Refreshingly Fresh.

 Shorts: Paige Denim  (love these too) // Blouse:Vintage // Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim // Watch: Fossil // 
Maryjanes: Urban Outfitters // Triangle necklace: Albeit Jewelry
Photos by: Temoc Gonzalez
Felt like channeling my inner J.Lo with big hoops, parted bangs and pony tail yesterday!
Who has inspired you lately? why?
Happy Tuesday,
big xo!
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  1. Ecem Akar Comment #1
  2. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #2

    I love your style and I got no words.. you’re just an amazing girl! Can’t wait for summer to wear my neon yellow shorts :)
    Greetings from Estonia!


  3. Noush Comment #3

    I love this pretty look !

  4. alannah. Comment #4

    the shoesies are the cutest! perfect little way to put a ‘spring’ in your step x


  5. Mary Comment #5

    Sinecerely Fresh 😉

  6. Leira Zetroc Comment #6

    You’re getting really sophisticated with your editing! Looks nice…straight out of a magazine.

    Like what you’ve done with your hair too! Very very fresh and cutesy 😉

    Also like how the mint of your shoes contrasts so sharply with your tan skin.

    The Quiet Spaces

  7. Self-Dressed Comment #7

    I must say that, you! you have inspired me with this look and some other now that in my city is getting warmer! the smooth colors that your are wearing are so inspiring!

    kisses from Barcelona!

  8. Kate Comment #8

    I love this colour combination! You look beautiful. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  9. MONI Comment #9
  10. eloiselabetise Comment #10

    Love your shirt and your shorts! xxx


  11. Two Buttons Comment #11

    Oh, you look so pretty, I love your shoes, and your whole outfit actually. Your style truly inspires me.
    X Jane

  12. pipa Comment #12

    Great look!

  13. la tiquismiquis Comment #13

    this looks wonderful jules! you look so beautiful with your blushed cheeks :)

    la tiquismiquis

  14. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #14

    I love this look! Those shorts are faaaaabulous! XO Rebecca


  15. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion Comment #15

    I love your shoes and shorts Julie!

  16. Jacqueline Comment #16

    very fresh and summery! and you look like a little J.lo indeed, hahaha!
    i am inspired by abby brothers these days. she has such a cool attitude and is gorgeous!

    xoxo, Jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine

  17. Ksenia Comment #17

    Amazing outfit!

  18. Marta. Comment #18

    love your hair, super! :)

  19. The Bubbler Comment #19

    Love the look, so refreshing and pretty! Picture perfect for the summer



  20. Joana Comment #20

    Looking super cute Jules! I love the soft hues here :)

    xo Joana

  21. Smile. You are in Paradise! Comment #21

    Lovely shorts!

  22. Rosie Diaz Comment #22

    Hi Jules!!

    Has anyone ever told you that you resemble the beautiful J.Lo… You’re gorg!! “YOU” have been my inspiration lately… Ever since I started reading your blog you’ve been my style icon/crush!! I can’t get enough of your effortless, casual, comfort style with a touch of chic glamour- I’m now completely obsessed with playing with prints, textures and colors thanks to you and I’ve been enjoying creating much more interesting and unique fun looks everyday. You’ve definitely given me the courage to be more bold with my fashion choices!! Thank you for the inspo… XOXO


  23. Rosie Diaz Comment #23

    Hi Jules!!

    Has anyone ever told you that you resemble the beautiful J.Lo… You’re gorg!! “YOU” have been my inspiration lately… Ever since I started reading your blog you’ve been my style icon/crush!! I can’t get enough of your effortless, casual, comfort style with a touch of chic glamour- I’m now completely obsessed with playing with prints, textures and colors thanks to you and I’ve been enjoying creating much more interesting and unique fun looks everyday. You’ve definitely given me the courage to be more bold with my fashion choices!! Thank you for the inspo… XOXO


  24. Dianna Comment #24

    love this simple look, and you hair pulled back.

  25. Rachel Comment #25

    Love this – you have me dreaming of sunshine weather – it is raining in London at the moment!

  26. Kimberly Comment #26

    Gaaah, I love everything about this down to the shoes & that perky ponytail! Will definitely be copying this look in summer :)


  27. sunny Comment #27

    I love that you often wear flat shoes! Showing the world that you don’t have to ruin your feet + back to look sexy.


  28. Amy Comment #28

    wow! i love those shorts!

