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Gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim dress (similar here) with a messy fishtail braid

My addiction continues with my new customized Converse in a faded red.

Super cute mini bag from American Eagle that adds the perfect amount of neon to my looks!

Some of my favorite statement necklaces! It’s always so hard to pick which one to wear!

Perfect spring look: neon Insight sweatshirt  + brown Levi’s shorts with my armswag!

Killer metallic 3.1 Phillip Lim heels (different color here) I wore for Tuesday’s event!

Love pairing this knitted sweater with chunky, bold statement necklaces!
 More armswag: (L to R) Gift, Lucky Brand, Vintage, f21, gifted LUVAJ
A few snaps of my ‘mini blog’ on my instagram (@sincerely_juless) – make sure to follow me
for more photos everyday, all day!
Have a fun weekend, 
see you guys Sunday at the Blogger Market (rain or shine!)

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  1. Noush Comment #1

    Great photos !

  2. DaisyLine Comment #2

    Gorgeous dress :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Miss Molly Comment #3

    JULES, you get it so right every single time!

  4. Kas and Blue Comment #4

    Great shots!! Details are amazing!


  5. VALERIE WANG Comment #5

    aw those heels look pretty cool!


  6. pipa Comment #6

    Great shoes and mini bag:))

  7. Marmalade Comment #7

    I love that pink top. so pretty x


  8. Laura Comment #8

    Nice post honey!


  9. Shamini Comment #9

    i love your necklaces … such a cute collection !

  10. Joy Comment #10

    Really cool this Insta-Jules! Also cool name for it!

  11. Gabriella Comment #11

    I’m loving your chunky necklaces & pretty bracelets! I wouldn’t know how to choose which one to wear either!


  12. GlamShion Comment #12

    me encanta tu estiloo!

  13. Melody Comment #13

    I like the word armswag way more than arm party! I’m def. going to use that instead! : )

  14. Marina y Brais Comment #14

    ohghh love all insta-jules.
    love it
    x x

  15. Lottie Comment #15

    I love that Phillip Lim dress–now if only I found a bag of money somewhere it would be mine :)

  16. Eloquent English Comment #16

    WOW these photos are awesome! Def going to follow you on instagram! xoxo A-

  17. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #17

    beautiful pieces!


  18. Nikki Comment #18

    Great photo’s!! xx

  19. alex boutrous Comment #19

    gorgeous! following you now!!

  20. IwalkTheLine Comment #20

    I love all the pictures !!

  21. Ana L. Comment #21

    I love your instagram pics!


  22. modern Suburbanites Comment #22
  23. rachael Comment #23

    gorgeous! love that chunky sweater and all those loooovely bracelets!

  24. Hilal Comment #24

    lovely pictures.


  25. GRECIA Comment #25

    Where did u get the shorts!!!!??? Did they have diff colors? I live them.

  26. LEANNE DEE Comment #26

    Love the pics! It was hard to pick a favorite because I liked something about each of them. I absolutely love your accessories!


  27. Lauren Comment #27

    gahh I have to work!! ): I will walk over on my break!!!


  28. Marzena Comment #28

    I love this amazing dress, incredible jewelery and fantastic silver heels ! Kiss and invite You on GIVEAWAY ! x

  29. Ballerina'sBun Comment #29

    Inspiring snapshots ! Love those insights in your beautiful life ! Xx nadine

  30. Carolina Costas Comment #30

    Stunning pictures!!Love instagram :)


  31. Jolie Jouel Comment #31

    Love these little peeks into your daily life! That necklace with the chunky sweater is to die for!

    My jewelry blog:

  32. Perpetuity Comment #32

    Those studded converse are awesome!


  33. Camille Beaudet Comment #33

    love these pictures so much!


  34. MeganRose. Comment #34

    love those philip lim shoes so much! i’m really into silver on the feet right now! your details are just always on point! happy friday, doll!

  35. The Slow Pace Comment #35

    Love statement necklaces!

  36. Comment #36

    I love converse and your mini bag. Great blog.

  37. Kisti Belle Comment #37

    Love that philip lim dress. Although I’m wondering how long the chunky heels will still be in style? I’m still inlove with skinny high stilettos…

  38. Lily Comment #38

    Love those necklaces! So bold and funky!

  39. COMPOSITION TWO Comment #39

    The shoes are incredible. they are the perfect glamorous supplement for a simple outfit , for example jeans and a shirt

  40. Californian London Comment #40

    Really great post! Keep on going, dear :-)

    Californian London

  41. Sabine Comment #41

    Stunning pictures girl! I love your necklaces! Combining statement pieces like that with simple shirts or knits always looks good! Can never go wrong with that!

  42. Honorata Comment #42

    Love the heels!!!

  43. ellen. Comment #43

    Great photos! I want to go jewelry shopping now…

  44. .aubrey c. Comment #44

    Go fishtails! Looks so good with long hair!

  45. VintageDanielle Comment #45

    Every picture looks amazing, loving the yellow neon shirt and heels!

  46. Hannah Comment #46

    i LOVE your converse with the studs on the back! So unique and cool

  47. Ms.Fashionista Comment #47

    Such a pretty first dress! The fishtail is stunning with it, almost a messy laid-back vibe. Love your Converse too.


  48. uve Comment #48

    I love your looks. You appear in my blog. Thank you beautiful!

