Ooh Joie!

All clothing from Joie (except scarf)
While I was in New York, I had the pleasure of visiting the Joie flagship store to check 
out the new collections and of snapping some photos for a cute Joie feature!
Totally swooned over every piece in there and all the amazing prints/fabrics/textures.
The store itself was a gem and felt like such a pretty, well-organized walk-in closet!
Took home a couple pieces that I’ve been wearing religiously and well you can’t really blame me…a leather tee/blouse anyone?
 Will be posting an outfit with the pieces!
Stay tuned!
Thank you Joie and Michelle for having me!

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  1. Lexy Comment #1

    love both outfits..


  2. Domonique Wilson Comment #2

    Lovely pieces!Hope you had fun in NYC :)



  3. Ioana-Carmen Comment #3

    like it! You are so sweet! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


  4. Laura Comment #4

    Nice photos girl! Love your outfit


  5. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #5

    Love the top in the last post! Have a lovely week! XO Rebecca


  6. Work Hard, Stay Humble Comment #6

    i really like the first outfit. and you have the cutest hairstyle :)


  7. amanda Comment #7

    intrigued by this leather tee/blouse situation going on…

  8. vasso Comment #8

    nice blouse i like it!!i check the joie collection !!very pretty clothes but little bit expensive !!allthough i saw many interestings pieces!!I look forward to see you with in at next posts!!
    kissez honey..


  9. glitzerglitzer Comment #9

    amazing stuff, verry pretty! I really like the boots you are wearing in the first picture, and the top in the second is just so dreamy :)

    Dani from glitzerglitzer.com

  10. Allison Young Comment #10

    loving this whole outfit!


  11. Su. Comment #11

    Love the bluse, it´s so cute!!
    new post up! Goya Awards

  12. Ballerina'sBun Comment #12

    Wow you look amazing in that outfit ! I will visit the online shop ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  13. Bohemian Comment #13

    Love your boots! x

  14. Kaśq. Comment #14

    you look great 😉 perfect photos:D

  15. FashionFlirt Comment #15

    So cute, love these photos! :)


    xxx Jasmin

  16. kirstyb Comment #16

    gorgeous outfits xxx

  17. Ida-Jessica Comment #17

    Love that first outfit!

  18. Lottie Comment #18

    I love that jumper so much–I need it in my wardrobe!

  19. Fatima Comment #19

    Gorgeous outfits! I especially love the neutral color scheme, it makes everything look so comfortable and classy :)
    Love your blog! <3

    Love, Fatima


  20. il était une fois... Comment #20

    you look gorgeous girl!! X

  21. Alice McGenniss-Destro Comment #21

    such fresh snaps! x

  22. Californian London Comment #22

    I adore the last photo of yours. And the combo of the Joie clothes with your yellow scarf is great! Adds a cool touch do the more elegant kind of shirt.
    Never heard of Joie before, but they seem to have really nice stuff!


  23. Louisejoyb Comment #23

    Sounds like a lovely opportunity, and I love all the different layers in your outfit! :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  24. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #24

    Love the first look! Casual yet chic. X


  25. Nes Comment #25

    cute look, i love your hair:)


  26. Kimberly Comment #26

    Ahh, I’ve been on the hunt for a leather short-sleeve or sleeveless shell tee…can’t wait to see yours!


  27. Tina Comment #27
  28. BKDolceVita Comment #28

    That scarf is the business!!
    Love your style and your haircut is FAB!

  29. kaye Comment #29

    The scarf looks so cute on you!!!!


  30. Destiny Comment #30

    you’ve got great hair colour ;). This pullover is good. XOXO

  31. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #31

    Love the outfit. The casual sweater and boots with such a pretty but not over the top dress. Perfect.



  32. Ms.Fashionista Comment #32

    Joie is such an incredible and sophisticated line.



