trees)
Seeing my hair this way makes me really want to grow out my bangs; they’re rather long at the moment so hopefully I can be patient and hold off on cutting them- we’ll see though 
how long that lasts.
Btw, love my headwear? It’ll be available for sale next week- it’s my 2nd collaboration piece
with the lovely Gabriela Artigas! It’s a duo piece: headband + statement necklace!
Stay tuned for the release next week!

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  1. Anisa Young Comment #1

    You two are my favorites! Looking cute as always! I love your bangs this way too. xx

  2. A Comment #2

    that is such awesome headwear!!

    you and aimee look soooo cute together :)
    <3 <3 <3


  3. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #3

    you girls are too cute! pretty, pretty. love this shot!

    xx A


  4. Tina Comment #4
  5. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #5

    Your hair looks lovely! I’m in the process of growing my bangs out too…so much less hassle! I love it! (I sometimes miss them, don’t tell them, ha). Can’t wait to see the collaboration!



  6. chino Comment #6

    you gurls are too cute!!!


  7. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #7
  8. Ballerina'sBun Comment #8

    Love your beautiful long hair and the pretty cute headband ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  9. sauce of style Comment #9

    Absolutely gorgeous shot of two of my fave bloggers!
    Claudine xo


  10. Song of Style Comment #10

    haha i don’t remember this pic at all but i love u soooooooo much!!! <3

  11. Estherina Comment #11
  12. White Girl Wizdom Comment #12

    I love the bangs! Just sayin’. Xo

  13. Su. Comment #13

    This is happiness! Lovely!

  14. Joy Comment #14

    You both look amazing! Great picture!

  15. Maja Comment #15

    you two look adorable! :)
    i like you with bangs, tho :)


  16. Jenny Comment #16

    oh yes I love your headwear :)

  17. Laura Comment #17
  18. C A T H Comment #18

    Yay~ it’s Aimee xoxo
    I guess growing out the fringe gives you a bit more grown up look. But I still prefer the fringe tho =) I’m enchanted by the glittery colour of your headband too^^ it’s really pretty.

    Style Hostess

  19. White Girl Wizdom Comment #19


    Linked to your blog. Hope that is coolio foolio. Cheers.

  20. Hazardous Area Comment #20

    Hope to see some photos from after-party!!:)

  21. WearAbouts Comment #21

    so cute. you’re both GORGEOUS ! 😀
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  22. Collections Comment #22

    I was just going to say I love your head piece! Can’t wait to hear more details next week.


  23. Maame Comment #23

    Love Aimee and you!


  24. mili Comment #24

    vs etes toutes jolies & tes cheveux sont superbe =))

  25. Jenna Hughes Comment #25

    i like your hair like this!


  26. girlinthelens Comment #26

    Loving all the dip dyes!

  27. Hannah Comment #27

    AHHH i love aimee!!! Yess i love your headband-thingy


  28. Suzie Q Comment #28

    OMG, I love the headband and I think that’s a genius idea to make it a duo piece as a statement necklace. I definitely would want to rock one!

    I recently started my own blog and I’d love for your support! xoxo
    Suzie Q

  29. Llanos Comment #29


  30. Giedre Comment #30

    we love your head-wear! 😉


  31. katecrackpot Comment #31

    Uuhh, those bangs battles. I am conducting this war for 5 years now. It’s horrible.

  32. Lisa Comment #32

    You’ve inspired me to go out and buy a hippie headband now.


  33. Andrea Clare Comment #33

    your skin looks flawless!!


  34. Zweiteiler Comment #34

    you look amazing! I´m on my way growing out my bangs, but I really love your banges.


  35. A TRENDY LIFE Comment #35

    Love the picture, you’re georgeous!!!

  36. Sandra Aji Comment #36

    You both look stunning!! I love aimee’s blog too.

    Do check out my blog at http://fashionshrewd.blogspot.com/

    There’s a GIVE-AWAY right now!!!

  37. Ms.Fashionista Comment #37

    that headband is a stunner!



  38. FASHIONFED Comment #38

    can’t wait to get my hands on that headband! glad you had fun in NYC!

    check it out!

  39. jcrewlover Comment #39

    what blush are you wearing?

  40. jamesbicon Comment #40

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