As a Treat.

Zara heels, YSL Parisenne parfum, Macarons from Lette, Vintage necklaces
 Had a long day of wrapping orders from my webstore yesterday and dropping them off
at my local post office while also running many errands (including picking up a new shipment of 
 tees and dropping them off to my printing guy). Had to wind down a bit by
grabbing a bite to eat and getting in a quick shopping
fix at Zara. Had been eyeing these black heels for a while now so I was happy they
 had my size; a classic must have. 
On my way home, I had to pick up some macarons as a treat!
It was a goooood day.
How do you treat yourself after a long day?
Happy Wednesday!
Off to do an interview!

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  1. Amelia Comment #1

    Sounds like the perfect kind of treat to me, new heels and macarons, whats not to love?!!!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com!

  2. Bleinch Comment #2

    Shoes look great!
    And the macarrons!

  3. Laura Comment #3

    love the heels tried them on but my feet were not pretty at all

  4. Juliette Gold Comment #4

    The photos look great!

    Speaking of perfumes, do you have a signature scent or do you change scents regularly?

  5. pipa Comment #5

    Zara heels-love…..

  6. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #6

    Lovely! I have that perfume!



  7. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #7

    Gorgeous heels! XO Rebecca


  8. Noush Comment #8

    I looove macarons :)

  9. Ruthr Comment #9

    Que fotos mas chulas.
    Las sandalias me encantan, pero demasiado tancon par ami!! Una pena!!!

    Sorteo en mi blog:

  10. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #10

    Those shoes are fabulous! Can’t wait to see you wear them!

  11. Carolina Costas Comment #11
  12. Rachel Comment #12

    Zara is always perfect for picking up a little chic treat!

  13. Domonique Wilson Comment #13

    Such a fan of that perfume…so fresh and sophisticated! Hope you had a lovely chilled out afternoon :)


  14. marblava Comment #14
  15. STYLISSIMA Comment #15

    Me encanta tu blog y te sigo desde hace tiempo, sigue así! un saludo

  16. Lottie Comment #16

    Those shoes are gorgeous!

    A cup of tea never fails to wind me down while listening to some good music.

  17. Romalos Comment #17

    Have to buy that heels too!
    so cool!



  18. Honorata Comment #18

    Like these heels a lot!!!


  19. a.woman.like.me Comment #19

    I love those heels, they’re so classic a definite must have in the wardrobe!

  20. Ballerina'sBun Comment #20

    Oh i love macarons ! Delicious treat ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  21. Valentine Comment #21

    I love the pictures !
    Bisous, Valentine,

  22. TEMI Comment #22

    I love the Zara heels. I’ve got them in the tan/orange colour which is gorgeous!!! but im also planning on getting the black ones too 😉

  23. Perpetuity Comment #23

    Im still wanting these zara heels but cant decide between the black or the two toned with orange heel.


  24. Stefania Boccolato Comment #24

    the zara heels are so beautiful and elegant, great choice.

  25. Californian London Comment #25

    Really great post! Have a good day, dear! XO

    Californian London

  26. RachInFashion Comment #26

    Nice sandals!

  27. CoryB Comment #27

    cooking something i love, going for a swim. yay! amazing shoes.


  28. Sabine Comment #28

    Shopping is definitely the best way of de-stressing for me. Not too much for the content of my wallet, but oh well. Great pic’s! xo


  29. Franzi Comment #29

    looks like a typical ladys outfit :)
    i love the cookies – well, actually you can’t call them cookies, they are too yummy :)


  30. Andrea Clare Comment #30

    definitely with sweets! yummm


  31. london loves Comment #31

    The heels are gorgeous! I want some macarons now! 😀

    London Last Night

  32. delia Comment #32

    I love those shoes :)


  33. Alice Comment #33

    after a long day I love to read a good book and drink hot tea:) and i love the heels they`re perfect:)


  34. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #34

    beautiful picks!