  29. Thrill Of The Chaise Comment #29

    Your hair looks amazing pulled back like that, Julie!



  30. Marina Comment #30

    So cute shorts! Like it. Nice outfit!


  31. Nataša Comment #31

    So nice :)

  32. milana2078 Comment #32

    You – dazzling! Brava!


  33. ~Jeimy~ Comment #33

    amazing post love the shorts it really does look refreshing I love your name plated necklace!!

  34. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #34
  35. Grace Comment #35

    Really cute! I love all your editorial style shoots!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  36. Rosa Casado Comment #36
  37. WearAbouts Comment #37

    You sort of look like JLo, too! :) love the flats and the neon denim shorts ! <3

  38. Steffy Comment #38

    You look gorgeous! Lovely look!

  39. Kate Comment #39

    I am so in love with this! You look so fresh & summer-ready! The pink shorts with the white button up is such a perfect combination, and I am loving the ponytail with this look! You look adorable, Jules! So pretty!

  40. Десислава Валентинова Comment #40

    Soooooo sweet!!! Love these shorts!!!!! :))


  41. Collections Comment #41

    Gorgeous per usual and I love your hair like that.


  42. Maja Comment #42

    I love how you look with your hair up! So, so pretty.. You should wear it like that more often!
    You and Aimee are my inspiration everyday. Why? It’s obvious. :)


  43. Ms.Fashionista Comment #43

    SO refreshing and feminine! Dying over the classic white, crisp shirt with the adorbs pink shorts. Adding those cute little flats with the pop of a different color is super lovely!! Adorable clutch too. I love the camel color.



  44. FashionFlirt Comment #44

    cute outfit, love your shorts!



  45. Yuliya ♥ Comment #45

    Love your short !

  46. Carlita Petita Comment #46

    Gorgeous! I love your hair in a ponytail.

  47. Carolin Comment #47

    Love the color of the shorts.

  48. Marloes Comment #48

    The first shot is amazing! Absolutely love these shorts.

  49. nopantstuesday Comment #49

    That blouse is so chic! What a great vintage find!

  50. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #50

    adorable! lovely accessories!


  51. Manon Comment #51

    You’re right your outfit is very refreshing ! Love it !


  52. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #52

    I LOVE this outfit! I repinned it from someone on my pinterest, haha. Those shorts are SO cute! x

  53. Shana Comment #53

    Wow that color pink of those shoes look amazing on you. I love this whole look. So summer :)
    BLOG http://pinkafternoon.blogspot.com/
    SHOP http://pinkafternoon.bigcartel.com/

  54. ax_ELLE Comment #54

    I love your shorts, I need to get my hands on that shade of pink for this summer. ♥-Axelle


  55. EVA Comment #55

    great colurs!


  56. LEANNE DEE Comment #56

    Love this look! The button-up gives this outfit a polished feel while maintaining a laid-back approach with the shorts! I love it! I will definitely have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the inspiration!


  57. Paper Doll Comment #57

    you look so comfy yet stylish. the shoes are darling and the shorts are the perfect pop of color. cute!

    love kelly


  58. the actor's diet Comment #58


  59. Katya Comment #59

    lovely.your hair looks really nice in a ponytail♥

  60. Adele Comment #60
  61. nadia Comment #61

    Love your hair pulled back, just beautiful :)

    xo Nadia

  62. Erin Comment #62

    This is the perfect casual chic outfit! A breezy shirt and beautiful pop of color. Love it.


  63. VintageDanielle Comment #63


  64. nadja Comment #64

    love your look, you are so tanned! I’m jealous!

  65. Paula Comment #65

    Hi!! I really like the blouse!! This and the other that you used some days ago… I love them!!!! And love the whole outfit!! Great combination with the pink shorts!!

    Sincerealy… you and some other bloggers!!

  66. Carrie Comment #66

    Love this outfit! Especially your shoooes!!

    Style in the City

  67. JustPatience Comment #67

    Those shorts are cute. Love the layering of the necklaces.

  68. Haylie Comment #68

    I love the bright pink with white! :) perfect summer outfit!


  69. ellen. Comment #69

    Nice! Love the cotton candy color shorts with the brighter pink polish! Such a happy outfit!


  70. Buzz Comment #70

    Love it!


  71. Ángeles Madrid Comment #71
  72. lucia m Comment #72
  73. Camilla Comment #73

    Those are a gorgeous color!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s check out the giveaway on my blog! :)

  74. carina carvalhais Comment #74

    you always look so good!


