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  1. Val - A Cleaner Closet Comment #1

    All you ladies look gorgeous traipsing through NYC, and it’s clear that you had a blast! Definitely do more videos – this one is great. x


  2. FlirtingwithFashion Comment #2

    seems like it was such a great time there! :) and you’re so pretty, dear! :)) AMAZING VIDEO!


    !* FlirtingwithFashion *!

  3. welcome to my jungle Comment #3

    You’re so cute! Great video!




  4. Miss Molly Comment #4
  5. pancakeSTACKER Comment #5

    cutest video ever! loved every second of it – thanks for sharing!


  6. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #6

    ahhh, you are the most adorable blogger I know, you’re stunning. I love your style!


  7. Eva Comment #7

    Super fun video!! Love it xoxo


  8. glitzerglitzer Comment #8

    I always find it amazing how much more personal videos come across. I enjoyed it very much, thanks!

  9. Shamini Comment #9

    cute video !!

  10. Maja Comment #10

    you’re so cute! great video.. and i love how casually you walked that runway! 😉


  11. Ashley Comment #11

    You are so cute! I love your style.

  12. Carolina Costas Comment #12
  13. Jen Comment #13


    Love Jen

  14. WearAbouts Comment #14
  15. Elleaimelamode Comment #15

    Beautiful :)

  16. olithee Comment #16

    so cool, uve done a great job.
    the music is awesome

  17. Shannon Comment #17

    I enjoyed the video, this all looks like so much fun!

    – Shannon

  18. Lottie Comment #18

    I loved this video and the song–and it really made me want you headband-necklace.

  19. Tina Comment #19
  20. im breezy Comment #20

    you are just the cutest!! i love your style, and your hair!!

  21. nadja Comment #21

    love the video! i hope you will do more :)

  22. Honorata Comment #22

    Thx for sharing!


  23. marblava Comment #23

    I like it very much! So funny!


  24. Elizabeth Comment #24

    Thanks for the video! Fabulous. xo

  25. Ashley Rae Comment #25

    Such a great vid! You really are so creative.

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  26. Andrea Clare Comment #26

    I love the music and how to pics change with the beat! My god it looks like it was cold though!!


  27. Katya Comment #27

    nice video..looks like alot of fun ♥

  28. Justalazymorning Comment #28

    New York..a lot of good memories!!

  29. FASHIONFED Comment #29

    That video was so awesome! I’m glad you had a great time in NYC. Loved the Polyvore fashion show!

    check it out!

  30. FASHIONFED Comment #30

    Also what happened to the the lion Tshirt and the love Tshirt in your shop! I was hoping to get my hands on those!

    check it out!

  31. Jone Comment #31

    Love your video.


  32. delia Comment #32

    I love the video. Must do more of them :)

    Have a great weekend.


  33. Jolie Jouel Comment #33

    So cute! Nice to see you “in motion” haha


  34. ax_ELLE Comment #34

    Absolutely love that video montage! ♥-Axelle


  35. Lauren and Julie Comment #35

    Love this video! Let us know when you’re back in town!

  36. Roseanne Comment #36

    first time hearing you speak!cute video!you have so much energy.love it!x

  37. Ms.Fashionista Comment #37

    watch the whole vid and loved it! super cute.



  38. Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy Comment #38

    Looks so much fun! I love the snow and I love your cute snow outfit :)

  39. belindabank Comment #39

    Love the video – looked like a fabulous fashion week :)

  40. Mia M. Comment #40

    I love this video!!! so happy!!!

    If you like, join my GIVEAWAY with Vedette Shapewear!

    mia from HEYLILAHEY

  41. Megan Comment #41

    I love the video!!

  42. ellen. Comment #42

    Love the video! You are too cute. It looks like you had a great trip and I love your new headband/necklace, so gorgeous! Thanks for always making outfits that inspire me and all your postive energy, you’re the best!


  43. Laura Comment #43

    Great video honey!


  44. Steffy Comment #44

    nice caps and such a great vid!

  45. Collections Comment #45

    What an absolutely wonderful way to summarize your trip. Love the music in the background as well.


  46. Jess Comment #46

    great video. thanks for sharing!

    new Friday Grunge post up. kisses!!

