PJ Love.

Striped tee: Topshop // Trousers: Zara // Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim // Glasses: Warby Parker ‘Thatcher’
Currently under a lot of stress because I have a million things that I need to do before 
I leave to New York tomorrow morning and I haven’t really started… packing is the last thing
on my mind so of course I’ll leave that ’till the last minute.
Really excited to arrive tomorrow and see everyone! Will document everything as much as I can
so stay tuned for that!
p.s these trouser, palazzo pants are genius- totally feels like I’m wearing pajamas but much more chic of course… these will come with me to new york!
Stay freesshh.

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  1. Carolina Costas Comment #1

    Love the bag and the sweater :)



  2. Noush Comment #2

    I love these trousers !

  3. Britt+Whit Comment #3

    seriously in LOVE with those trousers Jules! you look great!

    love from San Francisco,

  4. DaisyLine Comment #4

    I can always write the same – you look perfect! Great outfit :)
    Have a nice week!

  5. welcome to my jungle Comment #5

    You look sooo cute! Love the pants.

    Wish you lots of fun in NYC!!!



  6. WearAbouts Comment #6
  7. Kaśq. Comment #7


  8. Natalya's Closet Comment #8

    i LOVE this look! So comfortable yet chic! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  9. Tina Comment #9
  10. Maja Comment #10

    so adorable! love those pants!


  11. Ballerina'sBun Comment #11

    You always look so perfect ! I love your passion for fashion ! You are really a big inspiration for me Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  12. Sara Reverberi Comment #12

    Cool outfit. Have fun in NY!

  13. Lottie Comment #13

    I love those trousers I need some

  14. modern Suburbanites Comment #14

    you look so gorgeous! i love those glasses on you.


  15. ~Jeimy~ Comment #15

    beautiful love the mix prints and loving your manicure that pink is gorgeous!!!

  16. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #16

    AMAZING pants! good luck with packing for NYFW :)


    Fashion Fractions

  17. Andrea Clare Comment #17

    you always mix patterns so perfectly


  18. Ángeles Madrid Comment #18

    Qué bonito el pantalón!
    Un beso.


  19. The Fancy Teacup Comment #19

    Oh my gosh, those pants! Totally obsessed. Have a wonderful time at NYFW, Jules!


  20. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #20

    Beautiful pants!!!!

    kisses Nana from Brazil..

  21. Annie Comment #21

    so perfect! love the pants.


  22. Inés Comment #22
  23. Lary Mello Comment #23

    I can’t stop saying that I love your mixes!

  24. amber Comment #24

    love the thick rimmed black glasses + stripes. the pants are awesome! I am a big fan of your style, I’d love a follow :)


  25. Kimberly Comment #25

    This is print mixing at its finest – you look perfect!


  26. Valerie Comment #26

    Amazing bag and top <3 Jules I love your blog!!


  27. Vasilieva Comment #27

    loving it all, mixed up patterns are looking gorge


  28. freed mode Comment #28

    aahh il love it this pant beautiful.

  29. Collections Comment #29

    Love this outfit. But what else is new :)


  30. Su. Comment #30

    Wouw, your mix is magic! I love it!

  31. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #31

    your pants are awesome! I love the colours in them :) x

  32. Jennifer Comment #32

    you’re adorable in those glasses! loving the trousers, you look amazing.. i’m so not stylish enough to pull those off! x

  33. Borjana Comment #33

    You’re master of mixing prints and making it so easy!Definitely saving this for inspiration!;)

  34. Natalie Suarez Comment #34

    this is adorable!! i love you julessyy xx


  35. Allison Young Comment #35

    i like your striped top! great pics.


  36. Tegan {enlove with life} Comment #36

    I love your glasses! Those are exactly the style I’ve been trying to find! I must go track them down now…excuse me…

  37. Casa De Esha Comment #37

    love the ring&details.

  38. Giedre Comment #38

    Yay! waiting for the photo-explosion for NYC!

    xx, keep blogging!

  39. lafemmealamode Comment #39


  40. Macarons and McQueen Comment #40

    So cute! Love the look! Have a great tim ein the city, pack a jacket! It’s freezing here!


  41. Brandi Comment #41

    have fun in NY!!


  42. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #42
  43. K Comment #43

    love this bag!:)

  44. type.write Comment #44

    Very cool, love the Lim bag


  45. Delmy Comment #45

    I want to see you!

  46. Fatima Comment #46

    I love how quirky this look is! I agree that the pants look like ‘stylish pajamas’ hehe I have to get my hands on one of those! <3


  47. Vanessa D. Comment #47

    Love the complete outfit, but the pants are perfect!! :)

  48. marblava Comment #48

    I like very much this trousers!! Amazing!!


  49. Nee Comment #49

    you look so super cool, love your style x


  50. Kas and Blue Comment #50

    You look lovely! We’ve got those Zara pants! Love the whole outfit!



  51. Tara India Comment #51

    Those trousers are gorgeous. I could never pull them off like you do! xox


  52. Rocks Paper Metal Comment #52

    Spikes and crystals :)
    Love it.


