Think Pink.

Skinnies: GAP // Blazer: f21 // Flats: Zara // Bag: Alexander Wang // Watch: Fossil // Shades: Ray Ban
Had quick errands to run and a meeting yesterday so I wore this to do both- totally comfy and chic!
This cropped hot pink blazer is my new fave purchase; I mean, it’s such an updated version of a blazer and such a bold color that I can mix and match it with a lot of things (heads up: you might see this on the blog often)
Oh, and went to get a manicure yesterday and couldn’t decide on a color so I decided to just
do the ombré nails! Looooooveeeeeee!
What do you think of them? Yes? No?

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  1. blue october Comment #1

    love the ombre nails!

  2. Daisy Comment #2

    loving the boxy hot pink blazer! and LOVEEE the ombre nails!

  3. Alex Comment #3

    I love your blazer. It’s so perfect and fun for a spring day. I guess great minds think alike because I recently wrote a blog post about neon pink fashion pieces.


  4. Weronika Comment #4

    i looooooove your blazer and your nails! gorgeous!


  5. welcome to my jungle Comment #5

    Now I really regret not buying these Zara flats. You look great!



  6. Kaśq. Comment #6

    perfect ! 😉

  7. Alicia Comment #7

    PERFECT blazer Jules!

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  8. Cara Comment #8

    HOW did you do your hair like that?


  9. Kim Comment #9

    Yes! Love the nails :)

  10. Tina Comment #10
  11. Jordan W. Comment #11

    love this outfit.


  12. Jolie Jouel Comment #12

    Your hair is fabulous in this post! And the ombre nails are a “yes” for me!


  13. Clémentine Comment #13

    Love the nails! And you look so beautiful, love the hair!

  14. Lisa Ann Comment #14

    Love this look, head to toe! You always out together the perfect little outfits. Sometime I wish I could let me my inner girlie girl out, but my tomboy side typically dominates. Step one, embrace color…

    ☮ Lisa Ann

  15. CALLIE Comment #15

    O what I would do for that hair!! And love, love, love the hot pink blazer!

  16. Caroline Comment #16

    The Ombre nails = Aaawesome! in high pitched voice

  17. VintageDanielle Comment #17

    I adore the bold bright pinl blazer against the black. Such a chic look :)

  18. Lary Mello Comment #18

    wow! loved this look!

    but mostly i’m in love with your nails!!!!


  19. Julie Khuu Comment #19

    Cute honey! Love this light little jacket for our warming weather…the nails are such a funky touch! Lovely my dear!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  20. Mila de Illusoire Comment #20

    Love your blazer and your ombre nails!:-)

  21. Kimberly Comment #21

    Can’t believe that blazer is F21 and I LOVE the ombre nails – perfect!! :)


  22. Bohemian Comment #22

    Love your hair and your blazer!! x

  23. WearAbouts Comment #23

    I am in LOVE WITH YOUR FLATS and the ombre nails??? SO COOL! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  24. Sarah Oweida Comment #24

    yes for the ombré nails! i love them!

  25. Taylor Comment #25

    Definitely LOVE the ombre nails! It’s a do!

  26. Joana Sá Comment #26

    Love your nails

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  27. Steffy Comment #27

    great blazer. very chic! also loving your nails. love the different shades of teal.

  28. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #28

    woahhh, stunning look!


  29. JoLeigh Comment #29

    yes for ombre nails. and yes for the jacket. I have a teal silence and noise blazer that has been collecting dust in my closet. Time to break it out.

  30. Manon Comment #30

    Love your pink blazer and your nails !

    Vedette Shapewear Giveaway

  31. Camilla Comment #31

    oh that jacket is so cute!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  32. RASPBERRY JAM Comment #32

    Wonderful blazer! Love the color of it!


  33. La Petite Olga Comment #33

    This look is great totally comfy and chic!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  34. D. Comment #34

    yes to the nails :) thanks for the inspiration, i’ll do mine the same this weekend .

  35. Bespoke Biddie Comment #35

    Your skin looks gorgeous honey!


  36. rae ng Comment #36

    i know! i have trouble picking colors all the time so i just choose all my favs! yes to the ombre nails!

    and also adore the flats!

  37. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #37

    Love it and ADORE the manicure!

