Spring Brites.

Sweatshirt: GAP (similar color here) // Skinnies: JBrand // Sneakers: Converse
(from their Spring line) // Necklace: Sincerely Jules X Gabriela Artigas // Ipad Case: Rebecca Minkoff
Since it’s been gloomy the last couple days in L.A, I thought I’d cheer up in some
 color and embrace the chilly weather. Since spring is slowly
 approaching too, I couldn’t help but start stocking up on spring items especially
 those with prints and color!
I’ve been diggin’ Converse in my wardrobe/looks lately (worn in black here, white 
here and studded here) and now these in Aruba blue from their Spring collection
-which will look so pretty with floral dresses!

Anyway, Polyvore can hook you up with some converse if you enter here.
Trust me you won’t be disappointed with the prize!
Check out out my collage featuring the converse in two looks!


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  1. pipa Comment #1

    Perfect outfit….:-)

  2. Maja Comment #2

    my God, you’re sooo amazing :) i adore your style! you look great, and those Converse shoes are just the prettiest color ever!! :)

    If you get a minute, please check out my blog sometimes, it would mean so much from you! :)


  3. Her Persona Comment #3

    oh i love this combo. the converse are cute as


  4. Evi Comment #4

    Oh I love this collage! It’s pretty helpful on how to wear Converse! Looove their baby blue colour 😉

  5. Phie Buechek Comment #5

    I love the outfit!! Cool sweatshirt!!!

  6. Lene Comment #6

    Converse shoes in the perfect spring color <3 I love this! :D

    My Fashion Inspiration

  7. Domonique Wilson Comment #7

    Ooooh such a fresh outfit, I’m in love with those mint con’s…perfect for Spring :)


  8. cassante Comment #8

    Smell of spring :)
    Very optimistic outfit!

  9. Sabine Comment #9

    Really really cute! Love how you combine your outfits with converse. Especially these bright ones!


  10. Natali Comment #10

    You look wonderful in mustard sweater!


  11. marblava Comment #11

    Love this sneaker’s colour!! Very very anazing!


  12. il était une fois... Comment #12

    pastel perfect girrl! love! XX

  13. Miss Molly Comment #13

    love this look Jules, such great color


  14. Toñi Sánchez Comment #14

    Me encanta la combinacion de colores. 100% verano.

  15. marimorena Comment #15

    Love the outfit!
    Specially the color of the jumper and the converse!

  16. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #16

    such a lovely look Jules! love the color of your converse :)


    Fashion Fractions

  17. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #17

    I adore you! You seem so sweet, love the outfit, the colors are amazing!


  18. Isa - Fashion Low Cost Comment #18

    I love your outfits and your style…it’s…perfect!


  19. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #19

    LOVE that sweater! XO Rebecca


  20. WearAbouts Comment #20

    Love those Chucks! You do converse so welll <333 and that necklace is just fabulous! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  21. Lottie Comment #21

    I love you outfit anf think some pastel coloured converse could become the main stay of my spring/summer wardrobe.

  22. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #22

    Never have thought that GAP has such amazing colors! Adorable outfit! X


  23. VALERIE WANG Comment #23

    great look!and those shoes are pretty wearable!<3



  24. Fashion Tidbits Comment #24

    Aww such a happy, bright outfit! You just totally cheered me up

  25. Fashion Tidbits Comment #25

    Love the yellow and blue contrast!

  26. Rhoda Comment #26
  27. The Fancy Teacup Comment #27

    Aww, you look like total eye candy, Jules! Super pretty colours. x


  28. AmyArisse. Comment #28

    I love it!

    please follow me on http://www.thepinkshades.blogspot.com

    xx Amy.

  29. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #29

    Love your outfit and the two you created. Converse make everything look cooler.



  30. Meagan Comment #30

    love that chartreuse color top!
    xox Meagan

  31. Valentine Comment #31

    I’m in love with your look

  32. Shannon Comment #32

    These lovely bright colors make me so ready for spring! You’re wearing the perfect trendy shades. I love it.

    – Shannon

  33. Tina Comment #33

    such a lovely outfit! love the yellow!


  34. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #34

    adorable colors!


