A New York Minute.

A few shots from yesterday’s outing- New York has been so much fun and I honestly always
fall in love with it every time I visit.. 
My free day yesterday meant a lot of walking (hence the switching shoes to my fuchsia flats) and
a lot of sight seeing/picture taking/eating and shopping!
Tomorrow I have to work so not sure how much I can keep exploring but Sunday will be a half day, so I’m excited to continue my stay in NYC.
Hope you guys enjoy,


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  1. fashion suicides Comment #1

    Love this pictures, it makes me wanna go back to New York! But I never manage to find the good spots… Love the leaopard shoes with the jeans! Simple but cute combinatio! Love.


  2. Sandra Comment #2

    I can’t even understand why you’re such stylish everytime and beautiful :) As always your pics rock!

  3. SILVIA - thefrontrow Comment #3

    really nice pics!
    i love NYC!

    Twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  4. Irene Comment #4

    Great pics! love all your shoes :)

  5. Carolina Costas Comment #5

    Beautiful pictures, love NY!!!



  6. Dianna Comment #6

    completely love!

  7. star79 Comment #7

    Lovely photos!! Makes me want to go to NY xx

  8. agnes Comment #8

    tes photos sont superbes

  9. Steffy Comment #9

    great look! love this look with both pair of shoes.

  10. Barbor Comment #10

    great pics, great outfit and you are so beautiful when you are smiling :)

  11. Selma Khamlichi Comment #11

    Amaziiing pics sooo inspiring !!! You look stunning !

    XX Selma


  12. Collections Comment #12

    Love it! That love stories suck sign gets so much attention haha


  13. Abi Tottenham-Smith Comment #13

    Such gorgeous photos! I love New York so much! The graffiti is amazing! xx

  14. Sheree Comment #14

    Great nyc pics..your jeans are amaze!

  15. Estelle La Mode Comment #15

    I love all your outfits, and those leopard print heels are simply gorgeous! Nice post as always!!

    Xx Esther

  16. kendalldonaldson.ca Comment #16

    absolutely adorable.
    the perfect tourist lol.

    thank god the beautiful wheather is around the corner – cannot wait to see more


  17. nopantstuesday Comment #17

    Ooh I love both pairs of shoes! Great photos!

  18. Ashley Comment #18

    You are absolutely beautiful! What do you do for a living?

  19. Ashley Comment #19

    You are absolutely beautiful! What are you doing in New York, what do you do for a living?

  20. Ashley Comment #20

    You are absolutely beautiful! what are you doing in New York, what do you do for a living?

  21. luvvleighb Comment #21

    Sounds like you are enjoying New York! Love love love your fuchsia flats!!! Have fun on the rest of your dress!

  22. Mary Comment #22

    You’re adorable!

  23. Nikki Comment #23

    Amazing pictures! And your outfit is gorgeous, love the shoes!! Xx

  24. Joana Comment #24

    I love how you paused each outfit pic with a little tidbit from NYC. I love the leopard pumps!

    xo Joana

  25. Unknown Comment #25

    Awesome photos – am so in love with those leopard print heels 😉

    B x

  26. Hannah Comment #26

    Amazing shoes girl! I love both your animal print pumps and your pink oxfords! So cute


  27. Manon Comment #27
  28. Lucy Loves To Blog Comment #28

    Wow! Really beautiful photos, loving your shoes too :)

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  29. AmyArisse. Comment #29

    beautiful pictures in a beautiful city!


    x Amy.

  30. Vibeke Comment #30

    Love your jacket, amazing!! :)

  31. indie by heart Comment #31

    Gorgeous photos, your look is so lovely. Nice leopard heels ! & those wall art pieces are the cutest ever ! x

    Indie by heart

  32. Domonique Wilson Comment #32

    It looks like lovely spring weather there at the moment! Love the pink flat’s stylish yet essential for walking the streets of NYC :)


  33. WearAbouts Comment #33

    I love love love the two shoe shots. THe cheetah print heels are killer…the ultimate leopard heels…and the pink shoes are the perfect flat! :)
    Vanessa Mooney Giveaway on Wear Abouts!

  34. Ms.Fashionista Comment #34

    Have fun in NYC! Fave place. Those are the cutest oxfords. I saw them in Gap and almost died of excitement.



  35. Marina Comment #35

    Nice outfit! Beuty photos!


  36. Benciaa Comment #36

    You look great!!
    I love your style :)

  37. FashionFlirt Comment #37

    I love to see you smile!
    Great post hun!
    big kiss from germany,



  38. Noush Comment #38

    great photos ! i love your jeans :)

  39. Kelli Comment #39

    what a perfect outfit- heels or flats. so casual and but super stylish, i really like it!

  40. LuizaM. ! Comment #40

    hey beautiful, you just got a new follower! Loved your style and your blog!

  41. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #41

    Gorgeous shots <3 X


  42. Olivia Isabelle Comment #42

    the fuchsia shoe is gorgeous and your cardigan is lovely :)

  43. Sarah Comment #43

    cool pics :)

  44. Borjana Comment #44

    Well aren’t we all a little bit jealous;) Amazing pink shoes!

