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  1. Sara Comment #2

    O.M.G. you look absolutely stunning! your shirt is gorgeous :)


  2. Honorata Comment #3

    Love this look, flowery blouse is awesome!!!


  3. p▲ddi Comment #4

    amazing photos!

  4. Miss Molly Comment #5

    wow. what a gorgeous look!


  5. jewel Comment #6

    Love your hand candy.. I wish I lived by the ocean. Fun pictures..

  6. EmerJa Comment #7
  7.  Ms. Allee Comment #8

    Gorgeous pictures doll!*
    The top is so cute and perfect!*


  8. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #9

    Sounds perfect! Love the hat too. x

  9. Maja Comment #10

    wow, you look so pretty, Jules!!!
    I like how you edited the photos, too. And the jeans, and blouse, everything is perfect! :)


  10. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #11
  11. Laura Comment #12

    Great post! Love these photos


  12. Jenny Comment #13

    so nice! I like your bracelets)

  13. Angie Soekhram Comment #14

    Great post you have here!
    following you and would love to have you with me as well!


  14. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #15

    Gorgeous pics! XO

  15. Te Vistes, Luego Existes Comment #16

    Love your outfit, and your shirt!! You look georgeous!!



  16. Maria Widjaja Comment #17

    great photos, I love your top!!:)

  17. Abi Tottenham-Smith Comment #18

    Such gorgeous photos, that top is stunning xx

  18. Domonique Wilson Comment #19

    These shots are so pretty…best way to spend a Sunday if you ask me :)



  19. Marta Merino Comment #20
  20. mom.heart.fashion Comment #21

    Simply ADORE your floral top! It makes me happy. Where can I buy one? Please share.

  21. mom.heart.fashion Comment #22

    Simply ADORE your floral blouse! It makes me happy. Where can I buy one? Would love to open my closet and see it hanging in there…sigh.

  22. LoveE ♥ Comment #23
  23. FashionFlirt Comment #24

    Cute photos and outfit!



  24. mom.heart.fashion Comment #25

    (Sorry if this is a double-posting…Am new to all this.) Where can I buy the floral blouse? I really need it in my closet…so I can reach in and put it on! :)

  25. Manon Comment #26

    Your blouse is adorable !!!


  26. ResistMeNot Comment #27

    Ah so sunny!! I love your look:)


  27. Sveva Comment #28
  28. Kimberly Comment #29

    LOVE the floral print & shape of this blouse – these photos of you are just stunning!


  29. Belle de Couture Comment #30

    These shots are fabulous, Jules! So fun! :) It’s so cool to see how “real” you are — you asked us what we’d like to see on your blog and you totally went with one of MY suggestions (some shots near the beach)! Very cool! 😉

    Love your outfit too, that UNIF top is amazing!

    Have a great Monday!



  30. Swapnil Comment #31

    So cute, need to get my hands on some unif stuffs.


  31. RaspberryBlonde Comment #32

    The perfect spring outfit!

  32. Ashleigh @ Illusive Print Comment #33

    That top is perfect for spring! I love it paired with the boyfriend jeans! Sounds like a perfect Sunday. xXx

    Ashleigh @ http://www.illusiveprint.com

  33. Noush Comment #34

    Lovely look :)

  34. Theblackshortdress Comment #35


  35. JejWysokoscZolza Comment #36
  36. The Fancy Teacup Comment #37

    That blouse is wondrous on you, Jules! Such a great way to spend a Sunday.


  37. Louise Comment #38

    oh what beautiful pictures. The colors are so lovely. I like your jeans. So cool!

  38. barefoot duchess Comment #39

    you look gorgeous!

  39. mollyeeb Comment #40

    Looks lovely :)



  40. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #41

    Great photos!!!!
    Kisses Nana from Brazil..

  41. alexsandra g. Comment #42

    Amazing photos, really make me miss Cali!


  42. fashionablylawful Comment #43

    wow what a beautiful shoot, so natural! i love it.

  43. Bethany Comment #44

    that top is so sensational. def pretty in pink.

  44. Lace And Tulle Comment #45

    I love your blouse!!!! super cute floral!

  45. Giedre Comment #46

    lovely :)

  46. ASH Comment #47

    You look so lovely!

  47. Jasmine Sinclair Comment #48

    Easy breezy!!! Love it!

  48. Myrto Comment #49

    You’re soo freaking gorgeous!!!
    Love your style.



    ~Style Emphasis

  49. carrylicious Comment #50

    Jules, this blouse is wonderful, so pretty :-)

  50. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #51

    beautiful floral!


  51. tutusandstilettos Comment #52

    okay, i am in love with your top!!!!

  52. This Trend That Trend Comment #53

    I love that top! It looks great on you! And your bracelets are adorable too!


  53. Pants on Parade Comment #54

    what a beautiful top!! sounds like a lovely day!


    Pants on Parade

  54. Romalo Comment #55

    In love with that jeans!! I can’t find them on the Spanish web!! :(
    Anyway,you look so pretty on them!

  55. Marzena Comment #56

    Awww amazing and sweet pictures :) Perfect blouse ! kiss x


  56. Emily Comment #57

    Gorgeous pics!! That top is so fun and perfect for the beach!

