Run this City.

 Blouse: Madewell (similar color here & here) // Skirt: Anthroppologie // Sneaker: DIY Converse // Bag: Alexander Wang // Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Watch: Fossil
Re-working some old faves into my outfits lately and it feel so good to be able to find new ways
to wear certain pieces. I think, people get caught up in wanting to buy clothes so often and wanting to get whatever is “in” at the moment that they forget to learn how to re-use their old pieces.
  The beauty of fashion and having true style is knowing how to re-work pieces you already have- not only are you saving but it shows you how versatile your style can be!
On to some more exciting news… Omg, omg, omg! Very, very excited and flattered to be picked as one of the bloggers to be walking down the runway for Polyvore Live and Covergirl (FIT’s four alumni students will showcase their collections) that will be taking place during new york fashion week on Monday 2/13, so stay tuned as it will be live streamed! I’m beyond nervous to be genuinely honest… it’s completely out of my comfort zone but I know that it will be so much fun especially since it’ll be with some my fave blogger friends.
Check Refinery29’s article here

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  1. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #1
  2. ASH Comment #2

    I love your studded converse.

  3. "P" Comment #3

    your skirt is awesome and i love your hair :)


  4. Ivanna Comment #4

    super cute skirt!


  5. Maja Comment #5

    I’m SO in love with your style!!
    the fact that you wear sneakers when most girls would go for heels.. amazing :)
    i just love it. so relax and pretty!


  6. Allison Young Comment #6

    Congrats and I love those the DIY sneakers!


  7. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #7

    Such a perfect skirt!! XO Rebecca


  8. Honorata Comment #8

    Congratulations on runway performance!!!Like that skirt!!!


  9. Dominique B. Comment #9

    this is so damn cool! love the color of your skirt, your sheer top! and those badass studded chucks are so unexpected!


    Niknok Style

  10. Nee Comment #10

    you look perfect:) love this skirt.

  11. Domonique Wilson Comment #11

    I love re-working old items into my new wardrobe, the DIY studded converse are perfect! How exciting about the runway event, I’m sure you’ll do just fine :)



  12. Clara Comment #12

    LOVE these chilly outfit!!



  13. thestyleflux Comment #13

    Love the print of your skirt! :)


  14. DelbaMé Comment #14

    Good point, I been trying to reduce things but just have to get creative. Love this casual cute look! And that’s so exciting about being able to showcase the FIT looks! Woo! You will look lovely.

  15. kaye Comment #15

    This is a very cute outfit. I like the skirt!!!


  16. Between Racks Comment #16

    beautiful outfit! stylish and urban :)


  17. Marcela Cavalini Comment #17

    Great blouse! COngrats, you have a beautiful taste :)

  18. Nes Comment #18

    i love the DIY converse, they look amazing:) and i also love your skirt, soooo cute..


  19. Lauren Comment #19

    Love that skirt!
    Good luck on the runway! xxx

  20. Estherina Comment #20
  21. G.O.T. Comment #21

    I really like how you mix skirts shirts and converse :) this is exactly my favourite style!

    Would you like to check my new blog?

    x Ale

  22. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #22

    i can’t wait to see you on the runway jules :) looking gorgeous as always :)


    Fashion Fractions

  23. Fatima Comment #23

    You look so beautiful! I always see your photographs on Tumblr, that just shows what an inspiration your unique sense of style provides for the rest of us! <3

    Love the studded converse– you DIY-ed them yourself! That’s amazing, I will attempt to do that one day (;


  24. Vicki Comment #24

    aw congrats hun! will be watching it stream live! :) stunnig outfit as always! xx

  25. Noush Comment #25

    I love this skirt !

  26. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #26

    What a lovely casual look <3 Love the mix shades of orange! X


  27. pipa Comment #27


  28. marimorena Comment #28

    Cool look!
    So nice sneakers!


  29. Casa De Esha Comment #29

    love the colours here :)

  30. Plami Comment #30

    You’re such an inspiration! I always love your outfits!



  31. Anna Comment #31


  32. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #32

    Very exciting news indeed! Congrats! Also, LOVE those kicks.



  33. WearAbouts Comment #33

    gorgeous skirt! I’ve been digging your laidback, converse style as of late! <3

  34. Ulia Ali Comment #34

    You look so amazing! I will wait for the runway 😉


  35. Manon Comment #35

    Love your skirt !!! Orange color is perfect on you !


  36. Cinja Comment #36

    lovely look :)

  37. Sher Comment #37

    The skirt is the cutest thing;)

  38. Kaśq. Comment #38

    <3<3<3 !

  39. The little world of fashion Comment #39

    Love your studded baskets!

  40. il était une fois... Comment #40

    ahhhh walk, walk, fashuuun baby!! SO amaze girrl you’ll kill it will totes have to watch!! XX

  41. Romalo Comment #42

    Love that Converse!
    I also did a DIY with tasks, Valentino studded handbag, if you want to check it out,here I leave you my link: http://www.romalosblog.com



  42. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #43

    adorable shoes!


  43. Anu Comment #44

    you are of genius!
    I love your style :)

  44. Drunk on style Comment #45

    I totally agree! I always have the urge to buy new clothes and I have so many pieces hanging in my closet that I only wore once!