  53. Estherina Comment #53

    Great outfit! Love the pants! :)

    Step into Estherina’s World

  54. Fee Comment #54

    Lovely outfit! The trousers are amazing.



  55. karin Comment #55

    These pants look great on you,love the mix of patterns and your hair too. Good luck in NY.Kisses from http://www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  56. Lux Lisbon Comment #56

    wow!! i adore your blog!! lovely 😉


  57. VintageDanielle Comment #57

    I love your outfit, it looks chic and uber comfty. I hope all goes well with your trip.

  58. Dominique B. Comment #58

    love the combination of patterns! xx

    The Niknok Style

  59. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #59

    sleek trousers!


  60. kelsey Comment #60

    you have the most perfect ombre hair! love your style!

  61. barefoot duchess Comment #61

    this one is great!

  62. ♥B Comment #62

    You look amazing! I love those pants! xo

    ♥ B
    With Love From Michigan

  63. Myrna Comment #63

    Love this look. I’m so excited that print is now on pants. Loving this sweater you look so comfy and sheek. Have fun this weekend and can’t wait to hear all about it #NYFW


  64. Christin Fang Comment #64

    Good morning!!
    It’s 10 am in Taiwan, and it good to see you with the day start^^

  65. Michelle's Style File Comment #65

    Those pants are pretty awesome!


  66. jas Comment #66

    love the pants. look comfy!


  67. Hemingway and Handbags Comment #67

    OK I have 3 pairs of funky patterned pants that I have only worn at night thanks to my fear of looking absurd in daylight. Thanks to this post, I will now abandon my vampire tendencies!



  68. Medge Comment #68

    Those pants are amaaaazing!!! I love the texture. So jealous of your New York Trip!

  69. romans-122.com Comment #69

    Ahh my favorite trousers. I’ve warn holes into them! <3 Enjoy fashion week. xx

  70. Neijah Comment #70

    Haha super cute!



  71. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #71

    Love the trousers. Can’t wait to see you in NYC! Will you be at the Sachin & Babi show?



  72. Laiqah Comment #72

    So gorgeous!!! Love this look… Effortlessly cool!
    Can’t wait to read your NYFW posts :)

  73. Justalazymorning Comment #73


  74. Kiki Comment #74

    You look lovely! The color combination is great!


  75. Marzena Comment #75

    Perfect look ! Love it so much ! Kiss x


  76. vasso Comment #76

    nice combination very unique!!


  77. pipa Comment #77

    Very cute!

  78. Zweiteiler Comment #78

    I love your trousers! you look awesome with the glasses!


  79. Nastja Comment #79
  80. Valentine Comment #80

    Just made discover your awesome blog to my mom : she loves it as much as I do 😉

    Bisous from Paris !!

  81. everYOURS everMINE Comment #82

    lovely :D!
    that pants are great! are zara’s new season?¿?

  82. Caucau Comment #83

    Love, love, love your hair and style. Following. Xoxo***

  83. thestyleflux Comment #84

    Love that incredible pants!


  84. Street Lily Comment #85


  85. Annesanchorage Comment #86

    The trousers sort of look tweedish!

  86. "Los Angelinos" Comment #87

    Hi there! Big fan from Athens!! I really love your mixmatch style and i still can t understand when someone in my city dresses up a little crazy (in other words just like how he feels) people look at him/her weird. Thanks to your blog and many other i have a good and (because we are in crisis… a cheap) style. so if i want to wear my adidas with a silk short skirt.. well i just do it! Please when you ii be able, will you inform us about your nail polish? thak you and have a nice trip!!

  87. Coralie Comment #88

    Love the t-shirt and the bag!

    Taste of Coconut

  88. Beatrycze Comment #89

    Great outfit.

  89. Vanessa Cruz Comment #90

    I love how you paired the shirt with the pants. Really cute. :)

  90. Malcriada Comment #91

    I saw “PJ” and thought they were going to be cottony or silky–what are those, like tweed? LOVE and am always trying to sneak a way to wear comfy loungy clothes that don’t look like I just rolled out of bed. These are perfect!
    Have a great time in NY! :)

  91. Marina Comment #92

    Wow i love your outfits!! :) Soooo beautiful!! xx Marina

  92. Rachel Jung Comment #93

    love your style!!! What do you find are your fav stores in LA?!!!


  93. HayleyMG Comment #94
  94. AngieLoves Comment #95

    I had doubts about the pj look, but it looks great on you! Certainly gonna try them on.
    xo http://www.angielovess.blogspot.com

  95. QT Comment #96

    Cute &cimfortable outfit!

  96. Ms.Fashionista Comment #97

    wearing “pjs” is like the coolest thing right now. love love.



  97. Casey Adams Comment #98
  98. Doris Comment #99

    PLEEEASE BRING THE INFINITY RING BACK, PUH-LEASE!!!! I would buy it up in a heartbeat!!!!

