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  1. Irene Buffa Comment #1
  2. ASZIYA Comment #2
  3. Stephanie Comment #3

    Obsessed with this outfit!! :)


  4. Hannah Comment #4

    I have that neon shirt from gap too and I love it to pieces!


  5. MiniMeStyle Comment #5

    That pink is one of my most favorite color trends this Spring. A friend pointed me to your website a couple weeks ago, and I’m absolutely loving it. And your amazing hair! I’m trying out the ombre effect right now (although I’m a redhead), and it just doesn’t work on me like it does on you. Have a great weekend!

  6. lilianna Comment #6

    so lovely and geat! :)

  7. Camilla Comment #7

    that skirt really is so pretty!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  8. Romalo Comment #8

    What a great look!Love your friendship bracelets!


  9. Theblackshortdress Comment #9

    love this look

  10. Ida Comment #10

    Love this skirt, the skirt is gorgeous.

  11. Gem Comment #11

    You always look so effortlessly gorgeous! I love the bright pink with the white! :)

    Gem x

  12. SIENA.STYLE Comment #12

    so pretty shoes!
    kisses from prague
    have a beautiful weekend

  13. EVA Comment #13

    you look beautifull! so sweet!
    i love this shoes!



  14. The Fancy Teacup Comment #14

    Wow, that hot pink looks totally rad on you, Jules! Such a chic outfit.


  15. cassante Comment #15

    Cute, girly, beautiful! :)

  16. ResistMeNot Comment #16

    absolutely love the colours and the whole outfit! you look great!


  17. Ms.Fashionista Comment #17

    LOVE that amazing pop of color! I am so into neons right now. Satchels, dresses, sandals, skirts…all of it! The white and the pink are really lovely.



  18. Me Comment #18

    looking gorgeous! you always have the best skirt/top combos.

    You make it look effortless



  19. internodiciotto Comment #19

    this is stunning! the neon pink suits just so perfect with your skin. wish i could say the same for me!

  20. Kate Comment #20

    What a beautiful outfit! I love love love your pink jumper. Have a lovely weekend! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  21. modern Suburbanites Comment #21
  22. Carrie Comment #22

    Gorgeous as usual!

    Style in the City

  23. Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy Comment #23

    Loving the bracelets and especially the SHOES! Amazing on you.

  24. Nida AlHamzeh Comment #24

    You’re so simple and fresh. I love that about you.

  25. Drunk on style Comment #25

    Love the neon shirt, fits your haircolour perfectly !

  26. LEANNE DEE Comment #26

    Such a cute outfit!!! Love the hot pink and lace!


  27. Noush Comment #27

    Really pretty look :)

  28. alexsandra g. Comment #28

    Love this color, amazing outfit!


  29. Rebekah Wing. Comment #29

    amazing outfit :)
    i love how you combined so simple things with each other. the skirt gives the whole outfit a little edge to it :)

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  30. DREAMS of NUVA Comment #30

    great look!!! I love your style!


  31. harperandmonroe Comment #31

    OMG i love that pop of color, its like a really pretty neon pink!!


  32. Gypsy Luster Comment #32

    Beautiful photos as usual! I love the skirt!



  33. glitzerglitzer Comment #33

    Now, THIS is an awesome look!

  34. ellen. Comment #34

    this is such a great mixup for with black n white and I love the detail on the skirt. love love love this outfit.


  35. ellen. Comment #35

    This outfit is so great. Love love love this outfit!


  36. VintageDanielle Comment #36

    Neon pink is a win for you! Love the arm of bracelets and simplistic chic skirt.

  37. Estherina Comment #37
  38. Jane Alisa Comment #38

    What a fabulous outfit! I have those shoes. xoxo

  39. Kathleen Comment #39

    one of my fave looks from you, so inspiring Jules! gorgeous how you combined neon pink and bright white, love it! p.s. we’re zara shoe twins ;).

    <3, Kathleen.

  40. nancy gonzalez Comment #40

    I love this outfit! (:

  41. Kisti Belle Comment #41

    oh gosh i love this! I love everything, a classy skirt and shoes with a bright neon top!

  42. betty Comment #42

    love how an outfit can look so simple yet so stylish on you !!! love it and ur hair adds so much to it xx


  43. WearAbouts Comment #43

    WOW that pink top is bright! And i love anything bright white for spring. looks better on you of course cause your tan but still. Neons and bright whites are so fab! And the scalloped lace look is even better :)
    Enter my giveaway!!!