  57. Alicia Comment #58

    You look SO unbelievably gorgeous in these photos Jules!!! Love your hat + blouse… the whole look. x

  58. fickle sense Comment #59

    What a pretty top! suits you beautifully xxxx


  59. a.woman.like.me Comment #60

    awesome pictures, you look gorgeous!

  60. Monica Roese Comment #61

    Love this photo shoot, it’s so girlie! You look adorable with your bangs pulled back.

  61. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #62
  62. Frannie Pantz Comment #63

    You look gorgeous as usual and these photos are amazing!

  63. Style-Pursuit Comment #64

    You look so beautiful in this floral top! It must have been a wonderful day! :o)


  64. LEANNE DEE Comment #65

    Gorgeous pictures! Just love that floral top and that outfit just looks fantastic on you!


  65. Cara Comment #66

    such a pretty girl, such a pretty setting…lovely!
    xo Cara

  66. CY Comment #67

    You are ROCKIN that floral blouse, girl! Love it & I spent my weekend at the beach too! :) Amazing photos, per usual!


  67. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #68

    This post is so different to everything you’ve shown us! But you look great as always! :) x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  68. Alison Comment #69

    So gorgeous. That blouse is so lovely :)


  69. Mariely Crowne Comment #70

    Love your top and hat!!

    Giveaway on my blog!

  70. lucia m Comment #71
  71. Lisa Comment #72

    Such a flat stomach! Work out routines please.


  72. Lauren Comment #73

    LOVE THIS! You look gorgeous!!! I love those low rise jeans with that floral top! This is getting me excited for SUMMER!!


  73. dominika Comment #74

    so beautiful!

  74. thestyleflux Comment #75

    Love the floral top! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  75. .aubrey c. Comment #76

    Such a fun look, I am glad you paired it with pants rather than short shorts, better balance!


  76. Julie Khuu Comment #77

    Aw you look gorgeous here J! A true and blue California girl! Loving the printed blouse! I’m inspired to steal this colorway for a future wallcovering design…lovely!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  77. fifi Comment #78

    what a perfect afternoon beautiful pics!

  78. Jolie Jouel Comment #79

    Love that shirt to bits! Going to try and hunt it down now…Great photos!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  79. MONI Comment #80
  80. Fashionably Made Comment #81

    Love the hat!
    You look amazing and so relaxed :)


  81. Rosie Comment #82

    gorgeous pictures! I live right by the beach & I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! Also, love the UNIF top… super adobs!


  82. My Fashion Place Comment #83

    magical photos!
    Print of this blouse is amazing:)

  83. Daisy Comment #84

    you look so pretty! love these photos. xo


  84. Kat Marie Comment #85

    you look so sweet, absolutly love that blouse!!bisous


  85. Jane Alisa Comment #86

    WOW gorgeous picture, you look lovely xoxo

  86. Heidi Harlequin Comment #87

    I love your top. And the hat. Perfect for spring. I am new to your blog and I’m so glad I found it. I invite you to check mine out! I hope you have a great week! =)


  87. SAMANTHA Comment #88

    you look stunning jules! love the hat : )


  88. Estherina Comment #89

    Absolutely stunning.

    Step into Estherina’s World

  89. FASHIONFED Comment #90

    I love your outfit! So casual and sweet… the beach looks perfect!


  90. Sash Comment #91

    I love it, the top is adorable. You look great Jules. What do you do to stay in shape?

  91. Style This World Comment #92

    In looove with the outfit, so cool combination!!!

    Welcome to my blog: http://stylethisworld.blogspot.com/

  92. autumn Comment #93

    I LOVE this look!

  93. EXECUTION STYLE Comment #94

    Simply gorgeous.

  94. Perpetuity Comment #95

    obsessed with these jeans!


  95. BunnyFuFu Comment #96

    so pretty and dreamy!

  96. Jacy Comment #97

    I saw this top on your Instagram today and it’s even more stunning here! You look beautiful and this top is dreamy!



  97. Kate Comment #98

    Ahhh your top and hat is just gorgeous! I love this outfit! You seriously have the best style I know. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  98. Ballerina'sBun Comment #99

    Omg you look gorgeous ! Love the floral top and your hair in the wind with your beautiful sunny hat ! Love your summer styling ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  99. weepsstyle Comment #100
  100. Collections Comment #101

    Love this whole outfit. Gorgeous photographs.

    Egocloset.com Giveaway!

  101. VintageDanielle Comment #102

    Makes me wish I was in CA enjoying the beach and the sun. The floral top looks great on you.

  102. Eve Comment #103

    sweet blouse 😉 you look nice

  103. Ana Comment #104

    Wow! great pics :) loving it


  104. Sarah Comment #105

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Serious love for that top =)

  105. Joanna Le Comment #106

    Love the way the blouse moves in the breeze! I’m so used to seeing you with bangs across your forehead, it’s a bit of a shock to see them pulled back. Beautiful, nonetheless!


  106. wwager Comment #107

    WHERE can we find that blouse??? I love it. Please tell us…

  107. Seeking Style Comment #108

    You look so gorgeous!

    xo jennifer


  108. Kate Comment #109

    I JUST LOVE YOU…and the blouse!GORGEOUS!!!!

  109. conmibolsoacuestas Comment #110

    You are so pretty darling..I love pics at the sea…big kiss from Madrid 😉