Ripped Thing.

Jacket: Zara (cool one here and here) // Skinnies: gifted Kasil Workshop // Tee: Zara // Flats: Zara (saving for these) // Bag: Alexander Wang // Necklace: gifted LUVAJ
Had my video shoot yesterday and wore this to prance around all day in!
Can’t wait to share with you the video (fingers crossed I didn’t sound
terrible!) and the event!

Ps So happy to read the feedback on yesterdays post- glad I was able to inspire you
 in some way! 
Now, go and get ’em!

Thanks Jadene for the photos!

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  1. pipa Comment #1

    Fantastic outfit.

  2. Bohemian Comment #2

    Love your jeans!! x

  3. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #3

    such a cute look, especially the shoes :)


    Fashion Fractions

  4. Maja Comment #4

    wow, I can’t wait to see/hear it! :) yay
    you look very chic and cool! :)

  5. Candy Comment #5

    Wow I love that necklace! Great outfit post (as usual!)


  6. Allison Young Comment #6

    you look fabulous and i love the outfit. it seems comfy and chic all at once!

  7. Domonique Wilson Comment #7

    Your hair looks ridiculously awesome with that hat, also do you notice how Zara always make the most perfect little flat’s :) love them!Looking forward to seeing the video.

  8. Her Persona Comment #8
  9. Zweiteiler Comment #9

    a great outfit! I really love these pants.


  10. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #10

    I’m in love in your hair and the necklace is beautiful!

  11. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #11

    This is beautiful!
    Love the new kind of photos you post! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  12. Su. Comment #12

    a lovely outfit!
    Trendy Pastel
    Knowing Jon Kortajarena, today in my Blog!

  13. Sabine Comment #13

    Cute hat! And great photography!

  14. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #14

    Great outfit! Love the tone of the pictures =) X

  15. Ramen Couture Comment #15

    I love your hair. I also love your amazing shoes!


  16. RHODA Comment #16

    love your hat! looking for something like that for spring & summer (:

  17. Honorata Comment #17

    Great outfit, love hat and flats!

  18. from vlc with love Comment #18

    Nice look! Love your jacket and your necklace 😉


  19. JejWysokoscZolza Comment #19

    Great shoes!

  20. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #20
  21. My Wild Little Roses Comment #21

    Cute outfit!!!!
    I really love your shoes!!! Amazing


  22. Nes Comment #22

    great look, you look stunning! love your hat and the flats:)

  23. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #23

    Love it! Works so well together! XO Rebecca

  24. chloe-kiara. Comment #24

    your hat is amazing, where is it from?
    chloe. xx

  25. Elleaimelamode Comment #25


  26. C A T H Comment #26

    such a cool outfit with a chic hit! I like the bowed top hat and your necklace which blends in the whole street look really well. Nice one Jules =)

    Style Hostess

  27. Lips N Stick Comment #27
  28. Sheree Comment #28

    Awesome look as usual!

  29. MARIMORENA Comment #29

    Love the look!

  30. Tina Comment #30

    Such a gorgeous look, Jules! Love the hat!

    xo, http://WWW.TINACIOUS.ME

  31. Comment #31

    I love this outfit, and you look gorgeous!!
    Loving the chain necklace :)

  32. Estherina Comment #32

    You always look so effortlessly cool. :)

    Step into Estherina’s World

  33. milkshake-heartbreak Comment #33

    daaamn thats some nice necklace!

  34. Kimberly Comment #34

    You look so darling in hats – completely jealous!

  35. Nikki Comment #35

    Your jeans are amazing, the whole outfit is incredible:)XX

  36. jas Comment #36

    blog is looking great. love it. pretty photos

  37. Laura Comment #37

    You look fantastic! I really love the bag and the shoes :)


  38. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #38

    Really love this outfit. Seems a bit different for you but so perfect.


  39. Anca Comment #39

    I LOVE your outfit! You paired such contrasting pieces, (feminine shoes with the military jacket) and it looks so incredible!


  40. Lauren {Stylized Existence} Comment #40

    I love that jacket. well this whole outfit is fab, but ESPECIALLY that jacket.

  41. Lace and Tulle Comment #41

    I Love your look!!! cute pointy flats!!!

  42. Carolina Costas Comment #42

    Love the outfit, the hat looks great on you :)


  43. Jasmine Sinclair Comment #43

    So digging your hat!!! I love your style!

  44. Dana Comment #44

    I love how all your outfits always look so effortlessly put together yet so prefect. I’m always looking forward to new photos from you!


  45. Marina y Brais Comment #45

    so bohemian!
    love it,jules!
    x x

  46. Elsha Bodily Comment #46

    Girl, you are just way to cute for your own good! Excited to see the video

  47. WearAbouts Comment #47

    you’re zara reppin i see! :) I absolutely love those flats…what I’d give to get my feet in a pair! :)
    Follow me on CHICTOPIA

  48. Collections Comment #48

    Love the jeans and necklace!

    Shoppalu Leather Jacket Giveaway

  49. modern Suburbanites Comment #49

    gorgeous look!! i love your hat.

  50. Borjana Comment #50

    Wow,this is one of the best!The pictures are on another level!;)

  51. Xoxo ☺ Comment #51

    You look fabulous! Xo

  52. Ballerina'sBun Comment #52

    Love your skinny jeans and parka ! You look pretty cool ! Xx nadine

  53. Marzena Comment #54

    Amazing look ! Love this hat so much ! Kiss x

  54. Paula Villalobos Comment #55

    Beautiful jacket :)!