  49. Katya Comment #49

    cute pictures♥

  50. Mariely Crowne Comment #50

    Follow you on Instagram and love your photos!!

  51. benjerrys Comment #51

    yay, i have the exact same choker-ish necklace from Urban Outfitters (top left on your table), i super love mine too!

  52. Bespoke Biddie Comment #52

    very nice



  53. VICTORIA Comment #53

    Love your pictures!!

  54. Patricia Comment #54

    Dress on first photo is beautiful !

  55. Sarah Comment #55

    loving all of these pieces, especially the yellow top and the pink converse :)

  56. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #56

    You always have such great instagram shots!
    I don’t know why mine always look like crap 😀

    Love the philip Lim shirt! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  57. lauren @ la petite fashionista Comment #57

    love your blog + style! the neon, arm candy, & fishtail braid are fantastic. have a great weekend.

    xoxo, lauren

  58. Laura Comment #58

    Hi Jules!

    Those red faded costumized converse are just darling! Soo great! Did you do that? Or did you buy them? I would love to know where to find faded red converse! I wanna buy them but cannot seem to find them anywhere!

  59. adismantledmind Comment #59

    I’m not too fond of pink, but you pulled it off pretty well!
    Love the shoes and bag especially.

  60. alisia E. Comment #60

    love these photos!! esp. the neon tee and brown cutoff cords

  61. Valentina Marzullo Comment #61

    lovely pics, follow u also on instagram :)

    come to visit my blog, ill be waiting for you!

  62. Ramen Couture Comment #62

    Your outfits are always amazing. I especially loved the neon sweater with cutouts!


  63. Kate Comment #63

    Lovely photos! I will be sure to take a look at your Instagram now. Hope you can take a look at my blog some time! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  64. Dione and Krios Comment #64

    Loving the fishtail braid and Phillip Lim blouse!


  65. MONI Comment #65

    love your instagrams!

  66. Zweiteiler Comment #66

    so beautiful! I love the yellow-brown outfit!


  67. annorii Comment #67

    wow i love what you did with your converse i think i have to copy it hehe maybe will post a picture as well, soon. thanks for sharing! xx

  68. Look of Style Comment #68


  69. Noressa Henness Comment #69

    Ooooooh I want them soooo bad.

    One of your fan ;D

  70. commeunreve Comment #70

    love your converse customization


  71. Aleksandra Boyarova Comment #71

    beautiful! I absolutely love all the details!

  72. Collections Comment #72

    I love everything here, the necklaces, the american eagle bag the studded converses… wow.


  73. FASHIONFED Comment #73

    All of these pictures are gorgeous! But that Philip Lim dress is so amazing!

  74. A Nerdy New Yorker Comment #74

    Totally looove those faded red converses! <3

  75. Am2Pm Chic Comment #75

    Love all the photos. The top in the first one is amazing !!!

  76. Style This World Comment #76

    Like so much the pink Converse!!!

    Welcome to my blog, dears!!!

  77. ANNE MARIE Comment #77

    Absolutely love your style posts. xoxo

  78. rae ng Comment #78

    love all the jewelry!!

  79. Angéline Mélin Comment #79

    I want a touch of pink in my outfits and yellow too !
    I love your style and follow your blog since a few months.
    I have mine too ( from Paris )

  80. Angéline Mélin Comment #80

    I love your blog since I follow it, and I want a touch of pink or yellow in my spring outfits !

    I have my blog too :

  81. Evi Comment #81

    Love all these photos!

    Evi xoxo

  82. Prof. Dr. Skinny Bitch Comment #82

    love the customized converse!!!

  83. Becca Comment #83

    Love the accessories!
    You should check out jewellery web store
    Amazing statement jewellery! xxx

  84. Cátia Couto Comment #84

    That pink dress is so cute! I noticed you’ve been wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim a lot lately :O xx

  85. iliana.c Comment #85

    Hi it was so nice meeting you yesterday at the blogger market! My friends and I had a ton of fun! Hope to see you again soon. =)

  86. Molly Pocket Comment #86

    Hi there Julie, Recently started following your blog. LOVE IT! Just did a blog entry on you and my favorite looks of yours. Just thought you might want to check it out @ xxxx really enjoying your blog and getting tons of inspiration :)

  87. xoagnes Comment #87

    red shirt …. Love it

  88. Carrie Comment #88

    Wow. thats all I say say, because your blog is amazing!! I love your style and your ability to stretch out your imagination with fashion. I’m most definitely following you and can’t wait to see what you have next!! PHENOMENAL blog!! :)

  89. lovers letters Comment #89

    i love your blog! darling style. then end. xo lovers letters

  90. Kate L. Harris Comment #90

    The pic of the sweater+chunky jewels is incredible – such an awesome combo.


    Kate L. Harris

  91. wwager Comment #91

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. wwager Comment #92

    where do you get your customized converse??? Love them!

  93. Pants on Parade Comment #93

    That studded pink dress is so cool and so is the neon sweatshirt!!! love your style jules!


  94. Jane Alisa Comment #94

    Gorgeous pictures, LOVE your Philip Lim dress xoxo

  95. Allyson Jane Comment #95

    I love the dress and the customized converse in faded red. Good Match!

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  97. Sonakshi Comment #97

    Hi, could you please post the names of the Essie nail polishes you’ve featured as your favorites? (especially the greige ones!!) Thank you so much.