  47. Lisa Comment #47

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! Congratulations, for your amazing taste!

    Kiss from your bigest fan =)

  48. VintageDanielle Comment #48

    <3 the video! Hope you now have time to relax.

  49. Arielle Comment #49

    this was cool! definitely make more videos :)

  50. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #50

    adorable video!


  51. Christina Caradona Comment #51

    Awww! Love, Love! Let’s please hang out waaay more your next visit :)

  52. A Nerdy New Yorker Comment #52

    Great video! You have some awesome shots of the City :)

  53. Style This World Comment #53

    How cute is the video!!! Lived with you some moments in NY!!!

    Welcome to my blog: http://stylethisworld.blogspot.com/

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  54. Californian London Comment #54

    Great post :-) The pictures also!

    Californian London

  55. Annachiara Savio Comment #55

    AMAZING video!!! you’re wonderfull always :)

  56. bárbara crespo Comment #56

    i love your style!
    kisses from spain


  57. Nee Comment #57

    you are so super cute:) you definitely have to do more videos xx

  58. popgoesboston Comment #58

    One of our favorite new blogs!

  59. Alice Comment #59

    that was such a cute video! I didnt recognize that many other faces but I’m going to go check them out now :)

  60. Julie Khuu Comment #60

    FABULOUS dahling!!! Love seeing my gorgeous Jules in action! I spy the Hudson Hotel..seriously my FAVE hotel in the city!!! Tiny ass rooms but great BIG style! Such a fashionable feature babe, you sure are living THE life! Keep these vids coming doll!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  61. She Wears, She Shares Comment #61

    Loved the video. Yous should definitely do more!


  62. Clara Comment #62

    what is the song that is in this video?
    Love it! 😉

  63. FTD Comment #63

    Love IT :)

  64. umi Comment #64
  65. Sarah Comment #65

    WOW! Brilliantly put together, love the combination of clips and photos! Great job :) looks like you had an amazing time too! xoxo

  66. Martyna. Comment #66

    I love New York <3

  67. Absolutely Mrs. K Comment #67

    love nyc, my favorite place in the world! i love you bloggers but not many bloggers show us where they eat and sleep! from what i can see you were staying at the Hudson hotel? anyway, love this video because it shows us how you experienced nyc

  68. laxmi Comment #68

    So cute. Looking lovely. xx

  69. Rosanna Comment #69

    what a cute video :)


  70. White Girl Wizdom Comment #70

    Love it u cutie pie.

  71. Sabine Comment #71

    great overview! the part with the snowflakes is really cute too! keep those short films coming! :)


  72. Ashleigh @ Illusive Print Comment #72

    Love the video, I cannot wait to visit NYC one day :) Looks like you had a blast! xXx

  73. Sabby V Comment #73

    Love the video and such a great song. Who is it from?


  74. The Sound of Lace Comment #74

    the video is so cute…it captures NY and your personality perfectly!


  75. Candy and Treats Comment #75

    Such a cute video! Sad that the pink letters in the heading are gone but the simple one looks good too! :)

  76. Dana Patricia Comment #76

    You are fucking awesome. That is all. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and it’s one of my favorites. You’ve inspired a lot of my personal wardrobe purchases and style choices. KUDOS to you xx

  77. Mari Bee Comment #77

    I simply love everything about it! Great wrap up of NYC! And all my favorite bloggers were there! Awesome!


  78. mphretz Comment #78
  79. loojoo Comment #79

    Loved seeing behind the scenes at NYFW. So cute Jules! Looking fly as always. What song did you use for the video?

  80. NICOLE TAN Comment #80

    You changed your header! Nice :)

    Love your blog!

  81. milili Comment #81

    Lovely…and the songs is very nice….is by, who????

  82. ElsaD Comment #82

    You are too cute! I just discovered your blog via Little T and I just can’t get enough of it! I am a fan! Just got started with mine in Jan…I’d be honored if u stop by! xoxo


  83. Sarah Comment #83

    Love this video and your blogs new look =)

  84. Rio Comment #84

    Jules love your stuff!! Such a lovely video. Btw, what is the song that you used? I love it!!

  85. Roseanne Comment #85

    please what is the name of the song?i cant stop listening to it!

  86. Beatrycze Comment #86

    great video.