  55. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #56

    I really want a hat like yours, I am a hat person but for some reason dont have one in that style!
    Daisy Dayz

  56. Jhuls P Comment #57
  57. ElsaD Comment #58

    Adorable! :)

  58. glitzerglitzer Comment #59

    This is an amazing outfit, would wear this all day long!
    xoxo Dani

  59. Ghita Fehry Fassy Comment #60

    I love your outfit!

  60. lola Comment #61

    great outfit and I like the background too 😉

  61. Cara Comment #62

    love this casual look, the pants, the shoes, everything is just so well put together!
    xo Cara

  62. Jennifer Comment #63

    i love those shoes, they’re perfect! great hat too x

  63. Natalie Suarez Comment #64

    hi girl! you pretty! xx

  64. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #65

    love those shoes!


  65. Andrea Clare Comment #66

    you look great in the hat!!

  66. Jolie Jouel Comment #67

    Great funky/casual outfit! So very cool. So very you.

  67. Sarah Mira Comment #68

    I love your flats and most importantly your ARMSWAG! hehe

  68. April Lyn Comment #69

    Perfection! Love the laid-back vibe you always convey with your outfits

    April Lyn

  69. Danisha Comment #70

    Stylishky ripped love it!

  70. Isa Comment #71

    Yes!!You`re look is so great!!!Love

  71. Minnie and Daisy Comment #72

    Aww your jeans!! Absolutely love them!! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  72. Catalina Comment #73
  73. Ksu Comment #74

    Love this funky style! xx K

  74. A Nerdy New Yorker Comment #75

    omg totally looove this outfit! i want every piece! <33

  75. Romalo Comment #76

    Beautiful outfit! the hat gives it a really cool touch!


  76. babelaulait Comment #77
  77. eloiselabetise Comment #78

    Beautiful outfit! Your jacket, your hat and your bag are so amazing! xxx

  78. Mariely Crowne Comment #79
  79. Leira Zetroc Comment #80

    Julie, how did you edit these photos to give it that gorgeous, soft and faded, dreamy effect?

  80. FancyIcon Comment #81

    of course like always everything i love bout this outfit!!!! <3 im totally in love with ur style :)

  81. everYOURS everMINE Comment #82

    love it, jules! I’ve seen these flats on zara, are great!

  82. Yuli Conversations Comment #83

    gorgeous outfit! i absolutely adore this jacket and shoes in particular

  83. J ♥ Comment #84

    I love your shoes and yesterday’s post! :) thanks for the motivation!

    With hearts,

  84. Ms.Fashionista Comment #85

    Love the difference of cargo colors- black and white=perfection.


  85. VintageDanielle Comment #86

    The jeans is my favorite piece on you :)

  86. 6 o'clock Inspiration Comment #87

    I love this outfit!
    It’s fun and casual and seems good for running around in!
    I love the patches under the holes in the pants it really adds something to them!!
    Hope the video turned out well too, I’m sure it is great!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  87. Comment #88

    I just found your blog! It’s fabulous! Love this entire outfit! The hair is fab!


  88. sara l Comment #90

    very nice !

  89. Prof. Dr. Skinny Bitch Comment #91

    love this outfit so much!!!

  90. AnaLucia Comment #92

    I <3 you Jules! Because of you I have discovered a million and one ways to wear all my stuff! <3 Have a good day :)

  91. Candy and Treats Comment #93

    I love todays picture set! Gorgeous background and lighting and a great outfit too :)

  92. Coco Comment #94

    is this your jacket??

    i love it in your photos but not in the web..

  93. la floresta desordenada Comment #95

    I love love loooove those shoes!

    hearts from germany <3

  94. GRACE Comment #96

    super cute. love this whole look from head to toe~


  95. Coralie Comment #97

    Ooh so nice outfit! Love everything! :)

  96. Perpetuity Comment #98

    I love how you styled this jacket. I have a similar one. Great inspiration!


  97. Carrie Comment #99

    And it’s a great outfit to prance around in!

    Style in the City

  98. FASHIONFED Comment #100

    This outfit is so perfect! Those pants are amazing!

  99. Comment #101

    wow u have great style, I really like this look, the military jacket with the heels , this is perfect <3

  100. indie by heart Comment #102

    Really great outfit, nice inspiration for warmer days for me :) (it’s still freezing in Finland..)

    – Indie by Heart

  101. Sandra Comment #103

    Love the jacket! I have one just like that :) Love to pair it with leather & denim, like this:
    Love your blog*

  102. Ocean Dreams Comment #104

    This entire outfit goes together so nicely – love your hair most of all!

  103. thekellytang Comment #105

    I adore your style & your blog!! I love that tote bag! Following on bloglovin!

    <3 Kelly

  104. Ria Michelle Comment #106

    So lovely as usual. I love the flats.

  105. Maria Litizia Comment #107

    Such a simple outfit, yet it looks insanely stylish.
    Love the shoes the most!


  106. Seeking Style Comment #108

    Great look! I’m searching for a nice pair of ripped skinnies myself

    xo Jennifer

  107. M. Comment #109

    Same jacket but with a different style. LOVE.

    by M.

  108. East of Highland Comment #110

    Great outfit … Perfect shoot … Super exciting event coming up!!! Can’t wait! xo

  109. Alice and Gabriella Comment #111

    Beautiful style and adorable blog,
    best wishes xx

  110. Simone Comment #112

    very nice outfit and jacket :)

    /giveaway on my blog/