  33. ax_ELLE Comment #33

    I love Joie, their clothes are so soft and girly! Woud love to see the items you’ve chosen. X-Axelle


  34. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #34
  35. Lua Comment #35
  36. Giedre Comment #36

    your hair cut is very cool.. :)


  37. Marmalade Comment #37

    Love the top outfit, the loose dress with the knit jumper looks really good :)


  38. shopping2saving Comment #38

    OMG! Where are these boots from??? I neeeeed them and I have been looking for boots like these for awhile now!

  39. WearAbouts Comment #39

    those joie clothes are fabulous! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  40. Collections Comment #40

    You look gorgeous, what a great time! I absolutely love the first outfit.


  41. CessOviedo Comment #41

    The store looks fantastic! Love the sequined top!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  42. Lary Mello Comment #42

    wow! you look so cute!
    waiting for the look with the pieces!

  43. nataliya Comment #43

    so pretty!!! i love those sandals on the table next to you!


  44. GRACE Comment #44

    love these indoor pictures. you look great, girl~


  45. Jess Comment #45

    love the first outfit!!!

    check out the prom themed birthday party on my blog and please comment. kisses!


  46. M e l a n i e Comment #46

    You look so cute! First time visiting your blog, but i already love your style! Love the pics from your post on NYFW! I want your fur coat! Fanned. Maybe check out my blog when you get the chance?


  47. Hannah Comment #47

    I love how you wore the sweater on top of the dress!


  48. VintageDanielle Comment #48

    The sequined top is really pretty!

  49. A Comment #49

    i love the outfit!
    joie has a ton of super cute stuff that i really want (but unfortunately can’t afford)!!


  50. rachael Comment #50

    Gorgeous! I love everything Joie. It suits you!

  51. kelseywilliams Comment #51

    your hair is amazing!

  52. Marzena Comment #52

    Perfect sweater from the fisrt picture ! kiss x


  53. Amy Comment #53


  54. AVY Comment #54

    Sexy! Transparency is my favorite color.

    http:// mymotherfuckedmickjagger.blogspot.com

  55. Is This Real Life? Comment #55

    Adore your outfit, that scarf just looks perfect and like it would go with anything! I aways get major hair envy when i visit your blog too, such a pretty hair colour! X

  56. www.myhautecloset.com Comment #56

    Ah, you were in my home turf. Tell me it isn’t great t leave L.A. a bit for the high energy of NYC? You look gorgeous. Joie has the comfiest clothes. Hope you had a blast girly.


  57. daydreamsandthings Comment #57

    so awesome! i love Joie… you are super lucky!



  58. Katie's Bliss Comment #58

    Looks lovely! Love that sweater!


  59. Style Footprints Comment #59

    I love your outfit in the first picture. So effortlessly stylish. I wish it was warm enough here to get my legs out :)


  60. Nee Comment #60

    you look super good:)
    love the shirt on the second pic.

  61. Delmy Comment #61


  62. Catalina Comment #62
  63. Stephanie Comment #63

    love the casual looks! those brown boots are to die for =)

  64. Gabriella Marie Comment #64

    I love these outfits! That shirt is simply fabulous.

  65. Neijah Comment #65

    Would love to see more of your trip to NY! That scarf looks so cozy!



  66. evanescent Comment #66

    i love that scarf, as well as your layering especially in the first photo!

  67. Michelle Comment #67

    hi jules!! I absolutely love your blog and style, so inspiring for other bloggers.

    I posted about your outfits in fact, come check it out. would love if you leave a comment. xoxo.

  68. Paper Doll Comment #68

    so lucky! i can’t wait to see more pictures!

    love kelly


  69. Jackie Comment #69

    I love these joie picks. You look fab my dear! :)



  70. Asher Comment #70

    Beautiful :)

  71. REESHELL Comment #71

    what cute outfits!! i love the first outfit :) i don’t think i could pull off a dress (?) and cute little booties like that!


  72. lilianna Comment #72

    lov urs outfit!!! amazing!


  73. Bea Alarcón Comment #73

    Heeeey! you have a lovely blog!!! your style is amazing girl!

    wanna follow each other??



  74. Admin Comment #74

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