  99. Emely Lopez Comment #100
  100. ADJ Comment #101

    Love those pants!!! Fantastic contrast.


  101. Angela DiGiacinto Comment #102

    you look adorable as always. have so much fun! cant wait to see all your photos :)

    xx A


  102. Angela Comment #103

    Perfect! The striped blouse is absolutely lovely :)


  103. Styleclouds Comment #104

    I love this outfit! The pants are gorgeous! xo, Christina


  104. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #105

    Love this laid back and effortless look! You look stunning X



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    I´m from Spain and I ´m in love with yoour blog ¡¡¡¡
    could you see my bracalet??
    I´had made thinking in your style, please visit to my blog:

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    thank you very very much and so sorry about my english cause it´s awfull ¡¡¡

  106. nanooosh Comment #107

    Girl ! you really look stylish !
    You look like you are JLO’s young sister !
    You have something in common I don’t know what :)
    Please check my blog !


  107. paperdolltheory Comment #108

    such a lovely unexpected mix of pattern.

    so amazing. love those glasses! i want some!

    love kat

  108. Style This World Comment #109

    I like your shirt!

    Welcome: http://stylethisworld.blogspot.com/
    New post in my newly born blog!!!

    Have a nice weekend:)

  109. CAMZO Comment #110

    love you!

  110. NEF 'N NAT Comment #111

    loving your style doll! x


  111. Elin Kling Comment #112

    L O V E

  112. Madeleine Comment #113

    you look great in this outift

  113. C A T H Comment #114

    you look gorgeous Jules~ those Zara trousers really create a whole new vibe of coolness and street-chic to the whole outfit. the aviators you wore in the first pic. are the best !!

    Style Hostess

  114. Lemiza Comment #115

    What an amazing look! And your blog is lovely too!


  115. María Rubio Comment #116

    this outfit is amazing!

  116. Sabine Comment #117

    I love the way you combine all the different patterns and prints!


  117. Admirably Pretty Comment #118

    You look fabulous – totally in love with this combo!

    XO, Imke

  118. FashionFlirt Comment #119

    Lovely photos! :)

    Check out my blog if you like:


    kisses, Jasmin

  119. wesaidyesandmovedaway Comment #120

    love it!

  120. Alice McGenniss-Destro Comment #121

    they are perfect plane pants! enjoy nyfw!! x

  121. KatiCleo Comment #122

    I love these pants soo much! I m gonna look out for them at Zara! Really my type!

  122. karina Comment #123

    great look)

  123. Taylor Downs Comment #124

    You make me fall in love with wide legged pants – these ones are amazing!

  124. Laetitia Comment #125

    Those glasses look great on you! 😉


  125. Michelle of Chellbellz Comment #126

    Those pants are Cool! They look thick too! the print looks great.

  126. COCONOTPEACH Comment #127

    i love ur whole look just gorgeous!



  127. Mónica C. Welton Comment #128
  128. dotdot-dash.com Comment #129

    Great mix/clashing of materials!
    love it x kat

  129. Satin And Salt Comment #130

    I really just cannot get over how much i LOVE this outfit. Perfectly classic top/specs/ structured bag. With really comfy pants. I want to wear this every day and never worry about my contact lenses again.



  130. Piel del Cosmos Comment #131

    Thanks for sharing! we love your style <3

  131. dianapim Comment #132

    Love the outfit, specially the trouser from Zara !

  132. fashionDays Comment #133

    Lovely style and outfit! you look amazing..


  133. www.myhautecloset.com Comment #134

    <3 the juxtaposition of the patterns, you're so good with that! I tend to play it a bit too safe with patterns and def need to explore that a bit more. The way the light hits you from behind is just gorgeous!



  134. nicola lynde. Comment #135

    Love this look! The two prints work really well together.

  135. Rudy Comment #136

    Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  136. Mllefraise Comment #137

    Hey Jules, what’s the camera do you use ? Your pics are so fabulous, it’s real art you know ..
    I want to do pics like this & i’m just like “wow” that’s so kinda beautiful ..
    So, here’s my question : what’s the model of the camera please ?

  137. Mllefraise Comment #138

    Hey Jules, what’s the camera do you use ? Your pics are so fabulous, it’s real art you know ..
    I want to do pics like this & i’m just like “wow” that’s so kinda beautiful ..
    So, here’s my question : what’s the model of the camera please ?

  138. Mllefraise Comment #139

    Hey Jules, what’s the camera do you use ? Your pics are so fabulous, it’s real art you know ..
    I want to do pics like this & i’m just like “wow” that’s so kinda beautiful ..
    So, here’s my question : what’s the model of the camera please ?

  139. Mllefraise Comment #140

    Hey Jules, what’s the camera do you use ? Your pics are so fabulous, it’s real art you know ..
    I want to do pics like this & i’m just like “wow” that’s so kinda beautiful ..
    So, here’s my question : what’s the model of the camera please ?

  140. Jenn Comment #141

    Love this look. I was struggling with wearing my black and white trousers that are a bit similar. Thanks for the inspiration!