  35. Ally Jazayeri Comment #35

    Love the yellow in this outfit! I am such a huge fan of Converse! I wear my white high tops with almost everything I have! So glad to see someone like yourself making Converse a style brand in fashion! Lovely post!

    – Ally @ Styled With Leather

  36. Nikki Comment #36

    I LOVE this outfit! It’s so, so lovely :) Xx

  37. Collections Comment #37

    Love your converse sneakers and they way you’ve styled them below!


  38. A Comment #38

    those converse are too adorable!
    they look amazing with the bright sweater and the white jeans :)


  39. Estherina Comment #39

    Love the color of your Converses!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  40. Honorata Comment #40

    Fantastic outfit!


  41. *A Comment #41

    Love love love this :)

  42. Evi Comment #42

    You look so pretty! Great style!

    Evi xoxo


  43. Perpetuity Comment #43

    I need that gap top and the blue converse!

  44. Romalo Comment #44

    Me encanta esa mezcla de colores!me he enamorado de tus Converse! a la wish list derechitas!



  45. Lily Lemontree Comment #45

    Woke up this morning to a snow covered world so your outfit with the bright shot of sunshine is just what I needed to remind me that spring is just around the corner! Love it!

  46. Lady-Pa Comment #46

    you look great



  47. Zorian Comment #47

    Love the post. Great styling. Love the Aruba blue converse. Great post.

  48. Dana Comment #48

    I’m in love with this outfit you put together. Love the color contrast of the sweater and converse shoes – so different but it works so well!


  49. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #49

    I love the color of your converse!

  50. jennyjk Comment #50

    jules, i absolutely love how you incorporate all different shades of colors to your outfits. u truly know how to mix and match colors. love your necklace btw!!


  51. ax_ELLE Comment #51

    Love this look, the bright colors match your tanned skin perfectly. Your blog is one of the best out there!!! ♥-Axelle


  52. Ballerina'sBun Comment #52

    Omg you look adorable ! I definetly love your beautiful wavy Hair ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  53. Sarah Comment #53

    Those light blue converse are just amazing on you!

  54. Andrea Clare Comment #54

    love the mint sneakers!!


  55. Frannie Pantz Comment #55

    I love these Converses!!!!!

  56. Emily Comment #56

    Love that you paired the turquoise Converse with the yellow sweater! And I must admit, this post is totally justifying why I never threw out my old turquoise Converse from high school–they’re finally coming back in! 😉

    moda + medialunas

  57. Californian London Comment #57

    Loveeee that post!! Have a great day dear :-)

    Californian London

  58. Swapnil Comment #58

    very pretty indeed!


  59. HayleyMG Comment #59

    such a fresh looking outfit, gorgeous summery colours. Cant wait for the summer over here in sunny ol’Scotland! lol

    Hayley xx

  60. Annissh Comment #60

    I love all your clothes, why?? OMG

    Bisou, Jules

  61. Shamini Comment #61

    i love how you are dressed ! simple and beautiful !

  62. Carrie Comment #62

    This is my favourite look of yours when you wear your converse. So inspiring!

    Style in the City

  63. Eva B. Comment #63

    I LOVE IT!!!! Gorgeous color combos! I cant get enough of my current converse, I may need to hook myself up with a few more pairs…



  64. Daisy Comment #64

    love the color of those converses :)

  65. Iwa Ojo Comment #65

    I love the first look and your yellow top

  66. Kaśq. Comment #66

    beautiful 😉

  67. Kate Comment #67

    Absolutely loving this slouchy off the shoulder top! Love how casual glam this outfit is!

  68. Rachel Comment #68

    So cute, love the shoes!


  69. Jolie Jouel Comment #69

    Love the off the shoulder relaxed look!


  70. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #70

    Fabulous bright colors on you!
    Great combination, it works so well! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  71. Ksu Comment #71

    I am so with you on Converse! Love it absolutely ! Thank you for sharing this one!
    xx K

  72. InForTheStyle Comment #72
  73. charity victoria Comment #73

    simply gorgeous colors! Now if I can find my Chucks from junior high…

  74. Nes Comment #74

    love the colormix:)


  75. Natalie Suarez Comment #75

    I LOVE THIS! you so so cutes and i miss you xx


  76. Leira Zetroc Comment #76

    Such FUN colours! I’m serious, just looking at your outfit kind of “upped” my mood because it’s so cheery. You just can’t be miserable with colours like that.

