Hanging with my bff’s adorable doggie; Suki! Wearing Warby Parker glasses.
Lunch date at Umami Burger in Los Feliz; I had the Truffle burger! NOM.

Deciding which color to paint my nails from my Essie faves! Which is your fave?

Highlighter colors! Loving this neon on neon look with my cool vintage lee shorts!

A mini ice cream bar break and armswag.
Gorgeous Jen’s Pirate Booty clutches at Lefties Showroom. I picked up the red one! <3

Floral on floral suit at the beach with my tanned legs!

Spring outfit! Mini skirt, parka jacket + sandals = comfy chic!

Dessert time at Bottega Louie. FYI: Strawberry Shortcake is my all time fave dessert!

Doing inventory check of my tees! Get yours here!

Insta-Jules time!! Just like you guys, the instagram posts are always my favorite because
you guys can really take a peek into my life… to what I’m eating, where Im going, what I’m doing,
what I’m wearing..etc.
Make sure to follow me on instagram (@sincerely_juless)
 as I do post daily photos of a bunch of random things that I’m up to!


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  1. SILVIA - thefrontrow Comment #1

    really nice pics!

    twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  2. Selma Khamlichi Comment #2

    I love aaaall the pics ! And the puppy is sooo cute :) I love the last nail polish on the pic !

    XX Selma


  3. SIENA.STYLE Comment #3

    love your pics
    kisses from Milan and Prague

  4. Amanda Chic Comment #4

    Lovely picss! You have a lot of style . I love your blog.

    I invite you to see the new trend of sunglasses of this season with Audrey Hepburn :)


    A chic kiss 😉

  5. fashion nightmare Comment #5



  6. lolka Comment #6

    You look fantastic great blog I’ll often bump greet lola http://lolka-lovelifefashion.blogspot.com

  7. Jacy Comment #7

    you’re my favorite person to follow on Instagram!! I love getting to see what you’re wearing every day and living vicariously through you 😉


    http://laviedelenore.blogspot.com, @jacylenore

  8. Kate Comment #8

    I love the first photo – your dog is so cute! Have a wonderful Easter :) x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  9. Mary Comment #9

    I send a requste, but i’m not sure if it’s your instagram…

  10. Eisha Roberson Comment #10

    I love the neon shirt and cardi!!


  11. Laura Comment #11

    Great post babe! You look amazing


  12. Jane Alisa Comment #12

    Your dog is uber cute xoxo

  13. That Bird Comment #13

    That dog is the CUTEST! I love the clutches and is it just me or does the shortcake picture looks like a face with the sunglasses?! x


  14. Lola Comment #14

    your dog is adorable….reminds me of my maltese Mikey


  15. RaspberryBlonde Comment #15

    love the neon on neon look

  16. RaspberryBlonde Comment #16

    love the neon on neon look

  17. Domonique Wilson Comment #17

    Pretty much my favourite post’s…it captures little pieces of the day and just makes them look so cute :) Suki is a doll and you have thee best armswag ever!



  18. WearAbouts Comment #18
  19. marina miouprincess Comment #19

    totally in love with the neon on neon look!! <3

  20. Rebekah Wing. Comment #20

    what great pictures :) you’re so pretty and i love that outfit with the
    levis shorts! amazing :))

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  21. Style This World Comment #21

    The red jacket is great!!!

    Welcome, girls, my new post is here:


    Have a nice week!!!

  22. HeyDahye Comment #22

    Love the photos, cute doggy!!


  23. Karolina Comment #23

    Lovely post, I love the neon look!

  24. Carolina Costas Comment #24
  25. Two Buttons Comment #25

    Awesome photos, I love the turquoise nail polish best, also that ice cream picture is very cool.
    X Jane

  26. La Petite Olga Comment #26

    Your dog is cute!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  27. HPatel89 Comment #27

    aahH!!! i just recently got the neon/gray cardigan from gap! i was having trouble deciding what to pair it with besides white tee. i love this! thank you!

  28. the actor's diet Comment #28

    love how all the umami burgers are now stamped!