  38. PlaceTrends Comment #38

    Beautiful outfit!! I love your bracelets 😉
    and prefer darker color of nails <3

    xx alex




  39. miyoko01 Comment #39

    Would you be so kind to share the link to the Forever 21 Jacket you’re wearing??? I would be soooo appreciative! Love your blog and all your outfits!

    Much Aloha,

  40. Ballerina'sBun Comment #40

    Omg you look so pretty in pink details ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  41. Satin And Salt Comment #41

    I love your ombre nails! I may have to do that with shades of blue sometime soon! Oh and that blazer is so nice!



  42. Tiffany* Comment #42

    I love the nails! I’ve been wanting to do the ombre nails for a while now also but can never seem to find the best shades. LOVE that pink jacket!

  43. Nee Comment #43

    your hair is soo beautiful:)

  44. Lottie Comment #44

    I love your jacket and flats–can’t wear to just be able to wear jackets again without a massive jacket over the top.

  45. evanescent Comment #45

    obsessed. color blazers are such a simple way to POP an outfit. loves it.


  46. Collections Comment #46

    Love your hair like that! And I like the nails.


  47. glitzerglitzer Comment #47

    pink+black= ♥

  48. Carolyn Comment #48

    your curls are gorgeous!! though i miss your bangs <3

  49. Hannah Comment #49

    I love the ombre nails! every time i try it i fail because i don’t have the right colors! by the way, i love that pink blazer!


  50. Leez Comment #50

    definately yes…to both :) This is right up my alley!

  51. Trishelle Comment #51

    Loving this color on you, and your nails too!!!!

  52. Bleinch Comment #52

    Loooove that fluor pink!

  53. CessOviedo Comment #53

    Black and pink always make a great pair, love the thin studded belt!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  54. SIENA.STYLE Comment #54

    i love this look!!!

  55. Coralie Comment #55

    Loooove this outfit! The shoes are so beautiful with the pants :)

    Taste of Coconut

  56. Noush Comment #56

    I love this pink touch !

  57. Alice Comment #57

    i love this look! all black, shiny flats and pop of color is a great combination


  58. Candy and Treats Comment #58

    Weird to see you with this hairstyle! Love to see your face cleared of any hair :) great blazer! Have a hot pink one myself and so of course I love it!

  59. lavidacollage Comment #59

    Hello Julie! Definitely pink is your colour. I love. I´m a beginner in this.


  60. MARIMORENA Comment #60

    Great oufit!
    Love the blazer!
    You look beautiful with that hair style!

  61. Jennifer Comment #61

    love everything about this outfit, your accessories, your nails, your shoes and your hair is just so gorgeous. x

  62. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #62

    So cute! And love the ombre nails…



  63. Elizabeth Paulino Comment #63

    I love the nails! They look really cool, so definitely a yes! The blasser looks amazing, and those bangles? Love your outfit!

  64. Elle Comment #64

    Loovee the blazer, and the nails!


  65. Tidbits of Addiction Comment #65

    i love the color your nails, and the blazer is a great transition into spring!


  66. fec Comment #66

    i love the zara flats!!! ankle strap heels are my absolute fav, I’m going to have to find strapped flats soon…

    cute–love the pink blazer.

  67. boyishchic Comment #67

    In LOVE with this whole outfit & that watch. Rocker chic.
    xx. Jillian

  68. leolovesneo Comment #68

    i love the nails, but i miss your fringe!! of course, you still look amazing!

    oh and you always remind me of hannah simone (cece in new girl)!

  69. le dressing d'Alizée Comment #69

    classique et très chic : j’ADORE 😉

  70. Michael Tornato Comment #70

    I love your blazer! It’ so bright and eye catching. I am big on jewelry especially bracelets and I must say I really love yours! Your skinny studded belt really makes this ensemble look edgy. You are really beautiful. Love this blog!

    Check out my New York Fashion Week pictures!

  71. Cynthia Bagué Comment #71

    Those ombré nails are just great :)


  72. ASZIYA Comment #72

    looks so fresh and like summer!!

  73. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #73

    lovely blazer!