  44. lucia m Comment #44
  45. Lisset Lora Comment #45

    Me encaaaaaaaaaanta, qué lindoo!

  46. Blog 101 Comment #46

    love the arm party!!!! The bag is just perfect!!!

  47. Dione and Krios Comment #47

    Love the electric pink on the white. AMAZING!



  48. Collections Comment #48

    That pink is great on you.

    Egocloset.com Giveaway!

  49. Kate Comment #49

    Absolutely love this combination, Jules!! The neon pink is so fresh & pretty with the white! Gorgeous!!

  50. Jenna Hughes Comment #50

    that skirt is amazing! is the brand called random?


  51. Lace And Tulle Comment #51

    I love this color!! super nice on you!

  52. Anjuli Ramos Busot Comment #52

    This is gorgeous! Love the pink-white contrast!

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    You can check the ring out on here: http://garmentraveling.blogspot.com/2012/03/1st-giveaway-marc-by-marc-jacobs-ring.html#more
    It’s a big one!

    ♥ Anjuli
    Garment Traveling

  53. umblogfashion Comment #53
  54. umblogfashion Comment #54
  55. .aubrey c. Comment #55

    thats a gap tee?! love!


  56. An To Comment #56

    love this simple outfit. you always have the cutest shoes :)


  57. arleendee Comment #57

    I just love thissssss! the neon top looks amazing with that skirt <3

  58. Jacy Comment #58

    stunning Jules!! love the neon paired with a neutral piece that adds character through its detail! so so cute.



  59. Nikki Comment #59

    I love your outfit- the pink top is fab!! xx

  60. Su. Comment #60

    Love your T shirt colour!!
    This week you appear in best street style of the week in my blog!
    Trendy Pastel

  61. Ejnet (Aneta) Comment #61

    I love this one!

  62. Styleclouds Comment #62

    Simply beautiful! Love the shoes! xo, Christina


  63. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #63

    Love the pink on you and that skirt is so pretty!! XO Rebecca


  64. Fashionably Made Comment #64

    Love, love, love! Just perfect!


  65. le dressing d'Alizée Comment #65

    Vraiment superbe !

  66. Fashionably Made Comment #66

    Love, love, love! Just perfect!


  67. Laura Comment #67

    You’re perfect honey! Nice outfit


  68. thestyleflux Comment #68

    Cool outfit! Love the pop of pink :)

    Kaye Awatin

  69. Elizabeth and Georgina Comment #69

    Loving the neon, simply gorgeous!


  70. Marzena Comment #70

    Whoa ! Girl, You look incredible ! I love your perfect skirt, blouse and amazing watch ! Kiss x


  71. Eva-Lynn Comment #71
  72. I'm Just Me Comment #72

    pretty!! love the outfit!!

  73. Domonique Wilson Comment #73

    So incredibly pretty and perfect for spring :)


  74. Zweiteiler Comment #74

    you look amazing in pink! just ordered these heels at zara. I love them!


  75. Ballerina'sBun Comment #75

    I really adore your cute zara heels ! Bright pink matches perfectly with your sunkissed skin jules ! You look amazing as always ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  76. Anca Comment #76

    I love your outfit 😀


  77. Enlacabina delamoda Comment #77

    what a nice outfit! i’ve just discovered your blog and i really like it!

  78. jillian Comment #78

    in love with this look!! casual, but very glam at the same time!
    xoxo, jillian


  79. Myra Comment #79

    Love your blog! I recently started following you and get so much inspiration from each post so thank you! And you are beautiful!

  80. Asher Comment #80

    looove this!

  81. Audrey Comment #81
  82. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #82

    love the pop of color!


  83. Kristin Hallak Comment #83

    I love your hot pink gap shirt, I went to their website and can’t seem to find the shirt? Is it a recent purchase or an older purchase…? Do you happen to have the link? You are adorable!

  84. Ángeles Madrid Comment #84

    Un look genial!
    Me encanta la falda!
    Un beso.


  85. Steffy Comment #85

    Lovin the bright pink and white crochet!

  86. Nicole Comment #86

    super in love with those heels1

  87. Rara Comment #87

    where’s your necklace from?

  88. ax_ELLE Comment #88

    Love neon pink on you! I wish I had your tan… ♥-Axelle


  89. FASHIONFED Comment #89

    I love the brightness of that top! So ready for spring


  90. Yuli Conversations Comment #90

    i love love this outfit! your gorgeous!