    Plus, I love your idea boards. You don’t just show your outfits, you also give inspiration.


  77. AdoreIt Lo Comment #77

    Love the shoes! Can’t wait to see more outfits with them!

  78. AdoreIt Lo Comment #78

    Love the shoes!! Can’t wait to see more outfit posts with them.

  79. Allison Young Comment #79

    such a great post! your converse are so pretty.


  80. Charlene Gondo Comment #80

    i have the same converse in that colour! And never wore them cus I found it hard to mix and match ’em. You giving a life to them now! Gonna wear it so soon.

    Summer Flounce

  81. Karissa Comment #81

    Love the shoes and necklace!


  82. VintageDanielle Comment #82

    I love those brites! Wearing brites is all I’m doing right now to get over the gray gloomy weather. The colors always looks amazing on you.

  83. Laura Comment #83

    You look awesome honey!


  84. Honey from VeryHoney.com Comment #84

    So lovely! I love love love it!

    Honey from

  85. Ms.Fashionista Comment #85

    love love those blue sneaks!



  86. Borjana Comment #86

    I’m dying for those Converse,looked everywhere in my town to get them but with no success:-S I love them with yellow shirt!

  87. Minnie and Daisy Comment #87

    Those converse rock!! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  88. Lisa Ann Karst Comment #88

    Love love love the color combination here! It looks perfect with your coloring.
    All my converse are looking a little worse for wear, perhaps I should get to styling on polyvore. Thanks for the share.

    ☮ Lisa Ann


  89. Eva Comment #89

    The cutest Converse sneakers I’ve ever seen! You are beautiful xoxo


  90. Grace Comment #90

    Swooning over that adorable necklace and your sweater!


  91. Macarons and McQueen Comment #91

    I love this post! Converse instantly make any outfit! I haven’t checked out their Spring line yet, but I love these Aruba blue ones you’re sporting! I am so ready for spring and you added the perfect pops of color!


  92. fashionDays Comment #92

    just perfect…love that sweatshirt!


  93. Asher Comment #93

    Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE that top!

  94. Angela Comment #94

    Love your Converse, and the outfit ideas are perfect :)


  95. Gypsy Luster Comment #95

    I’m loving this color combo!!! You always have such great style!



  96. chillairandperfume Comment #96

    What a great sweater.. Love the color! And the Converse sneakers are such an unexpectedly perfect addition :)


  97. Jessie Comment #97

    love the color of those shoes!


  98. Mariely Crowne Comment #98

    Obsessing over those colors together! Never owned a pair of converse but I think I will have to invest in that color, its gorge!!

  99. SAMANTHA Comment #99

    I love this post and this color converse. So awesome!


  100. A Nerdy New Yorker Comment #100

    Totally looove this outfit :)) …and those aruba blue converses look greatt!

  101. Unknown Comment #101

    Great outfit – love the cheery yellow, makes me wish spring would hurry up here, instead of the snow we’re getting haha!

    Bridgid x

  102. benni_knop Comment #102

    I love the colour of those converse! Bring on spring is Aus I say.

    The Dreamer x

  103. Gem Comment #103

    I love the jumper and necklace combo!

    Gem x

  104. Alice Comment #104

    the chartreuse + aqua is perfect! ive never seen converse in that color, but thats one of my favorite shades. must be difficult to keep clean, though!

  105. Lips N Stick Comment #105

    Those converses are a great color!


  106. Noush Comment #106

    I love the jumper and color of your converse !

  107. C A T H Comment #107

    such cute as baby blue converses!
    I like the whole bling chic look about this
    whilst looking so sporty and carefree at the same time.
    how can you pull this look so nicely, yet so effortlessly Julie??
    hmm =)

    Style Hostess

  108. nadja Comment #108

    LOVE your outfit!
    you look stunning

  109. OnTheRacks Comment #109

    SO cute, love!! Love the yellow/mint combo, one of my favorites. You are looking adorable as ever.