  74. Leigh Comment #74

    Yes! Love the nails & the blazer! :)
    Love, Leigh

  75. Megan Comment #75

    You are gorgeous! I love your hair like this:)

  76.  Ms. Allee Comment #76

    LOVE this look!*
    The blazer has been styled beautifully and your nails are so gorgeous!*


  77. Ashleigh @ Illusive Print Comment #77

    I just bought a hot pink blazer from H&M, I was going with the grey one in mind but fell in love as soon as the pink caught my eye! Looks great with so many outfits – I love a good pop of colour. Love the nails too, I’ve never done ombre nails myself but might need to try it now :) xXx

  78. Marmalade Comment #78

    i need me that blazer. the colour is AMAZING x


  79. Liliana Comment #79

    Gorgeous! I loved the blazer color! xx Lili

  80. GRACE Comment #80

    oooh, yes yes yes… love your ombre nails~


  81. SAMANTHA Comment #81

    that pink blazer is so awesome. as are your ombre nails!!


  82. Llanos Comment #82

    U love your look!!

  83. Kristen Comment #83

    Yes. So fun and colorful, definitely spring!

    xO Kristen

  84. Sarah Comment #84

    ♥ that blazer


  85. Brandi Comment #85

    You look super awesome…Love that pink color


  86. Laura Comment #86

    love the nails! love the outfit! you look pwetty

  87. esteephs Comment #87

    The jacket is amazing <3

  88. Carolina Costas Comment #88

    Love the nails and the blazer :)



  89. dred Comment #89

    i love the pop pf pink against the all black ensemble. :)


  90. Abbey Brandon Comment #90

    Great color combo!

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

  91. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #91

    Beautiful look!! I loved your coat!!

    Kisses Nana from Brazil

  92. Nellove Comment #92

    Where did you get that fab belt from? :)

  93. Nellove Comment #93

    Where did you get that fab belt from? :)

  94. Ginger Comment #94

    Which gap pants are those??? I love them!

  95. Ksu Comment #95

    Love ur hair pulled on the side! Looking good as usual! xx K

  96. Stephanie Pulos Comment #96

    YES ! Love the nail color combo !

  97. Avi Comment #97

    That blazer is love. I love the color and the cropped.
    Nice style ;3
    New follower.


  98. Allison Young Comment #98

    love everything about this look and those ombre nails look fabulous!


  99. Angela Comment #99

    Absolute YES for the nails :)


  100. RasDreaam Comment #100

    Such a casual outfit, adore it Jules!
    Where is your black shirt from?

  101. A Comment #101

    that blazer is such a cute pop of color!
    i love your shoes (sparkles!) and the ombre nails!
    i’ll have to try doing those sometime…


  102. modern Suburbanites Comment #102

    love your nails and blazer!


  103. ~Jeimy~ Comment #103

    sooo cute love the pink blazer and your hair is too cute!

  104. StyleAntagonist Comment #104

    Dear Jules,

    i followed your Instagram saw this Ombre nails and thought that it is marvelous… Love your style and you have tan skin which makes me one proud women.. people here just don’t appreciate tan skin guess that they are way back behind..

    Rebecca @ styleantagonist.blogspot.com

  105. bedazzles after dark Comment #105

    LOVE the ombre nails! It’s so fun when you can’t decide on a color!! :)



  106. Kelsey Comment #106

    LOVE the ombré nails!

    xo Kelsey

  107. Sarah Comment #107

    I’ve done that to my nails before and I LOVE IT! Soooo fun!



  108. BeachHair Comment #108

    I love it when you buy cool pieces from inexpensive places like Forever21 and GAP! <3 the nails too:)

  109. BeachHair Comment #109

    Where did you get the shirt from?

  110. Danielle Comment #110

    Love your outfit, your nails, and your hair!

  111. goldandspice Comment #111

    Those ombre nails are super creative and I love your sandals. I was at my local Zara looking for those and they didn’t have them. :-(
    I guess I’ll check online.



  112. Unknown Comment #112

    Cute – love the pink on you! :)

    Bridgid x

  113. Erica Comment #113

    Love your nails!!! How do you get your hair to look like that!? It looks incredible.

  114. Kristen Lam Comment #114

    Hot pink is such a hard color to wear, but you’re rocking it out. You’re really loving that Alexander Wang! Hahaha I really like those flats too! The ankle straps are fancy 😉 Beautiful as always!


  115. Friend in Fashion Comment #115

    You look gorgeous! That pink was made for you!

    Friend in Fashion

  116. Her Persona Comment #116

    love the blazer and the flats, simple and chic


  117. Lindsey N. Comment #117

    You’re such a BA. Love the nails! Now I’m trying to do something similar with mine tonight…thanks!

