Sweater: Vintage // Skirt: Tucker for Target // Sneakers: Converse (customized w/studs) // Bag: A. Wang // Watch: Fossil // Sunglasses: MBMJ //
Default outfit: sweater, pretty skirt and my go-to Cons.
Can’t ever go wrong with an outfit like this, I tell ya.
Fact: Was actually selling this skirt on Sunday’s Blogger Market, and no one ended up taking it…
since it was 1 of 4 pieces left in my rack of things that I didn’t sell, I ended up bringing it
back with me and keeping it! So glad no one bought it- it adds the right amount of sparkle to
my look!
Btw, thank you to everyyyyyyyyone who came to the Blogger Market despite the rainy weather on Sunday!
It was such a great turnout and so much fun (total success!)
Highlight of the day was meeting so many of you (my readers!)… 
thank you for coming and saying hi (special hello and thank you to Rosie!!)
 Stay tuned because we just might make this
a monthly flea market…. :)

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  1. RaspberryBlonde Comment #1

    very nice outfit! love the combo of the casual with a more ‘bling’ necklace.

  2. Maja Comment #2

    I wish I could be there… But Croatia is a little too far! Boo 😀
    I love this look, so chic and cool! Your Converse are amazing!


  3. Mary Comment #3

    Love the necklace

  4. Karolien Vanoppen Comment #4

    where is the necklace from? it is beautiful!

    x Karolien (thisisaloveshack.blogspot.com)

  5. Karolien Vanoppen Comment #5

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. pipa Comment #6

    Nice look and sneakers:)))

  7. Marloes Comment #7

    I can’t believe no one bought that skirt, it’s beautiful!! You look amazing.

  8. Her Persona Comment #8
  9. Demi-Leigh Comment #9

    Aaaah I love your shoes! Can’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks, amazing outfit.

  10. MonochromeMagpie Comment #10

    Your looks always make me want to go on the hunt for amazing statement necklaces!

    Monochrome Magpie

  11. betty Comment #11

    loveely such a simple cool look i love ur hair !! iv said this i will say it again .

  12. Shamini Comment #12

    nice skirt !
    and i love your necklace

  13. Noush Comment #13

    I love your skirt !

  14. Vavavabroom Comment #14

    Hey Jules! From which brand is your necklace? It’s really lovely <3 xo Aki

  15. Camille Comment #15

    I love this ALOT..

  16. ax_ELLE Comment #16

    Love this look, the casual sweater goes well with the dressy skirt. ♥-Axelle


  17. Smile. You are in Paradise! Comment #17

    amazing! as always 😉

  18. Vasilieva Comment #18

    lovely, adore that necklace


  19. Kimberly Comment #19

    Can’t believe you almost sold that skirt…it is so perfect on you! Love the detail on the back of your shoes too :)


  20. Fashion Tidbits Comment #20

    The Chucks are such a sweet touch!

  21. Domonique Wilson Comment #21

    This just has the right balance of style and comfort…. love the necklace.


  22. Natali Comment #22

    Great outfit! Love the skirt and necklace!!


  23. Damellia Comment #23

    lovely sneakres!

  24. The Fancy Teacup Comment #24

    That skirt is a gem, glad you were able to keep it! So cute how you mixed a bit of glamour with sporty chic!


  25. EmerJa Comment #25

    I love how Converse can change a “formal” look into a funnier one:)


  26. Camilla Comment #26

    Those shoes are such an unexpected twist, love them!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  27. Natalie Suarez Comment #27

    SO SO CUTE! give me your pink shoes!! xx


  28. Rebekah Wing. Comment #28

    amazing outfit :) love the combination of chic and casual/sporty. :)
    and your legs are amazing *_* :’D

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  29. Like a swallow Comment #29

    Beautiful hair…

  30. Honorata Comment #30

    Fantastic relaxed outfit!


  31. liah Comment #31

    I’m sooo in love with that outfit. Would wear it absolutely like you without changing anything. You’re such an inspiration to me, its incredible <3 Keep going, you're awesome !!!


  32. Nee Comment #32

    you always inspire me to wear converse! you look so great:) <3


  33. Collections Comment #33

    Love this. That necklace is great.


  34. Chris Comment #34

    I love !!

  35. Katya Comment #35

    I love your skin colour and how you look glamorous in such shoes♥

  36. Hilal Comment #36

    I’m so so in love with your style!!!


  37. GLAMTIMEE Comment #37

    Love the pink converse !
    Www. Twitter.com/glamtimee

  38. Manon Comment #38

    Simple and chic ! You look great !


  39. Cinja Comment #39

    awww that look’s so great! those sorbet colored chucks go so well with your tanned legs, makes me envious

  40. VANESSA Comment #40

    love the look, specially the necklace!!!