  45. Andre Comment #46

    Love all de outfits!

  46. Tina Comment #47

    Your orange cream blouse and skirt matches rather nicely! Love the look!


  47. Collections Comment #48

    Love this outfit. Love hte shoes.


  48. modern Suburbanites Comment #49

    i love this look! that skirt is gorgeous!!!


  49. Resty Comment #50

    I entered all the contests that polyvore Live and cover girl carried out but sadly I didnt win;( The contest instruction said “style a look” with the pieces given not make a gorgeous background collage because apparently, all the winners have nice background but when I look at the pieces that they styled, it’s not creative at all. A bit disappointed with that as I really think I did good styling all the outfits.But oh well. Just letting you know though.

    Anyways, I agree with you 100% on knowing how to re-work the pieces you already have in your closet.


  50. nataliya Comment #51

    love your diy chucks!


  51. Angela Comment #52

    Every look simple becomes perfect with a pair of Converse on :)


  52. VintageDanielle Comment #53

    You’re so right about forgetting older pieces. I like to look at my closet like a shop and try to make new outfits out of pieces I wouldn’t think would go together. Congrats on the runway, smizle with your eyes and don’t forget to work it!

  53. Asher Comment #54

    I’m so totally lovin’ that skirt :)

  54. Princess White Comment #55

    Hello! I love how you dress down your “dressy” outfits with sneakers! You look like you are headed to take on the city and get the job done! The color scheme you have going on is awesome as well!


  55. Ms. Style Junkie Comment #56

    Adore your outfit! L O V E

    Congrats! Werrrk that runway, you will be fine.


  56. Zweiteiler Comment #57

    great combi! I love the skirt!


  57. Cara Comment #58

    LOVE this look, that skirt, the flowing top, the converse sneakers, the bag…wow.
    And congrats, what a fun opportunity!
    xo Cara

  58. Meda Comment #59

    Love this outfit on you! That blouse is gorgeous! And I am also pro re-creating new outfits with old garments..

  59. Jenna Hughes Comment #60

    love that skirt! can’t wait to see you on the runway


  60. Contact Comment #61

    have fun strutting down the runway – congrats! LOVE that skirt


  61. Carrie Comment #62

    Ooo congrats! How exciting! And I’m totally all about reworking what I have, and only adding pieces here and there into my wardrobe. Great outfit!

    Style in the City

  62. simplement-MODE Comment #63

    I LOve your shoes *_*

  63. BrooklynBlonde Comment #64

    Always looking gorgeous! And I’m super nervous about the Polyvore show too… eeeek!

  64. Vibeke Comment #65

    Congrats on the modeling :) And you are so right, it’s important to be able to use all you your closet 😉 Lovely shirt and skirt.!

  65. Lauren Comment #66

    dying over that top! xoxo

  66. Promise Comment #67

    Loving the studded converse…x


  67. Joe Comment #68

    i love this combination with your chucks

    Joe ♥

    >> little girl in big city < <

  68. Andrea Clare Comment #69
  69. Camilla Comment #70

    That top is so cute, the color is just perfect

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  70. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #71

    Ah! Congratulations! That is big big news for you :)
    I too have been trying to focus on re-working pieces from my existing wardrobe (New Years’ Resolution…).
    Love your skirt,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  71. elspeth angharad Comment #72

    You look lovely, your converse are so cool with the studs on them! xx


  72. Jess Comment #73

    aww congratulations on walking in the show. I agree on re-using items in your closet…it forces you to be creative and saves money.

    I’m new to putting up head to toe outfit posts. check out my new post and let me know what you think. thanks. xx


  73. Ballerina'sBun Comment #74

    You look gorgeous jules ! Love your style and amazing blog ! XX nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  74. Style Footprints Comment #75

    Nice orange combination.


  75. Catita Comment #76

    love your DIY converse!!

  76. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #77

    Your skirt is beyond amazing!
    Love how you wear flats with skirts! :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  77. Lisa Comment #78

    Congratulations on the Polyvore gig! YOU will be AMAZING!


    Big Love,

  78. Roseanne Comment #79

    you look great Jules!Congrats on the runway thing.work it girl!

  79. Stephanie Comment #80

    Love these colors!


  80. Lary Mello Comment #81

    love your skirt!! *.*



  81. SAMANTHA Comment #82

    congrats on that! so awesome. and i love your skirt, the studded converse are my fave. my mom always tells me “Shop your closet”! haha


  82. Sabine Comment #83

    Your blog is great! A true inspiration! Love your style!

  83. Ms.Fashionista Comment #84

    can’t wait to see you in the runway show and I’m loving your DIY shoes!



  84. Laura Comment #85
  85. Eva Comment #86

    The blouse is beautiful! Love the pockets! xoxo


  86. Sarah Comment #87

    i’m loving your style + blog…you’ve got yourself a new follower here :)


  87. Tara India Comment #88

    That skirt is amazing! I love re-working old faithful pieces, because when you love something it can always be reinvented to look good. xox


  88. Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS Comment #89

    congrats on NYFW! I love your top, it looks like silk!

