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Quick shot of hair + makeup on my way out to run errands!
Pretty major armswag; Citrine by the Stones cuff (bib + tuck)
Easy breezy look that has become a fave of mine!
Pretty dope pins from Joy and Pain Co.!- Adds the perfect amount of coolness to your outfits!

Been really into boat shoes lately, especially when I found these at Madewell!

Loving my sisters DIY metallic + wood chevron coffee table tray! It’s AMAZING! I helped her make it- Hopefully I can get a how-to on it soon!
Have a lovely weekend!
ps Follow me on instagram (@sincerely_juless) for everyday photos!
Oh, I started a pinterest!! Yay! Follow me here (@sincerelyjules1)… still trying
to figure out how it works, but will be posting my inspiration there!


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  1. LEANNE DEE Comment #1

    Beautiful pics! You look fabulous and I love that chevron wood coffee table tray! I would love it if you shared the how-to if you get it! I want one of these! Have a great weekend!


  2. Kajsa Conzatti Comment #2

    I am in LOVE with that DIY tray! Big fan of your blog!!

    xoxo Kajsa

  3. Lily Comment #3

    What a fun polka-dot dress, so 60’s!

  4. Joana Comment #4

    Loving the casual fishtail braid – you look pretty relaxed :)

    xo Joana

  5. Rebekah Wing. Comment #5

    amazing pictures. and your such a natural beaut. i adore your bangles *_* they’re amazing!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  6. Xoxo ☺ Comment #6

    Love seeing your pics on IG! & yay you got on pinterest girl you will get hooked! Xo

  7. Sandra Comment #7

    As always I love all your pics!

  8. .Tinacious Me. Comment #8

    wow where did you get those cuffs from the second picture!
    xo, Tina

  9. StilettosAndDiaperBags Comment #9

    you are stupid pretty! LOVE your hair in the top photo, just beautiful! xo

  10. Alison Comment #10

    Love the pics! I’m following you on pinterest now :)

  11. jewel Comment #11

    Love your makeup..

  12. COMPOSITION TWO Comment #12

    amazing pics. looks lovley

  13. SILVIA - thefrontrow Comment #13

    amazing pics!
    twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  14. Marina Comment #14

    I follow you on Instagram :) my name in Instagram is biskvittka, if you have a time see my profile and if you like it follow me back :)


  15. Shabna Comment #15

    You have such perfect hair!

    shabna x x

  16. BreezeyBee Comment #16

    you look awesome running errands!
    i just throw on sweats and trainers or legging and dolly shoes!

    love the cuff

  17. Ksenia Comment #17

    Wonderful photos.

  18. tini-tani Comment #18

    Прекрасные глаза!

  19. Rachel Comment #19

    the cuff i L O V E ! beautiful photos, i adore your instagram photos always.. i’ve only just created a blogger profile so can now offically follow your blog yay!

  20. WearAbouts Comment #20

    Love the boat shoes and cuff! Sperry’s are my go to summer shoe. So easy to live in! :)
    Club Couture Giveaway!

  21. jamie-lee Comment #21

    you really rock those fishtail braids, I need to get onto youtube for a tutorial!

  22. Kate Comment #22

    I love these photos! And your fishtail plait looks gorgeous.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  23. VintageDanielle Comment #23

    Amazing gold braclets!

  24. Domonique Wilson Comment #24

    That arm cuff is epic! Really want to join Pinterest…. contemplating the fact that I may get too addicted to it!ha!


  25. Ángeles Madrid Comment #25

    Una fotos geniales!
    Un beso.

  26. london loves Comment #26

    Your hair is just perfect!

  27. Style Footprints Comment #27

    great pics. I haven’t used pinterest yet but I just started instagram and started following you yesterday :)

  28. Perpetuity Comment #28

    Great tray! I need the info on that one. Id love to make one!


  29. ellen. Comment #29

    Love the pics- your sister is crazy creative huh? After your decorations from your party and seeing this…where’s her blog/shop? :)

  30. Marina y Brais Comment #30

    OH! I love,always,all insta jules.
    is perfection.
    new post

  31. Florentina Comment #31

    U’r so beautiful…I love your lips even the post is not about them I just had to say it 😀

  32. Sarah Comment #32

    I really want to plait my hair like this!