  41. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #41

    love the fancy jewelry and converse mix!


  42. Angela Comment #42

    I bet the girls that saw the skirt and didn’t buy it are so sorry now, after seeing it on you :)

  43. Carrie Comment #43

    This outfit is amazing! I love the fancy/casual contrast and your necklace is stunnnnning!! I’d love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think!!! xoxo Carrie :)

  44. Anca Comment #44

    I love your outfit, it’s somehow…perfect! Not too classy and not to laid back, I tell you…perfect! 😀

  45. Kimberly Comment #45

    I love you in converse. End of story!! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  46. Mónica C. Welton Comment #46

    love that look!


  47. Lace And Tulle Comment #47

    I really like this outfit!! I love how you incorporated the gorgeous necklace!

  48. Rachels Lookbook Comment #48

    Love your Converse sneakers! You always look so chic!


  49. luvvleighb Comment #49

    Great skirt! And I love how your converse bring the perfect pop of color :)

  50. RHODA Comment #50

    love the preppy look you’ve incorporated!


  51. LEANNE DEE Comment #51

    Great casual outfit! I like that it looks comfortable and chic!


  52. Rachel Comment #52

    Such a lovely, chilled California look!

  53. Judy Comment #53

    Why no one took this skirt is beyond me! It’s so cute. Sweet action shot too, by the way!


  54. Fashion With Ellie Comment #54

    Love it!! Love how you wore pink converse with this outfit! You can pull anything off I swear!!!


  55. Michelle of Chellbellz Comment #55

    Love the studded shoes! I love that you have fun with your pictures Not too serious!

  56. The Little Dust Princess Comment #56

    Great pics! I love the casualness added with the Chucks and sweater. : )

  57. Nes Comment #57

    I loove your necklace, its so beautiful:)) And the color of your converse:))) Looove it:)


  58. kim Comment #58

    yes yes! make it a regular thing for sure!

  59. CessOviedo Comment #59

    Only you can make sweat shirts and Converse look beyond chic!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  60. Pants on Parade Comment #60

    jules I love the skirt!!! and also love the necklace! where’s it from?



  61. Ballerina'sBun Comment #61

    Oh this skirt is amazing ! Love it and perfect combination with the grey knit ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  62. Rani Comment #62

    Love this! Super cute and comfy. xoxo

  63. vie Comment #63

    Love your style x


  64. Romalo Comment #64

    Me encanta el mix entre lo derpotivo y casual de las cons y la sudadera con lo elegante de la falda y el collar. Un look de 10!!



  65. Joanna Le Comment #65

    Love the way you managed to glam up a casual outfit!


  66. Luciana Comment #66
  67. Jolie Jouel Comment #67

    Nice! And congrats on the success of your blogger market!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  68. The little world of fashion Comment #68

    Love the skirt!

  69. bloo90fashion Comment #69

    You look so pretty 😉


  70. The Gloria Record Comment #70

    those shoes look so cute on you! If I were to wear bubble gum pink shoes, id look like a dork haha.

  71. MONI Comment #71
  72. Steffy Comment #72

    Great look! Your Converse-looks are my favs! So casual and chic. No arm swag today? 😉

  73. Zweiteiler Comment #73

    this outfit is so lovely! I love the necklace to the sweater.


  74. Ms.Fashionista Comment #74

    super casual but very classy. i am soo obsessed with your customized Chucks! Can you do a DIY post on how you did them?



  75. Jane Alisa Comment #75

    Perfect outfit! Love your necklace xoxo

  76. Estherina Comment #76
  77. Create With Me Comment #77

    Where is the blogger market at? Are you in LA area? Just found your blog!!! Love!!!

  78. FASHIONFED Comment #78

    Sweater and converse are my go to’s as well! Such staple pieces with any kind of bottoms!


  79. foreveramelody Comment #79

    Congrats on the Blogger Market! Sounds like it was lots of fun.

    And now I must go embellish my hi-top converses…


  80. Dione and Krios Comment #80

    Love the pop of pink and obsessing over the jewels!


  81. .aubrey c. Comment #81

    You pull of Converse so well with any outfit!


  82. the actor's diet Comment #82

    love the pink chuck taylors!

  83. alisia E. Comment #83

    That sweater is great! It looks so comfortable yet super cute!!

    xx, alisia e

  84. VintageDanielle Comment #84

    Those shoes are adorable!!

  85. Camille Beaudet Comment #85

    the skirt is darling.


  86. Lauren Comment #86

    so cute!!!
    Sad I missed the market….ill be there for the next one for sure!!

  87. Dylana Suarez Comment #87

    Your chucks are so cute!



