In with the New.

You guys left a lot of great suggestions/ideas on what you’d like to see more on my blog!
Definitely wrote a whole list of all the suggestions you guys left so that I can start 
covering those topics on my blog soon! I’m excited!
To start off with that list, I thought I’d share a few things I picked up over the weekend.
You guys wanted to see more “haul” posts of my recent purchases so here it is!
1. Perfect for summer- they’re sleek, cool and a bit edgy //
2. Been searching everywhere for a black crossbody bag and this phillip lim one
I got is what I’ve been looking for and more- my ipad fits! Score! //
3. This is perfect for my cosmetics or for a quick grab n’ go clutch- which I was missing in
my clutch departement //
4. Ahh! These leopard beauties have been on my wishlist for a while so I was excited to 
find them again! Theyre sexy without trying too hard! //
Madewell has them on sale now!!:

Can’t wait to show you how I style these new pieces!
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Joana Comment #2

    These items are really beautiful, especially because you can see they are made with quality material! Love all of them.


  2. Bethany Comment #3

    big fan of the Madewell pumps.

  3. Rebekah Wing. Comment #4

    love that crossbody bag! looks amazing!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  4. Noush Comment #5

    I love those shoes !

  5. RaspberryBlonde Comment #6

    love the clutch and leopard shoes! I’m looking forward to you styling these

  6. MONI Comment #7
  7. LEANNE DEE Comment #8

    Love everything!!! Thanks for taking our suggestions into consideration! Really love the blog!


  8. .Tinacious Me. Comment #9

    those PL sandals are gorgeous!
    xo, Tina

  9. Karolina Comment #10

    Beautiful stuff, in love with the sandals, they are so perfect timeless.



  10. FJ Comment #11

    Phillip Lim fan I see..

  11. ellen. Comment #12

    So cute- yay! I can’t wait to see you style the shoes. Very cool


  12. Gabriella Briceño Comment #13

    Love those Phillip Lim flat sandals, style them soon.


    Gabriella B.


  13. Lian Comment #14
  14. Estherina Comment #15

    Love your new shoes!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  15. Christine Yun Comment #16

    Love your new Philip Lim sandals. Great new purchases!


  16. .aubrey c. Comment #17

    Thanks so much for sharing the madewell pumps! Better check out that sale!


  17. Ksu Comment #18

    U r so great at what u r doing! It so efortless and great! Love it, every post is a great one. U r a pure insperation ! Thank u. Xx K

  18. Natalie Suarez Comment #19

    i am in love with those sandals!! xx


  19. Aleen Comment #20

    Those leopard shoes are killer!! I go nuts for leopard on my blog Lousine Adelia

    Lousine Adelia

  20. Katie's Bliss Comment #21

    Those are some awesome Lim sandals! I need to get a pair like that!


  21. Friend in Fashion Comment #22

    These sandals are fantastic!!!

    This skirt looks soooo good on you lovely!

    Friend in Fashion

  22. Kate Comment #23

    All these things are just gorgeous! I love that clutch. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Jules! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  23. Becca Comment #24

    I love the cross body bag!!


  24. Mexiquer Comment #25

    I’m in love with those sandals :) Such a beautiful purchase!!!*

  25. Ms.Fashionista Comment #26

    Oooh love these picks! I have seen a ton of these type of sandals around lately and I love them. There is just a certain something about them that is so chic and sophisticated. Not to mention it’s a simple way to color block which I love.



  26. Rosie Comment #27

    the leopard print pumps are to die for! favorite part: not too high, perfect for everyday! Hopefully they have them Thursday! Can’t wait to see you there… definitely picking up my entire spring wardrobe!


  27. Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie Comment #28

    Oh mygosh. The leather in those Lim shoes and bags is incredible. So envious, wish I could afford them :)


  28. Collections Comment #29

    I adore the Philip Lim shoes.

    Egocloset.com Giveaway!

  29. Roseanne Comment #30

    i love the sandals!love the pumps as well!x

  30. Joanna Le Comment #31

    Love the shape and black trim on the shoes!


  31. foreveramelody Comment #32

    I love those Madewell pumps. I need leopard heels!


  32. Elizabeth Sarah Comment #33

    Obsessed with this post! 3.1 Phillip Lim does accessories beautifully.

    Mentioned this post in my own on my blog: http://playing-dressup.blogspot.ca/.

  33. Jane Alisa Comment #34

    So many gorgeous classic pieces xoxo

  34. Anonymous Comment #35

    Love that combination of color.