  33. prettibutterfly Comment #33

    love the striped shirt!!

  34. Carla G. Comment #34

    nice pictures!! you´re beautiful!!

  35. Neijah Comment #35

    That cuff is amazing! Cant’t wait to see the tray DIY as well :)


  36. Collections Comment #36

    That cuff is UN REAL.


  37. Diane Comment #37

    loving the cuffs!

  38. FASHIONFED Comment #38

    I love all your instagram photo’s! Such an effortless vibe :)

  39. ~Jeimy~ Comment #39

    amazing pictures love them all !!!

  40. Luna Comment #40

    Hey Jules!

    I’m loving your shots! By the way, we’re shoe twins! Look ~~>

    If you’re ever in NYC, please do get in touch. :)


  41. Ramen Couture Comment #41

    Love all the pictures, especially the polka dot dress and the chevron coffee table tray. I would love a tutorial!


  42. .aubrey c. Comment #42

    Best little diy tray, good idea! You fishtail looks so good. Mine always suck I need a tutorial or better hair..

  43. Su. Comment #43

    Loving pics!! So special.
    Trendy Pastel

  44. one girl, one blog Comment #44
  45. REESHELL Comment #45

    i am LOVING those shoes!

  46. Trend Steps Comment #46

    Oh I love your instagram photos!

  47. FashionFlirt Comment #47
  48. Ida-Jessica Comment #48

    Love your hair and those shoes!


  49. Lola Comment #49

    ok, your bracelets are AMAZING


  50. MONI Comment #50

    gorgeous!!!! the first is adorable

  51. dearsafia Comment #51

    love that vertical striped tee. makes a change from the normal stripes!

    follow From Cupcakes, With Love:) x

  52. HarrietG Comment #52

    love your style! check out my new ombré manicure..I think u like it :)
    can´t wait to try every color 😀

  53. Olithée Comment #53

    very nice love your shoes
    hair and make up perfect as usual

  54. Ria Michelle Comment #54

    Totally love following you on instagram.

  55. Ms.Fashionista Comment #55

    Even when you are just running errands you look amaze! Gorg boat shoes. I usually opt for Sperry’s when I want to achieve that whole nautical look.


  56. Hieu. Comment #56

    although i hate instagram (cause i can’t use it >:() i LVE your photos ! 😉

  57. Comment #57

    Props to your sister’s coffee table tray! Love the magnifying glass xo

  58. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #58

    beautiful colors and prints!


  59. Isa Comment #59

    Hey. one of the best blogs ever!!

  60. DinelaDuchesse Comment #60

    Love your hair And style !!!

    I Have make an article on your blog , I inserted a link there. You can always go to visit When you will have time …

    Labise à toi.

  61. nadja Comment #61

    beautiful photos, love your blog!

  62. Mira Comment #62

    the dress is amazing and your hair looks gorgeous in the first shot. going to check out your pinterest.

  63. Hazardous Area Comment #63

    Absolutely stunning jewelry! love it!

  64. Becky Comment #64

    Following you on Pinterest! Mine is

  65. Sabine Comment #65

    Thanks for sharing! I really love looking through pics like these!

  66. Fashion Blends Comment #66

    The Ombre cuff is just phenom!!!
    Would love for you to check mine out

  67. Kirsten Comment #67

    I love that striped top from Madewell! Soo cute with the braid.
    And your hair is amazing! It is like the perfect ombre!!


  68. Natasha Fatah Comment #68

    Beautiful, beautiful outfits!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  69. celine outlet Comment #69

    Best little diy tray, good idea! You fishtail looks so good. Mine always suck I need a tutorial or better hair..

  70. Jacy Comment #70

    I love love love your Instagram! My favorite photo of yours of late is the one of your braid and striped top! Tooooo cute!


  71. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #71

    That tray DIY of your sisters is beautiful, what a great way to re-vamp an old vintage tray, love it and look forward to a how-to post
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  72. i otivar Comment #72

    i love your blog so much! following you now.
    check out mine?

    you can also support my blog by liking the Facebook page

  73. Beatrycze Comment #73

    Great photos.