  91. Sugar with Spikes Comment #91
  92. RaspberryBlonde Comment #92

    very cool look, love the skirt and heels

  93. Dreams of a Lady Comment #93


    Vanessa http://dreamsofalady.blogspot.de/

  94. luvvleighb Comment #94

    I LOVE that top! Amazing pink :)

  95. Alison Comment #95

    This is so cute. I can’t believe that top is from the Gap. Great find!
    I’ve just found your blog and am in love with it!


  96. Nobre Sandra Comment #96

    That pink looks amazing on your skin! *.*

  97. Hieu. Comment #97

    the neon longsleeve goes great with your tan skin, i like it ALOT ! 😉
    peace and greetings from germany, Hieu

  98. Tara Comment #98

    The skirt is so pretty!

  99. Romilly Writes Comment #99

    Pretty in pink x

  100.  Ms. Allee Comment #100

    Oh, I wish there was a GAP here just so I could get that shirt!*
    Love it doll!*


  101. Perpetuity Comment #101

    Love the gap shirt! I just got a great white lace skirt and it would look great styled like this.


  102. Lily Comment #102

    Love your random skirt! What a neat pattern it has, and the pink top looks fantastic with it! Perfect contrast with your ombre hair!


  103. Tegan Comment #103

    omggg i love your style to no end. Those Zara shoes look amazing on you too, seeing them everywhere at the moment and i thnk you’ve definitely styled them the best.



  104. diamonddonuts Comment #104

    Wow! How I love pink, I can say I’m in love with this outfit, your hair and accessories are perfect and I love your shoes! :)

  105. Pants on Parade Comment #105

    love this hot pink color!!!


    Pants on Parade

  106. FashionFlirt Comment #106

    This outfit is really amazing, love it!


    kisses, Jasmin

  107. justgoshopping Comment #107

    Lovely blog!


  108. Borjana Comment #108

    Absolutely perfect tee.The color,the length,the fit,everything!looove how it looks on your skin,I have to wait for summer to get tanned:-S And every time I see your hair,I wanna color mine;)

  109. Dianna Comment #109

    you make me want to cut my bangs! love!


  110. Lian Comment #110
  111. Hazardous Area Comment #111

    Beautiful bag and shoes:)

  112. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #112

    You look totally amazing :) that lace skirt is SO pretty and I’m loving those fine zara heels :) x

  113. Ms Mel Comment #113

    I would love to see more posts! You are such a fashion inspiration and have such great personal style. Keep it up and congratulations on your success.

  114. Kerry June Comment #114

    i really love your blog & style. it’s awesome. my friend recommend your site for me to check out & i’m so happy she did.

  115. Ms Mel Comment #115

    I wijkd love to see more posts! You are such a fashion inspiration and have great personal style. Keep it up and congratulations on your success.

  116. Ms Mel Comment #116

    I would love to see more posts! You are such a fashion inspiration and have such great personal style. Keep it up and congratulations on your success.

  117. Ms Mel Comment #117

    I would love to see more posts! You are such a fashion inspiration and have such great personal style. Keep it up and congratulations on your success.

  118. Style This World Comment #118

    This pink is amazing!!!

    Welcome to my blog: http://stylethisworld.blogspot.com/

    Have a nice week!!

  119. David Diaz Comment #119

    Jules, Your skin-tone makes Neons look even better… If that makes any sense! lol

    Love the outfit Boo! ^.^


  120. tiny dancer Comment #120

    Gorgeous top! The Gap is having soo many great items this spring. I’m loving all the neon. This color looks fabulous on you :)


  121. Lisa Comment #121

    Effortlessly chic, as always.


  122. † Elmo † Comment #122

    That “random” skirt is flawless!! Where did you got it??


  123. Mexiquer Comment #123

    That color looks so good on you! You have a beautiful tan!*

  124. Lana Comment #124

    I love this top!! Which one is it from gap? Do you know what it is called??

  125. Jolie Jouel Comment #125

    Love that bright pink Gap shirt…so comfy!


  126. foreveramelody Comment #126

    Ahh! Pink neon. Looks so good with your skin tone.


  127. Roseanne Comment #127

    cute outfit!love the colour combination.x

  128. Paula Dillmann Comment #128

    I really love yours looks!!!



  129. strandofsilk Comment #129

    Stunning outfit, neon colours are guaranteed to give your wardrobe a dose of sunshine !

  130. Style Footprints Comment #130

    Great outfit.them colours look great on you.i know I couldn’t carry it off.fab heels.im in love with that skirt. This probably sounds ridiculous but is it a random skirt you don’t know the brand of or is the brand called random?

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