  29. Vasilieva Comment #29

    so lovely, great shots


  30. Leslie J Comment #30

    Nice photos and your dog is super adorable *__*

  31. Unknown Comment #31

    Nice photos! THat dessert looks insane! :)

    B x


  32. Hieu. Comment #32

    this cake thing looks some yummy :9
    great pics

  33. Friend in Fashion Comment #33

    Love that neon shirt & ripped shorts!

    Friend in Fashion

  34. Your Outfit Is Cute Comment #34

    Loving your Warby Parker glasses they look great! :-)

  35. VICTORIA Comment #35

    Love your doggie!

  36. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #36

    fantastic captures!


  37. Keisha Ervin Comment #37
  38. Nobre Sandra Comment #38

    Awww Suki is so cute ^_^ And you are so perfect *.*


  39. Carla G. Comment #39

    Nice pictures!! I like your blog!! I follow you :)


  40. Joana Comment #40

    Beautiful photos! So wishing I had instagram :(

  41. Nicole Comment #41

    loooove your vintage lee shorts!

  42. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #42

    Great pictures!!!
    ;xxxx Nana from Brazil..

  43. Lee Comment #43

    Hi Jules,where is the gray jacket with yellow?Picture 4.I like your blog…

  44. Jessie Comment #44

    love all your pictures!


  45. girl in the poodle shoes Comment #45

    Love the neon on neon, will have to try myself :)

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  46. Jordan Comment #46

    All that food looks so good and I am loving that clutch you got!


  47. .aubrey c. Comment #47

    Jules! Loved to see this side of you!


  48. LysoRiboSome Comment #48

    The light pastel pink essie! (in the middle)

    P.s. is your giveaway over?

  49. Her Persona Comment #49
  50. Styleclouds Comment #50

    I love your instagram pics and do follow already! xo, Christina


  51. lucia m Comment #51
  52. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #52

    Great pictures! Especially love how you’re matching outfits with that adorable pup :)



  53. Eloquent English Comment #53

    I love Insta-Jules time!!!! Great photos! xoxo A-

  54. VintageDanielle Comment #54

    Cute pictures, I love the blue green tinted nail polish :)

  55. Tish Comment #55

    Jules where is your cardi from?!

    • HPatel89 Comment #56

      Gap if i’m not mistaken! I have the same one!

    • HPatel89 Comment #57

      It’s from Gap! I have the same one and I adore it!

  56. Alison Comment #58

    Really cute pics! I love Instagram :)


  57. nadja Comment #59

    love the neon look!!

  58. Ms.Fashionista Comment #60

    Usually I think it’s so boring to see most peoples posts on their Instagram pics but I always LOVE yours!! The food looks amaze and I never don’t want to eat it 😉 Definitely obsessed with your shorts and neon look. Neon is such an amazing color. Very fun and young. Super cute jewelry too. I love when you stack a ton of pieces on your wrist.



  59. lifesincelove Comment #61

    i heart your black leather sandals…need them…pleaaaaase where oh where did u purcahse?!?!

  60. Grace Comment #62

    Love love love your instagram shots! Already following you 😉


  61. Ballerina'sBun Comment #63

    Oh you both look so cute together ! Love suki !! Adrobale puppy ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  62. Collections Comment #64

    Love all of this you always have the best bracelets!


  63. Kaitlyn Yoo Comment #65

    love all of your photos! so amazing!!
    plus Umami burger & Bottega Louie are my favorite restaurants!
    Hope to see you there one day? haha

    Pinkbow Icecream

  64. candiinoodles Comment #66

    Please tell of where u got your black strappy sandals????! I MUST have them! Xxx

  65. candiinoodles Comment #67

    Please tell of where u got your black strappy sandals??!? I must have them!! Xxx

  66. candiinoodles Comment #68

    Please tell of where u got your black strappy sandals????! I MUST have them! Xxx

  67. Eugenia Ramirez Comment #69

    which Warby Parkers are you wearing?? Im thinking about getting ones and those look GREAT!

  68. Anonymous Comment #70

    picture #2. where’s the jacket from?

  69. Anonymous Comment #71