    Really sad I didn’t get to see you while you were in NY for Fashion Week. Hope you are coming back soon – it has been way too long! xo

  110. Nadya Dominguez Comment #110

    hermosas las convers y esos colores muy buen outfit :)

  111. FancyIcon Comment #111

    of course totally love it!!!! :)specially shoess!!!

    ure welcome on ur blog http://www.fancyicon.blogspot.com

  112. 6 o'clock Inspiration Comment #112

    LOve your outfit!!
    The colors are so fun!!
    Love the aqua colored converse!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  113. Marcela Cavalini Comment #113

    I really loved this outfit!


    I’ll be glad If you visit me 😀

  114. RougeDessin Comment #114

    Love this look, so casual yet so cool! I absolutely adore your blogue, following :)

  115. Ally Comment #115

    I just looooove this outfit! It’s so reasonable and comfy but the colors are perfect and I love how you dressed it up with that necklace!


  116. Jessica @ Here(and)Now Comment #116

    love those chucks!

  117. Monica Roese Comment #117

    Love your bright top with the color of your converse! Too cute.

  118. FTD Comment #118

    Love your Outfit :)

  119. umi Comment #119

    I love convese,too.great outfit!


  120. Jacy Comment #120

    I’ve never wanted Converse until I started following your blog…you wear them so many cute ways!! I love the off-the-shoulder top too :)



  121. dtotheelphie Comment #121

    Love the Necklace, love the yellow shirt !
    I want it all !,
    You got Style !

  122. miikax3 Comment #122

    great shoes! i like this post!

  123. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #123

    Your outfits are too cute!!
    Why not enter my Fashionista Giveaway

  124. renee Comment #124

    i love this outfit. i like the rolled up pant and the anklet showing, do you mind where’s it from?

  125. JejWysokoscZolza Comment #125

    Your sneakers are fantastic!

  126. Nadia Comment #126

    I love that you have the perfect amount of edge to all of your outfits, it’s so refreshing! New follower :)


  127. Gavriela Comment #127

    love the mint converse and yellow sweater! nice hair.

  128. Loves Happy Hour Comment #128

    loves this whole combo!! looks great with your skin tone too!! i pinned it on pinterest! do you have pinterest?



  129. FASHIONFED Comment #129

    I’ve been searching for some new converse and I think you just helped me find the perfect ones! :)


  130. ellen Comment #130

    Love these outfits!!

    Greetings Ellen from http://livelaughlovelook.blogspot.com/

  131. ellen Comment #131

    Love these outfits!

    Greetings Ellen from http://livelaughlovelook.blogspot.com/

  132. Mlle Rihazaza Comment #132

    Perfect outfit
    Beautiful pics


  133. GRACE Comment #133

    ahhh, you are such the fashionista. you make everything look good~


  134. Seeking Style Comment #134

    I love the slouch of that sweater!

    xo Jennifer


  135. Julie D. Comment #135

    Love the color combination!
    I need to replace my beat up converse… and you helped me find my new color


  136. Yuli Conversations Comment #136

    ahhh!!!! you hot stuff!!!


  137. Juliette Gold Comment #137

    I love that outfit – it’s perfect for a chill sunday with the family/girls/loved one/whomever [:

  138. redheroine Comment #138

    You look great

  139. SabinaP Comment #139

    Thats a great inspiration post! Will rock this spring for sure :) S.


  140. DREAMS of NUVA Comment #140

    I really love your outfits with converse!
    you are the best inspiration for me in all the bloggosfere!

    love your blog so much!

    kisses from Spain!


  141. Lizbux Comment #141

    I like the shorts. I think I could pull that off a lot more than the pink mini! I’d love a pair of aqua blue Converse. I would probably go with a looses top knot though, and vintage scarf and cardigan. Can;t wait to read the next posts! :)

  142. april Comment #142

    i love the outfit..i better go get this mint converse..looks cool and you pulled it off lovely

  143. Sophie Comment #143

    Absolutely love how you’ve worn these Converse. It’s such an effortlessly stylish outfit! Love Converse for that, it’s so easy to put them with any outfit! I’d love to have a pair in every colour, maybe I should head over to http://www.cloggs.co.uk and treat myself :)

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