  89. Ally Comment #90

    Such a cute combo! I have the same skirt in pink and grey and am now inspired to wear it in a different way


  90. Nicole Comment #91

    Great outfit! Congrats on Polyvore!!!

  91. Beiita Comment #92

    I’m sorry for my bad english, I hope that you me understand the possible better thing.
    I love your style. How you combine all types of clothes and how wonderful is the result. If you want contact to me, my name is Beiita Salvador Ortiz. Look for me in facebook and we’ll can talk.

  92. Sandra D. Comment #93

    I love how comfortable yet chic you look here! Love those studded converse also! And I agree, I love working old pieces into new outfits!

    P.S. Congrats on your Polyvore gig! :-)

    Sandra D.

  93. Kiley Kate Comment #94

    Congrats on Polyvore Live! I was excited to see you got picked along with some of my other favorites.

  94. Neijah Comment #95

    Love those sneakers and the entire look!



  95. Style This World Comment #96

    I love your bag!!!

    Welcome to my Blog!!! stylethisworld.blogspot.com

    Will be so glad to see you there!!!

  96. Camila Comment #97

    I really love your blog!! and your style is so to look up to!! hope one day I’ll be as amazing as you are.

  97. Alyson Comment #98

    You rock these orange tones SO well. Love the classy feminine top with the edgy, studded converse :) you are constantly an inspiration!


  98. Avanti Morocha Comment #99
  99. Am2Pm Chic Comment #100

    Love the look, effortlessly and chic, your skirt if fantastic. Love it.


  100. Katya Comment #101

    lovely skirt♥

  101. Theonlyfashionprincess Comment #102

    love your shoes! X

  102. Dena Comment #103

    I love your bag!You are so stylish!
    Style LimeLight

  103. Hazardous Area Comment #104

    Fantastic sneakers and Congrats!!! I’m sure it will be amazing xxx

  104. HayleyMG Comment #105

    i do love that skirt!

    Hayley xx

  105. Ángeles Madrid Comment #106

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog, y me encanta! Te sigo! Pásate por el mío.
    La falda es preciosa.
    Un beso.


  106. Nastja Comment #107

    Love it!!

    Donst forget to enter my GIVEAWAY: http://fashionbynastja.blogspot.com/2012/02/finallymy-first-giveaway.html


  107. Liza Moreene Comment #108

    u’r sooo right! i’ve just decorated my chucks and a shirt with studs, and i’m soo super exited to wear them! now i’m gonna check out my closet to find other oldies but goldies.
    have a great day! loving ur blog!

    xx liza

  108. Christine Andrew Comment #109

    Love your chucks!!


  109. Seeking Style Comment #110

    Wow congratulations! I hope we get to see some video/photos of you on the runway!

    xo Jennifer


  110. everYOURS everMINE Comment #111

    ahhhh! that studded converse… how can I “DIY” ones?¿ 😛 explain it to me PLIZ! or where could I find ones?¿?¿ :( totally desesperated! haha

  111. Gagan Comment #112

    Love this outfit! Especially the DIY Converse, they look amazing!

  112. Lucia Comment #113

    Good luck on Monday! Your skirt is so pretty!!!!


  113. Ashley Rae Comment #114

    Amen, sista! I think us bloggers can get so caught up in the trends that we forget what it means to really have style and work with what we’ve got.
    Have a great time in NY!

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  114. type.write Comment #115

    So pretty! I am obsessed with the Wang..just found your blog I love your style!


  115. Lisa Ann Comment #116

    Congrats! I will be sure to stay tuned. Loving your look, especially the converse. Thanks for the inspo.
    ☮ Lisa Ann

  116. Valeria Comment #117

    lovely outfit, still admire your hair. too pretty.

    Congrats on being chosen as a blogger to walk down the runway for polyvore :)

  117. Valeria Comment #118

    lovely outfit, still admire your hair. too pretty.

    Congrats on being chosen as a blogger to walk down the runway for polyvore :)

  118. Paper Doll Comment #119

    great playful and easy outfit. that skirt is beautiful! and congrats on your upcoming modeling gig! i’m actually an FIT alum! anyway, i know you’ll be amazing on the runway! can’t wait to see!

    love kelly


  119. umi Comment #120

    love the converse.studs is cool.


  120. C A T H Comment #121

    oh Jules, you amaze me again!
    I really like the way you use those studded white converses to pair up the whole look
    catchy as ayy?? ^^

    Style Hostess

  121. J. Comment #122

    i agree with this statement, “The beauty of fashion and having true style is knowing how to re-work pieces you already have- not only are you saving but it shows you how versatile your style can be!”

    there is a difference between being trendy and being fashionable! :)

  122. Stella Comment #123
  123. xJOLE Comment #124

    The skirt reminds me of a blanket my Asian grandma would have in her house.. Totally love it, haha.


  124. Misha Comment #125

    Still can’t get over my crush on studded converse…

  125. C. Comment #126

    OMG, your DIY converse are SO cool!
    Love them


  126. Heather Comment #127

    I love how you paired that amazing skirt with casual shoes. Fab!!


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