  88. Yasmeen Comment #88

    This outfit is friggen adorable =X I would wear it <3

  89. adismantledmind Comment #89

    Love this outfit, great pieces, especially the Chucks.

  90. Keisha Ervin Comment #90

    I love when you do your tomboy chic look!!! Simply gorg!!


  91. J ♥ Comment #91

    Did you DIY the studs on the converses? They’re too cool :)

    With hearts,

  92. mphretz Comment #92

    That necklace surely make a statement piece for the whole outfit!

  93. Ramen Couture Comment #93

    Love the comfy glamorous look. Your necklace is fabulous! Always great outfits!



  94. Mariah Comment #94

    wow, i love you blog so so much! please check out mine it would mean so much!



  95. Kate Comment #95

    I am actually obsessed with your style. I haven’t seen an outfit of yours that I haven’t liked! I love your jumper, and how you paired the skirt with those bright Converse shoes. Gorgeous, as usual! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  96. dearsafia Comment #96

    i love this outfit, it’s great because i’m sure if you swapped the converses for heels it would be just as good for a night out!

    http://www.fromcupcakeswithlove.blogspot.com :) x

  97. caits Comment #97

    yep this outfit is amazing. then again yours always are


  98. the chilicool Comment #98

    Love this outfit so badly!!!!!




  99. the chilicool Comment #99

    Love this outfit so badly!!!!!




  100. Sabine Comment #100

    I love this on you! You make dressing up seem effortless! The skirt combined with the casual sweater, plus the necklace (and don’t forget the colorfull converse sneakers) Great job!


  101. Prim and Pimp Comment #101

    great necklace. I love how you can find a way to pair so many cute outfits with runners :)


  102. Jenna Hughes Comment #102

    you are rocking those high tops!


  103. The Slow Pace Comment #103
  104. marina miouprincess Comment #104

    in love with this! always love your outfits,your hair and your amazing sense of style!!!!

  105. Sarah Comment #105

    I want this necklace!

  106. arleendee Comment #106

    I seriously love your style so much! it is so cool and laidback, but always super chic! :) xx

  107. Jen-Jen Comment #107

    Love your necklace! Where did you get it and is it still available? Thank you!

  108. tonita Comment #108

    cute outfit!!!!where did u get the converse in this colour? xoxo

  109. tonita Comment #109

    cute outfit!!! where didi u get these amazing converse in this colour?can’T find them… xoxox

  110. tonita Comment #110

    cuuuuute outfit!where did you get these amazing converse in this colour?? xoxo

  111. tonita Comment #111

    cuuuuute outfit!where did you get these amazing converse in this colour?? xoxo

  112. tonita Comment #112

    cuuuuute outfit!where did you get these amazing converse in this colour?? xoxo

  113. tonita Comment #113

    cuuuuute outfit!where did you get these amazing converse in this colour?? xoxo

  114. Rosie Diaz Comment #114

    Awww… Julie, so touched with that special hello on this post!!! So sweet and thoughtful of you, definitely made my night!!! Hope you’re enjoying your goodies as I’m sure LOVING my new items from your closet :) I’m especially liking my new friendship bracelets you threw in… I’m officially OBSESSED and want more of these!!! Congrats on the success of the blogger flea market event, it would be AWESOME to have this event every month… you know I would be there rain or shine to support 😉 I’m totally digging this look of yours!!! You always manage to put things together with such effortless flair making it look so glamourous at the same time, this is why you’re my biggest fashion inspiration :) Keep up the good work!!! Oh and by the way, I NEED that necklace in my life… just saying 😉 I hope we can get together soon…

  115. Rosie Diaz Comment #115

    Awww… Julie, so touched with the special hello on this post!! So sweet and thoughtful of you… totally made my night :) Hope you’re enjoying your goodies as I’m sure LOVING my new items from your closet. I’m especially liking the friendship bracelets you threw in, I’m OBSESSED and want more of these. BIG congrats on the success of the blogger flea market event!! It would be AWESOME to have this every month… I would be there to support, rain or shine :) BTW, I’m really digging this look of yours… you always manage to put things together with such effortless flair making it look glamorous at the same time :) This is the reason why you’re my biggest fashion inspiration… Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!

  116. mollyeeb Comment #116

    I would wear that in a sec! I love love love the color of the converse and the necklace!


  117. Gladys Comment #117

    i love your Converse!! but here in Argentina that model in that colour don’t exist =(

  118. Beatrycze Comment #118

    nice shoes.

  119. sweet-dreams Comment #119

    J’adore ton blog, tes articles, tes tenues :) C’est très agréable à regarder et inspirant.
    Je t’ai ajouté à mes blogs préférés: http://herinel.blogspot.fr/

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