  45. FashionFlirt Comment #45

    Great outfit and stunning outfit! :)



  46. Annie Comment #46

    these are already some great impressions from your visit. love nyc as well and you are dressed perfectly with those beautiful flats to check out the city and do some shopping. have so much more fun

    X, Annie

  47. fashionenvie.net Comment #47

    I love your shoes, you look beautiful!

  48. Beatrycze Comment #48

    great photos.

  49. Lucia Comment #50

    Love your look!! And love your fucsia flats! Where are they from?

  50. lafemmealamode Comment #51

    OMG, amazing pictures!

  51. ellen. Comment #52

    Very cool. I lived in NYC for 6 years and I miss it soooo much. Your pics make me homesick for it. Everyday is such an unexpected adventure there and if you have the energy for it- it can be the most incredible place to experience, grow, and learn about yourself. I’m glad you enjoyed it away from fashion week :)

    great photos


  52. Madeleine Comment #53

    Who makes those lovely leopard shoes?!?!

  53. Maja Comment #54

    I want your shoes!
    Can’t wait for more NY pics, these are amazing!


  54. alexsandra g. Comment #55

    Great photos, love the leopard shoes!


  55. Tori Bonaventura Comment #56

    Looks like a beautiful day in the city. :) I’m so jealous!
    xo, Tori

  56. Allison Comment #57

    Absolutely IN LOVE with your leopard print shoes! You look amazing!


  57. Haylie Comment #58

    Amazing pictures! I have never been to New York, but I hope to go someday. Looks wonderful! I love your outfits as well! Gorgeous shoes :)


  58. Luciapink Comment #59

    Thank you very much for your comment!! I love your blog, is just fantastic!! I love all of your photos!! Following!!
    I will be so happy if you follow me back!!
    Take a look at my blog and please tell me what do you think about my last post!
    Thank you!!

  59. LoRguez Comment #60

    Really precious!

  60. sharll Comment #61

    Where did you get the leopard pumps? They are perfect!!


  61. Juliette Comment #62

    As usual, i love love your pictures!
    And your outfit, cute, appropriate, in one word : Perfect 😉

  62. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #63

    I loveeeeee your pictures!

    xo http://www.ilsedaniellemartina.blogspot.com

  63. one girl, one blog Comment #64
  64. azrakun.com Comment #65

    Very cool shots!


  65. LEANNE DEE Comment #66

    Loving these pictures! I love NYC, it never gets old!


  66. Laura Trigo Comment #67

    I just love you cardigan!!! great outfit!!


  67. Look of Style Comment #68

    great photos:)

  68. Kate Comment #69

    I absolutely love these photos! NYC is my favourite place in the whole world. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  69. My Cowlick Comment #70

    Aw you look beautiful! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Def need flats when walking around.
    Good call.


  70. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #71

    fascinating jeans and pop of purple!


  71. Nobre Sandra Comment #72

    I love New York! Loved the pics 😉


  72. Ramen Couture Comment #73

    I love your fuchsia shoes! Also love your blazer (not to sure if it is a blazer)!



  73. .aubrey c. Comment #74

    such a fun outfit! Love the jeans and cheetah pumps, ive told you that before!


  74. Stephanie Comment #75

    What jeans are these? I LOVE (need) them!! :)

  75. Natalie Suarez Comment #76

    cute!! glad ur enjoyin the city baby babe xx


  76. Nisha Comment #77

    These pictures are so nice! I love the colored oxfords!

  77. lindalind.com Comment #78

    I love New York!! And these shots are amazing.

    I just posted a bunch of pictures from Coachella on my blog so feel free to take a look if you feel like it.

    Love your blog!


  78. Katie's Bliss Comment #79

    Love those leopard pumps! They look so cute with jeans!


  79. Julie D. Comment #80

    Have fun in NYC this weekend! Maybe…hopefully we’ll run into each other.

    The flats were a good idea– walking is the main form of transportation here. Heels are more for constant cab riders or those who aren’t walking around all day.

    <3 Hudson East

  80. Loren. Comment #81

    Cute outfit, love how you matched the leopard shoes and bag. Hope you have a great time in NY! :)

  81. ~Jeimy~ Comment #82

    wow awesome pictures my favorite was the one with the leopard shoes soo imperfectly perfect !!

  82. Alison Ryncarz Comment #83

    I love the layers here! And the combination of sweet and casual. Topped off with a great pair of shoes!


  83. Michelleesque Comment #84

    I love your fuchsia shoes!


  84. Perpetuity Comment #85

    Love your jeans!


  85. Tizzi Comment #86

    magic photos!I’m in love! + the 3 photo(u leo shoes and bag!) LOOV!


  86. Kate Comment #87

    Julie i just fall in love with your heels and bag. You’r in NY i’m so jelous!:)

  87. The Slow Pace Comment #88

    Love your shoes! The heels are amazing, but those fuchsia flats are so cute!


  88. vintage process Comment #89

    Great pictures!! I love it!!

  89. Zweiteiler Comment #90

    I love your photos! great styles and places.


  90. girlinthelens Comment #91

    Loving how you’ve turned up your jeans. Those fuchsia shoes are gorgeous!!