  75. alexsandra g. Comment #75

    Stunning Jules, you have an amazing style!


  76. Prim and Pimp Comment #76

    cute shoes!


  77. Marina Comment #77

    This short are amazing! I love this color! Nice outfit!


  78. DearRosemary Comment #78

    i love the shorts

  79. arleendee Comment #79

    I love your style so much!
    The necklaces, shirt & pink shorts combo is my fave! <3

  80. Karolina Comment #80

    You look really cute, honestly I would never wear this shoes but on you they fit perfectly!

  81. allthatsgoldglitters.blogspot.com Comment #81

    love these pink shorts! my fav color pink. Effortless style inspires me, I could so wear this outfit…on the hunt for pink shorts! :)
    – allthatsgoldglitters.blogspot.com

  82. Marisa Comment #82

    Love seeing you with your hair up Julie! Although I’m a fan of your long wavy hair and bangs too :) I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of pink denim cut-offs and these ones from Paige look like they fit the bill!


  83. Alice Comment #83

    haha this was my first thought when i saw the pics: hmm…looks like J.Lo :) love pink shorts and jewellery layering


  84. elle le coeur Comment #84

    beautiful as always!!
    Love the hair do!

  85. Nics Nutrition Comment #85

    Those pink shorts look great on you! I think I’ll tan if I decide to copy you 😉 x

  86. Jacy Comment #86

    I love this simple and pretty look for spring! so perfect!



  87. Aubrey Comment #87

    This is going to come off cheesy, but you! You’ve inspired me with your arm swag. I looked through your instagram photos for ideas on jewelry wear for Coachella this weekend.

  88. La Petite Olga Comment #88

    Loving the pink shorts!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  89. Carine U Comment #89

    love the look, effortless chic. and i’m inspired by halle berry…she is the epitome of effortless sexy.

  90. Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy Comment #90

    Love that hairstyle on you! And I am a FAN of this spring look – so fresh and clean!

  91. hannah Comment #91

    beautiful! those shorts look fantastic with your blouse! xx


  92. Stephanie Pulos Comment #92

    Love the white on pastel

    Stephanies Style

  93. Javotte Comment #93

    So beautiful ! bisous Justine

  94. Chris.Azur Comment #94


  95. Lucy-Pussy Comment #95

    great pics :)

  96. Joana Sá Comment #96
  97. Artminou Comment #97

    you look so refreshed/comfortable /stylish all in one <3. I think its nice that you channeled JLo in ur oen unique way :-).. Personaly my inspiration is usualy Alison Mosshart


  98. Jolie Jouel Comment #98

    Love the jewelry, Julie! Your hair pulled back looks so fresh too.


  99. Wendy Comment #99

    Very JLo! So cute! JLo’s fashion, hair, & make-up are always inspiring!

  100. Monica Comment #100

    You are definitely reppin’ J.Lo with the hoops, but you are so much more stylish, especially with the cute pink shorts. I love the shoes too. Perfect for spring foot wear.


  101. metamorPHOsis Comment #101

    hello! I have been following your blog for a while now. Love your style! I have been looking for ‘name’ necklace, the same model as yours, the pendant not attached to the chain. Where did you get yours from? Thanks!

  102. one girl, one blog Comment #102
  103. Liz Comment #103


  104. Audrey Comment #104

    Head to toe, I’m in love with this! You look adorable with your hair in a pony tail! Such a refreshing Spring/Summer look! http://www.casualglamorous.com

  105. Joanna Le Comment #105

    You look insanely tan wearing that shade of pink!


  106. Sabine Comment #106

    Cute! I need to move somewhere sunny!


  107. shoppingtherapy Comment #107

    you look so pretty!!the colours are amazing!

  108. Drunk on style Comment #108

    You have a lot more style than J.Lo, that’s for sure ! Great outfit !

  109. Miss Daisy Comment #109

    Lovely outfit! I like your pink shorts!


  110. Candy and Treats Comment #110

    Love your necklaces and your hair in a ponytail is gorgeous! <3

  111. Lola Comment #111

    aww this is so nice! I really like it


  112. NS Comment #112

    Love all ur shoes !!!

  113. Priya Comment #113

    These pictures are beautiful!

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  115. Julie Dumas Comment #115

    Where did you get your Julie necklace?! I want one!!!!