  35. closetcast.com Comment #35

    ahhh love the heels! i have been eyeing them too! p.s. if you love japanese fashion mags, check out FUDGE. it is one of my favorites… i think you will love it.

  36. closetcast.com Comment #36

    ahhh! love the heels! i have been eyeing those as well! i love japanese fashion mags as well. a great one you should check out is FUDGE. i think you will love it – it’s my favorite.

  37. closetcast.com Comment #37

    i have been eyeing those heels as well! gorgeous! p.s. i love japanese fashion mags too! a great one to check out (if you haven’t already) is FUDGE. it’s one of my favorites!

  38. Ms.Fashionista Comment #38

    Mmm macaroons are the best way to reward yourself after a long day!




  39. EmerJa Comment #39

    Love the heels! A fantastic basic, yes:) And de macarons…yummie!!


  40. Amy Comment #40

    YSL Parisienne an old fav of mine, tempted to go and repurchase now xx

  41. christy Comment #41
  42. christy Comment #42
  43. Patricia Iacob Comment #43

    Last days of the Giveaway : Cambridge bag http://www.patriciaiacob.com/2012/03/giveway-cambridge-bag/

  44. Ksu Comment #44

    Love those heels, gotta have one 2 :)) xx k

  45. Zweiteiler Comment #45

    I love these heels! they are amazing. your treat looks delicious. I love sweets and a magazine after a long day.


  46. Viv Comment #46

    i definitely treated myself with cookies after today.. girl scout cookies to be exact.


  47. Avi Comment #47

    After a long day, i like to take a long and hot shower. It is really relaxing.
    OMG! Love the shoes!!!

  48. Jolie Jouel Comment #48

    Ahh such great treats! I also go for the sweet treat route…usually some dessert if I feel I’ve worked hard and need a little reward. Or some accessories shopping :)


  49. Becca Comment #49

    Definitely need those shoes in my life!

  50. Amy Comment #50

    I love your Zara heels, and can’t wait for a day to leave work in time to do some much needed shopping!

    I have so many long days at the agency and start-up, that when I go through two weeks of sleeping, breathing and living work, I book a flight and hotel and go out of town with my boyfriend. There’s nothing better than a few days to decompress and relax with someone you love.

    Well. Maybe a new pair of shoes and a dress wouldn’t hurt either. I could wear that on a dinner date, while out of town, on a treat after a long week of work!

  51. FASHIONFED Comment #51

    Absolutely love the shoes :)


  52. Wynn Comment #52

    I’ve been eyeing the same pair for a month now! I think I’m going to pick them up tomorrow! Too good to resist!


  53. Peonie Comment #53

    Love how those heels almost give me barbie feet! So chic! I think I’m going to need to get the black ones as well!

    <3 P

    Cupcaking Around!

  54. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #54

    Great photos!!!
    Love your blog!!

    kisses Nana from Brazil..

  55. Shirly Comment #55

    Hey Jules,

    I know you have a new piece (the hair piece/necklace) in your store, however, I think it’d look awesome as a waist belt as well on dresses, etc. Please do a post on the piece so that us readers can see its versatility!


  56. Vibeke Comment #56

    Love the shoes, wish they looked good on me as well 😉

  57. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #57

    I have never had a macaroon and feel I may be missing out a little!
    Daisy Dayz

  58. Shamini Comment #58

    oh ! it was a nice day indeed !! yummy macarons !

  59. GRACE Comment #59

    those shoes are to die for & i’m loving this dress. good luck with your interview~


  60. Jacy Comment #60

    I envy your life – so glad you’re finding such success doing what you love!



  61. autorka Comment #61

    amazing ; )

  62. G Comment #62

    so I was craving macarons the other day, and I thought to myself, ” Jules always posts where she gets them.” I went to Lette off of Larchmont in Los Angeles, and am now obsessed…thanks for the recommendation!