  91. Mira Comment #92

    your outfit looks perfect. it´s even better with the fuchsia flats. great photos i wanna visit NY once looks so awesome :-)


  92. momitablog Comment #93

    I love New York!!!

  93. Alicia e Itziar Comment #94


  94. ЅΘƤHIΣ Comment #95
  95. Tara Comment #96

    I always have L.A envy- I love the weather & the vibe there…as a native New Yorker- it’s nice to see it reversed! Enjoy!

  96. Hazardous Area Comment #97

    Soooo great pics.! Amazing! I love NY xxx

  97. Ancille Comment #98

    You are sooo lucky! I’ve been dreaming of going to New York for years!!
    I Love you blog so beautiful and inspirational.

    xo Ancille

  98. SilhouetteParisienne Comment #99

    I love your Pink shoes :)

  99. sophie Comment #100
  100. Ally Comment #101

    those leopard heels are um AMAZING…. and love the whole look with the pink oxfords!


  101. Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska Comment #102

    Cool pictures!
    Thank you for your commment. I follow you and I would be happy if you decide to follow me back:-)

    Check my new post

  102. Vicki Comment #103

    love how you turn your jeans up so haphazardly and they still look amazing! xo

  103. Emily Comment #104

    I love those oxfords! So flippin’ cute. I need to snag some for myself. I’m also going to New York this summer! I’m so excited about it! :)


  104. Evi Comment #105

    You look amazing! Great style and outfit! Love your hair!

    Evi xoxo


  105. Sara Comment #106

    i love the fuchsia oxford flats! they look so comfy. i’ve been looking for bright oxfords for a while.. where are they from?

  106. Sara Comment #107

    i love your fuchsia oxford flats! they look so comfy too. i’ve been looking for bright oxfords for a while… where are they from?

  107. Self-Dressed Comment #108

    Love your flats! are gorgeous!!!
    I love NY too! it’s so special!


  108. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #109

    I adore these photos Jules! those leo heels are amazing :) x

  109. stylista Comment #110

    Fabulous photos! You have such great style!


  110. Ana Comment #111

    amazing photos! love them all :)


  111. Karen Wasem Comment #112

    You look so lovely Jules.. The Sun is great, the light too. 😉 You look very good and I think your a really nice girl.. I can see it. You have a positive aura and charisma. :)
    I would love it if you take a look @ my blog. :) Have a nice Sunday!!

  112. FASHIONFED Comment #113

    Your leopard heels and hot pink oxfords are my favorite!


  113. Achados de Moda e Achados de Decoração Comment #114

    Hello, Jules! how are you? My dear, I´m a brazilian Image Consultant and I have a blog called “Achados de Moda” that means: Fashion Finds. I indicated you and your blog as the “Blog of the day” to my lovely readers because you are so pretty and so talented girl!!! If is there a problem, please, sorry and just let me know, ok?

    Carmen Martins – Sao Paulo – Brazil

  114. Pris HT Comment #115

    I love all your outfits!….I’ve pin some of them….you have a great and fun style!!!

  115. Lauren Comment #116

    I love this post Jules!! Looking fab boo! xo



  116. Alison Comment #117

    I love these jeans so much! And the pink shoes are so adorable :)


  117. Olithée Comment #118

    Whats the brand of your jacket on the last pictures ?
    I want the same !


  118. Marina y Brais Comment #119

    always,always I love your clothes but I love much when your clothes and u staying in NY.
    great post

  119. Theadorabletwo Comment #120

    Amazing pitcures. You look stunning. :)


  120. Kirby Comment #121

    Great pics!!
    Just quietly, those pink shoes are AMAZING!!



  121. Jolie Jouel Comment #122

    Great photos. Love the pink flats! Looks like NYC suits you!


  122. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #123

    Love the pictures! Where is your sequin top from? I’m in love with it.



  123. Karolina Comment #124

    nice inspirations !

  124. Laura Comment #125

    You look amazing !


  125. ZADIN Comment #127

    A fantastic girl in a fantastic city…


  126. Ria Michelle Comment #128

    Loving the shoe shots!

  127. Monica Comment #129

    You always have a lovely collection of photos in each post. I spy DVF! The shoes in the last outfit (fuchsia oxfords) are spectacular.


  128. Margaux Comment #130

    These pictures are wonderful! :-)

  129. Miba Concept Comment #131

    hi, love your style is impeccable, long ago that I follow you, but I disagree with your thought love stories suck? Why? love between two people is wonderful why endorse the idea of ​​women alone bitter and hating, I think all we need is love! <3

  130. Miba Concept Comment #132

    hi, love your style is impeccable, long ago that I follow you, but I disagree with your thought love stories suck? Why? love between two people is wonderful why endorse the idea of ​​women alone bitter and hating, I think all we need is love! <3

  131. Katrina Comment #133

    loving the leopard shoes! i think i am in love…

    great pixs!


  132. the Queen City Style Comment #134

    Just found you via Design Darling, and so thrilled! Excellent styling and Amazing Photography.

    Warmest Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  133. Anonymous Comment #135

    She is so cute and nice girl.Love her and blog very much.