    XOXO, Lindsey

  118. Grace Comment #118

    ADORE the different color nails. The pink blazer with the all black looks so fierce 😉


  119. Paper Doll Comment #119

    i can’t get enough of your chic style! the color of that blazer is so bold and goes so well with your ombre nails!

    love kelly


  120. Xeana Comment #120

    Amazing your nails!!!
    Jacket is very colorful!!!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  121. Honorata Comment #121

    Love the blazer and the nails!


  122. umi Comment #122

    LOVE your nails!!beautiful color.


  123. Nissy B Unique Comment #123

    Honestly, I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman like you! Just stunning in every post!

    PS: love the ombré nails!

    xox Nissy

  124. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #124

    The neon blazer is so cute! X


  125. Lainey Comment #125

    I will always love pink. Gorgeous bright color.

  126. jennyjk Comment #126

    OMG that blazer is screaming! i love that cut and those ombre nails.. to die for!! like it all put together :)


  127. pipa Comment #127

    You look fantastic!

  128. Michelle's Style File Comment #128

    Awesome manicure! Inspired!!


  129. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #129

    LOL! ombre nails are pretty awesome! gorgeous oufit :)


    Fashion Fractions

  130. sonia Comment #130

    never saw you in a post and said …Hummmm i don`t like… you are absolutly stunning!!!!

  131. Sher Comment #131

    That’s a gorgeous pink:)

  132. Laura Comment #132

    FANTASTIC! You look so beautiful with the pop of color :)
    Your hair looks great like that and I want that bag!!



  133. jas Comment #133

    love the jacket. the colour is brilliant


  134. Vibeke Comment #134

    You look amazing, love your nails 😉

  135. Vibeke Comment #135

    You look amazing, and I love your nails!

  136. Laura Comment #136

    Awesome honey! I love your blazer


  137. Romalo Comment #137

    What a great outfit! Sencillo pero de lo mas chic! Que guapa estás! y las uñas son perfectas!



  138. Alyson Comment #138

    Wow. Amazing ombre mani, arm party (per usual) and the bright blazer. You always look so effortlessly chic and I LOVE it! Also, your hair looks amazingly gorgeous in this post. :)


  139. Jenna Hughes Comment #139

    love those flats and the ombre nails are so much fun!


  140. Franzi Comment #140
  141. chino Comment #141

    oh my god totally in love with this whole outfit!!!!


  142. Maja Comment #142

    i love everything! :) heh
    and those flats are so adorable..


  143. GRACE JAYDE Comment #143

    love the blazer, im pretty surprised its from f21!! i hope it gets warmer here in nyc so i can wear a pop of color like u.

    ur newest follower, grace j

  144. East of Highland Comment #144

    The background looks familiar. 😉 You look fabulous as always! xoxo

  145. Jess Comment #145

    awesome nails!! great belt.


  146. Gypsy Luster Comment #146

    Love the entire look and I definitely love the nails! You always look great!



  147. Heather Comment #147

    I really like this jacket. Even better seeing that its from F21!


  148. the dreamer Comment #148

    Gorgeous manicure!

    The Dreamer x

  149. Style Footprints Comment #149

    I’m liking the nails! The hot pink blazer looks great on you. I love blazers that are a little different, I’ve loads; check, sequinned, beige, snakeskin, you name it – you’re right, they’re so comfy & chic.

    Check out my latest look if you like: cupcakes with sprinkles.


  150. Shamini Comment #150

    love your flats !

  151. sauce of style Comment #151

    The ombre nails are fab! I have tried them in pink and red, will have to try shades of green next!
    Claudine xo


  152. Ria Michelle Comment #152

    Really love the ombre nails look and the blazer! So bright.

  153. Sabine Comment #153

    The pink looks good with your skin color!


  154. xJOLE Comment #154

    Amazing manicure! They actually compliment the blazer quite well!


  155. vie Comment #155

    You look so CHIC ! Brilliant style.


  156. Nicole Comment #156

    i just bought this! so excited to wear it!

  157. barefoot duchess Comment #157

    you look amazing!

  158. Kelby Comment #158

    Just bought this blazer! The colour is amazing for spring! Love it!


  159. Cátia Couto Comment #159

    I’m so jealous of your hair! I love your blazer and the color looks beautiful on you :) xx


  160. GothamPolish Comment #160

    Your nails are super awesome with this look :)